wwwhhhhyyyy are we still using bmi?!

So today was fun.  My BMI was higher than it should be.  Awesome.

No, I’m not going to go into a tailspin of whacky crash diets or quick fixes.  I’ve dabbled in the disordered eating thing and it was unpleasant, energy sapping and most of all, made me unhappy.  But I’m not going to lie, hearing my BMI did clench at my heart a bit.  I definitely had to take a few deep breaths and remember that I am in a better place now.

Why did I do such a thing like get my BMI checked?  Today there was a local health and wellness fair through work.  I can join a group that works with our fitness/health goals – free of charge.  I got my assessment today.  Thankfully, I think the woman doing my assessment saw the pure displeasure on my face because she started talking to me about how BMI is not a total accurate measure of fitness.

sometimes I am a bit dramatic

My other numbers rocked however.  My heart rate was that of a… person with a low pulse?!  Haha, my cholestrol is 91 and when they added everything up (there were some other numbers in there too but I can’t remember) I scored a 92 out of a 100.  This made me happy and the person helping me said this was a great score.  We talked about how I could improve my other numbers.  I told her about my carb issues and she commiserated!  It was a really helpful conversation and I could win some prizes – yay!

Meanwhile, a couple of months ago, I got an e-mail about a website called SlimKicker.  I might be getting a chance to review a product that is similar to a FitBit in a couple of months.  Until then, I was encouraged to check out SlimKicker.  I’ve used some other sites, like MyFitnessPal and then I completely jumped off of the bandwagon of tracking food during marathon training.  This wasn’t my best plan.  I got on SlimKicker the other day and it’s AWESOME!

I liked that I could add calories in fairly easily if I couldn’t find a food in the database.  But my absolute favorite part are the nutrition stats

sorry for the crummy image…
eeeek – that is some red business!

oh well, would you look at that?  Over in my carbs and sugars?!  Shocker!  I like how it shows me how I am doing – I’m a visual learner.  I also wrote on the message board how I completed a half marathon and the community was really kind and supportive!  So, I think I will keep tracking on this site for a while.  It also had more than three options of “sedentry, slightly active and active.”  I really hate it when they only offer those three!  I don’t fit in one of those three!  I’m still learning more about it so I’ll probably add another post in a week or two.  I recommend it though!  Check it out!

Oh… I’m supposed to tell you

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