I should probably just febreeze myself after crossfit

I’ve been completely lost on what day it is ever since I woke up this morning.  This weekend was a working weekend so already, I was a bit mixed up and then with the holiday, I didn’t really have any hope.  In fact, I kinda thought it was Thursday.  Luckily, I managed to get to my morning meeting on time as well as dazzle my class with my wit and charm.  Well, as much as you can dazzle 18 year olds with anything.

This morning I woke up early and was kind of wondering if I was going to run.  Then I saw this

LOTS of rain came down!

I decided I was going to try to run at lunch.  Nope, didn’t happen.  It was a really busy day with work, my first day of teaching this semester and a whole handful of items that needed to be attended to from the weekend.  As 5 pm rolled around, I could feel my energy waning.  Thankfully, I had planned ahead and put my gym bag in my car so I didn’t have to go to my apt.  Finally!  A brilliant moment for me!  I drove out to crossfit almost turning around at every intersection!  And guess what?!  I actually had some decent (girlie) push ups tonight!  I am super proud of myself and can feel my arms getting stronger!

I am definitely getting more and more comfortable with crossfit.  I no longer feel like an imposter who is trying to keep up with everyone else.  Isn’t hindsight funny?  When I think back to running, I don’t remember hating it at first but when I concentrate I know I did.  In fact, I’m sure simply getting out of the door on a daily basis was tough.  It took time to build the confidence with running and now I always know I am capable.  Even though I know crossfit will hurt each night, I no longer think I won’t be able to do it.  Now, I haven’t had to climb the rope yet (yeah, that is sooo going to be a joke!) but I do appreciate the unwavering faith all of the coaches have in us.  I think they are crazy but I appreciate it!

It was very humid today and by the time I finished the warm-up and WOD, I was NASTY!  Holy cow – I was a disaster.  So of course I went to Target and figured I needed to buy this

guess I’m a stinky gal

I know – it’s massively extra strength!  I think the other Target patrons were wishing I used it in the store.

I also picked this up tonight

thanks paul – you da bomb

This coffee is FANTASTIC!  The flavor is excellent, holds up well to being made as iced coffee and it’s free trade.

All in all, I’m surprised I had as much energy today as I did.  I was in the office early, was running around all day and had a full to do list.  I was positive getting up early would leave me needing a nap.  Baby steps to running in the morning, maybe?  Haha, we’ll see!

i’m going to need help getting dressed in the morn

I woke up this morn over the moon hungry.  You know that feeling?  I proceeded to eat a huge breakfast, which when I was finished was good but perhaps a bit too much.  I should have paused midway to reassess.  I do this sometimes… if I am extremely hungry I eat quickly and a lot rather than according to feeling.  I have worked on this but every once in a while it still catches me.

Last week when I wrote about my stress levels, I put in the plan to wake up in the mornings and go for a run.  Not a gigantic long run but a shorter one to get some time on my legs.  Guess how many times I have done this?  If you guessed anymore than “Zero” you clearly have more faith in me than I do!  That’s right folks, I haven’t done this once.  The problem is I want to!  But when the alarm goes off I look at the clock and think to myself, “this is so not going to happen” and roll over and go back to sleep.  In fact, this morning I got a work phone call at 7 am.  I was AWAKE.  I even thought to myself, “hey self, you could go running”.  But I didn’t.  I went back to sleep.

So, I need some help.  How do you all do it?  Get up early and run?  I need advice!!  I’ve been using the (somewhat real) excuse of work getting in the way but the other part is laziness.  This morning my NWM marathon buddy and I had some panic about the impending mileage.  I saw this and posted it via facebook.  It kind of fit.

damn right I want to be a champion!

Tonight’s crossfit session was another tough one.  The warm-ups are always beastly, they really should be called “work out #1”.  I think this would be more truthful!  The WOD was 10 push-ups and then 15 squats as fast as you could 10x.  That is 100 push-ups!  I said this, well, actually, I whispered it because I was freaked!  The first 20 were okay but after that my push-ups got plain ugly.  My arms were barely bending by the end but they were still shaking like mad.  Tomorrow morning I think I am going to lay my clothes on the bed and simply try and wiggle into them since my arms will be useless.  I did finish though :)  So, while I was impressed with my t-rex arms for getting me to the end, I was more impressed I even got to the gym in the first place.  I was GRUMPY, hot and tired when I left my apt this afternoon and getting even more sweaty sounded like a terrible plan to me.  My a/c still hasn’t been installed in my office and I sit there and puddle throughout the day.

even though I was out there, I had an internal debate about getting out of the car

Of course when it was all said and done, I was happy I went.  I could barely raise my arms but still happy I got there!  Now, I am going to suck it up and attempt to do my speedy (timed) 5k tomorrow morning.  Mind you, in order to get out of bed this morning for work I had to bribe myself with a delish coffee drink from McDonald’s so I am raising my standards for tomorrow.  Maybe this is what I need to do though – it’s easy to cave when you tell yourself you knew you wouldn’t do it in the first place.  Self-fulfilling prophecy, party of one?!  I’ll report back in the morning.  PLEASE send me positive vibes when you are waking up!  I will need it!

crossfit gym – or “box”… yep, this is where the magic happens

This next pic really doesn’t have much to do with anything, however, I downloaded insta-collage and had to try it out.  LOVE!

Oh and any tips for my poor palm plant?  It said “high light” so I moved it to my office (which, remember, is bloody hot) and it’s not doing well.  I don’t get it – there is mega good light there … thoughts?

the leaves look all dried out but the soil is damp – help!

the laundry fairy doesn’t exist

To say my dirty laundry was out of control would be an understatement.  I was getting low on all kinds of necessities – undergarments of the running variety, running skirts/capris, running socks… oh and some work clothes :)  Part of this has made me wear clothes I haven’t worn in some time.  I get caught up in a cycle of clothing so this has made me push past this.  Good news.  I came home tonight all motivated to get this at least partially under control.  I did two loads (big ones).  I went upstairs to change them to the dryer and one washer had completely spilled everywhere and my clothes were still sopping wet.  Boo!  Of course, the part I didn’t mention was the washer was unplugged when I got up there and thanks to a few acrobatics I was able to plug it back in, simply thinking it had come unplugged accidentally.  Nope.  I rewashed that load (another $1.50).  I miss my own washer/dryer!  I LOVE doing laundry!  Haha, can you tell?  Me and the W and the D had moments of silence before I left my last place.

doing laundry makes me happy

Alright, you probably didn’t click here to read about my laundry woes.  Let’s talk a bit of crossfit!  Last night was my first night of endurance crossfit.  Wow.  It was tough but it was really good.  We did more running than the other crossfit sessions I’ve attended, which I enjoyed and I worked HARD.  So hard, I got a decent headache for a little while and came pretty close to vomiting – yay!  Burpees will be the end of me, that’s all I have to say.  Oh and I got my first burpee blister.  Now I’m official!  Outside of endurance sessions, we have runs given to us.  This week we have to do some time trials – a 5k, a 40 min time trial and then a 10k.  These are supposed to be all out, run hard, come home a sweaty disaster kinds of runs.  I’m still trying to figure out my schedule and hopefully next week I’ll be able to hit an actual routine.  Tonight I had to work late and missed a WOD session but it wasn’t mandatory.  My goal is to make them 4 days a week and then hit the runs the other 3.

I still love this

When I got home last night, I was BEAT!  My whole body was kind of vibrating!  I was definitely proud and somehow I am not horribly sore today.  I was really surprised.

The other day I was thinking about goals I had set back a few months ago.  One of the stress relievers I talked to my students about last week was to sell yourself TO YOURSELF!  Don’t forget to congratulate yourself for a job well done!  In light of this, here were a few of my goals and the status of each:

Run the RiverBank 25k – DONE!

Run Ragnar – DONE!

Budget – spend less on things and more on experiences – I was doing much better on this before the summer hit.  Once I moved I suddenly felt like I had to decorate my apt completely.  Then I went on a shoe binge.  There were some other necessary items in there too but still, I’ve realized I need to pull back a bit!  I’ve got some amazing experiences up ahead and I don’t want to stress about money because I spent too much at Target.

Cross Train – oh man, this was a huge failure for a while.  With the addition of crossfit, I’m getting better.  Progress is being made.

Train for a marathon – in progress!

I made this my screen saver on my phone – gotta stay motivated!

Get a new job – DONE!

Eat healthier – hmm, this has been off and on – definitely time to refocus!

Lose 10 lbs – again, off and on and need to refine my healthful routines!

Stress less – in one of my last work evaluations, it was written I needed to learn to manage my stress better.  Nothing like having that front and center!  I tried yoga for a little while, running of course, sleeping more, sleeping less – all kinds of things!  Attitude is a major part of this so I’m working on reframing my thinking so I see the positives rather than the negatives.  I also started drinking tea :)  I don’t know, I think this will always be a learning curve for me.  I am naturally an anxious person but I’m mindful of this and working on it!

my new mantra

I think there were other goals but these are ones I can think of and that have been on my mind lately.  While there are areas I need to refine, I’m proud of myself for the goals I’ve met!  I’m excited what I’ve accomplished and it does make me feel more encouraged.  If you are having a rough day, try thinking of what goals YOU have accomplished and then give yourself a MAJOR pat on the back!

way to go YOU!

thankful thursdays are back!

LOADS to tell you! :)

Today marks the return of Thankful Thursday!  Yippee!  I really enjoyed doing the Running and Reading Long program even though I kind of fell off the wagon and have 1/2 written posts about books that need a bit of finessing but are ready to go.  In case you are wondering, this is how I was all through college too.  In case you were NOT wondering… well, now you know.

So, here we go:

1.  Friends I can call upon anytime for anything:  this morning I had a minor panic and I texted my friend at 7 am.  She didn’t waste anytime getting back to me and reassuring me.  7 am – that’s love!  I texted my other friend a couple of weeks ago and told him I was having a bad day.  His response?  A compliment!  And he checked in with me throughout the day to make sure I was hanging in there.  I’m truly blessed in the relationship department!

2.  I got a promotion!  Haha, okay, so this is kind of old news but it dawned on me the other day in my search of routine, I forgot to CELEBRATE!  Not in the “cheers” way, although this is definitely important, but in the, “hey Aim, you kick some booty!” way!  So, a pat on my back, an “atta girl!” and a “I’m so proud of myself!” attitude has descended upon me.

way to go self!

3.  I like tea!  I’ve really wanted to like tea for a long time.  It embodies tranquility and other zen-y qualities that I associate with melting away stress.  I have found one I like, French Vanilla, with a bit of flavored creamer.  It definitely helps to calm me and even fills me up a bit.  With my increasing hunger, this is fantastic.

some tea for meee

4.  A great run!  I got home from work yesterday a little worse for the wear.  Whew!  It was a DAY!  I knew right away I wanted to run rather than do crossfit but melted into my recliner.  A couple of hours later, I was still trying to give myself reasons NOT to run.  Then I just got up.  I decided to give my new Brooke’s Pure Flows a gander.  Oh my!  I LOVE them!  I ran so fast! :)  Seriously, all of my miles were sub-10 min miles and I haven’t been able to keep up this pace for more than a half mile or so in quite some time.  Because I have been using a bigger shoe that offers more stability, it was suggested I only do 1-3 miles in them the first few times.  I wanted 3.  I thought about pushing more but I did feel some extra twinges in the forefront of my foot and decided to listen to my body and walk the 4th mile home.  I also realized I could keep up with this pace, however, my breathing needs some work.  I would catch myself NOT breathing from my belly and as soon as I did I felt much more energized and stronger.

why yes, I am in love with these shoes

5.  My glutes hurt from Crossfit on Tuesday – this means I did my squats correctly :)

I like this list – it’s reflective of a week spent trying to get used to NOT having a routine, getting out from under stress but also simply accepting myself where I am at.  Not to mention, at first, I couldn’t think of anything I was grateful for today – shame, Amy!  That’s why I borrowed this idea in the first place!  I’m also thrilled tomorrow is Friday even if it is a major working weekend… there WILL be some free time in there somewhere!

8 weeks… NO! i’m not preggers!

Thanks so much for all of your kind words and support!  You all rock!

I started following the agenda I previously posted about getting out from under stress last night.  I went to bed early.  I know – a small miracle!  Guess what?!  I felt better today!  I also headed to crossfit.  I was nervous, since it had been a week since I last showed my face there but I shouldn’t have been.  They were very welcoming and I jumped right in… to a HARD workout!  After the warm-up my thighs were on fire!  Luckily, we had some running today, which is something I can do!  Yay :)  I felt that I worked really hard today and I certainly enjoyed the endorphins.

Why did I work so hard today?  Because THIS is only 8 weeks away!!!  HOLY CANNOLI!

where did the time go?!

Today I was perusing facebook and I saw a post by Nike that announced the FULL marathon was only 8 weeks away.  I about lost my lunch!  I booked my ticket a few minutes ago.  S*#t just got real.  I love saying this – I feel like an early 90’s action flick superhero!  I told my crossfit coach tonight  the race was just 8 weeks away and his response?  “No problem”.  Yes, he and I have a very different idea behind the meaning of this phrase!

I also hit up another item on my list and got organized.  I met with my teaching assistant and we hammered out the whole semester.  I also ventured to one of my sacred lands

my happy place

What can I say?  I love office supplies!  I went in to buy a planner but shame on you Office Depot!  They were charging almost $20 per planner!  I quickly headed over to Target and picked one up for $7 smackers.

Also on my list?  I spent some time with one of my besties this evening.  We went for a long walk and caught up on life.  Em still goes to yoga (somehow I fell off that train) and she said the yoga instructor told the class, “Be kind to yourself.  The world beats up on you quite a bit, why do you add to it?”  I may have gotten the direct quote wrong but the first sentence is correct.  Be kind to yourself.  How incredible is this message?  Yep, it’s taking me longer to adjust but who cares?!  I’m stressed – but I am working through it.  I need to stop beating myself up for it, accept it and give myself a pat on the back for persevering.  A friend posted this on facebook a couple of weeks ago and I thought it fit well here tonight


the rolling stones know their stuff

I saw this today on Pinterest on the Sweat Pink Sister inspiration board.  It was exactly what I needed to hear today.  As a total over-analyzer I often ponder the question if everything happens for a reason.  I struggle with this when I hear about sad/bad things happening to others or when my mom passed.  In fact, last week, I had a couple of sad dreams about my mom.  The dream on Tuesday night (into Wednesday, a.k.a “meltdown day” – hmm, imagine that?!) was a bad one.  I dreamt she just left my family and I kept saying over and over that she would have never done this; there must be some mistake.  I woke up in the early hours of the morning and a huge sense of relief washed over me as I knew mom hadn’t left.  But it took me a few minutes for it to register that she had died.  Yes, this was a tad overwhelming.  Add this to the monthly hormonal imbalance, trying to get used to my new position at work, starting crossfit, and I have been an emotional basket case for almost a week now.  I’m trying to pull and keep it together.  I have my moments of success but other times, I haven’t done as well.  Note to self:  Amy, you are a total sap – don’t watch the Harry Potters where Dumbledore and Diggory die – TOO SAD!  Good thing no one was around!  This quote is amazing!  I’m going to plaster it in my apt and in my office!

On to less depressing matters… I got my new running shoes today!  The Brooks PureFlow!  I am very excited to put them to the test.  My goal is a run in the morning but it all depends how I feel.  Why might I be sore?  CrossFit baby!  Tonight’s session went okay.  We did a load of burpees, which made all parts of my body cry a little!  Why are burpees so hard?  Why does my chest have to hit the ground?!  Haha, burpees – you do NOT complete me!  The coach came over to me to help me with technique for my air squat.  He told me to relax – apparently I am one giant ball of tension!  I explained I didn’t want to do it wrong – that I like to do things well even if I’m slower than the rest of the group.  As a swimmer, I was usually in last place but I had killer form!  The coach’s response tonight, “well, relax because you ARE doing it wrong!”  Oh, ok, good to know.  Then he also explained he was going to START pushing me.  Uh-oh Marley.

ooo – the purple is fantastic!

One of my co-workers sent this to me today with the following caption

have you ever made a sweater for simon?

Haha, thankfully, I have NOT ever made Simon a sweater!  That might be crossing the line into cat lady territory :)

Oh!  I also got my 1/2 off compression socks in the mail!  Yay!  They are bright red and I really like them.  They don’t squish my feet (toes)  like my other pair.  I have rather large feet for my height (I wear 7 and 1/2 in regular shoes and 8’s in running shoes and I am only 5’2).  Sometimes compressions socks feel they are too short for my feet!

I was a bit sore this morning from my run last night but I 100% don’t regret it.  I felt powerful and it was a major ego boost.  I needed it.  I also took pics of my tummy so I could track my progress on a weekly basis.  I have no intention of posting these just yet!  Ha!  Sorry but I need to actually see some progress before I’m comfortable blasting them all over the internet.  Last week I felt mega hungry all week and I’m hoping this was simply the hormones and not the effects of crossfit.  I will say I was hungry when I got home tonight and I think I need to start cooking food for the week on Sunday.  I end up making less than stellar choices or I nickel and dime my calories.  Tonight I had cereal but I am still hungry… ugh!


i need more peanut butter – stat!

Yay!  Here is Marley!

isn’t she sweet?! of course she is much bigger now but still a lil’ sweetheart

What.a.day.  Good grief.  I am so happy it’s practically over.  We started training at 8:30 am and the day didn’t start out the best.  Not to get terribly personal, but I was (sort of?  more on this later) diagnosed with PCOS.  This is polycystic ovary syndrome.  I get horrible, terrible, no good, very bad cramps.  They wake me up at night right when it’s time to take more meds, I pump Motrin 800’s into my body like candy and it still doesn’t knock out the pain.  I also massively bloat, am usually dragging and who can forget the ever popular emotional roller coaster?  So much fun!  Today, I cried before 10:30 am, then again in the afternoon and then again on the way home from crossfit.  The next couple of days will only be marginally better :/

One reason I was upset this morning?  Because I was out of this

my favorite peanut butter! this wasn’t the only reason but it certainly didn’t help!

After an all day training session, I was working on a presentation when my internet went down.  Boo.  I worked up until it was time for crossfit and then hightailed it across town.  For some reason today was sucky.  I was REALLY sore, felt like a chubby bunny and while I joke around about being built like a t-rex, it’s kind of depressing to realize it’s true.  It’s also embarrassing.  Usually I don’t mind being the one who is weaker or slower but my ego was all sensitive tonight.

Crossfit got over and I needed a boost.  Even though it’s not recommended to work out within 3 hours of a session (before or after) I thought I needed to go for a run.  Haha, that turned into a run/walk because they were right – you are tired!  Finally, I finished my presentation and am able to reunite with my couch.  Oh and I was able to bring in my basket of laundry :)  Speaking of which, I tried these the other day

I liked them!


I did the math and they are fairly comparable to liquid detergent. Especially considering they have detergent, a stain fighter and some kind of color booster all in one.  I like that I don’t have to haul around a bunch of different bottles too.  My new place doesn’t have a washer/dryer (yeah, it was like finding out Santa didn’t exist all over again) so these are helpful.  Since I typically don’t use a stain fighter on a regular basis or a color booster, the price may not be as cheap vs. just soap but I’ll figure that out once I have my own w/d (someday!).


I’m not exaggerating – I won’t be able to use my arms tomorrow.  This morning I struggled with turning off my alarm clock!  And we hit the push-ups HARD tonight!  Seriously, I will pay you $5 million dollars if you come over and help me get ready for work in the morning! ;)

p.s. special thanks to my commentors yesterday for the compliments!  They were such a bright spot!




i survived

Tonight was my first Fundamentals Crossfit session!  I’m definitely sore and tired but I made it!  Actually, when the trainer said, “It’s 7:05 and we are done” I was surprised.  I didn’t realize we had been there for a whole hour.  Don’t get me wrong, I was beat and SUPER grateful we were finished.  I was also proud I made it!

So what did we do?  Our warm-up consisted of a 50 meter run, 20 lunges, repeat the run, 10 inch worms, repeat the run, 20 jumping jacks, repeat the run and then either 10 or 20 mountain climbers.  I know.  It was tough.  I am not sure how long this was for but I’m guessing around 10 or 15 mins?  Since we are a fundamentals class we then moved into technique.  I have already gone through this type of session back home but I knew I would go through it again.  I welcome more tips/training.  Especially considering I seem to depend on my quads rather than my  glutes during squats.  Must depend more on glutes!

The WOD was made up of running 200 meters and wall balls.  The nice thing about this was it combined something I’m good at (running) with something that makes me feel like the weakest person on the planet (wall balls)!

In other news, I went and saw the new Batman movie last night – I enjoyed it!  There was a movie poster for the upcoming last Twilight movie and someone had written this next to it

you know the writer of this is going to see the movie, too!

Yes, I am a fan but this still made me laugh!

Also, looking for some compression socks on the cheap?  Check out the Schwaggle deal for PRO compression socks!  Put in the deal “SOCKS” and you get them half off AND free shipping!  Pretty sweet, eh?

Oh my gosh – how I have missed buying these?!

you know you want them too!*


Short post today… I am exhausted from my fun-filled weekend, need to finish 3 or 4 work projects and had a busy day doing tasks for my new gig :)

*sorry!  my good friend sent me this and I don’t have the link!


going against conventional wisdom is enticing albeit scary

Yesterday when I went in for my info meeting with the Kzoo CrossFit folks, we talked about the endurance program.  I explained I am training for a marathon in Oct.  The coach/trainer for the program asked me how many miles I’ve run and when I told him I had recently done a 1/2, he said “Great!”

Awesome, I thought – this is going better than I thought.

But his next sentence threw me for a loop.  He said, “if you can run 13.1 miles you can already run 26.2.  Easy.  It’s just a mental block.”

Ummm – what?!

Here is my future training plan, beginning Aug. 27th

here it is!

Sorry if this is tough to read but here is what is says:

M – work out of the day (WOD) and a run


W – WOD and a run

TH – WOD and a run


S – LR

All of the runs during the week are interval training and some of his descriptions sounded fairly intense.  It will be tough.  But get this – my LONGEST run of the whole entire training season will be 13 miles!  WHAT?????  I’m sure he could see the disbelief on my face but he told me if I trusted him then it would work.

This part is the hardest thing for me to believe.  It completely flies in the face of conventional marathon training of a 10% increase each week in mileage.  But it appeals to me too – I like to be a bit of a rebel.  It’s important not to discount the WOD’s.  We will be focusing on  A LOT of core work.  I said I wanted my overall fitness to improve and he said it would.  I will also get some gait analysis and essentially COACHING!  I was thinking about all of this and decided to commit on the spot.  Why not?  I explained I didn’t want to walk any of the marathon and he said I wouldn’t have to.  It IS a bit nerve-wracking but exciting too.

I’m also looking at transitioning to a new shoe

why are new shoes so enticing?!


the price point is awesome – $90 and they have some cute colors.  I am trying to figure out if I will still need actual crossfit shoes or if these will be enough.  I’m trying to make up my mind…

All in all, I’m looking forward to training – it’s with a group and I think this will help in my motivation/commitment.  More than that, I think it will be cool to meet new people all training for a similar goal!


Oh and last night on a late night walk, look who I saw?

pretty nifty, eh?