ankle appt gone bad

Last night I went to my appointment for my ankle.  I couldn’t tell if he was sports trainer or a physical therapist because he didn’t really introduce himself.

Let’s back up-I was really looking forward to this appointment.  I felt all adult about making & keeping the appt despite having to drive through a mini blizzard to get there.  This is an accomplishment for me!

I walked to the front desk & they told me to go to this conference room around the bend & go in.  I followed these instructions & walked in:
Him: “umm-I’m with someone.  I can only help one person at a time. Take a seat out there.”

I slunk out to a chair & debated walking out right then & there.  He was rude & condescending.  But I thought I would give it a go –  maybe I was just embarrassed and he really wasn’t as rude as I thought?

He called me in after the other guy, & I said: “my apologies was barging in-the front desk told me to walk right in”
Him: “well, they don’t always know what they doing now do they”

Me: stunned silence.

He said he needed to finish notes on the other guy first so I just sat there.  Finally he asked what the problem was.  I explained my ankle issue but only said it had been bothering me for 6 months as opposed to the full year and half.
Him: “so, this has been a problem for 6 months & you are just NOW seeing someone?”

Me: “well, I wasn’t sure if it was an on-going issue.  I didn’t know where to start & then I saw this & thought I would try it.  But if I need to start someplace else that’s fine & I can go”.  Yes, I did have a tone because he was being such an ass!  I think he heard it as he then hemmed & hawed & said we could start & see where that led us.


He tweaked around my ankle & peroneal tendonitis was the determination (got it/knew it).  He told me lack of flexibility was the problem so I asked about some stretches to help this:

Him: “well, there are about 80 of them,” like I was the biggest idiot on he planet.  I started saying I could just look them up as he stood up like he was leaving.  Alas, he showed me a couple of stretches & told me I need to stand up straight while stretching since I’m not an “ape” & he “certainly doesn’t believe we descended from apes, some ppl do, I don’t!”Religious convo?!  What is happening?!

He showed me two stretches, explaining how he was much more flexible than I am & that “if I ever want to be a runner” then I need to do these.

IF I ever want to be a runner?!!!”

I practically ran out of there.  He didn’t want me there, & I didn’t want to be there.  My interwebbing was more informative.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get any suggestions about what else to do beyond these stretches-heat?  Taping it?  I really wanted a KT tape demo (in person) & ask about my arch but questions were not encouraged.  I barely tied my shoes & I was clearly dismissed as he barely acknowledged my departure.

I was kind of crushed.

I’m sticking with my google knowledge.  He showed me one stretch that I will utilize but other than that it was a waste of my time.  I’ve read blogs where they had wonderful experiences with sports therapists and/or PT folk & I WANTED this.  I also don’t do well when ppl are condescending & simply blatantly rude to me.  I get flustered.  I even tried to keep my bitchy resting face positive in hopes of turning it around.

I tried
I tried


8 thoughts on “ankle appt gone bad

  1. He sounds truly awful. It’s such a shame because people who know what they are doing are amazing. It’s definitely worth persevering, maybe a local Facebook group could give you a good personal recommendation? Your gifs (or whatever they are called!) were perfect – I know I do all those faces… Good luck

  2. There was obviously a reason why he was sent to the free clinic and he was OBVIOUSLY bitter about it! Try someone else! Pronto! (But ask around for recommendations! ;) xoxox – your protective sister!

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