cut my own hair? sure!

On Sunday, I wanted a haircut RIGHT NOW.  I was done.  It’s been about 4 months since my last cut, which is a lot considering I have shorter hair.  Typically, my style needs to kept up approximately every 6 weeks or so to keep its shape.  But I didn’t get around to it.

Then I wanted to be able to put my hair back for Dopey so I wanted to wait.  Suddenly, I couldn’t handle it any longer and I decided I was going to cut my hair myself.

enter ominous music

So yesterday, after working for a little while I went to Sally’s Beauty supply and bought a pair of hair scissors ($15.00), the clips to hold up my hair ($3.00), a handheld mirror ($5.00), a spray bottle ($2.50) and a comb ($1.00).  I told the women working the register what my plan was and they asked me if I had ever done it before.  I told them, “nope”.  That was the end of the conversation.  Oh, I could have purchased some scissors for $10.00 but I got the jazzy ones for $5.00 more.

haha, I was a bit apprehensive!
haha, I was a bit apprehensive!

I looked up tips and tricks online and found some good advice and not so good advice.  First of all, there were very few posts about how to cut/shape your shorter hair.  It was either long hair or pixie cuts.  This worried me slightly.  I found a youtube video that was okay and it was a woman cutting her long hair short.  But that was it.  Some of the solid tips were to cut it when it was wet (still doesn’t make sense to me), don’t cut a lot off at once, go slowly and practice.  Practice?  Basically, make sure you’ve cut your bangs or something a few times so you are comfortable.

yep, I’m beyond creative using an edward scissorhands gif!

Then I just went for it.  I got scissor happy at one point but after deeply cutting my finger, I slowed down.  One tip was to sketch out what you wanted your cut to look like.  I should have done this since I forgot I wanted to have some layers!  This meant I needed to cut the layers a bit shorter despite the fact I cut the bottom to the length I wanted.  So, my layers are a bit shorter than I first intentioned.

here is the before
here is the before

I sort of had an idea in my head about the final look but it wasn’t very concrete.  What did I want?  I wanted a cut where I could blow dry it and not have to use a curling iron to enhance the curls.  Or put some hair junk in it and go.  Seriously, this was my main motivation.  Lately, my hair was looking straggly and I wanted that gone too.

Here is what I came out with!  I’m proud of myself!

ta-da!  the after
ta-da! the after

Actually, I am really proud of myself!  I love the Bourne movies and in the first and third one the women have to change their appearance and just start hacking at their hair.  It always turns out really cute.  I felt I could do this too.  Yep, in my brain I know a stylist went back over it and made it look better but not my heart!

If you are thinking about cutting your own hair here are my tips:

1.  If you are nervous about doing stuff to your hair and/or are very particular don’t do it.

2.  I promise, your hair will not look like you just stepped out of a salon.  Thinking I could pull of something exactly or even similar too a salon visit would have set me up for disappointment.

3.  I knew I could get it fixed if need be.

4.  I’m pleased with my scissors – splurge on these if you go the diy route.

5.  Be careful!  The cut on my finger HURT.  I had to put the band-aid on tight to help the bleeding slow.  These little suckers are sharp.

6.  Take it slowly.  It was suggested to have a friend there too but I think this would be boring for a friend and again, I was impatient.

7.  Remember hair will grow back.  I’ve dyed my hair black, orange (strawberry blonde gone wrong) and blue – not all at once!  I’ve had some really bad haircuts and I permed my own hair once.  Since I’ve given my hair a workout I wasn’t too worried about messing up.

I have no idea if I could do it again.  I’ll try and it will probably end up with a bit different of a style!  While I didn’t set out to do this strictly for the money-saving piece, I’m taking the win.  I like the idea of going to my stylist once or twice a year and then keeping up the style on my own.  Yay!  My handiwork is pretty nifty.

Have or do you cut your own hair?

What other kinds of beauty routines to you do on your own?

self esteem > budget

Saturday was friend get-together day!  Instead of swapping gifts, we meet up and do some kind of activity together.  It’s great since two of them live an hour and 15 mins away (in opposite directions of course!) and my other friend lives in town but our schedules don’t seem to match up all the time.  So a day devoted to our friendship and fun is fabulous!

well, this almost happened

M and I started the day with a run.  It was my first run since Dopey and M had a baby 8 weeks ago and it was her third or fourth run back.  Let me just say, she is a champ!  Check out her blog here for adorable baby pics and her post-baby fitness routine.  I really appreciate how M finds pockets of time to be active with snowpocalypse and a wee babe!

in case you forgot what we looked like
in case you forgot what we looked like – old pic but totally works, just add more snow

After 3.5 fridgid (seriously, it was 17* and with a feels like 4) we quickly changed and headed out to meet up with L at our new Baskin Robbins!  Yay!  Really quick, the run felt good.  I could feel it working out some racing kinks but yesterday my legs felt fairly fatigued.  My knee tweak was also annoying me.  Saturday night my feet hurt too and I am not sure if this was from the run or the mall-shopping extravaganza.

Coffee in hand we hit the mall.  Here’s the deal, it’s not exactly like I haven’t been spending some cash lately.  I’ve been wanting to build my reserves back up from the holidays and my vacation so I wasn’t planning on purchasing much.

I’m going to start calling my savings account the “banana stand”

HA!  I laid out some cash.  The economy should send me a thank you card.  Part of the catalyst for my change of heart/mind was Thursday I noticed my favorite pants are starting to get a hole in them.  Granted, I’ve had these pants for 6 or 7 years but I only have a couple of pairs that I feel look decent, i.e. aren’t summer capris, don’t make me look like a street walker because they are so tight, or gigantic from my much heavier days.  Yes, I’ve kept some of these clothes but this is a subject for a post on another day.

While I’ve been kicking up the fashion a bit lately by getting creative with my closet, having two pairs of pants in the middle of an arctic winter is difficult.  Considering what I just mentioned above about the state of my other pants, there is something to be said about feeling confident in what I am wearing.  Stuffing myself into a pair of pants so I have to stand in a certain way or suck in my tummy all day makes me feel really down on myself.  I don’t think about how I just ran 48.6 miles in four days.  I think about how I’m a failure and should be losing weight.  Boo.

body image quote 2So spending some money is worth it.  I’ve had this realization before but it took some talks with my friends to realize it again.  I’m worth it!  My body is worth it!  And feeling good about myself begets healthier habits – whether it’s to maintain weight and fitness or to improve it.  Dealing with depression has brought on approximately 15 lbs and I need to stop feeling ashamed of this and instead embrace the fact that I’ve made it to the other side of the depression.

Oh yeah and the SALES!  This definitely made it easier!  For instance?  I got two pairs of cords from Ann Taylor Loft for $40.  I bought four bras that were each $16.00 – and this was from Victoria.  Probably TMI but I think nice underlovlies equals higher self-worth (for me).  Why?  Because I’m even spending money on something the world doesn’t see!  Just my own theory/view.

this was the first time I’ve enjoyed shopping for regular clothes in at least a year!

All in all, it was a great day!

What do you do if you are having a low self-esteem day?

Do you love or loathe shopping?

15 thing friday – a day late

15 Thing Friday is not my creation… in fact it’s the brain child of Running off the Reese’s and sustained in another favorite blog, Managing Meagan.  Meagan just happens to be a dear friend of mine.  Reese’s and I have exchanged e-mails so I consider her a friend too… even though she has no idea.

Without further ado…

1.  Enjoying the Small Things – I am OBSESSED with this blog!  I have already written about Kelle once this week and I am sure I will write about her again.  I am reading through her archives.  I love her writing, pics and outlook on life.  Oh and her style – man, I wish she would dress me everyday!  Head on over!

2.  Found at Target – the cutest little bird shower curtain rings!  I fell in love with them on Tuesday and purchased on Friday at 50% off!  Yay!


3.  Style reno – I’m doin’ it.

4.  I have a 1/2 marathon tomorrow.  I am beyond not ready for it but I am going to do it anyway.  Should be interesting.  Not to mention, a mini blizzard has hit today.  Fun?

I have conflicted feelings about this
I have conflicted feelings about this

5.  This weekend I am baking bread and cookies.  Two friends who helped move my treadmill into my apt requested the bread and the cookies will be a bonus.  I’ve yet to decide what recipe to use but I’ll post it when it’s all said and done.

6.  A couple of months ago I mentioned I was going to give BB creme a shot.  BB creme is a combination foundation and moisturizer with SPF.  It’s lighter in feel than a typical foundation and not as greasy as some moisturizer.  I love it.  I’ve been using L’Oreal’s Youth Code and I think it was $11.00.  I doubt I will use it in the summer but right now it has been a total skin saver.  My face isn’t dry but isn’t greasy either.  And my skin actually looks healthy, which is a winter time first!

7.  I watched Lars and the Real Girl.  Watch it.  It’s great.  I had no idea what to expect and it was perfect that way.  It’s on Netflix instant!

8.  I cannot get the lid off of this smelly good!  Ugh!  I’ve been trying for months!


9.  Procompression is having a 40% off and free shipping sale on their marathon socks!  One deal FEB40 is on any marathon sock and another deal SOM213 is for neon green sock with pink.  Run don’t walk to their website!

10.  Aspaeris is also having a wicked good sale!  $28 smackers later and you could be running and recovering in complete style and comfort.  The deal is through Active GearUp <—- use this link for the deal.

11.  I found this website from Kelle.  It’s called Ruche and I want to apologize in advance – there is a lot of cute goodness on this site!  The clothes are really reasonably priced!

12.  This was such a romantic kiss!

I have three zooey-things pinned on pinterest... I think we should be friends
I have three zooey-things pinned on pinterest… I think we should be friends

13.  I am going to make this.  I also have decided I want to make other t-shirts.  Knowing me though, I’ll buy everything to do it and then it will sit there.  Ho-hummmm…


14.  For the Super Bowl party I attended, I made dates wrapped in bacon.  I’ve made them plenty of times but here is the “recipe“.  Okay, instructions – there really isn’t a recipe!  Oh and I’ve totally made these for dinner – paleo!

15.  One last Valentine


happy v-d

In high school, I had a group of friends who started saying, “happy v-d” and I remember thinking it was hysterical.  Clearly, my humor hasn’t changed much since then!


Happy Valentine’s!  I hope you all are having a wonderful day.  Mine hasn’t been too shabby – ate a delish heart-shaped sugar cookie and wore my heart knee-highs.  Yup, celebrating in style, that’s me!

pinterest pic... not sure it's origin
pinterest pic… not sure it’s origin

I thought on this day of love, I could update you on my shenanigans.  Online dating is really quite odd.  When I look at the website, it’s simply this buffet of men.  It’s kind of surreal, actually!  The attention is nice, and I’m talking to a couple of guys at the moment so I guess we’ll see.  The first week I was checking all the time and now other life happenings have taken precedence.

Now, I will say, my demographic appears to be with the older generation… this should have been a clue to how this was going to go:

yep, I was a huge hit
yep, I was a huge hit

Then I also got an e-mail from one guy on match and all it said was:

“Hey, I know where that picture was taken”

Yes… that’s it.  It was in reference to one of my profile pics.  Ummm… I did feel badly for him because clearly he didn’t know this kind of message is from the wrong side of the creepy tracks.  But no, I didn’t respond.  Oh the dating scene – some day I will be extremely glad when that is in my rear view window.


Beyond my misadventures with match, I did participate in a Valentine exchange through the blog, Because I Can.  If you have never checked out her blog, you should!  Lisa cracks me up and she is a speedy gal.  Not to mention, super sweet and has a paleo recipe for almond fudge – I know… it sounds mouth-watering!  Anyway, Lisa picked names and the awesome Maggie from See Maggie got me!  On Monday, I opened this up


Isn’t it adorable?!  Maggie read my blog and knows of my pink Brooks and that I had run a marathon.  I love it!  Such a perfect Valentine present!

Other than that, I’ve been singing the theme song to “Love Boat” all day (nope, no idea why) and spreading some valentine cheer.  My outfit was another throw back today.  Aside from my leggings, everything I had on was more than a year old.  In fact, my sweater is from 2002 and my dress is probably 5 years old.  Here is what I put together

yes... the back drop is my spare room... it still needs a bit of work!
yes… the back drop is my spare room… it still needs a bit of work!

Very comfy and warm considering I had a long sleeve t-shirt on under the dress.  Oh and no snooze button this morning!  Wahoo – 2 days in a row!

Happy Love Day friends!

waking up and smelling the coffee

Today I kicked my style project up a notch.  I am wearing bright royal blue skinny jeans, a white tee with a coral blouse over it and then a sparkle gray sweater.  I’ve added a knit hat and ankle booties to this get up… AND I took a pic!

just a bit of color for this wednesday!
just a bit of color for this wednesday!

I did get a couple of, “hmmm, not sure” type of reactions but I love it.  This style renewal is EXACTLY what I need at the moment.  Interestingly enough, I didn’t start losing weight back in the day until I had accepted and started to love my body as is.  I had a style reno at the start of that process as well.  I’ve often marveled at this aspect of my story – I had finally decided the curves weren’t so bad and then I lost 80 lbs.

life is too short to worry about matching socks
life is too short to worry about matching socks

I have thought a lot about this cause and effect and believe it comes down to me caring about my body, loving it and learning to treat it right.  When I hated how I looked, it didn’t matter if I was cruel to it – I didn’t care.  Once I started eating better and recognizing how strong it was I started fueling it through nutrition and exercise.  And kind thoughts.

Last night I was sharing this with a good friend – this whole wake up and smell the coffee moment I’d had so many years ago.  Then I had another wake up call as I realized I’ve fallen into some similar patterns of not appreciating or showing my body love as of late.  So, with the start of Lent today here are my two Lenten promises:

1.  I’m giving up my snooze button – whew!  This morning was interesting.  My ultimate goal for this is to learn to appreciate mornings, wake up with ONE alarm and no more hitting snooze for a half hour.  I wasn’t running late this morning and felt much calmer.

2.  Appreciate my body – for me this means sticking to my work out goals and plans and dialing down the judgy-ness.  I’ve been way to harsh on myself as of late.  I would NEVER allow anyone to talk to one of my friends the way I talk to myself and it’s time I remember to be amazed at what my body is able to do on a daily basis.

oops – I lied – the 3 Lenten promises!

3.  To be more observant – lately, I’ve noticed I’ve been walking around with my gaze lowered.  In fact, I’ve lived in the area for almost 10 years and yesterday was the first day I had noticed a building in the neighborhood (and how it resembled male genitalia but that’s another story!).  For shame, Amy!  I walked to work this morning with my eyes forward and took in as much beauty as I could.  I was certainly welcomed with an incredible sunny day!

look at that!  I can see grass!
look at that! I can see grass!

I don’t believe that Lent has to always be a time for sacrifice rather it’s a time to become a better person.  To be mindful and awake.  I’m looking forward to sharing some of my experiences!

a style change up

As I may have mentioned, last week was stressful.  Maybe I said something?  Once or twice!  Anyway, in my typical body’s fashion, yesterday I reached peak frenzy-stress and then started the deep decline.  The first pain of the migraine actually came on Sunday night above my right eye.  I managed to hold it off until about 3 pm yesterday and then it was a quick countdown to full-blown headache city.


Luckily, I got to my apt, ate some nuts (I was really hungry at this point), took out my contacts and tried a few deep breathing exercises.  At 5 pm on the nose, I dosed myself up with some prescription headache meds.  It wasn’t quite soon enough to avoid the headache completely but I did manage not to curl up the fetal position crying.  I would call that a win.

I want to partake in what these women call a "win"!
I want to partake in what these women call a “win”!

Onto other (possibly) interesting topics… my running has been crap lately.  You would think with the handy addition of my treadmill, my running would have improved.  This WOULD/SHOULD be true but alas I’m getting an “error” message every time I go to turn it on after my initial run.  I know… not quite pleased with this whole turn of events!

I should have left it in pieces
I should have left it in pieces

Oh yeah, I said interesting… my ‘mill faces my closet in my spare room.  While I was running (that ONE time!) I was looking through my clothes.  I think I am going through a style renovation.  This is not a first for me, however, this is the first time where I feel the style reno is more fitting to my personality and not dressing according to what I think my work place wants or what males will find attractive.  Does this make sense?  I have three style inspirations:

1.  My sister – she has always had style.  Even when we were youngsters and mind you, this was the 80’s so this is sayin’ something!  Heid can put together a look or an outfit like no other and she always looks great.  She is also the queen of layering, a style that I appreciate and have noticed adds depth to one’s clothing options.  That’s a big “W” in my book!

one of my fave pics of me and my sis taken a couple of years ago
one of my fave pics of me and my sis taken a couple of years ago

2.  Kelle Hampton from the blog, Enjoying the Small things.  If you haven’t ever read her blog, you are missing out.  Her writing and photography are beautiful and her attitude on life is like a cool drink of water.  Cheesy maybe but completely true!  She has a very bohemian style where everything goes together while not being all matchy-matchy.  Seriously, I would let her dress me on a daily basis.

3.  New  Girl – Zooey’s character has that same sort of free spirit as Kelle Hampton and it’s reflected in her wardrobe, however, there is also a vintage flair.  Mucho love for this look.

So, with all of these forces combined and my own creativity, my overall look is changing a bit.  For instance, today I am wearing a jewel-tone stripped shirt over a white tank top.  Then a faded-wash jean skirt over black cable-knit leggings and tall brown boots.

blogger fail – no pic

I have never been a big supporter of the whole “no black and brown together ever!” and all of these pieces were already in my wardrobe.  Essentially, I am shopping within my own closet and learning to put together different options.  It’s been pretty fun!  I highly suggest trying it!  I know I get so used to wearing this sweater with these pants that breaking this up adds visual interest as well as makes that outfit feel “new”.  This goes very well with my budget goal as well as adding some enjoyment in my clothing.  I’m also appreciating expressing myself more authentically through my style.

Do you ever change up your style?