“your body is %*^%#@ lying to you”

Yesterday I was tired.

And my body hurt.

And my legs couldn’t go any further.

And my lungs were burning.

And my dogs were barking.


These were the constant thoughts in my brain as I started my run.  One of the main reasons I got off my duff in the first place was I told office mate I was going to run.  Accountability, you know?  Then there was the fact I hadn’t run since Sunday and I could feel my body asking for some solid movement.

So, I set out.

As all of the above thoughts were bombarding me and demanding I quit, turn around and revisit my couch, I remembered that my body is *&$^# lying to me.  This quickly became my mantra:  “Your body is *&^$%# lying”.

I swear a lot when I run.

It helped.  I just kept repeating it until I finished 4.5 miles.  I was shooting for 4 but somehow, I forgot the distance of all of my favorite routes over the last few months.  I WAS tired when I finished and my legs were kind of achy when I woke up this morning.  I’m guessing the whole shoe inserts are still challenging my legs/feet and I’m getting back into shape.  I’m pleased with the outcome and know I just need to keep moving my legs in a forward direction to get back to a fitness/endurance level I’m looking for.  My goal of 37.5 miles is actually in sight for this week!

this is how I will be running as I hit those 37.5 miles

Changing topics… want a of bit of insight into my lack of coordination?  My memory foam mattress topper is currently (sort of) laid out across my treadmill because it needs to air out.  Yesterday morning, I was trying to get to an article of clothing that was in a pile on the other said of it.  Fine, right?  As I was turning to get off the treadmill, the mattress topper was covering the step so I lost my balance and slammed my side into the arm of said tready.  It smarts.  Still.  And the bruise is pending – right now, it’s still an angry red.

Other than that, today I am guzzling the coffee.  It’s a long day in many realms, one being I need to work late.  I decided I was going to try to quit my second cup of coffee in the afternoon – fo’ realz this time.  I purchased some Nuun Energy.  I’m hoping the boost of caffeine will help with my afternoon slumps and my water intake needs some serious improvements.

hopefully energy in a container
energy in a container

Coffee is one of my comfort “foods” so I know I’ll still reach for it sometimes.  I also know that if I resort to a decrease in acidic foods/drink, my stomach will thank me.  Hopefully, this business helps to keep my eyes open and my brain functioning!


8 thoughts on ““your body is %*^%#@ lying to you”

  1. sometimes I trick myself with my afternoon coffee. I tell myself I’m going to the lunchroom for coffee, but then I get a really cold glass of water and force myself to drink it before I can have coffee. 99% of the time I feel better with the cold water and never go back for the coffee! good luck!

  2. LOL, love it! Most people tell you to listen to your body. But you’re right, when it’s telling you what you want to hear (stay in bed, I can’t go today), you need to slap it’s lying face in the mouth!

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