snackity snack – don’t talk back

Yep, once again, I’m ripping off copyright material – I just really like things that rhyme!

I don’t have any working out stuff to write about as I’m still loving on my heating pad and meds.  In addition, I’m now nursing a cold.  Seriously, my body likes to shut this business DOWN every once in a while!

I do want/need to write about snacking though.  Why?  Because I have the munchies… a lot.

I’ve always known that I’m a night time snacker.  My parents were/are similar, as are other members of the fam.  Based on my pinterest search for healthy night time snacks, it seems so is everyone else.  I also have a sweet tooth, so typically I want a treat.  The funny thing is, it’s only been in the last couple of weeks that I actually paid attention to my snacking.

9:30 – 10 pm.  This is the golden time for me.  The munchies hit right then – it’s crazy!  I try not to eat dinner until later in the evening anyway, 6:30ish, but even then I still want a snack later.  I would say it might be a habit but I’ll be sitting there, minding my own business when suddenly my brain is all, “EAT SOMETHING”.  Is this a habit?

Then I do the “walk around the kitchen” search – I peruse the cupboards and the fridge is opened once (twice).  Typically, I don’t find anything that I REALLY want.  Cue not eating anything, right?  Umm… no.  For a week or so there, I still had some tortilla chips and they were my go-to.  Bad.  I had some cashews that sort of helped but those are gone as well.

Energy balls?  (If you haven’t made these then I am downright begging you to give these a shot.  They are very tasty.)  It doesn’t always make sense in my brain to be eating energy balls this late in the eve.  I’m trying curb this evening snacking/craving, at least a little bit.  Right now, I don’t have some of my typical late night fare lying around on purpose, but it doesn’t stop me from roaming.Drinking more water kind of helps.  Going to bed  earlier also helps.  Sometimes I sabotage myself though with Netflix (oh my goodness, LOST – I can’t quit you!).   As mentioned, I did a pinterest search for healthy late night snacks and some of them were decent and others were a “no way am I going to take time to make that” or “I don’t really consider pizza or a grilled cheese a late night snack”.  Fruit doesn’t quite quench my snack desire but I’m going to try harder with this one.

I don’t really know the point of the post.  Any late night snack suggestions?  Perhaps even moderately healthy?  I’m keeping the tortilla chips at bay since they are a bottomless pit of disaster for me.

mmm… popcorn

How do you keep the late night munchies out?  Or do you?

6 thoughts on “snackity snack – don’t talk back

  1. Snacks are the best, but they sabotage my pants! I try to resist by getting good protein at dinner time, and once in a while giving in to the cookies and almond butter. Actually I give in more often than once in a while…

  2. I hear you on the snacking issue. I finally stopped buying them for the house that way I can’t eat them even when I want to. Now I just need to find a way to control my snacking at work. As for healthy snacks- what about carrots with salt? Yeah not the best but it worked for me for a while.

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