juicing – all done!

My last post was a bit depressing – considering it was about depression, I’d say I nailed it?  There is more on this topic I want to discuss but a lot has happened between then and now so I will jump back into it soon.

I finished the 28 day juice cleanse the Saturday before I left for vacation/WA.  My original plan was to finish a week before I left but it took a few days to get it up and running so I was nervous about being done on Saturday and taking off on Monday.

so yes, this thought did cross my mind… it’s VACATION after all…

Let’s get right to it… the 28 day juice cleanse was a very interesting experience.  It’s a roller coaster of a time which I simply didn’t expect.  I will say, I will never do a 28 day cleanse again.  Definitely a shorter one – as I know it did my body good, but 28 days was simply too long for my body.  Office mate really thrived on this and in fact has started another 28 day rotation.  It’s important to recognize what works for your body.

I lost 11lbs.  I think I would have lost more but I didn’t have a whole lot of energy to work out.  I should’ve just gone for walks but in my brain it seemed that either I would run or I would sit on my couch.  I don’t always see the middle ground.  Speaking of running, I do not recommend doing a juice cleanse during marathon training.  This was a poor timing decision on my part.  I really did not have the energy to do any distance and I didn’t see that it was related to lack of foods rather lack of fitness on my part so I felt discouraged.

I know all of the fruits and veggies were a mega boost to my system.  I noticed benefits to fueling my body with said nutrients.  In fact, now that I’m two weeks out and haven’t been juicing at all, I can feel my NEED to merge aspects of the juice lifestyle with a food lifestyle.  Does this make sense?  It’s hard to explain but I just don’t eat enough fruits and veggies as part of my regular diet.  It’s a major hole and I’m never quite sure how to fix this.

So, I’m bringing some juicing back!  I’ve picked my favorite and will have one of these a day for the next few days to see if I can feel a difference.  I know part of my lethargic feeling is the whole vacation eating – I mean seriously, how am I supposed to deny yummy burgers at a family BBQ?  Or your dad’s wedding cake? Your grandma’s lemon cake?!  Nope, not going to happen.  I had a mini freak out the Saturday of the wedding as I could feel the bloat and my niece talked me down with encouraging words.  She is a gem.

I’ll have the juice for lunch.  I recently read an article on Active.com with regards to dieting and running.  It recommended NOT dieting when training for a race and I couldn’t agree more.  However, it also talked about eating less processed foods and keeping it balanced.  This is my focus.

Ron captures my feelings on the juice cleanse!

Overall, I’m glad I finished the cleanse.  I didn’t believe I could stick with it and I proved to myself I could accomplish hard things that were out of my element.  The last two days of the cleanse were a bit dicey since I had to eat one or two meals for work-related events but such is life.  I didn’t expect feeling so emotional during this process!  It was also kind of isolating.  So much of our lives revolves around food!  And the silly part I hated was going to the grocery store so much.  For me personally, I had a lot of headaches – I mean, one practically everyday.  This is the primary reason I won’t do this length of a cleanse again.  BUT I readjusted my portion sizes!  I readjusted my sugar cravings and sugar intake!  Can you see how back and forth I feel about this experience?!

I’ll refer to this again in future posts I’m sure and I would be happy to answer any questions.  I’m really proud of myself!

totally ready to eat all of the carbs in the world

This week has been weird.  In fact, today was weird.  It perked up toward the end of the day but I guess I am not remembering a whole lot from the few days prior either.  I think there are several reasons for this:

1.  The Cleanse… or maybe a better word would be detox.  Anyway, it’s messin’ with me, man!  I’m hungry, plain and simple.  After this is done, I have decided I am not going to give up carbs.  I like them.  I miss them.  I want real noodles and I want some bread.  I also want a burger but that’s a whole other story.  I am glad I decided to do this before heading off to Vegas because I’m going to eat a lot.  I’ve been hungry for days now and there are a few times where I feel a bit out of it.  And my energy has seen better days.  I haven’t been working out and I’m in bed around 10:30 pm every night.  At least it’s been good for my sleeping habits!  I chalk all of this up to not eating enough.  So when this is over, I am going to continue watching my sugar intake because I think this has made me sluggish recently.  But I will be making sure to get the right amount of calories for an active lifestyle.

turkey bacon in a baggie - completely normal, right?
turkey bacon in a baggie – completely normal, right?

2.  VEGAS next week!  I can’t wait!  I am thrilled to be going on a mini-vaca and I am looking into a 5k in the area!  I would be doing it with a twitter friend/runner!  I think it would be super fun and I am ready to go there and enjoy the sights and sounds of that crazy place.  I know I will be ready to come home too but it will be a few days before I reach that point.  Oh yeah, it won’t be 25* there either.

this is how fun vegas will be

3.  I had an appointment with my neurologist this week.  After my 4 day migraine last week, I figured it would be a good time to schedule something (clearly, I am very intelligent).  It was a fabulous appointment!  I am not kidding – she really listens to me and I brought her a whole list of questions.  One of my goals for the year was to become more educated on my disease/condition (I’m not sure which one it is) and this helped.  I have frontal lobe epilepsy.  I’ve never known this before!  We also decided to change up my medication.  WHOA NELLY!  To let you know how monumental this is, I haven’t changed my medication aside from dosage, in 16 years!  After I get back from vaca I will start the process.  It’s not going to be all bells and whistles, so my excitement is mingled with nerves.  I’m sure I will write more about it.  I do have this feeling of hope though, since my current meds have side effects that I will be happy to no longer have to deal with.

this is NOT what happened at my appointment!
this is NOT what happened at my appointment!

So there you go… tonight I am going to maul some chicken and tomatoes and after tomorrow, I will be finished.  I will definitely “review” this whole detox thing but I am not doing the “miracle soup” on Saturday.  I have to fly on Sunday and I am not sure what that will do to my tummy.

challenge monday return and saying YES! to everything

Ever seen the movie “Yes Man”?  I watched it for the first time 2 years ago and as cheesy as it sounds it did remind me to not “audit my life”.  Sunday it was on again and perhaps it was the gentle reminder I needed to stop saying “no” to opportunities.  I’ve mentioned my proclivity for living the hermit life right?


While the movie definitely goes a bit overboard, I still really appreciate the message.  It also has Zooey D in it and she is my girl crush.  So, I’m going to be better about saying YES! to things that I’ve gotten in a rut to saying “no” to!  Should be interesting!  Just in time for my Vegas trip! <—- why yes, this is the type of thinking that helped my blog garner its name!

Meanwhile, I also started my 7 day detox on Sunday.  It was fruit day.  I decided I was NOT going to give up coffee.  While I recognize it shoots a hole in the concept of detox, I’m hoping it’s only a small hole.  I don’t want to totally derail it but at the same time going without caffeine is just hurtful (on so many literal, emotional/psychological and physical levels!)  Let me also just say, this has been hard!  I’ll write more later this week but seriously?  Fruit and veggies?  No, these do NOT fill you up!  I can’t wait to have a soft pretzel!

a twitter friend sent me a pic of a soft pretzel and now I want one...
a twitter friend sent me a pic of a soft pretzel and now I want one…

This week also marks the return of Challenge Mondays!  (Okay, Tuesdays, my detox is making me a bit loopy!)  I have completely fallen off the horse on this and I’ve wanted to bring it back for a bit.  Sometimes the first 6 weeks after the New Year takes me a bit to get rolling again.  I found this on pinterest (shocker) and thought it looked like a great work out.