so you want to run, eh? ha! nope

My body mocked me last week with regards to my intentions to run.  I’m fairly certain I could hear its “I’ll show you” day after day.  Needless to say, I didn’t prove it wrong.

Do others get all jacked up with the time change?  I think I am finally starting to feel more alert today and that’s probably because I already took a nap.  I will say, my exhaustion last week was a perfect storm of time change, health, a crazy busy week at work (worked through lunches and late almost every night) and a total lack of determination on my part made running a far off concept.

at least I kept trying, yeah?

I think during these times, it’s important to just go easy on myself (or yourself).  Absolutely, there were times when I said some harsh words in my head about my dedication and abilities but then I realized this wasn’t helping either.  I need to chalk it up to a tough week and move into this week with a fresh attitude.  So this is what I am going to do.

I also made a pot of chili today using the same Wendy’s recipe I used before.  It’s really good and an easy meal for weeknights.  Last week, I had a peanut butter sandwich almost every night so it will be a nice change!  I keep reading more and more about meal planning.  I haven’t quite found a system that will work for me but I’m not giving up.  One of my friends has a family of five (one kiddie is 4 months old) and she feeds her family on $350 A MONTH! Whaaa?  And, she just bumped this up from $300.  Wow!  I saw her in the grocery store the other day and I asked her how she does it.  Meal planning.

my attempts at meal planning look a bit like this

Meal planning vexes me!  I also find it so impressive!  The good thing is, I can eat leftovers for days.  I have no problem eating the same thing (sometimes for both lunch and dinner).  It comes down to it being easy.  Hmm… I just realized this – the whole “whatever is easy” part.  This is a good foundation…  I think…

Alright, I’ve wasted your time enough today.  I want to go running today, really, I do.  I’ll see – my couch is like quicksand… a really comfy quicksand…

I should be running a turkey trot right now

I’m feeling a bit sorry for myself.  At this moment I am supposed to be running the annual Turkey Trot here on campus but instead I’m laying on my couch hacking up a lung.  I was certain I would be able to kick this sickness by resting this past week however this hasn’t been the case.

people have acted this way around me this week on some varying levels

Oh, I’m sure it’s helped.  I was out of work for two days.  Yesterday I went back and noticed I was out of breath walking around.  So, no running this morning… Being smart is dumb.  There is another Turkey Trot in town on Thanksgiving so this is a definite possibility.  I’m also thinking a trip to the doc on Monday might be in order.

Alright, whining finished… I think…

I did make a very good pot of chili this week!  I love Wendy’s chili and found this copy cat recipe on pinterest (of course) and it turned out really well.  Actually, I’ve seen this recipe floating around the internet for years and I finally made it.  It is incredibly easy and came together quickly.  I was pleasantly surprised.  Here is the recipe I used – it makes a big pot and I intend to freeze it.  It’s nice to have a ready made lunch/dinner option considering this upcoming week of hectic-ness.  ***I just noticed I forgot the 2 cups of water!  Ha!  I’ve only had a bowl right after I cooked it and it seemed like the right consistency.  Oh well!  Also, I used a can of diced green chili peppers and drained them a little.


How to make it

  • Brown the ground beef in a skillet over medium heat.
  • Drain off the fat.
  • In a large pot, combine the beef plus all the remaining ingredients, and bring to a simmer over low heat.
  • Cook, stirring every 15 minutes, for 2 to 3 hours.
  • Serve with shredded cheddar and a spoon of sour cream

I’m curious (and changing the subject) when you’ve taken time off from running, do you find it difficult to jump back in with your training plan?  I do think momentum plays a decent size role in my motivation and I feel like this has been trampled into submission this week.  I’m also basing this on my recent past with my depression level at the time so maybe this won’t be as big of an issue.

This hiccup in training is only a bit concerning.  While I know the first couple of runs back are going to be uncomfortable and I may not be jumping into my running tights with a fervor, I know I haven’t lost all of my running fitness and this setback can be remedied.  I believe it.

Last tidbit, I started falling asleep last night at 8:15 pm.  I slept off and on and never made it to my bed – my couch is crazy comfy!  While I don’t recommend sleeping during episodes of Law and Order, Criminal Intent (DISTURBING dreams, yo), I think I should go to bed at 8 pm more often.  I woke up this morning at 5:50 am; I never thought this was possible!

is that all?!

how to avoid being productive

I took today off since I am going to have a really busy weekend.  My fuzzy brain has started to feel better and I’m hoping I will feel right as rain by tomorrow.

Meanwhile, my plans for today included being HUGELY productive:

I was going to get up early and run

attack the road! this WAS the plan… last night

I was going to go buck wild on my mountain(s) of laundry

I was going to rearrange my living room

I must save EVERYTHING… FYI “rearranging” is code for cleaning

I was going to crock pot some goodness – beef and broccoli for the win (btw, I don’t like that broccoli has “coli” at the end…)

And I was going to sleep in.

So how do you avoid all of this?

I’m obsessed and there are multiple episodes on TNT

*Get stuck in the cycle of reading just ONE more buzzfeed – although this one on marathon training is spot on!

*And I have a cat who believes I should NEVER sleep past 8 am

but he shall sleep the whole live long day
and he shall sleep the whole live long day

I will run later this afternoon and at some point do a load of laundry or two.  I have to – I don’t have anything clean to wear to a baby shower tomorrow and none of my sports bras are clean.  These are somewhat important when running a 1/2 or any distance for that matter but I wanted to drop I was running a 1/2 marathon this weekend <—-shameless plug.

There you go!  Ignore that nagging “responsible” urge and enjoy a day off!

homemade iced coffee success!

Hopefully by now I have expressed myself well enough for you all to know that I adore iced coffee.  Hot coffee is definitely not my favorite and I only drink it when I have no other choice.  For example, when we were in New York last year, my sister, bless her heart, brought a french press in order to get us moving in the mornings.  And I drank it hot – with a packet of hot chocolate mixed in of course!

my sis is a goober but I adore her!
my sis is a goober but I adore her!

I’ve seen the recipes for iced coffee but I was a bit skeptical.  Basically, I figured it would taste like the coffee I have in the morning so why bother?  But recently I’ve ordered McDonald’s iced coffee (with caramel – I do like it a bit sweet) and have enjoyed it immensely.  Plus I don’t need to add any artificial sweetener and I am guessing my body appreciates this.

Anyway, here is the recipe (from Pioneer Woman) I used and my process

iced coffee 1I picked up some tasty coffee that was already ground.  After attempting to spoon the coffee grounds into the jug of water, I had a Macgyver moment a.k.a. a “dad moment” as we call it and cut the top of a Smart water bottle.  First let me say, I almost stabbed myself – cutting this apart was no easy task!  But it did work like a charm.  Apparently I don’t own a funnel.

iced coffee 2After getting the grounds in the milk jug, I tried to stir it to no avail.  This is where the milk jug came in handy because I could put the lid on it and shake the everliving daylights out of it.  I waited two days before I finished the process but this was only because I was being lazy.  Really you only need to wait 8-12 hours for the coffee to brew in the fridge.  OH!  I poured some water out of the jug into an extra cup because I knew the grounds would take up space.  Then I poured the water back in after seeing how much space I had.

iced coffee 3I got my supplies ready to go for the last step.  I used my biggest bowl with a spout, a strainer and a cheese cloth.  This was my first adventure with the cheese cloth and I think I messed up a bit.  I am guessing you can cut off pieces to use rather than doubling (okay, tripling) it all up because I ended up throwing it away after this one use.  Well, first I tried to wash it but quickly realized this wasn’t working.

I poured the coffee through the strainer and into the bowl.  The bowl filled quicker than I anticipated so I dumped it into a pitcher half way through.  When this was finished I again tried to pour the coffee gold back in the milk jug but ended up spilling some because my pitcher has a weird spout.  Finally, I grabbed my trusty “funnel” and again, this worked wonders.  (Not kidding, I am keeping this puppy – because it worked so well and you know, my hoarding issues!)

Today I tried it – success!  What I love most about it is the coffee is so freakin’ COLD!  I filled the cup half way with ice, then coffee, some flavored creamer and a bit of milk.  This could be lightened up in a variety of ways and I plan on trying different concoctions to see what I like best.  Oh, and making my cup of coffee this morning took all of 10 seconds – another big win considering I am barely functional in the mornings.

i own you coffeeUltimately I am quite pleased with the outcome!  Give it a whirl if you are so inclined!  The prep work really isn’t that bad and I have a jug of coffee all ready to go.  Oh I will say, I cut the recipe in half – mostly because I didn’t have two jugs of water and didn’t want to make it in case it was yucky.  I measured the whole bag of coffee into a container and estimated 2 and 1/2 cups of grounds per jug.  I am guessing I was a bit off on the measurements but I will see when I make jug #2 later.

Enjoy your Saturday and if you love coffee run to the store!

*I did not use an old milk jug – I filled a water jug from a Culligan water station at the store and used this.  I am not sure I could have gotten the whole milk taste out of the jug.