challenge monday return and saying YES! to everything

Ever seen the movie “Yes Man”?  I watched it for the first time 2 years ago and as cheesy as it sounds it did remind me to not “audit my life”.  Sunday it was on again and perhaps it was the gentle reminder I needed to stop saying “no” to opportunities.  I’ve mentioned my proclivity for living the hermit life right?


While the movie definitely goes a bit overboard, I still really appreciate the message.  It also has Zooey D in it and she is my girl crush.  So, I’m going to be better about saying YES! to things that I’ve gotten in a rut to saying “no” to!  Should be interesting!  Just in time for my Vegas trip! <—- why yes, this is the type of thinking that helped my blog garner its name!

Meanwhile, I also started my 7 day detox on Sunday.  It was fruit day.  I decided I was NOT going to give up coffee.  While I recognize it shoots a hole in the concept of detox, I’m hoping it’s only a small hole.  I don’t want to totally derail it but at the same time going without caffeine is just hurtful (on so many literal, emotional/psychological and physical levels!)  Let me also just say, this has been hard!  I’ll write more later this week but seriously?  Fruit and veggies?  No, these do NOT fill you up!  I can’t wait to have a soft pretzel!

a twitter friend sent me a pic of a soft pretzel and now I want one...
a twitter friend sent me a pic of a soft pretzel and now I want one…

This week also marks the return of Challenge Mondays!  (Okay, Tuesdays, my detox is making me a bit loopy!)  I have completely fallen off the horse on this and I’ve wanted to bring it back for a bit.  Sometimes the first 6 weeks after the New Year takes me a bit to get rolling again.  I found this on pinterest (shocker) and thought it looked like a great work out.


fitness glory? nope but challenge mondays are back

Sickness invaded my household!  I know I am not the only one and these posts are being written all over the internets.  Mine has been a bit different – a headache everyday since last Sunday and then stomach issues all weekend.  No fun.

The headaches run in the family and we all try to pinpoint what causes them so we can avoid those things like the plague!  I narrowed it down to the following:

-Vast amounts of delicious WA Pacific Northwest Coffee… oh how I love thee!

possibly the one pic in this post!
possibly the one pic in this post!

-Sleeping like garbage all last week and still being on west coast time as opposed to jumping on board with all the eastern standard time folk

-An obnoxious contact!  Oh man, one eye has been giving me grief for about two weeks.  Finally, like any truly intelligent person, I switched them out.

-Boycotting water… I’m so rebellious I didn’t even realize I was doing this!

In all actuality, it was simply one giant headache that started last Sunday and never really went away.  Typically, I would really start to feel it in the evenings.  Then it reached peak performance (really, well done on that, headache!) on Saturday afternoon.  One vicodin and later a headache pill, I was finally feeling better.  Sunday, I had some faint pains passing through but I pretended to know how to do Biofeedback and got it under control.  So yay!  No more headache!

The flu symptoms might be attributed to the fact that I may have undercooked my winner-winner-chicken-dinner on Friday night.  Oops.

During the height of my desperation on Saturday I sent a tweet asking for any home headache remedies.  One of the responses I got was avoiding MSG.  Now, I knew MSG is to be avoided but I didn’t know it triggered migraines.  I started doing some “research” (read half of a bunch of articles on the internet) and this stuff is bad news!  I found a site, and I recommend it if you want to delve further into your food ingredients.

HOWEVER!  And please heed my warning… If you are not interested in knowing very detailed, very specifically what ingredients are made of, then don’t dig into this site!  I’m not sure I will be eating gelatin any time soon (and it’s in some of my yogurt – weird).  But it was helpful for me since MSG can now be included under “natural flavors” (total bogus) and other strange names/categories.  It would be tough for me to cut all MSG out of my diet – it is that pervasive, but I can attempt to cut down. does require you to register in order to look at ingredients, which I found annoying but I made my profile private and will only use it to look at ingredients in food.  The website also gives grades to each food and sometimes I didn’t agree with it so make sure to look at why it got the grade it did.  They have the “good” and “bad” about each product and I did find this helpful.

*Challenge Monday!  Yay!  This has been on hiatus considering the holiday and my general laziness.  But this is what I have on the docket for the week:

*12 circle crunches – on each side

*15 burpees

*15 pushups

*15 supermans (scroll down and there is a good description of this move)

repeat x3 (x2 whatever you can do!)

What is a circle crunch?  Well, a few weeks ago, I was laying in bed thinking of some moves for these challenges and the circle crunch was born.  Sit on the floor,  bend your knees and keep your feet on the floor.  Lean back so you are contracting your stomach muscles.  Then move in a circular motion.  I thought I was brilliant!  Then I saw it in Shape magazine a few days later.  DAMN!  I missed my chance at fitness glory…  I spent some time looking for the link on Shape but they haven’t posted it yet.  So I found a different link above if my instructions are a bit murky.  Have fun!

me not so smart and two challenges for the week!

***Sorry this post is late!  It was ready to go this morning… then today happened.  I should have stayed in bed!

I like to think I am fairly intelligent.  I read a lot, am able to think critically and know that not everything on the internet is true.  Buuuut sometimes my decision-making skills don’t fall under the category heading of “smart”.  Last night was one of those times.

All of last week, I had been feeling kind of crummy.  I’m sure some of it was stress-induced but the plague (or what I’ve deemed is the plague) is going around the office currently, so I think I had a touch of that.  The whole weekend, I was dealing with the stomach flu – boo!  Yesterday, I felt a bit better and felt that going for a run was important.  You know, this whole thing is happening soon and a my weekly mileage total was weak.

I put this as the wallpaper on my phone too
I put this as the wallpaper on my phone too

Okay, this was a terrible idea.  It was cold and misting out.  At mile 1.5 I was pretty sure I was going to throw up.  After managing NOT to redecorate the street, I plugged on, determined.  Why?  I have NO IDEA!  What was I trying to prove?  But in my mind, I kept thinking how some miles were more important in the long run than not feeling well.  Who knows, maybe it was a good lesson that I can carry on when I feel like hell but I am not totally convinced.

it's a fashion statement... albeit not a good one.  I have no idea where their mates are!
it’s a fashion statement… albeit not a good one. I have no idea where their mates are!

I do think I would have wondered if I could have run… my brain likes to play silly tricks on me and I’m sure I would have entertained some internal not-so nice talk about being wimpy.  Of course when I got back, I didn’t feel better and in fact, worse than I had in the morning.  Oh and I managed 6 miles because you know, that was the SMART thing to do!

Well, now that you know you are reading the blog of a slightly deranged woman, it’s time for the challenge of the week!  We are going to mix things up this week with two types of challenges.  The first one is going to be to do a 10 min meditation session (shoot for 15 to 20 mins if you are able!  But I wanted this to be manageable and something we all could do) 3 times this week!  Hopefully, this will add some tranquility to your holiday season!

The other four days, I want to repeat the ab work out from last week.  I really liked it.  Well, I didn’t like it but I know I need it.  Burpees sincerely suck but I also know they add some “oomph” and I need it!  Here it is again:  10 push ups, 30 sit ups, 10 burpees and a .30 second plank!  If you are feeling stronger, up all of them by 5!  Or repeat it twice!

My goal is to lose 5 lbs in the next 5 weeks – right in time for the Disney World marathon.  I know losing weight while training isn’t the easiest but I also know my training has been a bit lackluster so there is definitely room for improvement!  Besides, my dad has been working hard (he has lost over 30 lbs this last year!) and my sister and brother-in-law eat mostly paleo so I will be surrounded with healthy eaters.  For at least 2 of those weeks at least!  The rest of the time it’s going to be up to me…

yes... I must put this away - this waffle iron was a smart and dumb purchase for this carb-aholic!
yes… I must put this away – this waffle iron was a smart and dumb purchase for this carb-aholic!

the challenge for the week and some “side dishes”

Good morning everyone! (<— yep, I’ve been behind all day!)

Yesterday, I forgot I had to work today for a few hours.  I kept thinking it was another relaxing day of VACATION!  Did you all have a good break?  Mine was nice… I ate, slept, ran, shopped and was all over social media.  It was actually pretty nice to spend some quality time on my own and with Simon.  And on twitter :)

You know what I else I did this weekend?  I signed up for this!

One of my dear gal pals Falon signed up and I basically want to do anything she does so I checked it out.  I’m glad I did – I’m really excited!  You can check out a detailed description here but it’s a program where a bunch of people (over 600) have signed up to complete a different challenge everyday and support one another.  The cool part is we are paired up (with a total of 3 different people throughout the program) with another participant and we motivate and encourage each other.  Isn’t that a neat idea?  What I love about the challenges are they are based on overall health – not simply physical fitness.  This was/is a huge selling point for me.

Another cool tidbit?  I won a roll of Rocktape from Wine to Weights!  This is a brand of KT tape and they have the cutest designs!  I am super pumped!  Thanks Rocktape and Wine to Weightlifting!

Lastly, it’s Monday so what is the challenge this week?  While I was “pinning” this weekend (oh, how I LOVE pinterest!) I saw this on the healthy page.  Here is the deal – 20-30 air squats (wherever you are at physically) before every meal.  For the purpose of this challenge, let’s do it before breakfast, lunch and dinner even if you are a grazer and don’t eat 3 specific meals.

Remember your form for air squats!  You don’t want your knees to bend in toward each other (a problem I have) and as my crossfit coach taught me, before you dip down, push your butt out – like you are closing the car door with your bum when your arms are full of groceries!  Keep your back straight, your chest out – your upper body doesn’t really move much.

Here is a demo – please ignore the speedy way they are doing them in the beginning.  It gets to some good instruction after they are done showing off a bit!

Finally, I think I mentioned I was going for the Runner’s World Holiday Running Streak!  So far so good… even yesterday when I felt like this:


I felt icky and running sounded painful.  Plus, I felt like my legs were tired from the 7 miles I did Saturday.  At the last possible second before the sun went down I got out there.  Rather than the 2.5 miles I planned, I did 4!  My legs were definitely not as sore as I perceived them to be earlier and some of my icky-ness went away for the duration of the run.  Consistency is my friend!

challenge monday – not a push up in sight!

I’m never quite sure how weekends go by so quickly… there should be some kind of time-stop continuum that allows for weekend days to pass by slower.  That would be more fair of the universe, at least, in my opinion!

Also, not that my writing typically has any major cliffhangers but I will be writing about my Triple Crown 5k weekend tomorrow!  So stay tuned!

Now for the next challenge monday announcement!  I decided to base this one on a (style of) warm-ups we used in Crossfit.  The warm-ups always left me breathless but were finished quickly so it was a great way to do a quick burn and tone.  Here it is:

20 squats

30 mountain climbers (each leg counts as one so this equals 15 for each leg)

25 sit-ups

do this 3 times with no rest!

Again, I like these “warm ups” because you can feel it!  Do this for 5 out of 7 days if you can!

Sooooo, how did the 1000 push ups go for folks?  This was miserable for me!  I didn’t even come near my goal.  Part of it was sheer laziness but the other part was my poor t-rex arms are currently on the pathetic side!  Perhaps a wee bit ambitious for this first challenge?!  Probably but I think that means it will need to make another appearance somewhere down the line.  I changed the challenge up a bit this week to be something that is fairly attainable but hopefully still is a mini workout.

I don’t now how they get these pictures of me!

Other than that, Happy Monday!  Or more accurately, Happy Short Week!  Yay!  With the Thanksgiving holiday comes the start of the Runner’s World Holiday Run Streak challenge.  Are any of you participating?  I really want to but I am lacking the confidence in myself that I will actually complete it.  Obviously, this is why it’s called a “challenge” but still in my mind it seems like it should be so easy.  Why is this not easy???  Thoughts?  Are you going to do it?

wanna go streaking with me??

introducing challenge mondays!

Wahoo!  Guess what I did this weekend?!  I went to a Wilson Phillips concert!  Umm – yes, they ARE still touring, thank you very much!

I swear those are real singers up there!

Okay, before I venture into a post that helps to relive some of my middle school days (or maybe I was younger?) I want to talk about my newest idea.  Here’s the deal:  I love all of the challenges out there and as I have mentioned I was partaking in my share.  The Runner’s World Summer challenge where you run everyday for the summer?  Yep, said I was going to do it and failed.  Two weight loss challenges from the summer – both started and failed those too.  CrossFit for the entire endurance program?  Heck, I even paid for this one and I STILL didn’t finish it!

what a champ

That’s a lot of failure for one person.

My problem (well, one of them) is I get bored.  And lazy.  These challenges become difficult for me because they seem endless so as any good procrastinator would do, I try to wait until the last possible second and then it never comes to fruition.  I’ve been trying to think of something to do that keeps me engaged but also keeps me motivated… and feeling LESS like a failure.

My solution?  A new challenge every week!  I tried to think of some clever alliteration (and if you can provide a better title, please let me know!) but every Monday will be “Challenge Monday”.  I will be introducing a new challenge each week.  This fights all of the above in several ways.

1.  It’s only a week-long.  I have been able to do all of the above challenges for at least a week

2.  Fights boredom.  Having a new challenge per week gives me something different each week

3.  If I hate it and it sucks, at least I only have to do it for a week ;)

4.  If I don’t meet the challenge at least I will have a chance to start fresh on Monday with a new focus for the week

Sounds kinda nifty eh?  Well, I would LOVE for you to join me!  We can chat about it on Facebook, Twitter, here – wherever!  I simply think it would be fun to have people tag along.  The challenges won’t usurp your current workouts rather add something too them.  For example, this week’s challenge is to complete

1000 push ups!

I found this on pinterest – I guarantee you I won’t look this happy… I’ll also be doing these on my knees. baby steps

Haha, I have NO idea if I am going to meet this challenge but it sure will be entertaining to try!  I have a feeling I’m not going to be able to keep my arms up to shampoo my hair by the end of the week!

So!  Are you going to join me?  Please keep in mind – I’m not an expert or a doctor and if I have never met you then I don’t know your level of fitness.  If you can do 5,000 push ups – ROCK ON!  If you get to 100 – way to go!  This is meant to be “challenge by choice”!  Please make sure you aren’t hurting yourself!

Yay!  Good luck and keep me posted!