friday brain dump

1.  I ran/walked last night!  It was the first time since Sunday and I was worried I was in for it.  “It” being loads of pain and labored breathing worthy of a 40 yr smoker.  Not to mention, once I’m on the lazy train, it’s not so easy for me to jump off of it.  But I did and it was better than I anticipated.

2.  While on the tready, someone from my alma mater called.  Yes, they were asking me to contribute monies but she also asked me lots of questions about my experience at GU and they were related to what I was saying.  It was so fun to talk about my times at my beloved Gonzaga!

so much love for this place!

3.  MI winter.  You are cold.  Or “frigid” as my weather app states.

MI meme4.  I made the meme above.  I was excited but then realized it was harder than I anticipated.  Not because the process was hard rather I felt on the spot to “be funny”!  This is exactly the order (be funny) I gave to office mate and he looked at me and said, “too much pressure”.  I concur – I’ll rely on the interwebs for mine.

5.  I’m going to eat some pizza this weekend!  I am so excited!  I haven’t had pizza in a month and a half, which is seriously too long.  Gluten free and hopefully easy on the tum-tum.

6.  I wore all shades of black/dark blue this week in honor of good ol’ V-day.  I used to love Valentine’s back in the day when we exchanged them in grade school.  Also, back then we just went and bought a box of them at the store & attached candy.  With regular tape – the horror!  I’ve had some of the worst valentine’s days ever here in MI so this year and last year as a singleton, I send my love to my friends and family and this is enough.  Although there is a bit a bitterness that lingers, hence the black dress for the week.

7.  I had to go to the store twice this week during my lunch break because I can’t keep my med refills straight.  I was all set to be able to hibernate this weekend (see above winter meme) – I even decided to order cat litter and a new windshield wiper from amazon last night!  This morning I realized I have a different prescription that is going to need to be filled this weekend.  Bullocks!

8.  This article is really good.  There is a lot of swearing so if that isn’t your thing then either pass it over or just prepare yourself.  The message is great though.

this is mark manson’s image for the article – I just took out the title. He gets all of the credit for a great article cover photo!

I’m out!  Enjoy your weekend!

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