i’m going to need help getting dressed in the morn

I woke up this morn over the moon hungry.  You know that feeling?  I proceeded to eat a huge breakfast, which when I was finished was good but perhaps a bit too much.  I should have paused midway to reassess.  I do this sometimes… if I am extremely hungry I eat quickly and a lot rather than according to feeling.  I have worked on this but every once in a while it still catches me.

Last week when I wrote about my stress levels, I put in the plan to wake up in the mornings and go for a run.  Not a gigantic long run but a shorter one to get some time on my legs.  Guess how many times I have done this?  If you guessed anymore than “Zero” you clearly have more faith in me than I do!  That’s right folks, I haven’t done this once.  The problem is I want to!  But when the alarm goes off I look at the clock and think to myself, “this is so not going to happen” and roll over and go back to sleep.  In fact, this morning I got a work phone call at 7 am.  I was AWAKE.  I even thought to myself, “hey self, you could go running”.  But I didn’t.  I went back to sleep.

So, I need some help.  How do you all do it?  Get up early and run?  I need advice!!  I’ve been using the (somewhat real) excuse of work getting in the way but the other part is laziness.  This morning my NWM marathon buddy and I had some panic about the impending mileage.  I saw this and posted it via facebook.  It kind of fit.

damn right I want to be a champion!

Tonight’s crossfit session was another tough one.  The warm-ups are always beastly, they really should be called “work out #1”.  I think this would be more truthful!  The WOD was 10 push-ups and then 15 squats as fast as you could 10x.  That is 100 push-ups!  I said this, well, actually, I whispered it because I was freaked!  The first 20 were okay but after that my push-ups got plain ugly.  My arms were barely bending by the end but they were still shaking like mad.  Tomorrow morning I think I am going to lay my clothes on the bed and simply try and wiggle into them since my arms will be useless.  I did finish though :)  So, while I was impressed with my t-rex arms for getting me to the end, I was more impressed I even got to the gym in the first place.  I was GRUMPY, hot and tired when I left my apt this afternoon and getting even more sweaty sounded like a terrible plan to me.  My a/c still hasn’t been installed in my office and I sit there and puddle throughout the day.

even though I was out there, I had an internal debate about getting out of the car

Of course when it was all said and done, I was happy I went.  I could barely raise my arms but still happy I got there!  Now, I am going to suck it up and attempt to do my speedy (timed) 5k tomorrow morning.  Mind you, in order to get out of bed this morning for work I had to bribe myself with a delish coffee drink from McDonald’s so I am raising my standards for tomorrow.  Maybe this is what I need to do though – it’s easy to cave when you tell yourself you knew you wouldn’t do it in the first place.  Self-fulfilling prophecy, party of one?!  I’ll report back in the morning.  PLEASE send me positive vibes when you are waking up!  I will need it!

crossfit gym – or “box”… yep, this is where the magic happens

This next pic really doesn’t have much to do with anything, however, I downloaded insta-collage and had to try it out.  LOVE!

Oh and any tips for my poor palm plant?  It said “high light” so I moved it to my office (which, remember, is bloody hot) and it’s not doing well.  I don’t get it – there is mega good light there … thoughts?

the leaves look all dried out but the soil is damp – help!

the laundry fairy doesn’t exist

To say my dirty laundry was out of control would be an understatement.  I was getting low on all kinds of necessities – undergarments of the running variety, running skirts/capris, running socks… oh and some work clothes :)  Part of this has made me wear clothes I haven’t worn in some time.  I get caught up in a cycle of clothing so this has made me push past this.  Good news.  I came home tonight all motivated to get this at least partially under control.  I did two loads (big ones).  I went upstairs to change them to the dryer and one washer had completely spilled everywhere and my clothes were still sopping wet.  Boo!  Of course, the part I didn’t mention was the washer was unplugged when I got up there and thanks to a few acrobatics I was able to plug it back in, simply thinking it had come unplugged accidentally.  Nope.  I rewashed that load (another $1.50).  I miss my own washer/dryer!  I LOVE doing laundry!  Haha, can you tell?  Me and the W and the D had moments of silence before I left my last place.

doing laundry makes me happy

Alright, you probably didn’t click here to read about my laundry woes.  Let’s talk a bit of crossfit!  Last night was my first night of endurance crossfit.  Wow.  It was tough but it was really good.  We did more running than the other crossfit sessions I’ve attended, which I enjoyed and I worked HARD.  So hard, I got a decent headache for a little while and came pretty close to vomiting – yay!  Burpees will be the end of me, that’s all I have to say.  Oh and I got my first burpee blister.  Now I’m official!  Outside of endurance sessions, we have runs given to us.  This week we have to do some time trials – a 5k, a 40 min time trial and then a 10k.  These are supposed to be all out, run hard, come home a sweaty disaster kinds of runs.  I’m still trying to figure out my schedule and hopefully next week I’ll be able to hit an actual routine.  Tonight I had to work late and missed a WOD session but it wasn’t mandatory.  My goal is to make them 4 days a week and then hit the runs the other 3.

I still love this

When I got home last night, I was BEAT!  My whole body was kind of vibrating!  I was definitely proud and somehow I am not horribly sore today.  I was really surprised.

The other day I was thinking about goals I had set back a few months ago.  One of the stress relievers I talked to my students about last week was to sell yourself TO YOURSELF!  Don’t forget to congratulate yourself for a job well done!  In light of this, here were a few of my goals and the status of each:

Run the RiverBank 25k – DONE!

Run Ragnar – DONE!

Budget – spend less on things and more on experiences – I was doing much better on this before the summer hit.  Once I moved I suddenly felt like I had to decorate my apt completely.  Then I went on a shoe binge.  There were some other necessary items in there too but still, I’ve realized I need to pull back a bit!  I’ve got some amazing experiences up ahead and I don’t want to stress about money because I spent too much at Target.

Cross Train – oh man, this was a huge failure for a while.  With the addition of crossfit, I’m getting better.  Progress is being made.

Train for a marathon – in progress!

I made this my screen saver on my phone – gotta stay motivated!

Get a new job – DONE!

Eat healthier – hmm, this has been off and on – definitely time to refocus!

Lose 10 lbs – again, off and on and need to refine my healthful routines!

Stress less – in one of my last work evaluations, it was written I needed to learn to manage my stress better.  Nothing like having that front and center!  I tried yoga for a little while, running of course, sleeping more, sleeping less – all kinds of things!  Attitude is a major part of this so I’m working on reframing my thinking so I see the positives rather than the negatives.  I also started drinking tea :)  I don’t know, I think this will always be a learning curve for me.  I am naturally an anxious person but I’m mindful of this and working on it!

my new mantra

I think there were other goals but these are ones I can think of and that have been on my mind lately.  While there are areas I need to refine, I’m proud of myself for the goals I’ve met!  I’m excited what I’ve accomplished and it does make me feel more encouraged.  If you are having a rough day, try thinking of what goals YOU have accomplished and then give yourself a MAJOR pat on the back!

way to go YOU!

challenges are grrrrreat! (kellogg’s please don’t sue me for using your slogan)

This summer, I have elected and been lucky enough to partake in 3 different challenges.  The cool thing about the blogger world and being a Sweat Pink Ambassador and a member of Team Tough Chik are all of the amazing connections I have made.  I’ve dropped in on so many blogs and read about so many cool fitness things my fellow writers are taking part in and/or creating.  At first, I wanted to do EVERY challenge!  A million burpees a day?!  Sure!  The RW Running challenge?!  Of course!  Whatever it was, I wanted IN!

However, our lovely internet world can sometimes collide with our “real” world obligations and I soon found things were pushed by the wayside – from both worlds.  I decided to narrow it down a little.  Two of the challenges are weight loss based.  Along with guidance from both bloggers, comes support from fellow participants – fantastic!

1. Marathon Weight Loss Challenge – this is from Jess’ blog, Run with Jess.  She is a fellow midwestern gal and even ran the Chicago Ragnar Relay, although as an ULTRA (one of my dreams!).  There are over 700 participants, a facebook page and we weigh in weekly through e-mail.  There are contests but not for the most weight lost so this part is cool.  Many of the participants post on the fb page with either their triumphs or their struggles.  I have a feeling this page will stick around because it really seems to come in handy.

2.  Mom Runner’s 10 lb SlimdownMom Runner is a fellow  Sweat Pink Ambassador and when I saw her publicize her challenge I wanted to support it by participating!  Plus, I really like her blog and she has the cutest accent EVER!  OH!  And she posted a recipe for a Pumpkin Pie Smoothie – seriously, it makes my mouth water just thinking about it.  Mom Runner has really helpful posts, a place for us to comment and then twitter as been a medium as well.

nothing to do with this post but it was on my facebook this morn and it’s great!

My goal with both of these challenges is to lose 10 lbs.  I feel these are pounds that can afford to go along the wayside.  And I can do it with lifestyle changes and not drastic eating/working out changes that I will never be able to sustain.  I’ve really like hearing others’ weight loss stories and also reading about what works and what doesn’t work.  I’m not trying to invent the wheel here people – exercise and healthy eating is the foundation but tricks of the trade are always helpful to learn.  I’ve lost 5 of these pounds and the last five are certainly being stubborn!  Haha, part of it is post vacation I’ve been slow to build back up to my activity level of pre/during vacation.  Yes, this is a nice way of saying, I’ve been lazy!  But the secret to my success has always been MOVEMENT and while comfy, hours on my couch is not getting me closer to the full 10 lb loss!  Time to MOVE!

3. The third challenge is put on by the Fitness Cheerleader and it’s to blog everyday for the month of August!  How cool is this?!  I love that it’s a challenge for my mind and skill set.  Blogging has definitely taken a back seat to the summer activities and while I don’t regret this, I want to get back in a more normal posting schedule.  I ALWAYS have posts running through my head, so this is a great way to get those posts to “paper” so I can actually sleep at night rather than composing a post in my head.  Yes, I really do this!

my lunch view from today – again, not much to do with the post but I like the pic

There you go!  These three challenges will all be coming to an end in a little over a month.  I think challenges are a great way to stay motivated and to fight that voice in your mind who says, “well… maybe just another cookie”  or “eh, not today – who is going to notice?”  I appreciate the external accountability when parts of me start to be wishy-washy!

Speaking of accountability – guess what I did today?  I called the Kzoo CrossFit!  Yay!  I finally did it!  The person my bro-in-law has been speaking to wasn’t in but I left her a message with my name AND phone number!  Sh*t just got real people!  Oh and I rambled.  She is going to think I am off my rocker.  I have to work late tomorrow but I’m hoping Friday I can go in so I don’t lose my nerve and forget the deal all together.  ***Update!***  She called me back and I go in FRIDAY!  Great scott!  She called me back and talked to me for 10 mins with LOADS of info.  Seriously, I said, “sounds great,” “awesome” and “thank you very much” like 3 times and that was it!  Here we go!

last random pic – I can’t park in my new parking spaces! I literally have to readjust my car 9 times out of 10! I can’t figure it out!

ready to jump in

Check out Falon Does Marathon – not only is she wicked funny, one of my fellow Ragnar teammates but she also has an awesome giveaway right now!  Want to win some cool running stuff and the new Runner’s World BIG Book of Marathon and Half Marathon Training? Then go check her out!  Actually, I really want to win so go to her site but don’t enter ;)

Alright, I’ve been on the non-running train long enough.  I’m fairly certain most runners don’t take a week-long sabbatical right toward the end of their 1/2 marathon training.  No, I’m not tapering, haha!  While it probably sounds egotistical, I’m not worried about finishing.  Heck, I really don’t even care about what my time will be.  I am thrilled to be running in front of my family and in heat that doesn’t broil your skin the moment you take your first steps!  That’s right folks – here is the forecast for Seattle


See that?!  On Sunday, July 15th it will be a beautiful 71*!  And that’s the HIGH!  Haha, I can’t decide if I should wear my capris or my running skirt.  I am thrilled :)

Please read this:


I wish I could have done the regular link but it wouldn’t let me… this should simply keep you in anticipation – quick, check it out!  Then come back :)

Today is a 10 miler… yikes!  Actually, I’m ridiculously confident I can pull it off despite my lackluster training this past week.  Why?  I have no idea!  Haha, but it will be almost 25* COOLER this evening when I head out – AMAZING!  I also don’t feel I have lost a ton of fitness over the last week since I’ve been paying closer attention to my nutrition and also up and moving around well, moving.

seriously?! these people obviously were NOT moving! haha, this picture is so ridiculous, I had to post it

It’s pretty typical for me to need to have a few chats with myself along the training road and remind myself what kind of commitment I need to make in order for this to happen.  As in running 26.2 miles – yep, this is going to happen.  I’ve already signed up for TWO!  Also, it’s not like they are just a wee jaunt away, they are both major destination races so I really don’t want to half-ass them.

Disney World course – new for this year!

So, I had this convo with myself last night, revisited my “Recipe for Success” for July and am ready to jump back on track.  Again, this won’t be the last time I write something like this.

love past race pics – remind me how much I love racing!

I’m also going to give a shout out to my awesome readers/all of you who have left comments!  The comments definitely inspire me, help in the whole validation process (we all need a bit of this!) and simply make me feel great!  Thanks so much for reading!

brain trickery!

***wrote last night but forgot to post!***

For some reason, I am procrastinating going to bed tonight.  It’s officially my last night in my apt and I am feeling kind of sad.  I’ve lived here for 9 years and my life has changed SO MUCH during this time.  Don’t get me wrong, I am extremely excited for the new challenges and my new place.  But when I was over there today for the billionth time unloading, I realized it didn’t feel like home yet.  I know it will take time and settling in since right now it looks like this

here is my new kitchen… definitely in need of some shelving
new bedroom – yes, I do plan on sleeping in here at some point

EEK!  Haha, I know – anyone want to come over and make my place over?!  Seriously, MAJOR design plans are swimming through my head for my place.  There are some slight road bumps – I can’t do any of the real work on my own and while I have access to maint guys, you know, they kind of have jobs!  Nevertheless, I am eagerly looking forward to creating a zen-y sanctuary.

The other day I went out to buy some slip covers for my furniture because of my lovely little furry dude.  When I got out there they said they were only sold online (boo!).  Instead I decided I wanted to buy a couch :)

terrible pic but you get the idea. sectional, chaise, cool color, totally beachy, yeah?

Luckily my dad talked me down from the purchasing ledge by letting me know I probably wouldn’t have ANY room in my living room for you know, actual living.  I’ll be buying slip covers!

Another reason I can’t quite hit the hay just yet is there are LOTS of things swarming my brain right now.  July, where in the hades did  you come from?!  This month I am going back to visit my family, one of my dear friends is giving birth (probably as I am typing this!), there is the See Jane Run 1/2 in two weeks, the memorial BBQ while I’m at home and transitioning to my new job.  Yep, it’s a lot.  Oh yeah, and marathon training is starting – wahooo!

I’m terrible with following plans so I really have no idea how this is going to work out.  The main thing is I am going to run.  A lot.  And far.  I do want to make some goals and since I recently popped over to the cutest ever preggers Hungry Runner and she did a goal list, I decided I wanted to make one too.  I am trying to think of something different to call them besides goals though.  Lately, I haven’t been meeting my “goals” so I’m thinking we need a wordage change.  Semantics, I know but it really comes down to tricking my brain.

Here are my Recipe For Success!

1.  Create a training plan

2.  Follow the training plan as best I can

3.  Swim at least 2x per week (our pool finally reopened!)

4.  Tighten down some of my nutritional challenges, i.e. portions, night snacking and Red Vines.

5.  Continue to enjoy running!

6.  Remember to breathe… this month is going to be stressful

7.  Wear my mouth/night guard.  As unattractive as this sounds, it’s even worse in person.  However, it helps with the headaches

8.  Get my new apt set up and home-ified

9.  Set up my new office so it’s a work-conducive environment

10.  Do fun things with friends and family!

Whew!  That is quite a list!  Absolutely nothing I can’t handle, although I may need a few (self) pep talks along the way.  For some reason, despite my exhaustion from hauling my business all over the place for the last week, I feel energized to tackle all of this and more.  Maybe because I know my life is changing…  Maybe it’s because I know I get to see my family in a week and half…  Maybe it’s simply because I’m remembering I am capable of so much!  Does this sound egotistical?  Probably but that’s okay – it’s important to embrace your strengths as much as it’s important to work on your weaknesses.  And I am one determined chick!