15 thing friday – totally not on the ball this week

Today has simply been too much.  Well, the whole week has been actually.  It’s currently a little past midnight and I am sure I won’t finish this post tonight as I took a “nap” at 10:15 pm so I need to do something.  It will be a two-part-er.  I don’t know if this is clever or just plain lazy but there you go.

1.  As many other bloggers have probably mentioned, spring seems to be on strike here in MI.  Rain and snow mix today that led to this weird blizzard concoction.  I wasn’t terribly impressed.


2.  TAXES.  These are making me glum.  I have no problem paying my taxes – I happen to like living in the good ol’ U.S. of A and feel taxes are part of that.  HOWEVER, trying to submit them has been a huge hassle.  Like many slacker Americans, I waited until the golden hour of 4:45 pm on Monday (ahem, tax day) to do these bad boys.  I was stressed since I did them on my own for the first time ever.  Then came the whole PIN part.  Right, like I actually know what pin I used last year.  Nor did I have any idea what my AGI was.  Both of these are necessary to submit so I tempted fate and just submitted them with what I thought was the correct PIN.

3.  Two days later they were rejected.  Bummer.  I had to re-submit them by April 20th.  Naturally, I remember at 11:33 pm April 19th (tonight) and still couldn’t manage to come up with the correct PIN or find any paperwork from last year.  So I am mailing them in old school bright and early in the morning.

4.  Please sweet IRS, don’t audit me.  I did it all correctly so I don’t see why you would but it makes me nervous so please take pity on me, okay?

5.  Also today, I called my doctor all excited because it’s time to taper off of the old meds!  Yay!!  Finally – I will have my brain back!  Unfortunately, I had misunderstood and this phone call was only so we could UP THEM ONE MORE TIME!  Seriously, there was a few minutes there where I was speechless.  So, they are being increased but luckily they took pity on me and after one week I can start to taper off of the old.  I’m holding onto that part.

6.  I actually drove a car today!  Not mine but still!  I haven’t driven a car for 8 weeks!  I must say, I didn’t do half bad!

7.  Last Saturday I went to a Mom to Mom sale with friends who are moms.  I was the first person to buy something.  Yes, I realize this is odd.

not a diaper bag - just a great carry everything bag for work.  it's from thirtyone
not a diaper bag – just a great carry everything bag for work. it’s from thirty-one

8.  I have been OBSESSED with nesting as of late.  I spend way too much time on Pinterest and have saved a ton of stuff on IKEA under the heading, “Mega Shopping list”.  I don’t plan on buying all of it but here is the number one item on my list:

I like this one a lot but am worried there isn't enough room to pull the drawers out on each side in my room
I like this one a lot but am worried there isn’t enough room to pull the drawers out on each side in my room
here is my other option - but I wish this one didn't have a headboard... I guess I am being too picky
here is my other option – but I wish this one didn’t have a headboard… I guess I am being too picky

I can’t wait to store stuff under my bed!

9.  I am also looking at rearranging a few things to open up the space in here.  Perhaps it’s the “spring” time of the year or just that I have lived here now for a while but my apartment needs to be a happier looking place.

seriously spring - it's time to let go... winter will come back to you...
seriously spring – it’s time to let go… winter will come back to you…

10.  My dear sister sent me the world’s best vanilla and a new running skirt!  Both are from Costco – the skirt was $10 smackers and the vanilla is crazy cheap for the amount you get.  She is such a good sis that she sent me two sizes of the skirt so I could see which one fit better.  She knows me oh so well!

11.  It’s now Saturday!  I managed to file my taxes electronically – YAY!  I didn’t have to change out of my sweatpants!

12.  I am making this cake today!  I’ve been drooling over it for the last week and half.  Can I just say that strawberries are truly a temperamental berry?!  I mean c’mon – they rot in practically hours!  Get it together strawberries!

I am constantly lured in by your beauty, strawberries
I am constantly lured in by your beauty, dear treacherous strawberries

13.  This made me laugh entirely too hard earlier this week


14.  Hey there Socrates – you are one smart dude

b79e42f289f942fbd4174fe3f5587ee515.  Just a reminder…