poor lil’ simon!

This week has been a bit over the top.  Simon woke me up this morning as usual.  I went to give him his breakfast and noticed he had some goop on his eye.  I wiped it off, gave him his breaky and then looked at him again.  BOTH eyes were goopy and all weepy.  Hmmm… he was also squinty and a bit lethargic

this is where I found him this morning – picture from a previous day. simon didn’t want to pictured looking all sickly ;)

As you may have guessed from previous posts, Simon is quite important to me.  We’ve been together for 6 years making our relationship the longest I’ve ever had with a male!  Not to mention, he is a snuggle bug, greets me at the door when I get home and makes me laugh on a daily basis with his goofball antics.  So, I called my vet as soon as they opened and of course they were booked all day.  Because both of Simon’s eyes were affected, the receptionist suggested it might be wise to go to the emergency vet clinic.  I was nervous – I knew this meant some bigger bucks.

yeah, I’m whipped

BUT how could I look at this little face and tell him I couldn’t take him to the doctor because mama wants to go to San Fran and Disney World – without him?!  I couldn’t do it and I looked up goopy eyes online and webmd for pets is just as freaky as it is for people.  Panic!

Everyone was really nice at the clinic.  They were busy since it’s the holiday weekend so we had quite the wait.  Simon HATES the car and the cage so he made his unhappiness known.  He always wets his cage but this time I got smart and put in a puppy training pad so that helped.  Then a super loud beagle came in and Simon lost his s*#t – literally.  I know, Simon was probably having one his top five worst days.  I tried to tell him all the cool cats poop and pee their cage but I don’t think he bought it.

maybe if adam sandler told simon it was cool, he would have believed it!

By this time, I was seriously reconsidering my decision.  The vet tech came out to take Simon back to the room to get his vitals.  The pet’s people stay in the waiting area and I kinda started to cry.  I know, I am such a wimp!  But after this year, all of the horrible webmd stuff kept flashing through my mind.  I pulled it together by the time they brought him back – phew!  Simon had quieted down a bit and I wondered if maybe I had overreacted and he didn’t need to be there after all.  Then he looked up at me through his cage, and his eyes were all gooey.  Heart=officially broken.

Thankfully, once inside the exam room, things went pretty smoothly.  Simon cooperated with the doctor and  he didn’t have any scratches on his eyes.  She thinks he has some kind of allergen and it’s infected.  The doctor made a comment how cooperative Simon was being and then I made the (brilliant) joke about how he was going to put a  horse head in my bed.  Oh crap – who makes an animal abuse joke at the VET?!  WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?  I didn’t mean to!  Luckily, the vet tech laughed, although I apologized later.  I was all nervous and frazzled and that’s what happens.

yes, the sense of humor runs in the family

The final blow to the day was the bill.  $175 smackers later, Simon and I were out the door with ointment for his eyes (supposedly it’s a two person job to apply it – but there is only one of me… hmmm…).  Considering the guy in front me paid $330 and another woman’s dog still needed another x-ray, a cardiac echo and blood work for her dog, I probably had the cheapest bill in there.  Truthfully, I am very grateful.  I would’ve been a nervous wreck all weekend, worried that Simon was going blind because I was saving for run-cations.  Now we are relaxing.  Random fact – did you know cats’ normal body temps get up to 105 degrees?  Simon’s was 102, which is higher than they wanted but no wonder I get so toasty when he lies on my lap!

Happy September all!  Guess what Sept. 1st means?!  PUMPKIN goodness!!  Tomorrow, I’ll hook y’all up with a recipe!