surviving the holiday part 2

I hope yesterday’s post wasn’t too debbie downer.  I typically feel extremely guilty when I can’t/don’t feel as joyous as it seems everyone else is around me.  My hope is by putting it out there it helps me and others  accept it and work with it rather than fighting it.

and then it gets better again – nick miller just gets me!

I figure my action plan for not succumbing to holiday depression is going to be ever-changing.  It dawned on me there is no way I am going to be able to know how I will feel 5, 10 or 15 days from now.  Typically, I like to face things as they come BUT I thought I would give having an outline a shot.  Kind of like running, you know?

1.  I organized a cookie exchange at work.  So far there are 12 or 13 of my co-workers participating!  I’m looking forward to getting some new recipes and doing a bit of baking.

2.  I’m avoiding the holiday weight gain freak out – well to the best of my ability.  In a completely unscientific science experiment, I weighed myself the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.  Then I weighed myself on Sunday.  Guess what?  I didn’t gain an ounce.  I definitely fall into the hype of “don’t gain weight during the holidays” and start to panic followed quickly by guilt and then their bestie self-loathing shows up.  Sounds super healthy, right?  How am I going to do this?  Stick with my training for Dopey, keep eating normally, putting the scale away again and giving swimming and Jillian Michaels a shot.  Oh and I am going to try not to eat all of my feelings!  I also refuse to let holiday goodies have power over me – if I want a cookie, then I will eat a cookie.

3.  Christmas isn’t the end all be all.  I hope this doesn’t sound harsh but I have the Dopey Challenge to look forward to in Jan!  Last year it was also a trip to WDW and the year before it was a trip to New York.  I think having something planned for January is a good thing for me.

4.  Heading back to WA to visit the fam.  Can’t wait!  Slumber parties, coffee, lots of laughs – it will be a grand ol’ time!

5.  Purging more stuff and moving other items to storage.  My apt is too chaotic.

6.  I’m making a few fun Christmas presents this year.  I’m excited for them – pictures right after Christmas!

7.  Keep in mind a bad day doesn’t mean a bad life.

8.  I’m not going to set myself up for failure.  This means no plans to make cookies for everyone I work with and their extended family, or collect all the supplies to decorate my apt with homemade pinterest-y things or say I’m going to do the runstreak when I know I won’t be able to stick to it.  Looking at all of the supplies for cookies or decorations or tweets about the runstreak just reinforces how I didn’t get it done.  Basically, I don’t want to make promises to myself I don’t intend to keep.

one of my most loved quotes ever!

9.  Watch a ridiculous amount of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Love Actually, Easy A, Pitch Perfect – whatever movies make me laugh and I really enjoy.

10.  Ummm… hmmm… what else?  Basically, I’m going to take it easy and simplify my holiday.  A good chunk of shopping is already finished, I’ve been careful about committing myself to extra activities and I’ve carved out time for myself.

Overall, I like this action plan.  I want to add other fun items but don’t want to make an all out “bucket list”.  These fun things will include going to the Hobbit when I get home with my family, celebrating my friend’s birthday this weekend, meeting my friend’s new baby and who knows what else.  Whatever it is, I am determined to put things in perspective that may be challenging and enjoy what the season brings.

speak it manny!

I ran! & it’s time for pie!

As I’ve whined about lately, I’ve been under the weather.  It seems like I’ve been sick forever but in reality it’s only been two weeks.  I think this is fairly normal for a virus, right?  I am thankful  I didn’t have to deal with a bunch of cold symptoms along with the cough.  Although, I will admit, I diagnosed myself with both pneumonia and tuberculosis at one point or another.  I wish I was joking.

Last night I wanted to give the treadmill a shot.  I thought I would hack my way through some miles and barely be able to run.  Alas, I didn’t give myself enough credit!  My legs and lungs hung on pretty well for a nice 3.5 miles.  I even increased the speed a few times!  Since I was slightly worried I would be crawling through one mile, hitting three was a nice boost to my motivation and ego.

not sure why but this cracked me up

Other than that, there are only 4 hours until a long weekend.  I.can’t.wait.  Two of my friends and I are both far away from our families so some dinner will be had and then we have some items to pick up out and about.  My goal is a new iPod (yes, the one I “saved” from the rotten banana is no longer with us), a mini carpet cleaning machine, maybe a cute new pair of boots and some cheapo gloves for running.  I swear, I go through those suckers crazy fast.  Oh and a cat toy for Simon – I do sometimes buy things for others.  Dyson vacuums are on sale at Target including their stick vac.  My parents have one and I will admit to hinting to my dad if he didn’t want it anymore I was open to taking it off his hands!  I’m such a good daughter.  BUT it’s $200 and I don’t want to spend this much total.

My original plan was to run a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving but the only one in the area is a prediction run and since I’ve missed the deadline, I don’t want to pony up the extra funds for late registration.  It isn’t a fortune but it’s not what I was looking for so I’ll run on my own.  I’ve run on Thanksgiving for the last several years now and it’s always a peaceful run so I’m not worried about bailing.  Not to mention, this way I can sleep in a bit on my first day of vacation.

hottie-mc-hot-hot and I have pie in common… this is enough to build a relationship on, right?!

Oh and even better?  PIE!  Yay!  Pie has been on my mind for months!  I’ve been too lazy to go and buy and/or make a pie and thankfully my favorite holiday revolves around it.  By the way, I figured out why I love Thanksgiving so much – it’s in the middle of the two biggie holidays.  It’s like the middle child of holidays and since I’m a middle child Thanksgiving and I share a kinship.

Thanksgiving and I both seek comfort in pie…

Happy turkey day folks – don’t forget your elastic-waist pants!

worth reading for the pic at the end

My motivation is low today.  I have 15 miles to run and all I can think about is how much I would rather sit on my bum on the couch.  But I can’t.  Tomorrow is a fun day with friends and I won’t have time to get it done before I leave.

oh right - this is waiting for me
oh right – this is waiting for me

Don’t I have a hard life?

I also have a truckload of laundry to do, my apartment is messy and I’m even bored with pinterst.  Yet, I’m still not off my hiney.  The rainy weather (and disgusting humidity – what happened to my lovely cool fall temps?!) certainly isn’t giving me any type of boost!  I need to watch the following a few more times:

But I ate pizza last night in order to carb up for today so deep down I am DETERMINED to finish these stinking 15 miles and stick it in the books as a success.  Even if it hurts like hell and takes me a 100 hours to finish.  I just haven’t decided when I am going to put this into action!

Thursday I did finish 5 miles and not even halfway through the first one I wanted to quit.  I didn’t and at 1.64 (yes, I checked) I started getting into a groove.  Thank goodness.  The five miles weren’t as terrible as I first thought they would be and I ran the whole thing and ALL OF THE HILLS.  Trust me, there are some long ones around here.

I got my Aspaeris capris yesterday!  I tried them on and I love them!  I can’t wait to run in them and I’ve already decided to wear them for my next half, which is in two weeks.

this just made me laugh

My dear friend Kara over at Jersey Up made bread recently.  She has taken to making a lot of homemade staples and I am very intrigued.  Check here for the recipe.  I like the idea of making my own bread – it just seems so accomplished!  However, it’s like all of the other things I’ve written on here that I would like to make: laundry detergent, knitting something, ornaments, a quilt and who else knows what I’ve listed.  While these are still on my list of things I would like to try, I’m thinking letting go of some of the guilt at NOT doing them is in order.  Certainly I could make the time to do these things (I watch far more tv than I probably should) but I am choosing how to spend my time and I need to be okay with this.

people are weird

I’m a work in progress.  The boredom I’m feeling today has started to be a regular thing and I’m guessing it’s only a matter of time before I start using my time differently.  Restlessness can be very productive!

That’s all I’ve got for today.  I’ve got a couple of hours to build up enough steam to power through the above listed miles so that’s what I intend to do!

And because I like you, here is further proof that people are quirky birds…

sexy dude

good ideas and bad ideas

It’s been a weekend of both good and bad ideas.  Of course being me, I have followed through on both – you know, just for balance and all.  I shall chronicle them for you below:

1.  Good idea:  I saw an angel food cake mix that was funfetti!  My level of excitement was high – yay!

1b.  Bad idea:  I had no idea angel food cake as so temperamental!  These turned out  – well, I should rephrase, these didn’t turn out.

here are the "crap"cakes... seriously, not fit for public consumption
here are the “crap”cakes… seriously, not fit for public consumption

2.  Bad idea:  My plumbing decided to go on the fritz this weekend.  Both my toilet and sink were uncooperative.  Somewhere along the line I didn’t buy a plunger – whaaa?

2b.  Good idea:  Since my car is still not working, I decided to walk to Target.  Turns out this little walk was a 7 mile round trip.  Goodness – I didn’t even know my legs still worked.

don't worry little orange bug, we shall be united soon!
don’t worry little orange bug, we shall be united soon!

3.  Bad idea:  Going to target when I was kind of bummed about being without my fam was not a wise choice… $80 later I had myself an Easter basket

the chucks were not a "bandwagon" purchase... I've been wearing them since 6th grade
the chucks were not a “bandwagon” purchase… I’ve been wearing them since 6th grade


pinterest convinced me I needed a chambray shirt and I got those shoes for $10!
pinterest convinced me I needed a chambray shirt and I got those shoes for $10!

3b.  Good idea:  At least all of the above treasures can be worn in a variety of ways.  I would definitely classify these as wardrobe staples.

4.  Good idea:  I found these ever so pretty pink Tom’s and I really think they should be on my feet


4b.  Actually another good idea:  Since I’ve been on the fail side of working out lately, I decided to use these as my inspiration/motivation.  I will order them if I stick to my workouts for the week.  Yep, starting out small – just one week of success!

There are more but these were the highlights.  As much as I wish the weekend wouldn’t end, it’s been a bit of a lonely one so it will be nice to get back into the swing of things.  Not to mention, this week is just a sustain week as far as meds go and it automatically will be easier than last week.  And the start of April!  I’m looking forward to putting March in my rear view and embracing a new month.  I hope you all had a nice Easter (if you celebrate) or simply a relaxing weekend!

15 thing Friday – let’s get down to business

Are you singing the theme song from Mulan?  No?  How ’bout now…….

15 thing Friday isn’t my brainchild… instead we have RunningOfftheReeses for this lovely bloggy concept!

1.  Happy Spring!  I know, I know… it’s snowing outside and REALLY cold but at the end of the last two days it was sunny!  I’m pretty sure Mother Nature is completely trying to buy our love for all of the snowy shenanigans


2.  The Gonzaga Men’s Basketball team tried to kill me yesterday… yeah, that score was too close

Thursday, March 21, 2013 – 4:45 pm ET
Final 1 2 T
Southern #16 31 27 58
Gonzaga #1 « 34 30 64

3.  I tried to explain to people that I still wasn’t feeling that great and one person said, “but you are drinking coffee.”  Ummm… that’s because coffee is a necessity.  Fact.

4.  Seriously – I was a little overwhelmed by all of the Triscuits choices:

-1Completely daunting…

5.  Buzzfeed’s are the best!  This one deals with the best college food out there and Gonzaga is on the list!  They feature the COG chocolate chip cookie.  Yep, it’s true – my hips and bum remember it well.  What is a COG cookie?  First of all, COG stands for, “Center of Gonzaga” – at least this is the rumor (it’s not true!) and this is our cafeteria.  The cookies ROCK!

6.  Pretty much, this has been my diet for days now.  Oh add in a sugar-cinnamon bagels.

basically the only things that sound good...
basically the only things that sound good…

7.  I can’t wait to make this Amish cinnamon bread in the next couple of days.  Yes, I am very much obsessed with sugar-cinnamon at the moment.

8.  Last Friday, my dear friend had a gender-reveal party since she is preggers.  I’ve been saying for months now it’s a boy.  Guess what?  I was RIGHT!  This isn’t the first time I’ve been right.  I was right about my friend’s baby girl, too.  I’m like a baby-guesser-whisperer!  I think I should make a business out of this


9.  The universe wants me to have a big soft pretzel.  I feel like everywhere I go, someone is eating this delish treat.

10.  You know how there are times when you are thinking, “Man, all I want is food made in a MUG!”  Yep, I heard your cry and apparently so did other people because here are a ton of recipes!  Actually, most of them look tasty!

11.  My new meds are causing some weird side effects.  I talked to my big sis about it and she sent me this text.  She’s the best!


12.  Did you know cow’s have best friends with other cows?  I LOVE this fact!

13.  Have you seen this lunch meat commercial?  I thought it was some kind of movie trailer at first!  Then I just started laughing!

14.  I saw this really cool daybed on pinterest and I would really like it for my couch.  It adds some storage, a place for a guest to sleep and is just cute!  Here are two models:91b0d1189d89692c32bad10934de2a6e5e0e8207830dd96a0d9912174ea8072e

15.  The GOOFY CHALLENGE!  Okay, so I’ve been hearing some rumors that Walt Disney World is adding some craziness to their marathon weekend.  Here’s the deal – they already have a 5k, which will be on Thursday, now possibly adding a 10k on Friday and then the half on Saturday and the full on Sunday.  It would be called Dopey something (I can’t remember).  The Goofy Challenge has been around for a bit and it’s doing the 1/2 on Saturday and the full on Sunday.  I’m definitely signing up for this one.  But what about the Dopey?  The clincher?  It’s $495 smackers.  I know.  But the Goofy Challenge is $305 so that’s not cheap either.  And I am not doing the Chicago marathon… ugh – look at me!  I can talk myself into anything… what should I do?


*Really, I want your opinion!  Spill your thoughts!!

15 thing friday – a day late

15 Thing Friday is not my creation… in fact it’s the brain child of Running off the Reese’s and sustained in another favorite blog, Managing Meagan.  Meagan just happens to be a dear friend of mine.  Reese’s and I have exchanged e-mails so I consider her a friend too… even though she has no idea.

Without further ado…

1.  Enjoying the Small Things – I am OBSESSED with this blog!  I have already written about Kelle once this week and I am sure I will write about her again.  I am reading through her archives.  I love her writing, pics and outlook on life.  Oh and her style – man, I wish she would dress me everyday!  Head on over!

2.  Found at Target – the cutest little bird shower curtain rings!  I fell in love with them on Tuesday and purchased on Friday at 50% off!  Yay!


3.  Style reno – I’m doin’ it.

4.  I have a 1/2 marathon tomorrow.  I am beyond not ready for it but I am going to do it anyway.  Should be interesting.  Not to mention, a mini blizzard has hit today.  Fun?

I have conflicted feelings about this
I have conflicted feelings about this

5.  This weekend I am baking bread and cookies.  Two friends who helped move my treadmill into my apt requested the bread and the cookies will be a bonus.  I’ve yet to decide what recipe to use but I’ll post it when it’s all said and done.

6.  A couple of months ago I mentioned I was going to give BB creme a shot.  BB creme is a combination foundation and moisturizer with SPF.  It’s lighter in feel than a typical foundation and not as greasy as some moisturizer.  I love it.  I’ve been using L’Oreal’s Youth Code and I think it was $11.00.  I doubt I will use it in the summer but right now it has been a total skin saver.  My face isn’t dry but isn’t greasy either.  And my skin actually looks healthy, which is a winter time first!

7.  I watched Lars and the Real Girl.  Watch it.  It’s great.  I had no idea what to expect and it was perfect that way.  It’s on Netflix instant!

8.  I cannot get the lid off of this smelly good!  Ugh!  I’ve been trying for months!


9.  Procompression is having a 40% off and free shipping sale on their marathon socks!  One deal FEB40 is on any marathon sock and another deal SOM213 is for neon green sock with pink.  Run don’t walk to their website!

10.  Aspaeris is also having a wicked good sale!  $28 smackers later and you could be running and recovering in complete style and comfort.  The deal is through Active GearUp <—- use this link for the deal.

11.  I found this website from Kelle.  It’s called Ruche and I want to apologize in advance – there is a lot of cute goodness on this site!  The clothes are really reasonably priced!

12.  This was such a romantic kiss!

I have three zooey-things pinned on pinterest... I think we should be friends
I have three zooey-things pinned on pinterest… I think we should be friends

13.  I am going to make this.  I also have decided I want to make other t-shirts.  Knowing me though, I’ll buy everything to do it and then it will sit there.  Ho-hummmm…


14.  For the Super Bowl party I attended, I made dates wrapped in bacon.  I’ve made them plenty of times but here is the “recipe“.  Okay, instructions – there really isn’t a recipe!  Oh and I’ve totally made these for dinner – paleo!

15.  One last Valentine


man, I love vacation

Ahhhh… the day after Christmas… in my mind this day is meant for naps, food, movies and family.  Lucky for me, I was able to get all four!

maggie (my dad's dog) has the right idea!
maggie (my dad’s dog) has the right idea!

The last few days have been spent prepping for the holiday and spending as much time as possible with the fam.  Whenever I am planning a trip back here, it always feels like it will be a long time but once I am here the time flies.    We made cookies galore, enjoyed the end of the world and of course have slurped up my fair share of Pacific Northwest coffee!

p-diddy and I baking up a storm
p-diddy and I baking up a storm
we had two other batches not pictured!  it was a blast!
we had two other batches not pictured! it was a blast!
my sis and bro-in-law - this is one of my favorite pics!
my sis and bro-in-law – this is one of my favorite pics!

I still have a few more days here.  Tomorrow I will be making my skirt for the Disney World marathon!  I am super excited!  My mom’s bestie is going to help me whip it out in all of it’s red sequined glory.  Then there is still a slumber “pahtey” in order with my sis, niece and nephew, a trip to Costco (man, Kzoo – PLEASE get on the ball with this and put one in!), going to see the Hobbit with my dad and anything else we decide to do.  I also need to get some running in there.  I’ve been fairly laid back about getting my miles in since being here and that’s not going to help me PR in just a couple of short weeks.  Not to mention, I have some sweet new gear to put to the test!

I also have until Friday to decide if I want to buy this

not the one I want to buy but close enough
not the one I want to buy but close enough

It’s on sale, is iFit compatible and a few other nifty things.  It’s also expensive. I used to own one and I sold it about a year ago since I never used it.  This is the point my dad brings up in favor of me saving my fundage.  Ugh… decisions!

taking a step back to heal

Happy Saturday folks!
Yesterday was day 2 of the RW run streak and let me tell you… it was tough getting out there.  “But Amy, it was only DAY 2!”  Yes, this is correct, however, it was also the first snow and it was chilly outside!  I was very happy with myself for getting up and going.  While I love to run, I’ve noticed this last year that I have a hard time getting motivated to do anything I love – baking, running, working – lots of things.
mother nature tried to convince me to stay inside with the first snowfall!
This brings me to the topic of healing.  I’ve thought a lot about this recently.  I read a great post on the blog “For the Glow” and it talked about healing.  I’ve been really frustrated with myself.  Why can’t I stay motivated?  Why can’t I lose weight?  Why can’t I stay on track?  Why am I not better, faster, healthier?
Well, that all stops.  Putting this pressure on myself is not helping and it’s taken me some time to figure this out.  For those of you new to this blog, last Dec my mom passed away suddenly and unexpectedly.  A month before that my boyfriend broke up with me (didn’t see that coming either) and then Jan was also chaotic.  It was a whirlwind of woe to say the least.
notice there is nothing in there about putting pressure on yourself to “return to normal”??
I’ve been frustrated that I didn’t bounce back as  quickly as I had hoped.  But I didn’t have a bout of the flu – my life has changed permanently and it takes time for the mind, body and spirit to adjust.  It’s time to cut myself some slack.  As the year anniversary approaches (not to mention the holidays – whew!) I’m realizing more and more that grief  is a process and  influences all aspects of my life.  In some ways, the changes have proven to make me a better person.  In other ways, I’m not sure what the outcome will be, it seems to be on-going.  These last few days, I’ve been mindful to take a deep breath and allow myself to accept that I am not “healed” but I am healing.  Slowly.  I’ve also realized I need to take some different steps toward this… I found a life coach who specializes in grief, which sounds pretty perfect for me!
Why am I putting this all out there?  Because sometimes I feel that healthy living blogs (and yes, I use this term loosely in reference to my own blog but you get the idea!  Especially when you see the recipe I posted below!) focus on how life is so pretty and there are no problems that eating healthy and exercising can’t fix.  While I admit this has had a tremendous POSITIVE effect on my healing, more is needed.  And this is okay.  I’m not a failure – haha, yes, that was for my own benefit!  Not to mention, I want to be open with my struggles with this because maybe it will help others.  “Depression” is a scary word and feels like I am admitting something to be ashamed of.  While I am weary about saying it, I know it’s true.  Being healthy is more than a physical state…
I hope it’s evident that I am feeling more optimistic.  I think simply removing the pressure “to be the old Amy” has taken a huge weight off my shoulders.  I also feel validated in feeling this way.  Self-acceptance is essential at any point in our lives and also seems to be a major jumping off point for me.  I remember when I first started losing weight the catalyst to my success was when I accepted my body and stopped constantly hating it.  It seems strange that once I decided my “curves” weren’t the worst thing in the world I made things change!  But self-love seems to bring me hope and helps make me motivated in my life.  I strongly recommend taking some time today to be thankful for yourself too!!
And because I’ve been pinterest-ing this weekend, I found this recipe.  I might add them to my holiday cookie exchange!
*Vanilla Oatmeal No Bake Cookies
2 c. sugar
3/4 c. butter
2/3 c. milk
1 (3.4 oz.) box instant vanilla flavor pudding mix
3 1/2 c. quick cooking oats
1/2 tsp. vanilla extract

In a large pan, mix together the sugar, butter and the milk. Bring to a boil. Boil 2 minutes. Turn off the heat, add in the pudding mix, oats and vanilla. Let stand 5 minutes. Drop by tablespoon onto wax paper and let cool. Store in an airtight container.

*This recipe is from the blog  aunt peg’s recipe box

treats for my tummy and my feet!

So I realize there are 100’s of posts out there right now talking about how grateful they are and I will do that.  Tomorrow.  I’ll do it in pics so then you won’t have to use your tired, overstuffed brain too much!

Today?  Probably just a few ramblings… like many, I am super grateful to have a few days off.  I’ve done a better job than in past years taking time off that I need but having a real life structured break is simply kind of awesome.  I took this afternoon off and I plan to do the following: bake, run and  bake some more.  Turns out, I got lazy and will just be baking these three things over the next few days.  Let me show you what I will be baking:

1. Pumpkin pie.  Yes, boring but still ever so tasty.  A classic.  I hated pumpkin pie for YEARS!  Then one day I actually tried it and I’m fairly certain I fought my dad for the last piece.

2.  Pumpkin pie MUFFINS!  Yes, can you see the theme?  These are muffins with pumpkin pie INSIDE!  I know… food heaven.  Actually, the nutrition stats aren’t terrible and the recipe has a lot of healthier alternatives.  170 for a muffin?  Not too shabby when you are splurging!

these look sooooo delish!

3.  Ummm… okay, these are in no way shape or form good for you… they are Cinnamon Roll cookie bars.  LOOK AT THIS PIC!  I’m kind of obsessed with cinnamon rolls.  I love them.  If it were possible to simply make one then I would be a happy camper.  I am going to make these but have plans to give many away.  Or eat the whole pan… who knows!

I might be slightly excited to make these!

Click on the top two pics for the recipes!

I’m super excited for my run tomorrow  – why?  These babies came in!


Last week (!! crazy mad shipping Mizunos, you rock!) my dear friend Meagan won a pair from FasterBunny.  When she logged on, Mizunos gave a second pair to give to someone else and that someone was ME!  Yes, I felt incredibly special.

thanks M – you are the bomb! btw, we need a new running pic!

After some very thorough research online and through twitter (it’s very scientific!) as well as a quick visit to my local running store, I decided on the Inspires 9.  They were really comfy and I am looking for a shoe with a bit more cushion, a bit of stability and of course some flair for my longer runs.  I can’t wait to run in these!

I would say the only odd thing is they feel sort of big.  As I mentioned, I tried them on and in normal shoes I wear a 7.5.  In many running shoes I wear an 8.  In both these and my Brooks PureCadence I wear an 8.5.  I ran up and down the sidewalk today and they feel pretty good.  Tomorrow will be the real test.

Okay, have I bored you enough?  Happy Thanksgiving eve!

sports bras and beef and broccoli – naturally two things that go together

I FINALLY ran yesterday!  It wasn’t particularly speedy but I did manage five and half miles and skimmed in under an hour!  Yay!  Supposedly, you can feel an injury the first time you run after a marathon.  I felt decent throughout minus the slight twinge in my right hip joint.  I felt this during the marathon too and I’m guessing it’s from the hills.  Perhaps a few strength exercises will help it…

I ran around my neighborhood, which got some hills out of the way in the first 2.5 miles and then headed for downtown.  While I was there I stopped in at our local running store, Gazelle Sports.  I talked to the woman about my whole chafing issue since I have a 1/2 this weekend.  She had some good info to share and I will be heading back down there this week to try something else.  She also told me if I have chafing issues this weekend when I wear it I can bring it back.  Umm… they are going to want this back?!

I wonder how they would resell this?

It is nice though – as you all know, sports bras are $$$!  I also think I can still get by on my training runs with my current sport bras (at least until the girls shrink back down a bit – hormones are not my friends).  It also seems like when I am getting ready for a race I bloat more than normal and this is when I have more issues.  Whichever one I do buy, I’m going to only use for my longest runs.

oh yeah, I feel ya, cat

Good thing I’m working on inhaling less carbs!  Actually, this weekend I was reading blogs and someone had a picture of cinnamon rolls.  That was almost too much for me!  Haha, I love making the Pioneer Woman’s recipe for hot cross buns (with only the cinnamon) and these did a lovely dance in my mind.  Instead I finally made this

this was super tasty!

I followed this recipe but I added water chestnuts (because they are awesome), mushrooms and edamame.  I was happy with myself.  Oh!  I also fancied it up with some sesame seeds.  I then made my favorite sweetened up sweet potato dish for dessert. Unfortunately, these also happened

These are funfetti cupcakes for my sweet friend who always looks after Simon when I am out of town.  What?  Don’t your baked goods call to you?

I had the beef and broccoli again last night and it was just as tasty as the first round.  And filling.  The nice thing is, there are enough leftovers for two more meals.  So folks, I recommend it!  Plus, you can just crock it so very handy!