the challenge for the week and some “side dishes”

Good morning everyone! (<— yep, I’ve been behind all day!)

Yesterday, I forgot I had to work today for a few hours.  I kept thinking it was another relaxing day of VACATION!  Did you all have a good break?  Mine was nice… I ate, slept, ran, shopped and was all over social media.  It was actually pretty nice to spend some quality time on my own and with Simon.  And on twitter :)

You know what I else I did this weekend?  I signed up for this!

One of my dear gal pals Falon signed up and I basically want to do anything she does so I checked it out.  I’m glad I did – I’m really excited!  You can check out a detailed description here but it’s a program where a bunch of people (over 600) have signed up to complete a different challenge everyday and support one another.  The cool part is we are paired up (with a total of 3 different people throughout the program) with another participant and we motivate and encourage each other.  Isn’t that a neat idea?  What I love about the challenges are they are based on overall health – not simply physical fitness.  This was/is a huge selling point for me.

Another cool tidbit?  I won a roll of Rocktape from Wine to Weights!  This is a brand of KT tape and they have the cutest designs!  I am super pumped!  Thanks Rocktape and Wine to Weightlifting!

Lastly, it’s Monday so what is the challenge this week?  While I was “pinning” this weekend (oh, how I LOVE pinterest!) I saw this on the healthy page.  Here is the deal – 20-30 air squats (wherever you are at physically) before every meal.  For the purpose of this challenge, let’s do it before breakfast, lunch and dinner even if you are a grazer and don’t eat 3 specific meals.

Remember your form for air squats!  You don’t want your knees to bend in toward each other (a problem I have) and as my crossfit coach taught me, before you dip down, push your butt out – like you are closing the car door with your bum when your arms are full of groceries!  Keep your back straight, your chest out – your upper body doesn’t really move much.

Here is a demo – please ignore the speedy way they are doing them in the beginning.  It gets to some good instruction after they are done showing off a bit!

Finally, I think I mentioned I was going for the Runner’s World Holiday Running Streak!  So far so good… even yesterday when I felt like this:


I felt icky and running sounded painful.  Plus, I felt like my legs were tired from the 7 miles I did Saturday.  At the last possible second before the sun went down I got out there.  Rather than the 2.5 miles I planned, I did 4!  My legs were definitely not as sore as I perceived them to be earlier and some of my icky-ness went away for the duration of the run.  Consistency is my friend!

challenge monday – not a push up in sight!

I’m never quite sure how weekends go by so quickly… there should be some kind of time-stop continuum that allows for weekend days to pass by slower.  That would be more fair of the universe, at least, in my opinion!

Also, not that my writing typically has any major cliffhangers but I will be writing about my Triple Crown 5k weekend tomorrow!  So stay tuned!

Now for the next challenge monday announcement!  I decided to base this one on a (style of) warm-ups we used in Crossfit.  The warm-ups always left me breathless but were finished quickly so it was a great way to do a quick burn and tone.  Here it is:

20 squats

30 mountain climbers (each leg counts as one so this equals 15 for each leg)

25 sit-ups

do this 3 times with no rest!

Again, I like these “warm ups” because you can feel it!  Do this for 5 out of 7 days if you can!

Sooooo, how did the 1000 push ups go for folks?  This was miserable for me!  I didn’t even come near my goal.  Part of it was sheer laziness but the other part was my poor t-rex arms are currently on the pathetic side!  Perhaps a wee bit ambitious for this first challenge?!  Probably but I think that means it will need to make another appearance somewhere down the line.  I changed the challenge up a bit this week to be something that is fairly attainable but hopefully still is a mini workout.

I don’t now how they get these pictures of me!

Other than that, Happy Monday!  Or more accurately, Happy Short Week!  Yay!  With the Thanksgiving holiday comes the start of the Runner’s World Holiday Run Streak challenge.  Are any of you participating?  I really want to but I am lacking the confidence in myself that I will actually complete it.  Obviously, this is why it’s called a “challenge” but still in my mind it seems like it should be so easy.  Why is this not easy???  Thoughts?  Are you going to do it?

wanna go streaking with me??

arrrrggg mateys!

Yesterday I talked about my slump.  Today my spirits were lifted from the truly lovely comments I got yesterday.  However, I was all crabby when I got done with work today.

How do you recover from a less than stellar day at work?  Here are my suggestions:

1.  Look at this

And this

LOVE… and laughed and laughed

Seriously, last night, I laughed so hard I cried.  I looked at them again today and laughed again.  Oh man, I love that, “Kill it!  Kill it with FIRE!”  I can’t help it!  I will be laughing at that for a while!

2.  Get over your marathon training slump.  I got home from work and felt like this

man, I wanted to sleep.all.afternoon.

After I finished my run, I felt like this!

10 miles homies!

As I mentioned yesterday I was feeling pretty unsure of myself.  Then tonight I unexpectedly knocked out 10 miles.  This wasn’t my intention.  In fact, when I started I wasn’t even sure I could muster 8 and the first few miles were slow.  My legs felt like they were covered in cobwebs, my one contact was funky and my ipod is still on the fritz.  But then I found I could keep going.  And going.  I’m not going to lie, it felt FANTASTIC!  My body felt darn good as well.  So, I guess crossfit is working!  I am no longer doubting my training.  I’ll be ready.  But I was feeling so slumpy that I didn’t go to crossfit all week.  Awesome decision-making, Aim!  I have another 10 miler on the agenda and an 8 miler.  I’m looking forward to them.

3.  Wear your pirate shirt on Talk like a Pirate Day!

panty raider for life! :) arrrrg mateys

4.  Enjoy ice cream and then some peanut butter mid-afternoon.  Trust me, it was yummo!

two of my favorites

5.  Last but not least, remember some wise words from your mom.  My mom gave me this wall hanging and it says, “Never underestimate this girl”.  People underestimate me a lot.  But I underestimate myself even more.  As I was hitting up mile 7 I knew I would reach 10.  I know I will reach 26.2.  I need to stop underestimating myself because if I don’t believe in myself how can others?  So, don’t underestimate yourself either!!  Those are my wise words for the day :)

If any of these suggestions fail remember tomorrow is a new day!

hopefully karma notices my efforts…

I’ve read a theory that “luck” doesn’t really exist as we commonly believe it does.  People are not lucky or unlucky, rather people view positive events in their lives as lucky and negative events as unlucky.  Therefore, people who make positive things happen are essentially making their own “luck”.

What do you think?  I’m not quite sure (and yes, I have simplified this “theory”).  I have definitely had very odd things happen in my life.  Many of my friends and family have said, “yeah, I don’t know why but you have weird experiences.”  So, while I believe on some levels I make my own luck, I am also convinced there is some sort of karma out there… and I have been working on making my karma just a wee bit better.  Donating my no longer used belongings, decreasing my road rage and even NOT stepping on bugs while I am walking or running are all things (amongst many others) I’m hoping will encourage karma’s grace and smiling presence.  I’ve also been working on being more grateful!  Yeah, Thankful Thursday!

1.  GUESS WHAT I FOUND YESTERDAY?!  A muscle in my arm!  I know, I couldn’t believe it either!  I looked over at my arm and flexed and was SHOCKED at the definition I saw!  We are talking about an actual bicep here people.  Don’t worry – I will always be built like a t-rex but maybe I will be a t-rex with slightly stronger arms.

it’s okay little t-rex, my arms are kinda useless too

2.  I picked up this smelly good holder

Yep, I do love some pirate business.  And it’s pink.  Sparkly.  And has a freaking bow in it’s “hair”.  Basically all kinds of love for this puppy!  Not to mention, I have a caramel apple scented disk in it so my car smells like all kinds of fall.  Yum.

3.  This morning we had a welcome breakfast for work for our entire department.  It started at 7:30 am and last night I tried on a new dress I bought back in the summer.  When I first bought it, I knew I would need to tighten up a bit before I could confidently pull it off.  Last night I tried it on and ta-da!  Success – sassy success!

yay! new dress!

4.  My favorite 10k is this weekend – the Peacock Strut is a local race and the first 10k I ever did.  I remember signing up and wondering if I would ever be able to finish it considering at the time, I had never run that far.  But with that race I found my love for distance racing.  I know a 10k isn’t super far but still it’s 6 miles!  I sometimes forget that 6 is more than what the average bear belts out in the typical day.

5.  I got a compliment from my boss today that I was doing a good job in my new position.  I know, awesome, eh?!  I was excited and it made me feel great!

6.  take a look at these temps


It’s BEAUTIFUL running weather!!!

7.  Oh yeah, there was that whole got up early and ran thing :)  YIPPEE!!

This week I’ve been really grateful for the smaller things.  Feeling stronger at crossfit, cooler mornings, my co-workers who make me laugh and friends who always look out for me.  Marathon training is completely draining me of all energy so I have to remind myself that just because I’m tired doesn’t mean life isn’t going pretty well.  I simply need a nap :)


a bit of a ramble

You know those weeks where you feel like you have lived so many days and then you look at the calendar and it’s only WEDNESDAY!  How is that possible?!

But I have fantastic news!  I woke up yesterday morning and went for a real honest to goodness RUN!  As in got out of bed at 6:45 am and was out the door and running by 7:15 am.  I know, I was shocked as well.  The first few steps were brutal.  But I finally got into a rhythm and ended up with 4.15 miles with a 10:18 pace.  At one point, I asked myself, “why are you doing this?”  Haha, but I was incredibly proud of myself.  I was a bad blogger though and forgot to take any pics!

Monday night I had to do 150 wall balls at crossfit.  My arms still hurt today!  Then tonight we worked on our running form and this nutso warm up that made my legs feel like jello.  We did 10 mountain climbers then did butt kickers.  10 more mountain climbers and high knees.  Our knees weren’t high enough so after 10 more mountain climbers we did more high knees.  10 mountain climbers and then lunges down and back.  Brutal.

me… although I did use a 14lb ball

My brain is kind of foggy.  I feel like I used it too much this week!  So, I am going to end this post before I ramble with no point, whatsoever!

we all need goals, right


wine, running & goals, oh my!

Happy Sunday!  How is the weekend almost over already?!  I have spent my morning recovering from a fantastic night of girl talk and drinking this

Oh and see that bottle opener there?  I had to dig through several boxes in order to find it… crisis averted.

As I mentioned, the other day I did a 10k in 1:07.  Last night, I laced up again and chose a route with a mega hill considering this is waiting for me

I know, ugly, right?  But what isn’t so ugly is I finished in 1:04 – yay!  A 3 min cut in as many days.  This is a 10:19 per mile pace!  Umm… excited?  Very much so!  A couple of things I did differently from my 6.2 miler on Wednesday:  1) I carried my water bottle with a mix of water and some Gatorade.  I was pretty surprised how much I drank.  I typically don’t drink a lot of water when I am running but I drank all 16 oz before the run was even over.  I felt good throughout the run and know this helped.  2) I wore my Tough Chik visor.  Of course wearing something that says “tough chik” makes you feel tough.  But it also served as blinders of sorts and kept me focused.  It allowed me to get in the running zone!  3) Cooler temps!  Clearly, I have no control over this but man, it was amazing.  I LOVE FALL!

60’s and running are very good buddies

I did end up with a decent size blister when I got home on my foot.  I could feel it forming the second half of the run but I wasn’t going to stop!  I’ve heard people say they rub Body Glide on their feet so I’ll probably do this until my feet get more used to my shoes.  And my ipod was all messed up the entire time.  It drove me bonkers!  Shouldn’t this sucker last longer than a year and a half?!

A couple of days ago, I FINALLY started to notice a difference in my body from my increase in activity.  In my delusional state, I thought crossfit would help me shed pounds/inches IMMEDIATELY!  Apparently, when you are going to crossfit (maybe) twice a week and then running one other day then eating out several times a week inches/pounds are not lost.  With the change in my diet (I’m cooking for myself, eating more fruits and veggies) and working out more, I’ve lost 2 pounds and some inches.  I know it isn’t noticeable to anyone else but this is exactly the boost I needed to keep going.  I can feel a difference.  Is it water weight loss?  Probably.  Do I care?  Absolutely NOT!  I tried on my favorite white pants today and they fit!  I won’t wear them for another week or so considering it might be a bit indecent to wear them in public still (can you say, massively bootylicious?!) but I’m thrilled to have made this progress.

Finally, I’ve decided my goal for the marathon is sub 5 hours.  In order to do this, I need to maintain a 10:40ish min mile pace, which right now seems doable… let me emphasis the phrase, “right now“!  When I’m actually running 26.2 this goal could completely change to just finishing the damn thing.  No matter what, my nerves are playing with this complete excitement and giddiness of completing my first marathon.  When I watched Spirit of the Marathon, there was this one woman who talked about how now that she has finished one, she feels she can do anything.  While I try not to put limits on my own achievements, all too often I allow fear of failure to dissuade me from giving it a shot.  Can’t wait!


Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

p.s. someone is cooking bacon in my apt complex.  I want bacon.  NOW

I should probably just febreeze myself after crossfit

I’ve been completely lost on what day it is ever since I woke up this morning.  This weekend was a working weekend so already, I was a bit mixed up and then with the holiday, I didn’t really have any hope.  In fact, I kinda thought it was Thursday.  Luckily, I managed to get to my morning meeting on time as well as dazzle my class with my wit and charm.  Well, as much as you can dazzle 18 year olds with anything.

This morning I woke up early and was kind of wondering if I was going to run.  Then I saw this

LOTS of rain came down!

I decided I was going to try to run at lunch.  Nope, didn’t happen.  It was a really busy day with work, my first day of teaching this semester and a whole handful of items that needed to be attended to from the weekend.  As 5 pm rolled around, I could feel my energy waning.  Thankfully, I had planned ahead and put my gym bag in my car so I didn’t have to go to my apt.  Finally!  A brilliant moment for me!  I drove out to crossfit almost turning around at every intersection!  And guess what?!  I actually had some decent (girlie) push ups tonight!  I am super proud of myself and can feel my arms getting stronger!

I am definitely getting more and more comfortable with crossfit.  I no longer feel like an imposter who is trying to keep up with everyone else.  Isn’t hindsight funny?  When I think back to running, I don’t remember hating it at first but when I concentrate I know I did.  In fact, I’m sure simply getting out of the door on a daily basis was tough.  It took time to build the confidence with running and now I always know I am capable.  Even though I know crossfit will hurt each night, I no longer think I won’t be able to do it.  Now, I haven’t had to climb the rope yet (yeah, that is sooo going to be a joke!) but I do appreciate the unwavering faith all of the coaches have in us.  I think they are crazy but I appreciate it!

It was very humid today and by the time I finished the warm-up and WOD, I was NASTY!  Holy cow – I was a disaster.  So of course I went to Target and figured I needed to buy this

guess I’m a stinky gal

I know – it’s massively extra strength!  I think the other Target patrons were wishing I used it in the store.

I also picked this up tonight

thanks paul – you da bomb

This coffee is FANTASTIC!  The flavor is excellent, holds up well to being made as iced coffee and it’s free trade.

All in all, I’m surprised I had as much energy today as I did.  I was in the office early, was running around all day and had a full to do list.  I was positive getting up early would leave me needing a nap.  Baby steps to running in the morning, maybe?  Haha, we’ll see!

eww – migraine and some thankful thursday business

Last night as I finished my post, I started to see spots.  At first I figured it was because many of my lights were off in my apt and the screen was bright.  However, it got worse and I couldn’t really see.  I started to freak out a bit.  I took out my contacts but this didn’t help.  Finally it dawned on me:  MIGRAINE!  I quickly took some vicodin.  45 mins later, I still wanted to cry.  I remembered some headache samples I had been given but could I take those on top of vicodin?!  I called my dad and he gave me the a-okay.  Thank goodness… it was a bad one.  Now 24 hours later, I’m still battling it.  I get waves of feeling better and then I move around to get things done and it’s downhill again.  Boo!

So, how does this play into my Thankful Thursday post?  Read on dear readers!

1.  My dad!  I was super grateful I could call on him!  Between my dad, sister and I, we have tried almost every over the counter headache med there is (and probably most of the prescribed ones too).  Headaches/migraines run in the fam and we all have an appreciation for the pain.  By the time I called I was almost in tears and dad talked me down (even though he may not have known it) to a more manageable pain level.  “Take the pills, Aim… drink some Gatorade… turn off all of the lights… don’t try to watch tv… call me in the morning…” awesome advice and what I needed to hear.  In my fam, we also take the pain seriously so I felt validated too.

the headache trio

2.  Feeling better!  Well, okay, I’m not feeling great but at least it doesn’t feel like my head is falling off.  I still have what I call, “residue” from the headache.  The leftover pain that kind of shoots through your head and the dull ache from the carnage it waged the night before but nothing like how it was.  But I can see!  I seriously do not know what people did before there were meds to help ease these.  I am soooo thankful for meds that can at least allow the pain to subside!

3.  A coach – yesterday I eeeeeked out 100 push-ups.  Okay, by push-up standards the last 50 were marginal at best but I would have quit long before if my crossfit coach hadn’t been there telling us to “keep it up!” (I may have sworn at him in my head… A LOT).  Sometimes my confidence in my fitness waivers.  I am still surprised when I can complete a WOD.  Everyday, I think to myself, “maybe I’m in better shape than I thought!”

I saw this guy after a marathon in the spring… it’s how I looked yesterday

4.  My Keurig – oh man, this sucker is AWESOME!  I bought the “K-cup” so now I can use my own beans, which makes it even cheaper.  I use it every morning, in the afternoon for my tea and then sometimes in the evenings for some hot chocolate.  The fact I got for half off makes me feel like I stole it!  I highly recommend it!  It is pricey but so worth the investment.

this is how I enjoy my coffee in the morn too ;)

5.  My brother-in-law!  He and I have moved beyond the “annoying little sister” relationship (although I still love to annoy him!) to a friendship.  It took us some time but I think we both have an appreciation for each other.  Crossfit has deepened this bond and I really don’t think I would still be going without him.  One night when I wanted to quit a few weeks ago, he let me know lots of people go through the same thing.  This morning he sent me a text about running.  He is a great cheerleader!  Love ya, Seany Flay!  Thanks for all of the support!

I totally photobombed this pic – guess the annoying little sister thing is alive and well after all!


i’m going to need help getting dressed in the morn

I woke up this morn over the moon hungry.  You know that feeling?  I proceeded to eat a huge breakfast, which when I was finished was good but perhaps a bit too much.  I should have paused midway to reassess.  I do this sometimes… if I am extremely hungry I eat quickly and a lot rather than according to feeling.  I have worked on this but every once in a while it still catches me.

Last week when I wrote about my stress levels, I put in the plan to wake up in the mornings and go for a run.  Not a gigantic long run but a shorter one to get some time on my legs.  Guess how many times I have done this?  If you guessed anymore than “Zero” you clearly have more faith in me than I do!  That’s right folks, I haven’t done this once.  The problem is I want to!  But when the alarm goes off I look at the clock and think to myself, “this is so not going to happen” and roll over and go back to sleep.  In fact, this morning I got a work phone call at 7 am.  I was AWAKE.  I even thought to myself, “hey self, you could go running”.  But I didn’t.  I went back to sleep.

So, I need some help.  How do you all do it?  Get up early and run?  I need advice!!  I’ve been using the (somewhat real) excuse of work getting in the way but the other part is laziness.  This morning my NWM marathon buddy and I had some panic about the impending mileage.  I saw this and posted it via facebook.  It kind of fit.

damn right I want to be a champion!

Tonight’s crossfit session was another tough one.  The warm-ups are always beastly, they really should be called “work out #1”.  I think this would be more truthful!  The WOD was 10 push-ups and then 15 squats as fast as you could 10x.  That is 100 push-ups!  I said this, well, actually, I whispered it because I was freaked!  The first 20 were okay but after that my push-ups got plain ugly.  My arms were barely bending by the end but they were still shaking like mad.  Tomorrow morning I think I am going to lay my clothes on the bed and simply try and wiggle into them since my arms will be useless.  I did finish though :)  So, while I was impressed with my t-rex arms for getting me to the end, I was more impressed I even got to the gym in the first place.  I was GRUMPY, hot and tired when I left my apt this afternoon and getting even more sweaty sounded like a terrible plan to me.  My a/c still hasn’t been installed in my office and I sit there and puddle throughout the day.

even though I was out there, I had an internal debate about getting out of the car

Of course when it was all said and done, I was happy I went.  I could barely raise my arms but still happy I got there!  Now, I am going to suck it up and attempt to do my speedy (timed) 5k tomorrow morning.  Mind you, in order to get out of bed this morning for work I had to bribe myself with a delish coffee drink from McDonald’s so I am raising my standards for tomorrow.  Maybe this is what I need to do though – it’s easy to cave when you tell yourself you knew you wouldn’t do it in the first place.  Self-fulfilling prophecy, party of one?!  I’ll report back in the morning.  PLEASE send me positive vibes when you are waking up!  I will need it!

crossfit gym – or “box”… yep, this is where the magic happens

This next pic really doesn’t have much to do with anything, however, I downloaded insta-collage and had to try it out.  LOVE!

Oh and any tips for my poor palm plant?  It said “high light” so I moved it to my office (which, remember, is bloody hot) and it’s not doing well.  I don’t get it – there is mega good light there … thoughts?

the leaves look all dried out but the soil is damp – help!

the laundry fairy doesn’t exist

To say my dirty laundry was out of control would be an understatement.  I was getting low on all kinds of necessities – undergarments of the running variety, running skirts/capris, running socks… oh and some work clothes :)  Part of this has made me wear clothes I haven’t worn in some time.  I get caught up in a cycle of clothing so this has made me push past this.  Good news.  I came home tonight all motivated to get this at least partially under control.  I did two loads (big ones).  I went upstairs to change them to the dryer and one washer had completely spilled everywhere and my clothes were still sopping wet.  Boo!  Of course, the part I didn’t mention was the washer was unplugged when I got up there and thanks to a few acrobatics I was able to plug it back in, simply thinking it had come unplugged accidentally.  Nope.  I rewashed that load (another $1.50).  I miss my own washer/dryer!  I LOVE doing laundry!  Haha, can you tell?  Me and the W and the D had moments of silence before I left my last place.

doing laundry makes me happy

Alright, you probably didn’t click here to read about my laundry woes.  Let’s talk a bit of crossfit!  Last night was my first night of endurance crossfit.  Wow.  It was tough but it was really good.  We did more running than the other crossfit sessions I’ve attended, which I enjoyed and I worked HARD.  So hard, I got a decent headache for a little while and came pretty close to vomiting – yay!  Burpees will be the end of me, that’s all I have to say.  Oh and I got my first burpee blister.  Now I’m official!  Outside of endurance sessions, we have runs given to us.  This week we have to do some time trials – a 5k, a 40 min time trial and then a 10k.  These are supposed to be all out, run hard, come home a sweaty disaster kinds of runs.  I’m still trying to figure out my schedule and hopefully next week I’ll be able to hit an actual routine.  Tonight I had to work late and missed a WOD session but it wasn’t mandatory.  My goal is to make them 4 days a week and then hit the runs the other 3.

I still love this

When I got home last night, I was BEAT!  My whole body was kind of vibrating!  I was definitely proud and somehow I am not horribly sore today.  I was really surprised.

The other day I was thinking about goals I had set back a few months ago.  One of the stress relievers I talked to my students about last week was to sell yourself TO YOURSELF!  Don’t forget to congratulate yourself for a job well done!  In light of this, here were a few of my goals and the status of each:

Run the RiverBank 25k – DONE!

Run Ragnar – DONE!

Budget – spend less on things and more on experiences – I was doing much better on this before the summer hit.  Once I moved I suddenly felt like I had to decorate my apt completely.  Then I went on a shoe binge.  There were some other necessary items in there too but still, I’ve realized I need to pull back a bit!  I’ve got some amazing experiences up ahead and I don’t want to stress about money because I spent too much at Target.

Cross Train – oh man, this was a huge failure for a while.  With the addition of crossfit, I’m getting better.  Progress is being made.

Train for a marathon – in progress!

I made this my screen saver on my phone – gotta stay motivated!

Get a new job – DONE!

Eat healthier – hmm, this has been off and on – definitely time to refocus!

Lose 10 lbs – again, off and on and need to refine my healthful routines!

Stress less – in one of my last work evaluations, it was written I needed to learn to manage my stress better.  Nothing like having that front and center!  I tried yoga for a little while, running of course, sleeping more, sleeping less – all kinds of things!  Attitude is a major part of this so I’m working on reframing my thinking so I see the positives rather than the negatives.  I also started drinking tea :)  I don’t know, I think this will always be a learning curve for me.  I am naturally an anxious person but I’m mindful of this and working on it!

my new mantra

I think there were other goals but these are ones I can think of and that have been on my mind lately.  While there are areas I need to refine, I’m proud of myself for the goals I’ve met!  I’m excited what I’ve accomplished and it does make me feel more encouraged.  If you are having a rough day, try thinking of what goals YOU have accomplished and then give yourself a MAJOR pat on the back!

way to go YOU!