my definition of a “carb” is probably wrong

Brrr!  The snow has hit!  It is chilly!  I have no idea why I haven’t turned my heat on in my apt – I hate sleeping in a warm room so maybe this is part of it?  Who knows but I think Simon is starting to get grumpy!

Monday morning I woke up late (even later than usual!) and I was heading out of my room and stepped on a vacuum attachment.  UGH!  It hurt!  And I tweaked my ankle a bit.  The only thing I could think of is if I couldn’t run anymore because I’m a slob I am going to be crabby pants!

this sorta fits… but is also too funny

Then I spilled coffee in my car – akk, liquid gold!  I know – I really do live a hard life.

A couple of weeks ago, I talked about how I was going to limit my intake of carbs.  I should clarify my definition of “carbs” –  bread/noodles/rice/whatever and starches.  My co-worker was giving me a hard time that I don’t know the proper definition.  Maybe not but this is what I am going with!  The first few days, I would have traded my pinky finger for a bowl of Frosted Blueberry Mini Wheats!  But as the days passed it got easier.  I didn’t drop carby goodness all together rather staying away from them for breakfast and lunch; dinner they are back on the table!

these lil’ buggers call to meeeee

Again, the first couple of days, I went really overboard at night.  I felt as though I was depriving myself and I just MISSED (mostly) bread.  The deprivation didn’t stick around and it got easier and easier.  I also found I don’t snack as much and I think my diet seems healthier.  I didn’t realize how much I depended on quick foods i.e. processed.

No more granola bars, breakfast bars, some snacky-type items or a lot of sandwiches (at least during lunch).  This is going fairly well, although there are times when I miss having these fast options.  I do realize these were empty calories especially considering they didn’t keep me full for very long.  Lunch is my hardest meal since I can’t quite figure out an easy/quick menu.  I also depend heavily on dairy.  Oh and eggs – I should own some chickens!  Habits are hard to break and I’m lazy when it comes to meal planning.  I do feel this is more of a lifestyle change so it’s still a work in progress.

my pie craving is reaching level 5 status. I fear for the pumpkin pie that is in my future!

Because there are so many types of meal plans out there, I needed to consider where I was going to fall – was I going to eat beans?  Fruit during the day?  Dairy or no dairy?  As I stated, I am keeping the dairy and I avoided my beloved bananas initially.  I missed having bananas for breaky so I knew I was going to bring this back.  I’ve been wishy-washy on beans (they are not paleo approved) but I want to keep these for dinner.

Are there any changes?  Actually I am not sure.  I do know I’m losing inches but considering I’m running as well I’m not sure which is a result of which.  My food choices are healthier  and I feel full longer.  I *think* I’m eating a little less sugar too but let’s not go overboard just yet!  This is not even close to an overnight process for me!

this is exactly how I feel

Any good ideas for lunches?  I think vegetarian would be good options but ones that don’t rely on breads, rice or noodles…

me like food – a possible nutrition plan

For the last few days I’ve felt fairly crummy.  My uterus has decided despite what the calendar says, it is going to cramp all the time anytime.  Monday, my brain/head started feeling all funny and seizurey.  This always worries me because well, you know, the seizure part.  I am still not sure of the cause but I came home and laid up on the couch.  And then of course Monday started the week.  Monday and I do not get along – it’s a mutual dislike.  (The fuzzy brain part is still under assessment although currently taking a few extra meds as prescribed by the doc)

I didn’t know what other pic to put here…

Meanwhile, running has been put on hold until I can move without feeling dizzy.  BUT I am looking into some new nutrition ideas.  To be honest, I am having troubles with counting calories.  I’m not really a fan.  I forget and then when I see that I only have a certain number left, I kind of freak out.  Then I start doing all of this mental math with what I can still eat and not go over.  Let’s face it, no one deserves mental math.

I don’t wanna

The thing is, my friend has had loads of success with counting!  I am a bit envious because this really clicks with him.  I wanted it to click with me too but it’s been a couple of months now and a) I haven’t been consistent and b) I’m not interested in doing it.  It also sucks because it’s only 1200 calories per day.  Then when I work out I eat those calories too so I am not seeing much of a deficit.  Oh and the mind games – who can forget these?!  ***My brother in law posted this post from Sophieology – it’s all about how 1200 is too low and a bunch of other good stuff!  I recommend it!

So, after reading a Sweat Once a Day post, Sweaty mentioned she was trying a high protein, low carb kind of deal.  Considering carbs and I are total besties I thought I would give this a shot; I like a challenge.  Monday, I kicked off the day without carbs!  What novel idea!  Apparently it works like the following: no carby goodness in the morning or afternoon – protein and veggies are on the plate.  For dinner carbs are welcome or some starch (be still my beating heart, POTATOES!) along with protein.

I’m not cutting out dairy, it wasn’t even an option and I also know there will be times when carbs pop up before dinner.  I also don’t have any idea if I will still be following this in a week from now but I like the idea of something a little different but not hugely drastic.  The theory behind it is I am teaching my body to use protein as an energy source rather than resorting to carbs.  Another perk?  My runger seems to be diminishing!  Okay, so it’s been four days but you know what I mean.  The downside?  I want some carby business during the day!  Haha, it’s crazy that I am actually craving it.

Counting calories are out but I am tracking what I am eating a bit – mostly for my own edification.  I want to be able to see what my “menu” has been.  I am not counting calories with this because I can’t do that much excel spreadsheet-like inputting.  It’s like in my head math – too much.

Ever heard of this style of eating?  Do you restrict carbs a.k.a. public enemy number 1?

sports bras and beef and broccoli – naturally two things that go together

I FINALLY ran yesterday!  It wasn’t particularly speedy but I did manage five and half miles and skimmed in under an hour!  Yay!  Supposedly, you can feel an injury the first time you run after a marathon.  I felt decent throughout minus the slight twinge in my right hip joint.  I felt this during the marathon too and I’m guessing it’s from the hills.  Perhaps a few strength exercises will help it…

I ran around my neighborhood, which got some hills out of the way in the first 2.5 miles and then headed for downtown.  While I was there I stopped in at our local running store, Gazelle Sports.  I talked to the woman about my whole chafing issue since I have a 1/2 this weekend.  She had some good info to share and I will be heading back down there this week to try something else.  She also told me if I have chafing issues this weekend when I wear it I can bring it back.  Umm… they are going to want this back?!

I wonder how they would resell this?

It is nice though – as you all know, sports bras are $$$!  I also think I can still get by on my training runs with my current sport bras (at least until the girls shrink back down a bit – hormones are not my friends).  It also seems like when I am getting ready for a race I bloat more than normal and this is when I have more issues.  Whichever one I do buy, I’m going to only use for my longest runs.

oh yeah, I feel ya, cat

Good thing I’m working on inhaling less carbs!  Actually, this weekend I was reading blogs and someone had a picture of cinnamon rolls.  That was almost too much for me!  Haha, I love making the Pioneer Woman’s recipe for hot cross buns (with only the cinnamon) and these did a lovely dance in my mind.  Instead I finally made this

this was super tasty!

I followed this recipe but I added water chestnuts (because they are awesome), mushrooms and edamame.  I was happy with myself.  Oh!  I also fancied it up with some sesame seeds.  I then made my favorite sweetened up sweet potato dish for dessert. Unfortunately, these also happened

These are funfetti cupcakes for my sweet friend who always looks after Simon when I am out of town.  What?  Don’t your baked goods call to you?

I had the beef and broccoli again last night and it was just as tasty as the first round.  And filling.  The nice thing is, there are enough leftovers for two more meals.  So folks, I recommend it!  Plus, you can just crock it so very handy!

carb-a-licious conundrum

I adore carbs.  A lot.  I love them as noodles, bread, cupcakes, bagels – it doesn’t matter.  As of right this second, I can’t think of a carb I DON’T like!  So you can imagine my dismay when I stumbled upon an article a couple of weeks ago that talked about carbs and how THEY MAKE YOU RETAIN WATER!

moment of silence for my uncontrollable sobs

Maybe I am a complete idiot or simply had my head in the sand but this is the first I had heard of this.  As I have mentioned about a billion times, I take on water at alarming rates/amounts and I’ve worked to decrease my sodium levels all the while cooking up some tasty carbs.  I feel like carbs have completely cheated on me – I defended you, carbohydrates!  And this is how you repay me?!

starbucks lemon loaf – love this stuff! yes, I’m one of those “pinners” goodies and healthy

Yes, I know they won’t answer but I feel like I deserve some kind of explanation!

I read this a few weeks before the marathon so I wasn’t about to completely change my diet.  I wanted to work on getting through the race before taking a closer look at my menu and finding ways to restock my fridge and pantry.  (Btw, we never called it a “pantry” when I was little.  In fact, I originally typed “cupboards” but decided to go all exotic on you and type pantry.  I know I’m impressed!)

First and foremost, I refuse to completely take carbs out of my diet.  I can’t do it – plain and simple.  Whenever I try to void a total food group and making it the enemy, I end up going in the opposite direction and pounding said food group like some kind fiend.  But I can make some better choices by actually planning a food menu.  I’ve never done this and even though it feels a bit constricting,  lately my dinner choices have ended up being a bowl of Frosted Blueberry Mini Wheats and a bowl of tomato soup.  I love both but it’s not a meal that satisfies for very long.

these are the first squash(es?) I have ever purchased. what can I say? I was intimidated by a gourd

Second, one of my “secrets of success” to my original weight loss was eating breakfast EVERYDAY.  I haven’t stopped doing this but since August, I’ve been eating some kind of bread with peanut butter in the morning.  I’ve read before that if you have protein for breakfast you eat approximately 400 calories LESS than if you have a carb-y (i.e. bagel) one.  CRAZY!  Lately, I’ve operated under the theory that something is better than nothing, which while true, isn’t smart.  I need to smarten up.  Welcome back eggs!

Third, I’m trying out some different recipes courtesy of pinterest.  Here are a couple I’ve pinned and that are on the menu for this week:

this is a chicken, squash and quinoa soup from cookin’ canuck! she has her own weightloss story btw!
beef and broccoli – yum! I’m going to load it with some edemame, carrots and maybe some mushrooms?

While there are carb elements in the two above dishes, they aren’t the MAIN ingredient.  I’m also going to add as many veggies as I can to a) make it more filling and b) jazz it up! (click on the pics for the blogs and corresponding recipes!)

Finally, I’m attempting to branch out in my meal selection.  Chickpea patties?  Sure!  Those above squash?  Why not?  I read a little tip to sprinkle pumpkin pie spice on the green gourd and roast it for some sweetness – sounds yummy!  Experimenting will be good and maybe add some enjoyment back to cooking.

There you go – it’s a mini plan!  Water weight isn’t harmless – it’s bad for your kidneys and your circulation.  Not to mention, it’s very uncomfortable and makes me feel bad about myself.  These are immediate changes I can make and should be interesting to say the least!  I’ll let you know how it goes!