fun finds & penguins

Here are a few of my fun finds.  This is the third time I’ve typed this sentence as my stupid thumb brace has somehow magically hit all of the buttons in tandem to erase what I’ve typed.  Maybe it was the blogging gods giving me a hint…

Anyway, here we go:

First and foremost this most fabulous gif ever:

I know, I can’t help it, I’m in love with these penguins and their sort of sack race fun!

Yep, rewatch it as many times as you need/want to.  I’m in total and absolute love!

2.  At the expo this weekend I found this sweatshirt:

yay! run MI friends!

A “Run MI” hoodie!  I love me a good hoodie, or long sleeve t so this was perfect.  Not to mention it was only $25 AND it’s a decent color that won’t show too much cat hair.  Oh and Michigander pride!

3.  Honey Maid Grahamfuls.  These probably aren’t the most nutritious snack out there but it reminds of when we used to put frosting on graham crackers as a kid.  I got the peanut butter/chocolate flavor but there are a bunch to pick from.  They are tasty.

4.  Adding mini chocolate chips to my Chobani snack size yogurt.  Mini chocolate chips are too fun so I’m compelled.

again, any reason to have dean on my blog

5.  Have you seen these Procompression socks?  Oh goodness, I LOVE polka dots!  I’m getting the sleeves.  They are the sock of the month so they are cheap (use coupon code BRD).

procompression sock of the month

6.  Did you know ants hate cinnamon?  I didn’t either and I’m hoping it’s true.  There must be an ant nest outside of my apt because I’ve been seeing a few of these bad boys.  They aren’t giant carpenter ants (vomit) but they aren’t the itty-bitty ones either.  I think they are the middle children of the ant family.  I’ve lined my window sills with cinnamon as it isn’t dangerous for Simon.  Fingers crossed this works and doesn’t attract other critters, which I didn’t even consider until office mate suggested chipmunks might like it.  Just something else for me to worry about when lying in bed at night.

7.  New sunglasses.  I ALMOST bought the white polka dot ones (see the above proclamation of love) however, they were just a bit TOO big.  Settled on another gem that are still bigger but don’t completely eat my face up.

I sent this pic to my sister and friend for opinions
I sent this pic to my sister and friend for opinions

8.  Yuengling – as I may have mentioned, I’m not a huge beer fan but more and more it’s growing on me.  Sometimes I find it odd that the running culture does include quite a bit of beer consumption… just a thought… I had one of these puppies the other night before the race and it was very drinkable.  I will definitely purchase in the future.

9.  Head scarves!  I’m wearing one in the above sunglasses pics and I adore them.  Headbands give me headaches and these are perfect.  I haven’t gone to bohemian in the styling quite yet but the option is there.  Target, friends – they are a bit shorter than the neck scarves although you can still wear them in this fashion as well.

10.  Some good songs.  Office mate is my personal DJ and he has great taste in music.  Many of my new favorite songs on my running mix I hear first at work.  Unfortunately, they are on my ipod which is currently somewhere so I can’t give you any names.  More to come…

11.  I guess I didn’t really find this per say, it’s more like I put it into action.  I’m trying to make working out more of a habit as opposed to something I do my best to wiggle out of on a daily basis.  I don’t want to THINK it’s optional.  I took mini post-its, numbered them 1-21 and get to remove one each day I do a work out.  I’ve also established how many days I can actually miss during this period before I have to start completely over again.  Like a reverse advent calendar, I’m loving ripping one of those suckers off the wall.  I missed 3 days in a row this week though so it’s time to start over.  I was going to give myself one more day to hop back on the train but time to be more honest with myself.

is it just me?  or does this 21 look a little smug?
is it just me? or does this 21 look a little smug?

Here I go again…  That’ll do for now me thinks.

I lost my banana…

Today is a list kind of day…

1.  The other day I put a banana in my purse and walked to work.  I have no idea where it went between my apt and my office.  I went to grab it around 11 am and it was nowhere to be found.  I will admit that I *might* have eaten it and I just don’t remember.  Monday this happened with another banana and I asked my office mate.  He confirmed consumption of said banana.  So… not sure…

I love everything about this

2.  My summer project kicked off with a bang last Friday.  Whew!  The project involves all of my administrative weaknesses.  To say it’s been a challenge is an understatement.  I woke up at 4 am Thursday morning with a major panic attack.  I had made a mistake on Wednesday and at that point I was sure everything else was wrong, too.  I was breathing through it and it started to go away and then a whole new wave of panic hit.  I put on some soft music and continued to breathe.  I saw this last night and will repeat it:

will this matterI will say, this is a GOOD challenge for me.  Even despite how much my ADD brain struggles with/hates it.

3.  I went back to my running beginnings and purchased some Asics.  I got the Nimbus to be exact and I’m fairly certain I mentioned this already.  I’ve done a few runs in them on the treadmill and I do like them.  They kind of feel a little clunky compared to the Brooks Glycerins but the cushion is nice.  And they are a pretty mermaid green (not the actual name, mistake on their part) – always helps!

ooo - shiney
ooo – shiny

The toe box is wide enough for my flipper-like feet and I’ll probably take them out and about this weekend.  I still really like the Hokas though.  Or maybe I like the idea of the Hokas?  I’m thinking I should just give shoe experimenting a rest.  I just bought some Altras (they were on sale) and I ran in them for about 5 mins on the treadmill last night.  I am not convinced these are for me.  I do LOVE the wide toe box though so I might give them another shot.  Maybe.

3b.  I emailed the Hoka customer service to see if they come in a wider width and a) they got back to me within 2 hours – nice! and b) they suggested I try the Conquest or the Bondi 3.  They suggested an exchange but I didn’t buy my shoes through them and I’ve been wearing them.  Sooo, I will need to wait on this purchase.  But the hills are once again alive with my hopes!

4.  This race is coming up so quickly!  May 10th!  EEK!

5/3 riverbank run
5/3 riverbank 25k run

5.  I’ve actually gone to bed early a few nights this week.  As in, I turned the tv off at 10 pm and maybe checked out some pinterest for a bit then SLEEP.  Strange.  Part of this has been me failing asleep on the couch.  While not ideal, it does mean I am getting a few more zzz’s so I’ll take this as a first step.

6.  Saturday is the first day off I’ve had in two weeks.  I’m elated.  Sunday I need to come back to the office so I’m especially looking forward to the island in the stream.  Nothing fancy planned – laundry, a run – the basics.  But the day will be ALL MINE.


7.  Everyone has been put out by the rain this week.  Me?  Nope – reminds of WA during early spring!  I have wimped out and ran inside on my treadmill though.  For a couple of hours I decided the treadmill is making me a wuss since I run inside when the weather is kind of crummy.  Then I realized I would likely not run at all and once again came to the conclusion my treadmill purchase was a good one.

Just some random musings, I guess.  I feel like there was something of real substance I was going to include on this list but maybe that was just my banana story and shoe update.  Oh and the panic attack – when I share about these it helps me for some reason.  Not terribly exciting but you know life isn’t always giant bundles of hula hoops and glitter.  I’m good with that.

this is what you get when you search “hula hoops and glitter”


ridiculous running shoe journey

I’ve mentioned it a few times many times that I’m on a search for the PERFECT shoe.  I want the clouds to part and rays of sunshine to fall on my beautiful, perfect new-running-shoe-fitted-feet.  This is the ideal.  But I will settle for something super-duper fabulous.

these are the emotions I want to feel

During Dopey, I saw a number of hokas running past me.  Considering I recently went from a stability shoe to a neutral with loads of cushion, I figured this would the PERFECT shoe.  Not to mention, Sweaty Emily raves about them and she runs a billion miles.  Then Kara from It’s a Dog Lick Baby World got them and I think she is very neato so I wanted to be like her.

did I mention I did this?!
did I mention I did this?!

A chunk of change later and I was the proud owner of a pair of Hokas.  Let’s just put it out there that these puppies aren’t the cutest things ever and they make my feet look giant.  Nevertheless, I was willing to overlook these for a sweet ride.

I wasn’t disappointed – at least not for a while.  They initially felt very large and clunky.  I kind of wondered if they were too big?  I ordered a size down so I could see if this was it and these rubbed against the side of my feet – the right side worse than the left.  So, I kept the 8.5’s thinking these would be the right choice.

Sadly they are not my earth-shattering dream shoes I hoped for.  The blisters on both feet are just getting worse and running is uncomfortable/painful.  I think my right foot is wider as this one is more irritated.  I thought I could push through it and I will but I need to mix them up with shoes that fit me better.  My Brooks Glycerin’s are good but my current pair are DONEZO.  I looked on amazon and they didn’t have any in my size so I will look somewhere else.  Amazon did suggest some Asics Nimbus though.  I started out my running career with Asics and maybe it’s time to go back?

p.s. NEVER look up “blister” under images… trust me

Clearly, I am incredibly wishy-washy when it comes to shoes.  My “journey” is silly and *perhaps* my standards are just a bit high.  OR I need to stop falling into the trap of hearing/reading about what others are wearing and thinking these will make me run like them.  While I don’t really believe this will make it true, some part of me wonders if there is magic in shoes…  I also should have gone to Hogwarts for my undergrad but you know… the owl got lost.

There you have it.  My Asics are coming today and I need to find the Glycerin’s right quick-like (just in case the Asics don’t work).  I have a 25k on 5/10 and I need time to break in the new shoes.  Not to mention, running in the Hokas on back to back days is making my feet all hurty.  I will stock up on some moleskin because Hokas last for 700ish miles.  I’m probably the only person who is disappointed by this.  I do want to say, I like a lot about the hokas.  The cushion is great and it definitely helps encourage mid-foot striking.  They also have a mad love affair with my treadmill.  I can’t explain it but running in these on the ‘mill is so much easier than in other shoes for me.

Oh no!  Another angsty post – here, look at this funny t-rex – maybe it will help you forget about my whining!

man, I love a good t-rex meme!
man, I love a good t-rex meme!


c’mon quad, give your calf buddy a hand

I’ve definitely jacked up my calf.  I am less than thrilled.

For the last month and half, my left calf has been bothering me.  It’s been really tight and I didn’t pay much mind to it.  I figured it would work itself out naturally.  WRONG!  On my ill-fated run in Indy (yes, I’m going to keep linking to this!) the last mile and half, my calf was screaming.  This is the reason I turned around – when I would attempt to run, it felt like my calf muscle was trying to break free from my leg.  It actually scared me a bit.

Unfortunately, because I was in a hurry when I got back, I didn’t stretch at all.  I did a decent job of cooling down as I walked to Baskin and Robbins that evening and walking to the restaurant for dinner.  However, the knot in my calf was displeased with me in the subsequent days.

the unhappy camper
the unhappy camper

Saturday, I headed out for a run and within the first few steps my calf was bothering me.  I hadn’t even gone a mile before I had to stop and stretch.  I proceeded to do this at each stoplight and it did help a bit.  I also noticed engaging my quads really helped.  Hmmm… perhaps I’ve been relying too much on my calves as my source of power while running?

My purely unscientific theory is running on the treadmill this whole winter has changed my stride a bit and I’m not using my bigger leg muscles much.  So, I picked up my knees and did my best to put my quads to work.  The good: I was running at a quicker pace.  The better:  it made my calf feel better.  The not so good: WOW!  It was exhausting!  Haha, these muscles certainly are not as strong – I see some squats and wall sits in my future!

hmm… this holds true for both my arms and legs…

It could also be time to retire my Brooks.  I’ve been wearing them since Oct?  Early Nov?  This includes all of the training for Dopey so they may be ready for greener pastures.  I do have my Hokas but I’m still on the fence as to whether or not these are MY shoes.  I keep going back for my Brooks when leaving for a run so I think this probably means something.

I foam rolled, stretched, iced, compressed and rested on Sunday.  I had plans to run but I realized this was a dumb idea.  I took Monday off as well and iced away.  Tuesday was a mentally taxing day at work and I had extra coffee and work stress coursing through my veins.  Part of me was screaming, “THE COUCH!  THE COUCH WILL MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER!”  Then there was another part that was whispering, “what about a run?”  Somehow, the whispering part of me won out and I hit the streets.  I concentrated on lifting my knees and landing as close to midfoot as I could.

thanks for being there for me, couch!

Ta-da!  My calf felt much better during the run.  I also wore some compression socks and stretched 3 or 4 times at stop lights.  I wore newer shoes and spent some quality time working the knot out when I got home.  Funny enough, I had the energy to run 5 miles or more but I didn’t want to push it too much.  I think I ran somewhere between 4 and 4.5.  I originally thought I would only be able to run 3 so this made me happy!  A side note, picking my knees up is proving I’ve been shuffling about during my runs!  Just need to keep adjusting my form… and taking care of this little whiny calf!

fitsok… an unsolicitated review

I have a wild love affair with work out gear.  More specifically running gear, although I’ve never met a pair of sweatpants or a hoodie I didn’t like…

However, socks usually took a back seat when it came to spending available funds on new gear.  A black pull over jacket (again)?  Of course!  Oh!  What about a new tech shirt (even though I just got 6 from the Dopey Challenge)?  YES!  Can you see where I am going with this?  I lay down the mullah for compression socks but other than that I go to Target for some C9’s.

Until I found Fitsok.  My good friends and former Ragnar teammates do a Longest Run fundraiser.  They’re on their third year and their efforts are so impressive!  (Look for opportunities to donate and get hooked up with some sweet gear if you win the raffle!)  Last year, I donated and won a few items in the raffle.  Fitsok was a sponsor (which makes them even more amazing) and I got a package of 3 pairs.

“Give athletes the best in engineered fit and performance. We’re about building products that allow everyone to excel”  Fitsok motto

When I first got them, I thought they felt on the thicker side as far as running socks are concerned.  I wasn’t very interested to be honest.  Then a couple of weeks later the laundry mountain had sucked up all of my socks and I decided to give Fitsoks a whirl.

fitsok flower of hope - hope that spring will be here soon
fitsok flower of hope – hope that spring will be here soon

These are prime running socks people.  As you can tell by the title of this post, Fitsok isn’t sponsoring me (please feel free Fitsok!) nor are they showering me with socks (again, please feel free Fitsok!), I simply love this product.  And since I skimp in the sock department on a regular basis, this is huge for me.  What I notice about the C9 socks and many others I’ve tried, after a little while the socks stretch out and then do the dreaded slip to the middle of your arch thing.  Seriously, I feel this is the worst sin a sock could commit!  This resulted in me buying C9 socks in large quantities because I considered them cheaper.  And they were – in quality.


Fitsok offers arch support and a snug but not a too tight, fit.  While they do feel padded at first touch, once on my feet they do not feel thick.  It’s just the perfect amount of cushion!  I even wore them for my 1/2 marathon in Disney World with compression sleeves because they are so comfortable and supportive.  I love them as much as I did the first day and I’m always bummed when I don’t have a clean pair.

Last week I bought 2 new packages of Fitsoks because with only 3 pairs I was sometimes (gasp!) wearing them twice before washing.  Yes, I know this is gross but I really love them!  I’ve been wearing them for months now and they are still in great condition and don’t even slide down when I am wearing my Hokas – a sock-pulling-down-culprit.  They have a variety of lengths and I opted for the low ones.  You can find local places to order them here.  I ordered mine from Amazon since there isn’t anyplace around me to buy them.  The cost was about $15.00 for 3 pairs (not even that pricey!).

a “mug shot” of shoe responsible for pulling socks down

Check out their website.  They have a much better technical description of why the socks perform so well.

As an important side note, I did figure out a smarty-pants way to avoid losing my precious Fitsoks in the dryer (or wherever they go).  I’m going to wash them in a lingerie bag all together.  YAY!  I’m protecting my investment and avoiding the inevitable one missing sock rage.


hello hokas and a running coach

I mentioned before heading down to FL I wanted to check out a pair of Hokas.  I’ve been wildly curious about them and considering I’ve falling in love with cushion I like the idea of MORE!  Maybe they would help with some of my aches and pains?

this kid and I probably feel the same way

Anyway, it just so happened there was a Hoka booth at the WDW expo.  A very nice sales woman answered my questions, namely “are these just for ultra runners?”.  I do tend to jump on running trends and I wanted to make sure I wasn’t too overzealous.  The saleswoman took me through three different variations and I really liked the Kailua Tarmac shoe, which doesn’t have as much cushion as the trail or other road shoe.  Two immediate things I loved?  I loved how it cupped my heel and still had a decent size toe box.  A happy mawwiage since I love the toe box of my Brooks and the heel cuppage of my Mizunos.

Per Sweat Once a Day, I found a great deal at RunningWarehouse so I placed an order.  We’ll see – I’m hopeful and excited.  I mean, c’mon, NEW RUNNING SHOES!

hello lovlies
hello lovlies

Also prior to my trek down to sunshine and heat, I was ruminating on getting a running coach.  My friend, Ragnar running buddy and fellow blogger Jamie at Running Diva Mom recently started coaching full time.  Jamie is so inspirational and so encouraging; when we ran Ragnar she squelched my worries about being a “good enough” runner for the group.  She started numerous couch to 5k programs in WI and has inspired so many new runners!

I stole this from Running Diva Mom's fb page.  Jamie really is this pumped about running!
I stole this from Running Diva Mom’s fb page. Jamie really is this pumped about running!

Why a coach?  I want to shave some time off of my 1/2 marathon time.  Recently, I ran a 2:24 and my PR is 2:04.  I would LOVE to run a sub-2 hour!  While I understand speed work and other things are necessary to get there, I am not quite sure what those “other things” are exactly! Or how/when/why to do them.  Jamie is a certified coach and she will become my running guru!  As a swimmer in high school, I did really well with a coach and I feel this extra motivation will help.  I’m filling out my information and am looking forward to this different approach to running.  I’m nervous, although I can’t necessarily describe why!

These upcoming changes make running feel exciting again!  I was all hopped up on these fist in the air feelings and jumped on the treadmill.  I ran 3 miles and they seemed to last forever, haha.  At least I did a few intervals!  It didn’t dampen my spirit though and I’m filling out all of my pre-coaching paper work!

how I feel after a treadmill work out… yet I go back for more!

I had a dope time, yo

While I guarantee I will be referring to my weekend again in future posts I think this will be the last in the Dopey series (1, 2, 3, 4).  I’m sure you want to thank me for moving onto a different subject matter.


I’m really happy I took on this challenge.  It was a huge confidence boost and brought back many of those “I love running” feelings that can sometimes get lost in a majorly long training cycle.  Yes, I started rebuilding my foundation back in May or June and then started training around July.  Those are some long months!

all the medals!
all the medals!

Here are some of the highlights:

1.  Met Amanda from Too Tall Fritz!  Well, ambushed her actually but those are just semantics

a celebrity siting!
a celebrity siting!

2.  Went over to Animal Kingdom lodge where I had my tasty mouse head waffle and checked out the animals.  It’s great – you can see some of the animals you would see on the safari tour without having to go to the Animal Kingdom park.

giraffes are the best
giraffes are the best

3.  Discovered the Mickey head ice cream sandwich.  Also very good and cute to boot.

this was very good regardless of the shape!
this was tasty regardless of the shape!

4.  Disney kind of slacked on the Dopey merchandise and early expo attendees wiped them out of the stock they did have (I mean in about 4 hours).  They had tech shirts left but I wasn’t interested since I already had one.  I finally found a light sweatshirt from Raw Threads, which I love.  Also in Downtown Disney Hanes has a design your own shirt so I created a long sleeve Dopey one.  It was super speedy and they have a ton of different characters.  Disney did come through afterward though and I found a (cotton) shirt online and yes, I already ordered it.

the sweatshirt is from raw threads
the sweatshirt is from raw threads
this is the shirt I made!
this is the shirt I made!

5.  I took advantage of the fun atmosphere.  Disney races are geared toward all-level athletes and it is a good time with no pressure – well, aside from the pressure you place on yourself!

my namesake restaurant in downtown disney!
my namesake restaurant in downtown disney!

6.  The race snacks weren’t anything extravagant but they did have these rice chips and little things of cheese.  This became the absolute yummiest thing in the entire world.

dopey snacks7.  Running in costume is so fun!  People are so freakin’ creative and I loved seeing what everyone came up with.  Mine was fairly simple but thanks to Sparkle Athletic, Running Skirts, Pro Compression, Aspaeris and some RockTape, I was running in style.

cleaning my costume in my room - much better than being all smelly
cleaning my costume in my room – much better than being all smelly

8.  It was warm.

beautiful view and no snow!
beautiful view and no snow!

9.  I’m obsessed with all things Dopey.  Luckily, I didn’t let this overtake my pocket-book but it was close!

dopey is just so cute!
dopey is just so cute!

10.  Iced mochas are tough to come by outside of the parks.  There aren’t coffee shops in the resorts, which really surprised me.  So future race attendees not visiting parks, you can score a good (naturally expensive) espresso drink right outside of the ticket areas of Epcot.  You do have to go through bag check but then it’s fairly close.  For me, it was totally worth the cash!

my view from the coffee hut
my view from the coffee hut

11.  I’m not quite sure on how much money I spent but doing a Disney race certainly isn’t the cheapest option when it comes to racing.  As I was walking to Epcot after the marathon, a security guard asked me if I would be returning next year.  I told him, to ask me after my body had recovered!  Honestly, I won’t be back next year.  There are a lot of other races I want to do and Disney kind of saps my race budget.  Nevertheless, I am so happy I could take advantage of this opportunity and was actually able to save for it!

I so wanted to keep this space blanket... but I didn't
I so wanted to keep this space blanket… but I didn’t

10.  Simon has decided I can’t go anywhere for a good long while.

dopey simonI am so grateful for this experience!  I’m grateful for all of the support, encouragement and confidence from all of you and my other friends and family.  There were times when those “you got this” were what kept me going!  Thank you!

snow running can suck it

I know I am supposed to be all “running in the snow is awesome!  I’m such a BAMF!” but I am here to tell you, it’s not awesome and I am not a BAMF.

not me..

Maybe it would’ve been okay if the sidewalks had been plowed.  I ran 3 miles like a deer running from a hunter through almost knee-deep snow (remember, I am a shorty-mcshorty pants so it was probably shin depth for others) and it was a bit rough.  There were some parts where the snow was compacted which was much better but the uneven aspect really started to hurt the bottom of my feet.  It was like swedish chef gave my foot a massage.

I was the turtle

I will say, I was very nervous about running in the cold.  It was a lovely 16* and I haven’t run in these temps in a long time.  Perhaps two years?  We’ve had some mild winters here the last two years and when the temps did drop I avoided running those day.  Or I ran on the indoor track.  While it took me HOURS to thaw, I was impressed with my running gear that kept me warm(ish).  I also wore a pair of cheapo gloves and then put a pair of mittens on over and this was a smart move on my part.

Overall, I am really happy I went out and proved to myself I wasn’t a complete wimp (wait, did that not come through with all of my whining?!).  Not to mention, I have some long runs on the ol’ training plan this weekend and I will be outside for these.  Also, when it’s this cold, you start to  not be able to feel your legs so I could have gone further than 5 miles last night if I wasn’t swearing like a sailor about the horrible snow.

I was about this happy

I feel like I had a lot more to write about.  I will post my cookie recipe that I made for the cookie exchange tomorrow.  There are a few steps to them but they are so delicious you don’t mind.  Work has been extra stressful these past couple of weeks so the fact that some of it will be done after tonight is a huge relief.  Oh and I am in love with Chipotle – kind of obsessed actually.

Over and out homefries

I’m a try-er of new things

Essentially, this is a #firstworldissues post… With a cup full of consumerism…

I should amend this title to say, “a try-er of new products” because indeed this is my thing.  I love to try new products.  Mostly because I am convinced there is something better out there and I want to find it.  I am extremely loyal to a product once I find the one but it takes me some time to get there.

searching – almost got it! wait… searching again

The other temptation is price.  If I find a product cheaper and I am fairly certain will do the same job then I get it.  However, this causes problems at times when it turns out I am allergic.  I would say the biggest areas where I do this are face products, shampoos/hair products, body wash and running shoes.  Obviously, there is a theme here (minus the running shoes) and ironically enough (please say I used irony correctly!) this is also the area where allergies pop up the MOST!

Recently, I wanted to buy a cheaper body wash than Dial.  I really like Dial, especially the yogurt ones but it can be really pricey – actually ridiculously so.  Since more often than not, I shower twice a day this adds up.  I decided to try another brand only to find it was extremely stinky – to the point it made me nauseous every time I showered.  I tried another one that I thought was the golden ticket and broke out in a rash.  Super awesome.  This rash then lead me down the path of my current stress rash/itchiness.

I decided I needed to hit up some of the basics.  I did purchase the Dial but then also found a travel size Dr. Bronner’s soap.  Have you heard of this?  It is extremely natural and not tested on animals (which I do think many companies avoid anyway simply from the sheer outrage factor) and I’ve read great reviews.  I’ve tried the peppermint so far and have the lavender one too.  The peppermint wakes up your senses!  I like it – there is some tingly action and some days it’s kind of much for me so I am anticipating the lavender to be on the gentler side of things.  It isn’t cheap but it also lasts a long time.  It simply takes a few drops and you are good to go.  I’ve read you can use it as shampoo, face wash, and cleaning your house!  Yes, I do think this last one is strange but whatever.

I know - it seems really expensive but it lasts a long time.  you can also buy smaller sizes
I know – it seems really expensive but it lasts a long time. you can also buy smaller sizes

Running shoes.  I’ve talked about this issue quite often because I am never sure if the perfect shoe is on my foot or if there is a better one out there.  It’s definitely possible I’m over thinking this but there is a part of me that feels if I haven’t given many of them a chance, how will I know?  Nikes are too narrow for me, Asics were good for a bit but are clunky and the colors aren’t always very fun.  I like my Brooks Pure Cadence but the balls of my feet were hurting badly during my marathon – they are a fast shoe though.  Currently, I am enjoying my Mizuno Wave Inspires but a bit pricey and don’t seem to go on sale.  I mentioned a few of weeks ago, I wanted to order the Saucony Mirage but I tried to fight the urge.  I did.  For three weeks.

hello my pretties
hello my pretties

I ordered them today and am looking forward to giving them a whirl.  They are also $45 right now.  I think this will be my last trial as far as running shoes are concerned.  There aren’t too many others I am wildly curious about so hopefully I’ll be content with my choice.

this is how I’ll feel when I finally decide

Yesterday I had the chance to escape work for a whole 2 hours!  I went to visit friends.  One friend has a 1 yr old, the other a newborn and then my third friend is preggers.  Umm… yes, there was a lot of estrogen in the room and my ovaries where saying things like, “you want a baby too!”.  One of them brought some wine, Moscato d’Asti and it was very delicious.  I highly recommend it!

see the cute baby in the background?  love him! and his mummy & daddy
see the cute baby in the background? love him! and his mummy & daddy

Funny thing, this doesn’t extend to people, my job or other major areas of my life.  Mostly running gear (although it may be simply I am addicted to gear!) and the body care thing.  It’s weird.

What about you?  Do you try products?  Are you on the constant search for the perfect whatever?  If not, how do you decide what is best for you?

a bit on biggest loser and a cool techy device

While I was running tonight (last night) I wrote a whole post that was really funny.  Then I sat down to write it and my mind is BLANK!  Haha, love it when that happens!  I can’t even remember what I was thinking about…

OH WAIT!  Phew, it just came to me…

As I mentioned on my facebook page (oh whaaa?  not a fan – by all means, pause this and hit the good ol’ thumbs up!) I have mixed feelings on The Biggest Loser.

1.  I am not much for reality shows.  Typically, I get really embarrassed for the contestants.  For example, I caught the end of the Bachelor last night and the girl who was kicked off was from Detroit and she made me mortified we were from the same state.

2.  It’s not very realistic as far as weight loss is concerned and it being applicable to everyone else who isn’t on the ranch and wants to lose weight.

3.  Ugggghhhh – could everyone have vomited MORE?!  Also, (I know I am not a professional but…) when the contestants are put in the gym for the first time and they were WORKED! – is this safe?

Nevertheless, on Monday night one of the trainers was talking to the contestant and said, ” You would make time for dialysis, wouldn’t you?”  Actually, I think they said chemotherapy but you get my point.  I have thought about this a lot and it’s a GREAT perspective!  So even though I wanted my comfy sweats, I opted for the gym after work – yay!  I am not sure exactly why this has clicked with me so well but it has and I am going with it!

Other than spending time in front of the tv watching other people lose weight (irony?) I am getting ready for the Disney World marathon!  Whoop whoop!  Wait – does watching Biggest Loser make anyone else want to eat?  Just me?  Okay, good, glad we got that cleared up!  I am totally not packed nor do I have a black tech shirt for my outfit on Sunday.  I am breaking one of the first rules of running about not wearing anything new.  I am in fact, wearing almost all new stuff – I figure I might as well go big.  Not to mention, when I stroll in at 10 hours, at least I have an excuse!

By the way, have you seen these?  And if you have, how could you not tell me about them?!

how freakin' cool are these?!
how freakin’ cool are these?!

Oh yes, indeedy, these are iPod slap bracelets!  Why do I not have one of these?  And get this – they are cheap!  $24 smackers!  My birthday is coming up and I may have to get myself an early present!