swim fail and ugly running

Thursday night I was all set to hit the waters again.  As mentioned, I’ve watched a few (ok, a lot) of videos on how to improve my swim stroke & I found a couple of areas to focus on.

I was SO ready

1. Arching my back/lifting my hips.  I never realized how I swim at an angle through the water. Whenever I use the pull bouy I swim a lot faster.  I always considered it was because my arms were stronger than my legs, which really doesn’t make much sense when I think it.  Anyway, it was because my hips were lifted!  Ta-da!

2. My stroke has been creating more of a drag than it should.  I’m crossing the “middle line” of my body, which you aren’t supposed to do.  So, I’ve been practicing-while I’m sitting in my apt…
I was jazzed to put all of this in motion on Thursday night.  Despite wanting to drive right past the pool at the end of the day, my car magically turned down the road in the right direction.  I got inside & laps were canceled!  No!  When the student told me, I exclaimed, “do you know how much motivation it took to get me here?!”

yeah… sorry student

Gratefully, when I came home I didn’t resort to my favorite couch cushion.  I hit up the treadmill. Those were the ugliest 3 miles.  I’m not even kidding-they fell from the ugly tree & hit every branch on the way down.  I know, I need to start back up somewhere & honestly, I find it more funny than disappointing.  Or defeating-if anything, it made me realize I have a bit more work ahead of me-because you know, I signed up for a race.  Why?  Because I’m delusional & easily give in to peer pressure!  It’s Feb 7th, so a couple of weeks yet but no time for dawdling!

the place where the ugliness happened - my Blerch sticker helps with motiviation!
the place where the ugliness happened – my Blerch sticker helps with motivation!

Naturally this meant I didn’t run or swim of Friday.  Instead I gave into the craziness of the week & overdosed on tortilla chips & French fries – a very balanced diet!  Yesterday, after lounging around all day and actually feeling hungry (so I ate like a normal person without stomach issues), I got on the tready for a few more miles.

Nope.  Whether it was the cumulation of all of the crap from the night before, eating too much during the day, not really moving any muscles during the day, my run sucked.  In fact, I made it a mile and half before I was certain I was going to vomit.  Thankfully, I didn’t but I was done for the night.  So I’ll be back on it today and I’m REALLY hoping it’s a bit better.  I want that boost of confidence!

any volunteers?!

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