I’m snobby about my oranges

Want to hear something ridiculous?  I am crazy about Cutie oranges!  But they MUST be Cuties – none of the other brands will do.  I’m certain others feel this way because other brands use the exact same colors as Cuties despite their bogus camouflage.  Sorry Clemin-Tinas and *Lil’ Darlin’s – just because you have blue and orange packaging doesn’t make you a Cutie.

If you want to read something really creepy, read this:  14 Creepiest things kids have said about an imaginary friend.  I’m not kidding…

Monday I had a dentist appointment and surprise!  It was time to get a filling!  As ungrateful as I sound, it was very nice of them to do it on the spot.  This way it goes on 2013’s deductible.  I will say, I wasn’t quite prepared for major numb face (all the way up to my eyes!) and my meeting that immediately followed was entertaining.

This past weekend I got to meet my dear friend’s little bundle of joy!  She is absolutely adorable and is so tiny.  She has just reached 6 lbs status so I gave her a high five for gaining some weight.  I wanted to snuggle her for hours.  And yes, I completely hogged her and only gave her to another friend to hold when I had to go to the bathroom!

Kara also brought some white chicken chili and it was delicious.  I made a white chicken chili two years ago and something went wrong along the way.  Or I had a dud recipe and the boyfriend at the time told me it was only ‘eh’ so I didn’t bookmark that one.  I was pleasantly surprised and I’ll post the link when I make it.

Running was a no-go on Monday considering I was hopped up on numbing business and a pain killer <— I was being a wimp.  Unfortunately, a massive headache followed suit yesterday since I had the gall to let a dentist touch my head.  I’m not kidding, I am a mega wuss when it comes to brain but it’s so easily aggitated!  However, I finally got off of my bum this morning!  Yay!  I was extremely proud of myself for getting out of bed.  It’s just in time too because Monday was the official “one month away!” from the Dopey Challenge!  Oops, I nervous vomited a bit!

hopefully you all saw this gif coming

It’s weird because I’ve been talking about it forever and now it’s almost here.  My training has taken a dip these last couple of weeks.  I need to kick my own arse because I was doing so well there and then I essentially jumped the shark.  I was all zen about it before and now it’s time to hit the all-freak-out-systems-go button and lock this s*%t down.

Naturally, it’s easier to say than do but I keep thinking about how I started crying during last year’s race.  I am no longer ashamed of those tears – I’ve gotten over that part.  Nevertheless, I don’t want to start crying until at least mile 17 of the marathon!  I do have to contend with snazzy snow storms currently but these are details right?  It’s time to engage the booster pack of my training!

see all of those snowflakes?  why yes, this is the 10 day forecast
see all of those snowflakes? why yes, this is the 10 day forecast

*I’m really hoping the other brand of oranges is actually called Lil’ Darlin’s.  Otherwise I am getting it mixed up with a local strip club… I wish I were kidding.

new running skirt & the dentist

Today has some entertaining business for you so hopefully you will enjoy…

First off, RUNNING talk!

Monday was the kick off for the RW Run Streak and it was mighty hot here in Kzoo as I mentioned.  What I didn’t mention was I woke up EXTREMELY grumpy on Monday.  Oh yeah, and bloated thanks to some bacon and other unwise salty choices during the weekend (and the heat).  It wasn’t pretty.  It also made me even more grumpy.  I waited until it cooled down a smidge, about 8:30 pm or so and headed out in my tempos… which felt tight.  Then they rode up the whole 1 mile run – awesome.  I hate it when my shorts ride up!  It brings back bad memories of being a chubby bunny and makes me feel super self-conscious.  I walked 2.5 miles after the 1 mile run and it broke my spirit a bit.  Uh, no, I didn’t take a pic…


Tuesday, I went down and bought a new running skirt so if the little shorts rode up at least no one would see.  I bought the Brooks Women’s PR Running Mesh skirt and took it for a spin last night.  Major difference!  I rocked 4 miles and then walked one mile home.  Yes, it was a few degrees cooler but the shorts didn’t ride up and I as able to run embarrassment free!  Even a bit faster than normal!  Am I really that shallow that I can’t have a good run if I have a wardrobe malfunction?!  Why yes, I am.  It’s one thing to have the junk in the trunk doing a dance for all to see but when everything feels off I am one cranky camper.  Brooks thank you for allowing me to “Run Happy

this is the color I got as well – it makes my pasty skin look a bit tan :)

The little shorts have some rubber on the inside to keep them from riding up and it comes in a few different colors.  It’s not super cheap – $50 but since it is getting HOT here it’s worth it in order to a) enjoy my run and b) actually go out and run.

Today I went to the dentist.  I spend quite a bit of time at my dentist – my teeth are not the strongest and I have decent dental insurance so I’m lucky enough to be able to fix some of the issues I have.  Oh yeah, and I had my tongue pierced when I was in college.  Giant mistake… and a costly one since we think it has contributed to some of my back teeth weakening – super fun!  Today I had to go in for a crown on one side and a biopsy – got one or two stitches – on the other side of my mouth.  Ummm… PAINFUL!  Wowzers – I forgot how much crowns hurt!

I tried to smile but I have a HUGE fat lip! this is in the dentist’s bathroom – the swelling is getting a bit worse but I’ll manage

While I was all numbed up and on the nitrous oxide I realized what a scene this was – with all of the tools, my mouth wide open, drills and whatnot and I said the following:

Me:  If aliens saw this they would think it was really weird…  I bet they wouldn’t even land…

Yeah… the dentist and hygienist laughed but I am sure they turned the knob down on the gas!  They already think I am a bit crazy anyways considering where they cut off the skin in my mouth I tried to remove it once before on my own.  Yeah, doing your own “mouth surgery” is not recommended and I understand why!  Please just trust me!  I’ve taken some painkillers (okay about 50) and realized I needed to rest.  Tomorrow is going to be kind of painful :(

p.s. the spider is still there… now I really need to figure something out!