real life

The last I left off, I was moaning and groaning about how much stuff I had, and the whole packing saga.  I ranted about Ariel and her hoarding; she made it look cool in the movie but in reality so.much.stuff. is overwhelming when it comes to packing … or sometimes even in everyday life.

Silly me!  I didn’t realize Simon’s middle name was “Cat” until the vet visit.  Poor guy – he desperately needed some “sedagives” for this trip.  

Anyway, I jumped in my (overflowing) car about 6 days after my goal leave date.  I was on my own, well, Simon-Cat was my co-pilot, I shouldn’t discount his presence.  It was a harrowing experience.  The whole drive was fraught with danger – no seriously, one blown out tire, and 3 others that “should’ve blown out as well”, Simon-Cat’s Houdini escape during Chicago traffic and tornado winds in Montana.  Not to mention, my previous (completely unrealistic and just plain stupid) plan to make it back to WA in 4 days.  Oh, let’s not forget how I don’t like to drive.  The title of my blog makes more sense everyday.

Simon-Cat found very strange places to sleep at hotels and while we waited for our tires in 95+ heat, we sat in the car for over an hour with the AC on full blast.  Since I had to take a few different routes, I kept resetting my destinations and here is the Little Orange Bug That Could sitting all pretty on the ferry ride to home!

I got back in 7 days.

It was also filled with multiple meltdowns by Simon-Cat and me.  Hotels that got worse and worse as the days dragged on; the second to last one had hallways littered with stains.  I’m certain the staff simply gave up because one particular vomit stain was merely wiped up – I avoided this landing all together.  And I know my stains, living with college students for 13 years means an extensive, albeit at times unnatural, educational experience.  The Motel 6 was my last stop and with this one I used a tissue to utilize the remote control.  Trust me, you would’ve done the same.

My brother says I will be proud of myself one day.  I will look back and feel empowered by my 2,500 mile trek across a number of states.  I’m not so sure about this.  The jury is still out and I’ve yet to get that warm, fuzzy feeling of accomplishment.

I’ll never recover from this.  Front and back of the treacherous tire.

When I got back I was able to rest for a whole 5 seconds before attempting to finish pulling together our 20th high school reunion.  This too, came with a whole bundle of chaos and my already rattled nerves were shot by the end of the 2 1/2 weeks until event time.  After which, I slept for DAYS.  The rest of July was spent recovering from 2 1/2 months of stress, anxiety and the non-stop questioning of “did I make the right choice for Simon-Cat and me”?  You see, Simon-Cat threw up at least once everyday for about a month.  It was no fun.  He still is more pukey than normal and his new nemesis is the garbage truck.  He is not yet sold on being a Washingtonian.

high school and bestie reunion FUN!

August rolled around and I started to realize the freedom I now had since I’m no longer part of the higher ed world.  It was nuts.  I made plans for a weekend in August without checking 3 different calendars!  Such a luxury – seriously, I’m not exaggerating.  I’ve been involved in before school starts higher ed activities since my sophomore year of college.  It was/is BIZARRE.  Job searching also commenced.  My original plan was to head over to a bigger city nearby but after spending time with my family, I am currently looking for options here in town along with our neighboring one.  I like the idea of being closer even if the one further away has a Trader Joe’s.  So far, my options are slim – even in the bigger city.  This is a bit of a downer.

Which takes us to the last couple of weeks.  It’s quite strange to be unemployed.  I’m aimlessly going through the days and have become an official insomniac.  There are a ton of complications from the outside world that come with not having a job; for instance, I don’t get a regular paycheck anymore.  Boo!  I miss this!  Nor do I have medical insurance currently and guess what?  Prescriptions are spendy!  I kind of feel like I’m in a bounce house with a bunch of hooligan kids who enjoy making me lose my balance and fumble onto the floor and against the sides.  This has happened before so I am literally familiar with the feeling!

hopefully, it’s clear this isn’t me, I wanted to provide a visual to drive my point home!

During these last two weeks, I decided to officially become a LuLaRoe Fashion Consultant.  I’m currently hanging out in the que (it takes about 4-6 weeks to become a consultant) but my mind is constantly swimming with ideas, doubts and excitement about this adventure.  There are times when I can’t sleep (part of the aforementioned insomina) because I am putting outfits together in my brain utilizing this versatile clothing line along with pieces I already own.  While I want to get started right now! I also realize the wait is good so I can get myself organized.  I will be doing a full post on becoming a business owner and what this entails in the near future.

When I type all of this out, it seems like there has been a lot happening.  And realistically, there has, but life is so up in the air that it’s hard to see where I’ve made progress and where I need to concentrate my efforts.  One thing is absolute:  I made the right decision to move back the great Pacific Northwest and to be with my family.  I am still finding my way here, this much is true.  Nevertheless, it is where I belong.


This here, is a recap of the last 3 months in a Reader’s Digest format.  I know anecdotes (mostly humorous) will find their way into future posts as I seriously skimmed through a lot but this is a good start to returning to my love of writing and blogging.  Happy to be back!


the amy moving chronicles

First thing, I will only utilize the third person narrative in my titles for the upcoming series.  I can’t do it for entire blog post since I would feel slightly pretentious.  Just wanted to get the record straight.  Also, this is the first in what is going to be quite the series/saga, so prepare yourselves to see variations of this title for a few weeks.

A month ago, I put in my resignation.  Way back in the day, I detailed how it was time to make some major life changes.  In fact, I’ve touched on this in multiple posts but in truth turning these words into a reality was difficult.  I got sidetracked by work and my own anxiety and failed to make any real progress toward the life changes.  After the holidays, I was more committed than ever to move back to WA or OR to be closer to my family.

seriously – who wouldn’t want to rejoin this nutty bunch!

Officemate had also been on the hunt for a change and moved away in Feb sans job, although one hovered on the horizon.  Maybe this was what gave me a touch of courage.  Or maybe it was that I was allowing too many excuses get in the way of making a final decision.  Whatever it was, I said I was going to move and started job searching.

Well, I’m still job searching.  When I realized job searching is/was more difficult from 2500 miles away than I anticipated, especially when changing fields all together, I blurted out I was moving with or without a job.  I’m certain this was a higher power taking over the wheel since I’m still not sure how these words came out of my mouth.  I’m typically more cautious than this.  Three days later I put in my resignation and picked my last of work date.  June 14th.

pretty excited to rejoin the washingtonians

Fast forward to today and I still don’t have a job and moving day has been moved up to the 11th.  Thankfully, my fam is willing to take Simon and I in as (freeloaders) guests until I land a job, which I fully plan on it only being at the most a month.  And no, I don’t have any plans to be the family mooch, I’ll be a contributing member!  Also today, I’m taking another huge step and am (FINALLY) securing my moving apparatus.  Seriously, this is some nerve-wracking business!  I always planned on hiring a company to load up and move all of my stuff but when it comes down to the dollars and cents, apparently, I’m cheap.  Or completely naive – both on what it would cost to get back to the other side of the country and to how much work is in front of me.  But whatever, it’s done.

It’s weird what steps seem so huge to me.  The first, was making the decision in the first place.  This one is obvious.  The second was the resignation in writing, again pretty clear why this was a big deal.  But the following have sent me through a whirlwind of nerves:  picking my last day of work (it was kind of in my control), setting the date and any details for my farewell gig at work, ordering my moving contraption, selling stuff online (still need to do), trying to figure out how to transport Simon in the car… there are more.  All of these feel so final and it’s a tad overwhelming.  I really feel as though I have absolutely NO IDEA what I’m doing.  Hence the waiting until the last minute on many of these.

who needs sleep, amiright?!


So, today is a good step.  I called my dad for advice because “cubic feet this and cubic feet that” were really getting confusing and I needed some confirmation I was making sound decisions.  I even went ahead and secured my storage at a facility in WA, so at least this was a step in the right direction!  Simon has a giant “pack ‘n play” for his car travels which I’ve set out so he can get used to it, and I’ve scheduled my last hair appt with my favorite stylist <– this was important!  I still have one last doc visit to schedule, Simon needs to see the vet, visit friends, get my car fixed, because surprise! my AC doesn’t work!  Then there is that pesky packing.  I tremble a bit thinking about it.  I know I will pull it together in the end – it’s the German way.  In the meantime, I’ve got lavender/lemon essential oils going in my diffuser to ease my and Simon’s anxiety.  I swear, my little guy has picked up on it and is freaking out right along with me.  We are a pair!

we all got this shirt for Christmas – trust me, the sentiment is true.

More of the moving saga to come…

noticing the little things

I’m slowly starting to get out of my funk :)  I’ve been paying attention to the little things that make the days just a little brighter.  Yesterday, I woke up ON TIME!  Yay!  Do you know how rare this is for a Monday morning?!  Then today, I was wearing an outfit that made me feel particularly sassy.  I wore a red peasant top with a blue and white chevron stripped skirt.  As I was walking from the grocery store early this morning a woman yelled out, “Excuse me miss, where did you get your skirt?”  I told her and she said, “It’s really cute!”  Double yay!  Seriously, folks, I was smiling for a solid 7 mins… OH!  And she called me “miss” – not ma’am!

The days are only getting crazier and crazier.  Today I filled in the person who is taking my former position.  If you ever want an ego boost or to realize simply how much knowledge is packed in your head – teach someone your old position!  I was a bit impressed with myself.  Tomorrow I have a presentation and it should go pretty well.  Oh and here is the long-awaited pic of my office!

just a wee bit sad…

Also, when I was cleaning my office this weekend, I found the signs my staff had made me for my first half marathon.  They were so great!  Training is supposed to be hard!  It’s supposed to get tiring and feel like it’s never-ending!  Seeing these signs reminded me that 1/2 marathons used to be SUPER scary to me but I still did it.  The marathon is the same!  (Please also notice the Sweat Pink laces!)

I know – pretty neato, eh?!

Oh and don’t forget to keep your floppy disks – FOREVER!

no, I can’t throw them away – is there any way to get this info off?

Tonight my friend, Emily came over and I opened one of my bottles of champagne I bought at Trader Joe’s.  I undid the foil and took the wire thingy off and got a towel to get the plastic cork off.  I turned away and POP!  The cork popped off by itself and flew into the air!  It freaked me out and I screamed just a wee bit :)  It was peach flavored – I strongly recommend it!

Last, I want to say thanks so much for all of your support in my funk!  I know some of you are going through a funk as well for a variety of reasons and I am cheering for you all!  We can get through it!  Noticing the small things, remembering not to take ourselves too seriously, and like my good friend Kara told me, “there IS a light at the end of the tunnel”.  When I told her I didn’t see it, she reminded me it’s there.  Tonight I rearranged my living room a bit and organized some more.  The cuteness factor went way up!  Another positive!  And remember the dude-drama?  It’s eased a bit… friends for now…  I commented on a post by Kindergarten Crush (check out her blog!  She is such an inspiration!).  She was talking about the men she dated after her husband passed and I responded something about my last relationship going belly up.  She was kind enough to reply the following:

LOL ugh, I feel for you! It’s rough but I truly believe that when you live your own life and make your goals a priority, love will fall into place. Happened for me that way the first time as well as the second :) Hang in there girl!

Isn’t this fantastic advice?!  I’ve been thinking about it a lot and it’s picked me up a bit and reminded me to focus!  Again, thanks for all of your comments – I really do think about the advice!

welcome to funkville

My run tonight sucked.  Pure and simple.  I ran 2.5 miles and then stopped.  I didn’t want to run anymore.  Or maybe I did but didn’t have the energy.  Or the right attitude.  Who knows… I did walk the rest of the way – ended with 5.16 miles so I give myself a small high-five considering I could have turned the corner back to my apt earlier but it was certainly weak “marathon training”.


My endorphins forgot to show to the party.  Yeah, I’m in a funk.  Part of it is I’m trying to get back into a routine after vacation.  Part of it is I’m having some man issues – dudes, what is wrong with you?! ;) and the other part of it change is hard!  I’ve gotten better with dealing with change but it still takes me some time to get through it


I guess I’ll get over it…  Today and yesterday I spent several hours cleaning out my old office and moving all of my office-y business to my new office.  It’s not unpacked but I am glad it’s almost finished.  I’m ready for this neverendingmoveofthecentury to be over.  Seriously, I’ve spent more days packing/unpacking/moving this month than I haven’t!  The picture of my empty office will have to wait until tomorrow because I had a blogger fail and forgot!

Yesterday, as I was cleaning I knocked off a picture frame from a shelf and I tried to catch it but it hit my wrist instead.

:( it’s one of those scraps that bleeds and bruises

Yeppers, it HURT!  It kind of made me shocky too – not sure if it’s because it’s near my arteries or if it hit just right but even today it’s sore.  Not to mention, I have to head off the curious looks I get with the band-aid over my wrist.  Yes, I’ve had a challenging 6 months but in no way shape or form would that be an answer for me so it’s kind of awkward!

Tomorrow is a new week!  I’m working on confronting my man-issues, starting CrossFit tomorrow and new work duties await me bright and early in the morning.  Let’s hope this fake bravado get’s me through! ;)


p.s. don’t worry – I also have my friends wine and chocolate to get me through!

no order to this

Oh my gosh – when will this week be over?!  Haha, I do remember a post I wrote a few months ago about enjoying the moment and not hoping that time would go by faster – what was I thinking?!  To be honest, I am simply still tired from my travels.  I don’t bounce back from time changes well.  Okay, enough whining.

Look what arrived in the mail today!


Yay!  Our t-shirts will be here soon and they say “sweat pink ambassador” on the back.  Want your own “drink pink” glass?  Order it today!  They are super cute!  I can’t wait to use it on my wine walk this weekend :)

Tonight I did get off my duff for a bit to do some unpacking and rearranging.  My apt still resembles an episode of “Hoarders” and it’s driving me bonkers.  I’m not gifted when it comes to finding a place for everything.  In fact, I struggle.  Part of it is lack of motivation because it seems like such an endless job.  Another part of it is the crap-load of stuff with no place for it to go!  Slight exaggeration but you get the idea

progress :)

Even though I hate doing it piece by piece and want it all finished NOW I think this is the best way.  At least I am being intentional about what I am keeping and what might end up being donated.

Oh!  Here are my “goal jeans”… yes, please feel free to roll your eyes!  But when I tried them on with my sister we both decided they were super cute!  They are just a bit on the tight side – not horribly so but I would like for them to be a little looser.  Besides, since it is still massively hot here in MI, I won’t need to wear them for at least a month.  Unless an incredible cold front moves through (please oh, please!)

love the wide waste band on these bad boys!

I also got two new dresses, and about five new shirts.  I got it all ridiculously cheap (I didn’t pay over a $100).  LOVE it when that happens!


On the work out front… I’ve been lazy.  So back at it tomorrow.  It’s been a nice couple of days off but now I can feel that I’m ready to run.  Not to mention, some of the stress from coming back to work is getting all pent-up.  This is not good, haha.  It makes me slightly panic-y and really, that’s no fun!

Hmm… doesn’t seem to be a real point in today’s post.  I’ve got lots of things swimming around in my head so hopefully a better post will find it’s way on here tomorrow!


ready to jump in

Check out Falon Does Marathon – not only is she wicked funny, one of my fellow Ragnar teammates but she also has an awesome giveaway right now!  Want to win some cool running stuff and the new Runner’s World BIG Book of Marathon and Half Marathon Training? Then go check her out!  Actually, I really want to win so go to her site but don’t enter ;)

Alright, I’ve been on the non-running train long enough.  I’m fairly certain most runners don’t take a week-long sabbatical right toward the end of their 1/2 marathon training.  No, I’m not tapering, haha!  While it probably sounds egotistical, I’m not worried about finishing.  Heck, I really don’t even care about what my time will be.  I am thrilled to be running in front of my family and in heat that doesn’t broil your skin the moment you take your first steps!  That’s right folks – here is the forecast for Seattle


See that?!  On Sunday, July 15th it will be a beautiful 71*!  And that’s the HIGH!  Haha, I can’t decide if I should wear my capris or my running skirt.  I am thrilled :)

Please read this:

I wish I could have done the regular link but it wouldn’t let me… this should simply keep you in anticipation – quick, check it out!  Then come back :)

Today is a 10 miler… yikes!  Actually, I’m ridiculously confident I can pull it off despite my lackluster training this past week.  Why?  I have no idea!  Haha, but it will be almost 25* COOLER this evening when I head out – AMAZING!  I also don’t feel I have lost a ton of fitness over the last week since I’ve been paying closer attention to my nutrition and also up and moving around well, moving.

seriously?! these people obviously were NOT moving! haha, this picture is so ridiculous, I had to post it

It’s pretty typical for me to need to have a few chats with myself along the training road and remind myself what kind of commitment I need to make in order for this to happen.  As in running 26.2 miles – yep, this is going to happen.  I’ve already signed up for TWO!  Also, it’s not like they are just a wee jaunt away, they are both major destination races so I really don’t want to half-ass them.

Disney World course – new for this year!

So, I had this convo with myself last night, revisited my “Recipe for Success” for July and am ready to jump back on track.  Again, this won’t be the last time I write something like this.

love past race pics – remind me how much I love racing!

I’m also going to give a shout out to my awesome readers/all of you who have left comments!  The comments definitely inspire me, help in the whole validation process (we all need a bit of this!) and simply make me feel great!  Thanks so much for reading!

just some whining

Okay… beware… this first paragraph is going to be kind of whiney – sorry!  BUT guess what isn’t awesome?  My feet swelling in this %*@#! heat!  Great scott – I feel like I’m 80 yrs old!  I also bought new flippy flops today because I can’t find mine (yes, I know #firstworldproblems) and it was time for a new pair.  However, breaking in a pair with swollen feet hasn’t felt so good either.  I am currently sitting with my feet propped up and water by my side to help bring the swelling down.  I might even put on my compression socks!

not from today – actually it’s from earlier this week after some serious moving. my legs were killing me but a couple of hours in these puppies and I felt so much better!

I got my keys to my new office today!  Yippeee!  I went to check it out and to see what I needed.  I plan on moving some of my stuff over there this weekend since it will be yet another major move.  I need basically everything, except a desk so the list was fairly straightforward!  I also put in an order for an A/C unit – stat!  Why?  Because of this NUTTINESS!

why mother nature why?! oh and it’s actually cooled down a bit!

Alright, Mother Nature’s wrath aside, I am thrilled it’s Friday!  Yes, I know everyone feels this way but I’m really looking forward to this weekend.  I’ll be running, organizing – annnnd more of the same :)  Oh yes, and some pinning!  Can I tell you how addicted to Pinterest I am right now?  Ever since I discovered the “Home Decor” section I. CAN’T. STOP.  Not to mention, it makes me feel better when I’m anxious, haha.  The other day I caught myself thinking, “I just need to pin!”

Speaking of weird habits I am forming, I have been talking to myself so much lately!  Usually, I only do it when no one is around and quietly.  Now, I am having full on conversations out loud with people around and everything!  AAAKKK!  I really do think it’s product of all the chaos lately but still, I can see myself keeping this up if I am not careful!

Well, I certainly am feeling rambly today… I’ll leave with you a post of my cat since the rest of this makes me sound a bit off my rocker anyway so I might as well seal the “crazy cat lady” title.  Tomorrow I’ll be talking some trainin’ business, I promise!

simon found the recliner – I probably won’t ever get that chair back!



i’m melting. seriously.

I wasn’t going to post tonight.  I’m feeling BEAT!  Just walking around in 103* heat is exhausting and today I finished moving.  To be fair/truthful, the last few things in my apt ended up taking me about two hours to pack and clean up but it’s empty!  Yay!

umm… this heat is ridiculous

Now for some pics of my empty old apt!

aww – kind of a sad face! this is how it looked when I moved in. I was so nervous that first day, I almost needed my brother to pull over so I could vomit!
my mom and dad redid my kitchen for my 30th birthday – sad to leave this!

But get this – I still have one more storage to go through AND to clean up/clear out my office!  Haha, oh my – I am such a hoarder!  No, I don’t belong on TLC or A & E but I did realize I’ve kept things for years for no apparent reason.  Shoe boxes?  TONS of grocery sacks?  Receipts?  Even though it has taken me a week to get moved, I’ve gone through a bunch of this and thrown it out.  I’m proud of myself!  I’ve given away a few trunk loads to Good Will(ie) and thrown out simply a crazy amount of junk.  I know it will be tough to change my habits but I am committed to shift these!

I brought Simon over on Tuesday and this was a nightmare.  Seriously, Simon had a mega-meltdown (with me having one soon after!).  It was a disaster.  I felt so badly for him since he was so confused.  Yesterday, I stuck around home so both of us could decompress.  I also found some treats that are like generic kitty prozac

he’s feeling better :)

Even though I missed the festivities yesterday, it was worth hanging out with Simon to help him adjust.  Not to mention, I was up with him until 4 am the night before so I wasn’t feeling very social.  We are both doing better today!

Oh!  I cooked my first meal here yesterday!  My stove was boxed in and I didn’t want to cook.  But I’ve been grabbing cereal or eating out the last few days and I didn’t want to do that again to my body/pocket book.  I sucked it up and organized enough to pull this off

super tasty!

Oh my gosh – so delish!  I had Trader Joe’s chicken sausage that was cured with sun-dried tomatoes, ravioli stuffed with goat cheese and sun-dried toms (also Trader Joe’s) and sauce.  Wow – I could probably eat this at least once a week!  The calorie impact wasn’t too harsh either and I have leftovers for tonight and tomorrow night.  It was also my first time using my gas stove.  It went pretty well – I forgot about the whole “fire” thing though and reached over the flame.  I singed a decent amount of arm hair off but hey, I didn’t blow my kitchen up – yay!

Well, that’s about it from me… I’m joining a gym tomorrow.  I’ve been talking about it for a while but since it’s hotter than the surface of the sun (or at least hotter than this WA native can handle), I’m going to do it.  Because I’ve got this 1/2 coming up in about a week and a half and I haven’t run recently – UH-OH!  Yeah, it’s going to be painful but I know I’ll finish it.  It’s also supposed to get hotter – 106* tomorrow?! – and it doesn’t seem to be going away.  Thankfully, I haven’t been sitting on my bum during this down time.  Moving seems to agree with me and I’ve lost a pound or two and possibly built a wee bit of muscle!  I’ll keep you posted on the official work out tomorrow – fingers crossed I don’t fly off the treadmill!

brain trickery!

***wrote last night but forgot to post!***

For some reason, I am procrastinating going to bed tonight.  It’s officially my last night in my apt and I am feeling kind of sad.  I’ve lived here for 9 years and my life has changed SO MUCH during this time.  Don’t get me wrong, I am extremely excited for the new challenges and my new place.  But when I was over there today for the billionth time unloading, I realized it didn’t feel like home yet.  I know it will take time and settling in since right now it looks like this

here is my new kitchen… definitely in need of some shelving
new bedroom – yes, I do plan on sleeping in here at some point

EEK!  Haha, I know – anyone want to come over and make my place over?!  Seriously, MAJOR design plans are swimming through my head for my place.  There are some slight road bumps – I can’t do any of the real work on my own and while I have access to maint guys, you know, they kind of have jobs!  Nevertheless, I am eagerly looking forward to creating a zen-y sanctuary.

The other day I went out to buy some slip covers for my furniture because of my lovely little furry dude.  When I got out there they said they were only sold online (boo!).  Instead I decided I wanted to buy a couch :)

terrible pic but you get the idea. sectional, chaise, cool color, totally beachy, yeah?

Luckily my dad talked me down from the purchasing ledge by letting me know I probably wouldn’t have ANY room in my living room for you know, actual living.  I’ll be buying slip covers!

Another reason I can’t quite hit the hay just yet is there are LOTS of things swarming my brain right now.  July, where in the hades did  you come from?!  This month I am going back to visit my family, one of my dear friends is giving birth (probably as I am typing this!), there is the See Jane Run 1/2 in two weeks, the memorial BBQ while I’m at home and transitioning to my new job.  Yep, it’s a lot.  Oh yeah, and marathon training is starting – wahooo!

I’m terrible with following plans so I really have no idea how this is going to work out.  The main thing is I am going to run.  A lot.  And far.  I do want to make some goals and since I recently popped over to the cutest ever preggers Hungry Runner and she did a goal list, I decided I wanted to make one too.  I am trying to think of something different to call them besides goals though.  Lately, I haven’t been meeting my “goals” so I’m thinking we need a wordage change.  Semantics, I know but it really comes down to tricking my brain.

Here are my Recipe For Success!

1.  Create a training plan

2.  Follow the training plan as best I can

3.  Swim at least 2x per week (our pool finally reopened!)

4.  Tighten down some of my nutritional challenges, i.e. portions, night snacking and Red Vines.

5.  Continue to enjoy running!

6.  Remember to breathe… this month is going to be stressful

7.  Wear my mouth/night guard.  As unattractive as this sounds, it’s even worse in person.  However, it helps with the headaches

8.  Get my new apt set up and home-ified

9.  Set up my new office so it’s a work-conducive environment

10.  Do fun things with friends and family!

Whew!  That is quite a list!  Absolutely nothing I can’t handle, although I may need a few (self) pep talks along the way.  For some reason, despite my exhaustion from hauling my business all over the place for the last week, I feel energized to tackle all of this and more.  Maybe because I know my life is changing…  Maybe it’s because I know I get to see my family in a week and half…  Maybe it’s simply because I’m remembering I am capable of so much!  Does this sound egotistical?  Probably but that’s okay – it’s important to embrace your strengths as much as it’s important to work on your weaknesses.  And I am one determined chick!

giving away some “weighted” baggage

Happy Sunday!  I’m still in the process of moving (yes, this IS the longest move ever!) but I wanted to take a break and write this post because a) it’s 92* outside and b) I really wanted to write it!  Oh and c) I am losing steam ;)

Yesterday I was down in one of my storage rooms and I came across bins of old clothing.  I’m talking approximately 5 storage bins!  All of the clothes were from my heavier days.  I know they say don’t keep them but I did.  I was always afraid I would wake up and all 85 lbs would magically have become part of my body again.  So guess what I did?!  I GAVE THEM ALL AWAY!!  I can’t even believe it myself!  Yes, they’ve been down in storage for a number of years (7 ish?) but still I’ve always wanted to have them, “just in case.”

But not anymore.  I refuse to give myself a safety net of having a whole wardrobe in case I gain weight.  This is ridiculous.  It’s off to Good Will.  I feel it’s some of the last of my baggage from those old days of insufficient confidence, horrible body image and allowing myself to give up.  Let’s face it – giving up is a whole heck of a lot easier than fighting.  And I am going to keep fighting to stay in shape and have a healthy life!

Ahhh – I love a good self-pep talk!

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