give me some suga’

I’ve been nursing a bit of writer’s block these last few days.  I feel like there are tales untold but when I go to type them out I think, “umm… this is boring”.  So, please lower your standards for this post.

let the excitement continue…

Lately, I’ve been all about that sugar.  (Did I write about this last week?  Maybe?  I’m repeating writings already?!)  Side note, there are a few women who work the desk of our main office and 3 pm is mini-dance party time.  They play “All About  That Bass”.  It is so much more than awesome as they are all in their 50’s or above.

Anyway, I can tell I’ve been hitting the sugar hard when all I want to do is pour the bottle of creamer into my coffee because it doesn’t taste sweet enough.  I’ve stuck to measuring out my creamer to an acceptable caloric intake for my morning pick me up but right now it just doesn’t feel like enough.  It’s a mini battle every morning (of no real importance but the struggle is there) – just me and my taste buds going at it.

What’s the cause?  Well, first of all, we have these Mega M&M bags here in the office that we give out to the students.  I only eat a couple of the M&M’s per day but it is reinforcing my need for chocolate/sugar.  Suddenly, instead of it being a mid-afternoon treat, I eat one or two in the mid-morning as well.  Get this – it even makes me feel a bit sick to my stomach and yet, I still go for it!  Some of it has been stress, sitting around a lot, the weather – lots of “reasons” to inhale tasty treats.

I have made some headway with regards to my night-snacks.  It’s helping that I’m eating enough protein at dinner to keep me feeling full a lot longer.  However, after I finish this bag of peanuts I’m not buying anymore for a long while.  Wait – I just remembered I bought some cheddar/caramel popcorn.  Dang it.  I have a sickness.  I ate mucho of this last night.  Anyway, have you tried this mix?  I thought it would be completely disgusting but it’s not.  Unfortunately.

The fix?  I will continue to measure the good ol’ creamer – this is a must.  I’m kicking morning chocolate (which means I should probably get rid of the small bag that’s carefully stashed in my desk drawer – secret eating at its finest) and nix the afternoon coffee.  The afternoon coffee ALWAYS sabotages me yet I NEVER LEARN!  Great scott!!


No walking again last night.  Boo.  I didn’t get home until a little after 7 pm as I had a business dinner.  I did enjoy some tasty sweet potato fries and a yummy salad.

P.S. I know sugar is the hot public enemy number 1 .  Don’t get me wrong – I will always have a sweet tooth and will indulge.  But yesterday I was staring at a cookie like it was a life raft in shark and dragon infested waters… this MIGHT be a clue!

this is a fairly accurate depiction

5 thoughts on “give me some suga’

  1. I go through sweet tooth phases… and right now… I AM IN THE GIVE ME ALL THE SUGAR PHASE. Trying to real it in, but this Kale juice isn’t helping. #givemechocolate

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