busy last couple of days

I’ve been working a lot the last couple of days so here is a recap of what I would have written had I had time…

Oh yeah, I got into this!

are you tired of seeing this picture yet? probably but I am NOT tired of posting it!!!

Yep, I am above and beyond excited to hit the streets RUNNING 26.2 miles in San Fran this October 14, 2012.  With my dear friend Danielle.  How could I NOT be excited?!  As I mentioned, this will be my first full and I am determined to train smart, run a solid race and become a marathoner.  I am also really looking forward to meeting up with other Sweat Pink Ambassadors and the women who made it possible at Fit Approach.

2.  This was a big week in my work world.  I got some good news, worked about 80 million hours, and feel like I got hit by a truck.  But it’s good – the academic year is over and I have about 12 hours of a summer break before my summer projects get up and running.  Do I mind?  Not really, at this point, I am thrilled to have the academic year done and over with and I am ready to have a good GREAT summer.

3.  MAJOR response to my give-away!  Wahoo!  Yay!  There is still time to enter!

4.  I’m running 13 miles today.  Ouch – I can feel it hurting already! ;)  But I’ve got this little 25k coming up and I need to make this happen!  I went for a run on Thursday.  I also decided one little egg sandwich wouldn’t hurt me… umm… HUGE mistake.  This equals horrifying results and a tough run.  I was able to salvage the run slightly by turning the last half into a tempo run but after 2.30 miles of running in the beginning I had to walk a half mile before being able to run home.

oh how you hurt me so lovely egg sandwich!

oh well… I guess my body has spoken, eh?

5.  I had myself a little arts ‘n crafts project.  I made presents for my staff and they turned out really well.  I was surprised  and quite pleased with myself!  I have two fairly useless talents – I am an excellent gift-giver and I make awesome foam for espresso drinks.  I’m sure both of these will get me very far in life.

I got the stripes for the men and the checked for the women
all done! I used fabric markers and stencils. they took some time but I love that they are practical and a fun gifty

6.  I’m going to get my books for the Reading and Running Long program today!  I love buying new books and am especially looking forward to buying books about running :)  I’m also going to buy the stick today.  My legs are TIGHT and have been for days.  Plus it will be nice to get out of the building.

ready to roll out these muscles

On Friday night, I was in bed and couldn’t sleep.  It was 4 am?  Later?  I had gotten to bed maybe an hour earlier (remember? I said it was a LONG work day!) and I started thinking about everything from this week/last few days.  Panic set in a bit, haha.  I had to do some major breathing exercises just to be able to fall asleep.  I’m hoping this panic will lead to energy/fuel to tackle all of the incredible experiences I have ahead of me!