challenges are grrrrreat! (kellogg’s please don’t sue me for using your slogan)

This summer, I have elected and been lucky enough to partake in 3 different challenges.  The cool thing about the blogger world and being a Sweat Pink Ambassador and a member of Team Tough Chik are all of the amazing connections I have made.  I’ve dropped in on so many blogs and read about so many cool fitness things my fellow writers are taking part in and/or creating.  At first, I wanted to do EVERY challenge!  A million burpees a day?!  Sure!  The RW Running challenge?!  Of course!  Whatever it was, I wanted IN!

However, our lovely internet world can sometimes collide with our “real” world obligations and I soon found things were pushed by the wayside – from both worlds.  I decided to narrow it down a little.  Two of the challenges are weight loss based.  Along with guidance from both bloggers, comes support from fellow participants – fantastic!

1. Marathon Weight Loss Challenge – this is from Jess’ blog, Run with Jess.  She is a fellow midwestern gal and even ran the Chicago Ragnar Relay, although as an ULTRA (one of my dreams!).  There are over 700 participants, a facebook page and we weigh in weekly through e-mail.  There are contests but not for the most weight lost so this part is cool.  Many of the participants post on the fb page with either their triumphs or their struggles.  I have a feeling this page will stick around because it really seems to come in handy.

2.  Mom Runner’s 10 lb SlimdownMom Runner is a fellow  Sweat Pink Ambassador and when I saw her publicize her challenge I wanted to support it by participating!  Plus, I really like her blog and she has the cutest accent EVER!  OH!  And she posted a recipe for a Pumpkin Pie Smoothie – seriously, it makes my mouth water just thinking about it.  Mom Runner has really helpful posts, a place for us to comment and then twitter as been a medium as well.

nothing to do with this post but it was on my facebook this morn and it’s great!

My goal with both of these challenges is to lose 10 lbs.  I feel these are pounds that can afford to go along the wayside.  And I can do it with lifestyle changes and not drastic eating/working out changes that I will never be able to sustain.  I’ve really like hearing others’ weight loss stories and also reading about what works and what doesn’t work.  I’m not trying to invent the wheel here people – exercise and healthy eating is the foundation but tricks of the trade are always helpful to learn.  I’ve lost 5 of these pounds and the last five are certainly being stubborn!  Haha, part of it is post vacation I’ve been slow to build back up to my activity level of pre/during vacation.  Yes, this is a nice way of saying, I’ve been lazy!  But the secret to my success has always been MOVEMENT and while comfy, hours on my couch is not getting me closer to the full 10 lb loss!  Time to MOVE!

3. The third challenge is put on by the Fitness Cheerleader and it’s to blog everyday for the month of August!  How cool is this?!  I love that it’s a challenge for my mind and skill set.  Blogging has definitely taken a back seat to the summer activities and while I don’t regret this, I want to get back in a more normal posting schedule.  I ALWAYS have posts running through my head, so this is a great way to get those posts to “paper” so I can actually sleep at night rather than composing a post in my head.  Yes, I really do this!

my lunch view from today – again, not much to do with the post but I like the pic

There you go!  These three challenges will all be coming to an end in a little over a month.  I think challenges are a great way to stay motivated and to fight that voice in your mind who says, “well… maybe just another cookie”  or “eh, not today – who is going to notice?”  I appreciate the external accountability when parts of me start to be wishy-washy!

Speaking of accountability – guess what I did today?  I called the Kzoo CrossFit!  Yay!  I finally did it!  The person my bro-in-law has been speaking to wasn’t in but I left her a message with my name AND phone number!  Sh*t just got real people!  Oh and I rambled.  She is going to think I am off my rocker.  I have to work late tomorrow but I’m hoping Friday I can go in so I don’t lose my nerve and forget the deal all together.  ***Update!***  She called me back and I go in FRIDAY!  Great scott!  She called me back and talked to me for 10 mins with LOADS of info.  Seriously, I said, “sounds great,” “awesome” and “thank you very much” like 3 times and that was it!  Here we go!

last random pic – I can’t park in my new parking spaces! I literally have to readjust my car 9 times out of 10! I can’t figure it out!