my blogaversary!!!!

OH MY GOSH!  My blog is ONE YEAR OLD!  Its my blogaversary!!!  I can’t believe it! 

awww – I might have to celebrate!

I really feel all of my ramblings on this bad boy are helping me to achieve my dream of becoming a writer.  Maybe it’s a bit of free therapy, a bit of an ego boost, people to “talk to” and an amazing way to meet SO MANY INCREDIBLE PEOPLE!  I can’t believe the opportunities (by the way – I misspell this word every time I type it!) that have come my way because of this.  I’ve become a SweatPink Ambassador through FitApproach, run a marathon, was left a comment by the AUTHOR of “Second Wind”, ran 200 miles with some fellow bloggers and so much more!  I still can’t believe how much has happened.

It’s also been a positive creative outlet for me.  I didn’t realize how much I needed it until I started writing.  But the best part?  I was super nervous – what if it sucked?  But I took the plunge and my mom got to see it before she passed.  She loved it!  This was her favorite pic that I posted early on

my dishes are so happy!

In light of celebration, I also got good news yesterday – I WON an entry into the Blue Ridge Mountain Marathon!  Wahoooo!

of course I am a bit nervous too!

Ummm… check out this map and elevation!

I found it! Yes, I’m sweatin’ a little – but sooo pumped!

Yesterday wasn’t the best day so finding out I had won this certainly made it better.  Then my brother-in-law posted this on my facebook wall

Isn’t this awesome?!  I loved it!  Unfortunately I didn’t see this before the afternoon class that I teach… they weren’t participating in class and a few were on their phones.  Usually, I can brush it off but today was a whole other story.  They got extra homework!

Once I got home, I wanted to make a beeline for the couch.  Luckily, I knew I would be tired so I pre-packed my gym bag, got an Ipod shuffle (yes, my new nano is no longer with us) and set it all ON the couch!  I also refused to let myself sit down.  I changed and was off to the gym for 9 miles!  Mentally, this was tough – I ran on an indoor track and you have to go around it 9 times to make a mile, haha.  So, I broke it up into 3 sections and took a drink of water after each set of 3 miles.  This also helped me from getting too dizzy as well!

Oh and tonight – getting my tree!!