running some steps!

Great scott – I’m so behind with blogging, reading/commenting on blogs and everything else in life… I’ll get there!

Last Thursday, I was given the all clear to run some intervals.  Walk 3 mins and run 1 min.  Then I lazed around until Sunday when I finally decided it was a good time to give this a go.

Allow me to back up a little bit… Friday, my day of rest, I was a complete waste of space.  Seriously – I didn’t even bathe until the evening.  My coffee drink was excellent, although the pill to help digest said coffee drink was only a tad helpful.  The directions say you can take two at a time so I will try this next time I am “forced” to drink dairy.  I did finish season 3 of LOST – PLEASE NO SPOILERS!  I know I am way late in the game on this one but it’s all new to me.  I’ve been living under a rock.

Saturday, I ran some productive errands and then came back and did some spring cleaning.  I really enjoy the concept of spring cleaning; I simply don’t always follow through with the practice.  This time, I was successful.  I cleaned my room.  It took a few hours as I worked to come up with piles of stuff to give away at the same time.  Yep – some dehoarding.  Dehoarding is so hard for me!  I would come across clothes and say to myself, “well, when I get thinner, I would totally wear this again!”.  But I’ve been saying this for a couple of years now so maybe, just maybe, holding onto these clothing items isn’t the best use of my (limited) space. I would get into a rhythm and be able to put the donations in a pile and I am definitely proud of this.  Then I started getting kind of overwhelmed with how much stuff I have.  I didn’t know where to go from there and I did shove some stuff in the closet when I couldn’t deal with it anymore.  I was done for Saturday*.

*truth – how lame is it that I get stressed over having TOO MUCH. It’s pretty pathetic actually…

Sunday I managed to do a bit more and now face the laundry mountain.  Sunday also included the running of the steps! Now, I’m not talking running Rocky steps or anything.  As mentioned above, I did 3.2 miles of walking 3 and running 1.  I made sure to make the 1 mile faster than I would normally go and it was harder than I anticipated.  I guess not running for four weeks and my only movement being what I manage during the day delivers a hit to the whole fitness thing.

Monday, I ran the intervals again and I tried to push the running pace a little bit.  It was only for the last couple and I’m going to give it a go again.  The truly remarkable thing about this was that I worked out on a Monday.  I was going to put it off – it was a tiring day but I remembered my time frame for the week was limited considering my impending travel plans.  So I hit the tready.  Gotta push through – going for a mental shift of NOT putting off training when I can fit it into my day.  I’m going for change – wahoooo!

Keeping the motivation high with visions of superhero-ness.

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