eww – migraine and some thankful thursday business

Last night as I finished my post, I started to see spots.  At first I figured it was because many of my lights were off in my apt and the screen was bright.  However, it got worse and I couldn’t really see.  I started to freak out a bit.  I took out my contacts but this didn’t help.  Finally it dawned on me:  MIGRAINE!  I quickly took some vicodin.  45 mins later, I still wanted to cry.  I remembered some headache samples I had been given but could I take those on top of vicodin?!  I called my dad and he gave me the a-okay.  Thank goodness… it was a bad one.  Now 24 hours later, I’m still battling it.  I get waves of feeling better and then I move around to get things done and it’s downhill again.  Boo!

So, how does this play into my Thankful Thursday post?  Read on dear readers!

1.  My dad!  I was super grateful I could call on him!  Between my dad, sister and I, we have tried almost every over the counter headache med there is (and probably most of the prescribed ones too).  Headaches/migraines run in the fam and we all have an appreciation for the pain.  By the time I called I was almost in tears and dad talked me down (even though he may not have known it) to a more manageable pain level.  “Take the pills, Aim… drink some Gatorade… turn off all of the lights… don’t try to watch tv… call me in the morning…” awesome advice and what I needed to hear.  In my fam, we also take the pain seriously so I felt validated too.

the headache trio

2.  Feeling better!  Well, okay, I’m not feeling great but at least it doesn’t feel like my head is falling off.  I still have what I call, “residue” from the headache.  The leftover pain that kind of shoots through your head and the dull ache from the carnage it waged the night before but nothing like how it was.  But I can see!  I seriously do not know what people did before there were meds to help ease these.  I am soooo thankful for meds that can at least allow the pain to subside!

3.  A coach – yesterday I eeeeeked out 100 push-ups.  Okay, by push-up standards the last 50 were marginal at best but I would have quit long before if my crossfit coach hadn’t been there telling us to “keep it up!” (I may have sworn at him in my head… A LOT).  Sometimes my confidence in my fitness waivers.  I am still surprised when I can complete a WOD.  Everyday, I think to myself, “maybe I’m in better shape than I thought!”

I saw this guy after a marathon in the spring… it’s how I looked yesterday

4.  My Keurig – oh man, this sucker is AWESOME!  I bought the “K-cup” so now I can use my own beans, which makes it even cheaper.  I use it every morning, in the afternoon for my tea and then sometimes in the evenings for some hot chocolate.  The fact I got for half off makes me feel like I stole it!  I highly recommend it!  It is pricey but so worth the investment.

this is how I enjoy my coffee in the morn too ;)

5.  My brother-in-law!  He and I have moved beyond the “annoying little sister” relationship (although I still love to annoy him!) to a friendship.  It took us some time but I think we both have an appreciation for each other.  Crossfit has deepened this bond and I really don’t think I would still be going without him.  One night when I wanted to quit a few weeks ago, he let me know lots of people go through the same thing.  This morning he sent me a text about running.  He is a great cheerleader!  Love ya, Seany Flay!  Thanks for all of the support!

I totally photobombed this pic – guess the annoying little sister thing is alive and well after all!