yes, I’m talking about food again… and running. please give me guidance!

Yesterday, a friend who will be running the Disney World marathon posted that there is only 10 weeks until the event.  What in samhill?  But yep, it’s true!  Somehow, January is coming right around the corner and with it my second marathon.  With Nike two solid weeks behind me and my first run in the books, I am actually looking on the bright side of running and it being FUN!  (Thanks for the words of wisdom Tasha!  People – check out Healthy Diva, she is an awesome runner!)

well, now I feel a little less accomplished!

But before I get too far ahead of myself (I’ll show you the outfit I want to make for the marathon in just a second!) I was wondering about your fuel habits when you run a 26.2.  I was absolutely shocked about how completely STARVING I was while I ran.  Some of this may be rehashed but here is a breakdown of what I ate before and after the marathon:

1.  In the morning around 5 am-ish?: A sandwich “thin” with peanut butter and a handful of chocolate covered espresso beans

2.  I had three shot bloks at mile 5.5

3.  The most delicious orange wedge I’ve ever eaten at mile 7

4.  A full GU at mile 11 (ish)

5.  A mini Luna bar roughly around mile 16 or 17

6.  I think three more shot bloks but now I can’t remember – those later miles are a bit foggy

I also drank a water bottle full of Nuun and then water at a couple of the earlier stations and then water and Nuun at every aid station for the last 10 miles or so.

When I got done with the race, I needed food – pronto.  I grabbed a banana half and a half of a bagel.  I was almost walking out of the food area and I went back for another bagel half.  I inhaled all of this.  Then I found the Safeway guy handing out chocolate milk (okay, I hunted him down) and got a 16 oz bottle and downed this as well.  I was finally feeling better.

Is this a lot?  Not enough?  I am not sure what I would have done without the Luna bar – I almost grabbed two.  I am also not sure I want to load up on more GU.  During the 25k, I think I got a bit of “GU sickness” or I was massively dehydrated.  Or both.

How do you fuel during a marathon and/or longer run?  I didn’t think this would happen – I expected to either feel nauseated from all of the running or simply like my stomach wasn’t really there.  Instead I wanted to pull over for a burger and fries… with a side of steak and baked potato… with a milkshake to wash it all down.

or I could just eat a GIANT bread alligator – that might have helped

Okay – spill (please)!  I need ideas so I can start practicing with different food ideas now

OH!  Fun costume plan for Disney World!!

I love red and white polka dot and minnie mouse is fun!