indy wrap up – written between naps

Since I returned from Indy, I’ve been exhausted.  I attribute this to the following:

1. Long run on Sunday

2. Late nights and early mornings

3. Sitting in sessions all day – my brain is tired.

4. Heavy meals.  REALLY heavy meals.

5. TONS of walking

While I had a good time, I was very happy to be home.  Of course for the last few days, all I’ve done is nap off and on and go to the bathroom.  TMI?

Well, just hang with me for a few minutes…

I traveled with some serious food-lovers.  This wasn’t a negative, I love food as well so it worked out to the benefit of all of us.  I tried a few new things and we tried to hit up as many local places as possible.  I ate my first etouffee – a chilly cheese version with crawfish.  YUM!  I love crawfish!

Then I discovered a pecan praline.  Maybe I’ve had one before?  It couldn’t have been that good because I forgot all about it.  Needless to say, I won’t forget about this one anytime soon!

this was massively sweet and it took me four days to eat - worth it!
this was massively sweet and it took me four days to eat – yum!

A bison burger… I’ve had bison before so this wasn’t the epiphany part of my meal.  I had a fried egg on my burger for the first time ever.  I was hugely hesitant and voiced my concerns.  Soon after this, I wasn’t talking at all because I was stuffing my face with this goodness.  Definitely a treat and definitely something I could only eat on special occasions.

We went to a combo Thai/jazz bar restaurant (yep, we are probably thinking the same thing) and it was delicious.  It was a huge plate of crab fried rice and one of my coworkers enjoyed the other half.  We also found a local pub with such excellent fare, it won our patronage twice during our week-long visit.  All in all, there were some seriously good eats.  BUT all of the restaurant foods made me swell up like a balloon!  I’m sensitive to water retention and considering I don’t eat out very much, I was shocked by the outcome of all the eating out (and a few adult beverages) had on me.  How do I know?

I lost 5lbs of water in a 24 hour period!  On the drive home, I went to the bathroom before we left and MAYBE a half hour later I had to go again.  This was happening the whole entire time I was in Indy as well.  I was being very intentional about drinking water while there too as I was constantly thirsty.  And while this is kind of a funny story, the fact is, I know it’s really bad for me.  My ankles were swelling on a daily basis and my not-tight-at-all socks left indents on my lower legs.  YIKES!

Yep, I peed out every last ounce of water from my body (and hopefully all of the sodium).  Alas, how does this fit into my body image (semi) crisis of last week?  Well, I tried to walk as much as possible and avoided snacking.  My meals were packed solid with sodium and calories but I also knew I would be back home soon and I could focus on a healthier routine then.  Stressing about it while there wasn’t going to help me at all.  I also left food on the plate and tried to ensure I wasn’t overeating.  It wasn’t easy, the goodness would call to me!  I ate breakfast every morning and didn’t drink any pop.  Small victories but victories nonetheless.  And wouldn’t you know it?  I didn’t gain any weight (aside from the water) while I was there.  I just feel crappier health-wise.

One good thing about going on a vacation is coming back and being able to jump into healthier habits.  My body is CRAVING some quality nutrients!  OH!  And not to be a total coffee snob but I’m going to be… I’m happy to be back because I couldn’t get a good cup of coffee to save my life!  One day it was marginal and that was it.  I tried a new place everyday – some local and some chains, nope.  Sad.

We walked back and forth (and back and forth – times this by a lot!) to the various restaurants and by the end of the week, I could find my way around without the help of google maps.  In fact, I would say I know some areas of downtown Indy better than areas here in Kzoo!  Indy is a fun city.  It closes down fairly early in the evenings though and at times were walking home and NO ONE was out and about – not even cars.  It was so strange.

From our hotel, I saw this funky building.  I was fascinated by how it appears to be paper-thin.  I mean, beyond obsessed!

I swear, this isn't a trick of the camera - you wacky architects!
I swear, this isn’t a trick of the camera – you wacky architects!

Then there was this funky little door/window that led to a roof access.  The door is my size!

so cute... so inviting... I'm so weird...
so cute… so inviting… I’m so weird…

Again, happy to be home, getting back into a routine and hanging out with Simon.  The poor dude missed me and has barely left my side since coming home.  If you get the chance to visit Indianapolis, do it!

sunday things that are rattling around my brain

My sister called me the last day I was home and wanted to cook me “my last meal home”.  What did I want for dinner?  I didn’t know – I told her to pick.  She told me she would pick something really garlic-y.  I don’t do garlic real well.  My body doesn’t seem to process it and I smell like garlic for days.  I don’t do “being the stinky kid in class”.  My mom made sure of this and all of us are a bit neurotic about it.  This neurosis is being passed to the next generation – we are a smelly-good family!  I don’t see this trend ending anytime soon!

this will never be us

What did I pick?  I had a menu epiphany!  Grilled flank steak – thanks dad!, mac & cheese and asparagus.  Super tasty!  Heid also made a little sauce of browned butter, soy sauce and balsamic (maybe this is more of a reduction?).  I want to bathe in this sauce!  It was light, tasted mostly of balsamic and would probably taste good on ANYTHING!

Kev and Sabrina played some of their tunes that are popular in France right now.  The same artist remixes all of the songs but has different artists sing them.  Kev sent me all of their playlists and they are amazing!

Last night I didn’t want to get off the couch.  It’s been an exhausting last two and half weeks and we are only gearing up for a typical crazy August.  Finally, I pep-talked my way into a 5 mile walk.  I’ve started to realize I’m good at putting things off (ADD?  My own weirdness?) and my answer to this are MIND GAMES!

I’ll probably be using this gif again…

For instance, when I want coffee in the morning, I have to do any dishes that are in the sink.  When it’s time to run or work out, I tell myself a shorter distance (a highly recommended technique!) and then end up out there longer.  I also tell myself as soon as I get back I can do something fun (yes, this includes hanging out on the couch and watching New Girl!).  Slowly, it’s starting to work.  I read some meme a bit ago that talked about how good habits are as easy to make as bad habits.  Not quite sure I believe this since often times the “bad” habits seem to take less effort and are more fun but hey, what I do I know?

this is how my good habits and bad habits interact with each other

I found the funniest cards at a small store.  My favorite one read, “I just joined Hoarder’s Anonymous.  I got this card for you.  Keep it forever”.  I started laughing so hard and honestly, I can’t make up my mind whether to frame it or send it to someone.  Yes, my problems run deep.

oh look, this house is VOMITING stuff!

I don’t have too much else for this random post.  Although, here’s a nifty product – my sister pinned coconut flour tortillas.  I’m a giant fan of tortillas but the lowest calorie count I’ve been able to find (that I still like) are 110 calories.  These babies clock in at 46!  Sweet!  I need to do the taste test but these bad boys already have a leg up on the others.

Hope it’s a restful Sunday for y’all!

mini vegas recap

Yay!  I’m back!

First of all, I am practically jumping for joy considering my internet has been down now for TWO *%#!* WEEKS!  Great balls of fire, this was annoying!  Thankfully, I was gone for a week of that time but still, it has been so irritating.  I just wanted to pin and write!

Seriously though, I am happy to home.  I had a blast in Vegas but my waste line, my liver and my wallet would not be able to survive long-term there.  I understand people who live there don’t party it up every night and maybe if I spent longer than a week there, I wouldn’t have either.  However, let’s just say, I took advantage of what Vegas had to offer!

Here are some of my pictures:

two of my super ugly views - one from the vdara and one from palms place
two of my super ugly views – one from the vdara and one from palms place
breakfast of champions, yo!  this included creme brulee (best flavor ever) and chocolate frozen yogurt
breakfast of champions, yo! this included creme brulee (best flavor ever) and chocolate frozen yogurt
this combo might look odd but it was fab - sour cream, relish and tomatoes.  eat one, now!
this combo might look odd but it was fab – sour cream, relish and tomatoes. eat one, now!
a cupcake too pretty to eat?  almost... but I managed to choke down this triple chocolate bit of heaven!
a cupcake too pretty to eat? almost… but I managed to choke down this triple chocolate bit of heaven!

All in all it was a great trip.  I really did get some good work done and attended quite a few quality sessions.  I got to see one of my old friends/co-workers and got to know a few co-workers all the better.  I even ran twice!  Maybe not an epic number but considering alcohol was a main staple in my diet, I was fairly happy with it!

it's me getting ready to run!
it’s me getting ready to run!

Also, let me say… the FOOD!  Wow!  I hit four different buffets – the dinner and breakfast buffets at the Aria were two of them.  At dinner, one of my favorite things was (get this) the fish from the fish and chips.  Oh!  And the mac and cheese – so good!  They also probably had some of the best bacon I have ever tasted.  I wanted to stuff pounds of it in my purse!  We also ate at a sushi buffet called, Todai and whoa – delish.  I tried several different things that I ordinarily would have snubbed my nose at.  Of course I can’t remember what they were called but still, it was fantastic.  Finally, we ate at the Caesar’s buffet and this was the best from the bunch.  My favorite thing was the sweet potato tots – YUM!  But of course I loaded up on seafood at each one and tried duck (not my fave), crawfish (very good) and plenty of other things.  That is definitely the best part about a buffet – you can try so much that you might not want to pay straight up for.

However, we ate dinner one night at Sage (located in the Aria).  We chose the Chef option menu and there is a lighter (read less expensive) option before 7 pm.  We both chose this and while I never would have put any of the flavors together it was probably one of the best meals I have ever eaten.  There was a pear and brussel sprout salad – love.  Then a chicken dish with parsnips and for dessert a pineapple concoction.  Apparently the chef liked us because we started the meal with some sort of duck mixture (this one I liked) and ended the meal with basically a little shot of hot chocolate and peanut butter – it smelled like a chocolate and peanut butter cookie.  We used it to wash down this

two of us shared this... potent business friends
two of us shared this… potent business friends

Then it was on to the show Absente!  It’s adult only – and really it’s a comedy show mixed with Cirque de Sole mixed with… I don’t even know.  But it was great!

Of course being in Vegas meant I had to bet on my Zags!

me and my "bookie"!
me and my “bookie”!

Unfortunately, I bet to beat the point spread.  While I am happy they won by 20 points, I only needed them to make ONE MORE BASKET and I would have won a whopping $18.00!  Haha, yeah, I’m not the biggest gambler.

Great vaca and happy to be home.  My little fuzzy buddy missed me and I need a nap like it’s nobody’s business.  Because of situations like this…

one of our new friends from san diego - they loved us and proceeded to buy us alcohol
one of our new friends from san diego – they loved us and proceeded to buy us alcohol

Can’t wait to catch up on all of my blog reading!  I missed you all!

simon threw up on my journal

When you come home and find that your darling pet has thrown up on your journal, it takes a couple of deep breaths before finding SERENITY NOW!  (Seinfeld anyone?)  Of course I could never get mad at the little guy for some vomit – he has braved the move, hung out here while I visited my family (don’t worry, someone took care of him!) and when he does throw up, it looks like the most painful thing ever.  Luckily, he threw up on blank pages – nice aim, buddy!

yeah, I am a total sucker for this lil’ guy

Do any of you keep a journal?  I have for a long time now.  It helps, when my mind seems all chaotic, to write down these thoughts that I wouldn’t burden you all with!  Trust me, they are that dramatic!  However, journaling led me to writing this blog and I believe it will eventually help me get to writing books.  My friend sent me this yesterday and it made my day!

Tonight is a major milestone for me.  Usually, around this time, every August, I am staying up through the wee hours of the night getting things ready for my staff to arrive in the morning.  This year, with my new job, I am hanging out in my apt!  Yay!  There is still truckloads of work to get done but it’s very different.  It’s pretty exciting!

I also missed crossfit tonight but went for a run.  I had to work late again and there simply wasn’t time to get out there.  I decided not to fret and instead once I got out of the office took off.  It was only about 80* but still felt warm.  I did manage to hold onto some 9:34 – 9:45ish paces after a slower start (all uphill) but by the time I reached mile two I was feeling sick.  I stopped and drank some water and thought this would help.  Unfortunately, I still lost it – luckily I hit up a bar across the street and managed to NOT puke my guts out on the side of the road :)  I drank a bit more water and felt good enough to finish the last two miles.  My pace was 10:40 average.  I was pleased I finished.  My legs felt tired and sore especially after all of the air squats we did on Monday.

You know what I realized though?  I do love running!  I love the fact I can simply take off from my front door and just GO.  There is so much freedom in this.  Even when I have a crappy run, I still feel so accomplished when I am done.  Maybe I will get there with crossfit as well.  Maybe once I feel like I can actually do the WOD’s better, I will leave with the same feelings I get after I run.  Or maybe I won’t.  After crossfit, I always feel this sense of, “great scott – I can’t believe I finished that!” so perhaps this is the start.  We’ll see…

Oh and I had this deliciousness for lunch and the other half for dinner.  I inhaled this puppy!  I LOVE sandwiches! :)  Plus the Subway guy thought I was cute so I got extra veggies!

man, I could probably eat this everyday…