a broken streak and crack for dinner

Yesterday was kind of a rough day.  I woke up late and didn’t have time for coffee or breakfast before my meeting.  I had things to take care of for work so coffee and food had to wait until noon.  I don’t do well without food and caffeine… so it was headaches all day off and on.  Not to mention, whenever I skip breakfast, my eating routine is completely messed up the entire day.  Does this happen to anyone else?  In the evenings it’s as if my body suddenly feels the urge to recoup the “missed” calories from earlier in the day and I couldn’t stop snacking.  Boo!

Oh, and it happened… I broke my RW run streak last night.  Part of me is disappointed but part of me knows it was the right thing to do.  My left calf has been TIGHT and bothering me, running or not.  Not to mention, my piriformis on both legs (butts?!) has been irking as well.  I’ve been lazy with my stretching for sure but after the irritations, I picked it back up.  Of course, I’ve taken out my tools of injury prevention: which I can’t put the pics up but I will later.

But then I also realized that running ONE mile was not worth increasing my injury risk.  Yes, that was all I was going to do last night – one mile.  Just to keep the streak alive.  So, I decided to go for a whole rest day.  And I need to talk myself into doing some cross training.  This marathon isn’t going to run itself and I need to make sure I am in one piece when Jan. 13th arrives!

Oh and sometimes I am lazy.  I was exhausted yesterday!

Now… “crack” for dinner.  Have you ever had SmartFood popcorn?  Oh my goodness, I LOVE this stuff.  I went to Trader Joe’s this past weekend and I bought their version.  Last night I may have eaten 1/3 of the bag – dang it!  The past few nights I portioned out some in a baggie and this helped.  Unfortunately, I just got lazy last night!

Okay, wordpress is being cranky and won’t let me post any pics so I am going to end this.  I will definitely try and make tomorrow’s post more interesting!

yes, I’m talking about food again… and running. please give me guidance!

Yesterday, a friend who will be running the Disney World marathon posted that there is only 10 weeks until the event.  What in samhill?  But yep, it’s true!  Somehow, January is coming right around the corner and with it my second marathon.  With Nike two solid weeks behind me and my first run in the books, I am actually looking on the bright side of running and it being FUN!  (Thanks for the words of wisdom Tasha!  People – check out Healthy Diva, she is an awesome runner!)

well, now I feel a little less accomplished!

But before I get too far ahead of myself (I’ll show you the outfit I want to make for the marathon in just a second!) I was wondering about your fuel habits when you run a 26.2.  I was absolutely shocked about how completely STARVING I was while I ran.  Some of this may be rehashed but here is a breakdown of what I ate before and after the marathon:

1.  In the morning around 5 am-ish?: A sandwich “thin” with peanut butter and a handful of chocolate covered espresso beans

2.  I had three shot bloks at mile 5.5

3.  The most delicious orange wedge I’ve ever eaten at mile 7

4.  A full GU at mile 11 (ish)

5.  A mini Luna bar roughly around mile 16 or 17

6.  I think three more shot bloks but now I can’t remember – those later miles are a bit foggy

I also drank a water bottle full of Nuun and then water at a couple of the earlier stations and then water and Nuun at every aid station for the last 10 miles or so.

When I got done with the race, I needed food – pronto.  I grabbed a banana half and a half of a bagel.  I was almost walking out of the food area and I went back for another bagel half.  I inhaled all of this.  Then I found the Safeway guy handing out chocolate milk (okay, I hunted him down) and got a 16 oz bottle and downed this as well.  I was finally feeling better.

Is this a lot?  Not enough?  I am not sure what I would have done without the Luna bar – I almost grabbed two.  I am also not sure I want to load up on more GU.  During the 25k, I think I got a bit of “GU sickness” or I was massively dehydrated.  Or both.

How do you fuel during a marathon and/or longer run?  I didn’t think this would happen – I expected to either feel nauseated from all of the running or simply like my stomach wasn’t really there.  Instead I wanted to pull over for a burger and fries… with a side of steak and baked potato… with a milkshake to wash it all down.

or I could just eat a GIANT bread alligator – that might have helped

Okay – spill (please)!  I need ideas so I can start practicing with different food ideas now

OH!  Fun costume plan for Disney World!!

I love red and white polka dot and minnie mouse is fun!

ready to jump in

Check out Falon Does Marathon – not only is she wicked funny, one of my fellow Ragnar teammates but she also has an awesome giveaway right now!  Want to win some cool running stuff and the new Runner’s World BIG Book of Marathon and Half Marathon Training? Then go check her out!  Actually, I really want to win so go to her site but don’t enter ;)

Alright, I’ve been on the non-running train long enough.  I’m fairly certain most runners don’t take a week-long sabbatical right toward the end of their 1/2 marathon training.  No, I’m not tapering, haha!  While it probably sounds egotistical, I’m not worried about finishing.  Heck, I really don’t even care about what my time will be.  I am thrilled to be running in front of my family and in heat that doesn’t broil your skin the moment you take your first steps!  That’s right folks – here is the forecast for Seattle


See that?!  On Sunday, July 15th it will be a beautiful 71*!  And that’s the HIGH!  Haha, I can’t decide if I should wear my capris or my running skirt.  I am thrilled :)

Please read this:


I wish I could have done the regular link but it wouldn’t let me… this should simply keep you in anticipation – quick, check it out!  Then come back :)

Today is a 10 miler… yikes!  Actually, I’m ridiculously confident I can pull it off despite my lackluster training this past week.  Why?  I have no idea!  Haha, but it will be almost 25* COOLER this evening when I head out – AMAZING!  I also don’t feel I have lost a ton of fitness over the last week since I’ve been paying closer attention to my nutrition and also up and moving around well, moving.

seriously?! these people obviously were NOT moving! haha, this picture is so ridiculous, I had to post it

It’s pretty typical for me to need to have a few chats with myself along the training road and remind myself what kind of commitment I need to make in order for this to happen.  As in running 26.2 miles – yep, this is going to happen.  I’ve already signed up for TWO!  Also, it’s not like they are just a wee jaunt away, they are both major destination races so I really don’t want to half-ass them.

Disney World course – new for this year!

So, I had this convo with myself last night, revisited my “Recipe for Success” for July and am ready to jump back on track.  Again, this won’t be the last time I write something like this.

love past race pics – remind me how much I love racing!

I’m also going to give a shout out to my awesome readers/all of you who have left comments!  The comments definitely inspire me, help in the whole validation process (we all need a bit of this!) and simply make me feel great!  Thanks so much for reading!