Yesterday I attempted to write a post but things were not going well.

It was an emotional day.  There were a few reasons that I won’t bore you with and great scott, I was a bit of a disaster.  Anyway, the whole post started to sound like one giant whiny mess.  So I hit delete.

Last week was okay in the work out department.  Certainly not great and it was yet another reminder I need to kick my own ass into gear.  I can’t wait for someone to do it for me.  And even if they attempted I can picture myself rebelling against them.  Example:  If Jillian Michael’s was my trainer I would want to high tail it out of there.  Then purposefully eat donuts.  In my sweatpants while binging on Netflix.  Self-destructo right here.

Anyway, do you also remember when I told Spring to get it together?  What was I thinking?!  We had some toasty, humid days and I came to my senses that 50’s in May ARE FREAKING AWESOME when you are a runner.  Saturday morning I ventured out for a quick run before traveling to visit friends.  It very quickly turned into a run/walk scenario.  It was gross.  Last night?  Same deal.  I will also admit, I’m a complete dodo bird.  I didn’t bring water with me on either run.  I know, just plain silly.  I’ve been carrying my phone with me (it’s in an otterbox case and won’t fit in anything I currently have) so carrying water is a bit tough.  Today I finally ordered an arm band on amazon.  I thought long and hard about the flip belt and even ordered one.  I don’t think it’s for me though.

There was some other exercising last week but nothing of note.  I’m trying a little something this week but before I go into detail I want to see if I accomplish it.  This past weekend I ventured down to visit some dear friends.  We haven’t been together as a group in ages so it was wonderful to catch up on all the happenings of life.  All three of them have little ones so I got in some toddler and baby snuggles.


Scary moment on the way down there – a semi decided to move into my lane right in front of me.  I was boxed in on either side by other cars so I had to hit the breaks.  I despise driving on the freeway.  I have no idea where this defensive driving business came from and I was extremely proud of myself.  When I arrived at my friend’s house, I had a delayed panic attack.  Haha, at least it wasn’t while I was driving!

The next morning we went to this cutie-patootie cafe for breakfast.  It had all kinds of accommodating foods and I even got gluten-free toast with my omelet!  I’m still thinking about that bread, man.

Alright, this is the end of my post.  I’m debating running tonight.  We shall see how motivated I am after I go to the grocery store.

Does anyone else have their motivation crushed by the grocery store like I do?

i’m a fragile like a potato chip

Thanks for the support with my crummy PT appt and the mean guy.  Or as Slacker Runner perfectly nicknamed him, “asshat”.  I love it!

Saturday three of my wonderful friends surprised me with a visit to help celebrate my birthday.  It was fabulous to see them since two of them live out of town and all of them have little ones.  Trying to find a weekend when we are all available is quite the experience in planning.  It was great to see them!

I had a burger at lunch – Ron would be proud!

We went to see 50 Shades of Grey (Ron would NOT be proud) – completely different from what I expected and better than I thought it would be.  Then onto a local establishment called The Kalamazoo Beer Exchange.  It’s a neat concept where they have a bunch of different beers with screens set up as the stock exchange.  The prices fluctuate based on the “market”.  We were there during the afternoon (the market wasn’t open yet) and they have some tasty grub… unless you are gluten-free/low FODMAP/can’t eat many things.  I guess I should have figured this given the whole beer theme but thankfully, we had a very kind server who helped me out.  I left her a big fat tip, since I was a bit annoying!  (I did eat some homemade potato chips there which helped to inspire parts of this post.)

this was me with my burger as I’ll explain in a moment

I also learned a very important lesson this week… Don’t put off miles you can accomplish today just because you could run tomorrow – or whatever (I’m writing this with some serious meds in my system).  Just get miles in when you can – I’m talking to myself here.  Now, I know it seems like there is always something wrong with me but it’s simply because I’m accident prone.  Or fragile.  Or something.  Look at this pic of me from kindergarten – do I look hearty to you?  Nope, and I’m still not.

I wouldn't have survived in medieval times
I wouldn’t have survived in medieval times

Anyway, Friday morning I was getting coffee from McDonald’s and this guy rear-ended me a bit.  There was no damage to my car and really it didn’t feel like much.  I hurried onto work, where I had to carry my super heavy purse around and then scooched a couch a few feet.  At lunch, I carried my super heavy purse back to my apt.  All good.  Then, 45 mins later, I bent over to get aforementioned purse and my back seized.  I am not sure if I’ve ever felt this before but I knew it wasn’t good.  At the same time, I figured I tweaked it and I was over-reacting.

I’m a delicate potato chip that drinks coffee – naturally

It hurt.  A lot.  I went back to the office (after unloading many of the offending heavy articles from the purse) and realized the pain didn’t really go away.  It got worse as the afternoon wore on until I went home around 3:30 since I needed some meds.  Cue laying on the couch all of Friday and Sunday.  If my friends hadn’t bent over backwards to make Saturday work, I would have laid on the couch then too.  As it was, I stuffed my face with a few pills and cursed a lot in my mind.  I figured out a decent med combination (my apologies to my stomach and liver) and used some BioFreeze.  Small baby stretches seem to help momentarily, so that is good?  I also got the name of my friend’s chiropractor, who he swears by, if things don’t get better.  Currently, I’m getting my deep squats in though, since this is the only way I can reach the ground.  That’s a plus!

I have no idea if any of those morning activities impacted my current predicament or if it was simply how I bent over but man, I feel so bad for people who have chronic back problems!  Did you know how many movements require the use of your back?!  Yesterday, I utilized some peak drugged-up time to fix an oatmeal bake and get some energy bites ready for the week (more on why this is important tomorrow).  I was stirring the energy bite mixture and it made my back hurt – I wasn’t expecting this!  I am sincerely hopeful this is a fluke injury and I’ll be able to write an “all better” post soon.  That being said, I have so much sympathy for those who have constant struggles with their backs.

hopefully my recovery won’t include these shenanigans

Anyway – no running miles for the week.  I had a couple of walking miles in there but that’s it.  It’s a good reminder for me to stop trying to fit all of my training/fitness into a few days, which isn’t all that good for my body anyway.  I need to keep it more consistent so I’m not a) saving everything for the end of the week and b) not sitting on my arse for days.

***Edited:  I typically write my posts the night before.  Today, my back is a bit better but still I’m walking around like some kind of weird robot, forget bending over and pain meds are my BFFs.  I made a chiro appt for Wednesday.  I feel like a fraud/big baby though… what if there is nothing wrong?!  I don’t want to look like an idiot.  However, I can’t relax, am in pain or move very well either so I’m going with possibly looking like an idiot.  We’ll see.

thursday truths

Man, I wanted to think of another “t” word for this title as I love alliteration.  But I was too lazy.

Anyway, here are some truths:

1.  I didn’t run Mon/Tues/Wed.  I know I said I was going to and that I didn’t think I should run more than 3 days in a row.  Now I’m about to run 4 days in a row to finish out the week.  What can I say?  I was cold.  And tired.  And lazy.

2.  I don’t like mini Reeses cups but I like regular size ones.

3.  I’ve figured out how to have two coffees a day.  I figure since my morning coffee is smaller (BARELY 16 oz) then I definitely need 6-8 oz more in the afternoon.  It’s science.

this is me

4.  My co-workers mentioned this movie today and now we all can’t stop laughing about it.

5.  As mentioned, I had pizza last week.  Now, I can’t get rid of that craving!  I’m ordering it again on Friday night.

6.  My friends have surprised me with a fun day on Saturday with all of us together.  They all have kiddies and two live out of town so this is a BIG deal.  The truth part?  We are going to watch 50 Shades of Grey.  The things I do for my friends.

7.  I’m really in the mood to buy stuff.  I’ve had to talk myself out of it on a couple of occasions so far and even asked office mate to step in and talk me down from the purchasing cliff.  Aside from the two pairs of running shoes (used birthday money) I’ve been doing okay.  But the urge is so tough to fight!

8.  I’m just freakin’ freezing lately.  It puts the kabosh on ALL of my motivation.  I want my hoodie/sweatpants cocoon forever.

this was basically me today

9.  I’ve been in bed by 10 pm (one 10:30) every single night for the last week and a half.  I’m surprised at how this has helped my tummy.

10.  Speaking of my tummy, I desperately wanted to order the best pizza ever this past Saturday.  It’s from a local place, mega deep dish, buttery goodness.  I mean, I had the phone number DIALED.  Then I remembered how horrible I felt last week and thankfully held myself back.  It was a good decision, especially since I’ve felt pretty decent all week.

11.  Of course this means I did some of that horribleness to myself last week.  Pretty much a work in progress, I am.

this is the opinion of my stomach

12.  My concept of hell would be an endless line of cars that I had to scrap ice and snow off of forever.  I absolutely hate doing this.  I have no idea why I live in MI.

13.  I’m headed to a real live PT professional tonight to have my ankle/arch checked out!  My arch has been messed up for a couple of years now and my ankle for about a year, maybe a tad longer.  It’s a free walk-in injury clinic that happens once a month through our local running group.  I almost didn’t make an appt because driving at night AND in the snow is just a bad idea for me in general.  Then I figured out I wouldn’t be able to make it for another two months.  I decided to stop being lazy/nervous and JUST DO IT.

14.  Apparently, I can’t count as I realized (with the help of a friend) that Simon will be 10 yrs old this May.  What in sam-hill?!  I can’t even get over this!  I thought he was going to be 8.  Some pet-mom I am.

Simon loves some rocky 4!  This was two years ago.  I'm weirded out...
Simon loves some Rocky 4! This was two years ago. I’m weirded out…

I WILL run tonight.  I can’t put it off any longer if I am going to hit 20 miles this week.  I’m hoping PT person will show me how to tape my ankle up right as it helps immensely.  Or they will just pull the ache/pain out of it all magic like – I’d be okay with this as well.

Over and out friends.

the race that wasn’t meant to be

Yesterday, my friend and I set out at 6:22 am to drive to Frankenmuth, MI for the Winterlaufe 8k.  With a 10 am start and a 2 1/2 hour drive there we decided to make a day of it and enjoy this random Bavarian town’s highlights once we froze our buns off for 5 miles.

lederhosen is common around them parts – kidding, I’m not

I mentioned I was nervous about racing again on Friday.  That evening I (over)packed a bag and got my running clothes ready.  This required an all-out hunt for my running pants and many changes to see what running jacket I would wear.  Also, a 3 mile run/walk on the tready to try to loosen my legs up a bit.  I packed way to much stuff and was ready to wear enough running clothing for 15* or below, weather.  Honestly, the drawback to having the treadmill is I haven’t had enough practice of being outside to see what is too much or not enough.  Oh well.

I was also very concerned about how chilly I would be after the race since baby wipes were going to be the extent of a “shower”.  No hot water available to soak heat back into my bones.  Naturally, I figured this meant I should pack a short sleeve t, a long sleeve t and then a hoodie along with my fleece to war afterward.

the temp was going to be in the high 20’s for the race and mid 30’s afterward – way to much fretting

Alas, 1/2 way there we had some car troubles.  Friend made some serious efforts to save the day – I’m not kidding, it was like traveling with MacGyver but these weren’t quite enough.  We ended up at a very random/small car repair shop.  There we got to watch what turned into some kind of auto repair shop soap opera.  It was highly entertaining.  A trip to Tim Horton’s on the way out of town and back to Kalamazoo we went.

While I was disappointed about the race/our day plans, hanging out with my friend is a good time no matter what the situation.  Hanging out with me is always an adventure – I probably should have reminded my friend of this fact.  I think I should start doing/planning the opposite of what I want the outcome to be and then it would turn out how I secretly wanted it to happen in the first place – reverse psychology on the universe?  Maybe?

very true

Oh yeah, and I ate a big fat gluten filled boston cream donut.  I couldn’t resist, it was taunting me from the case.  And a milk-filled coffee drink.  I was going to ask for some kind of special concoction but the cashier seemed only competent to fulfill the menu items and not any variations.  I’m not trying to be mean, I just didn’t want to be a pain in the ass for a drink that wouldn’t turn out anyway.  Stomach be damned.

I’m sure you are thinking I came home and ran on the tready to fulfill my planned miles.  Wrong!  I watched a mini-marathon of Supernatural and relaxed.  It seemed to be the universe’s plan all along.  Whenever things like this happen, and they happen a lot, I rationalize it that maybe something bad was going to happen had we made it to our intended destination.  You just never know, right?

see what could’ve happened?!

the big birthday

thanks beautiful man

Here we are… my birthday.

For me, my birthday is essentially a version of Jan. 1.  I make all kinds of resolutions/plans since I’m rehashing the past year anyway.  Resolutions isn’t exactly a fair word since I’ve given these up a few years ago.  But still, it makes me think about what I want for my year.  And this helps define my purpose for the next 365 days.

Yesterday (my actual birthday) was a really busy day at work.  We gave tours to perspective students and I worked a table from noon-4 pm.  The highlight of this was the caf offers these oh so delicious cookies.  Seriously, they are my absolute favorite.  They are filled to the brim with gluten and sugar but I decided to throw that aside for my birthday treat.  I’m sure I’ll pay for it but LOOK


The frosting is perfect – the fondant W?  Nope – that hits the wayside.  For dinner, I was off to Red Robin.  I’ve been craving a burger and fries and they have the best fries ever!  I also really like their gluten-free hamburger buns.  I got silly full with french fries, campfire sauce and a birthday beverage.  I’m not kidding – I brought home 3/4 of my burger and more fries.  AND 3 containers of campfire sauce <–totally addicted.

I also came home to a lovely snuggle buddy
I also came home to a lovely snuggle buddy

Work out update, I ran/walked 3 miles on Monday.  I didn’t get right up and get on the tready, I lazed around for the day, watched some Parks and Rec, Super Natural and ate an undercooked waffle.  Seriously, snow days are MEANT to be enjoyed no matter that was a partial work day.  I still got them miles done (along with some cleaning) because I have this dandy renewed sense of motivation.  The miles were a struggle, I’m guessing it was from the 4th day in a row on the treadmill.  Most likely not a lot for many but since I’m still in the “getting back into it” phase, I was feeling a bit shin splinty.

Anyway, it was a better birthday than I anticipated.  Not because I thought it would be a bad day per say, my friends and family are/were wonderful.  But I thought I would have the birthday blues.  However, I realized I DIDN’T feel as down in the dumps about being a year older (mostly – I mean, c’mon, it still freaks me out somewhat) rather I have a good feeling about the year…

to me! I mean if this doesn’t inspire a good year, what would?!

self esteem > budget

Saturday was friend get-together day!  Instead of swapping gifts, we meet up and do some kind of activity together.  It’s great since two of them live an hour and 15 mins away (in opposite directions of course!) and my other friend lives in town but our schedules don’t seem to match up all the time.  So a day devoted to our friendship and fun is fabulous!

well, this almost happened

M and I started the day with a run.  It was my first run since Dopey and M had a baby 8 weeks ago and it was her third or fourth run back.  Let me just say, she is a champ!  Check out her blog here for adorable baby pics and her post-baby fitness routine.  I really appreciate how M finds pockets of time to be active with snowpocalypse and a wee babe!

in case you forgot what we looked like
in case you forgot what we looked like – old pic but totally works, just add more snow

After 3.5 fridgid (seriously, it was 17* and with a feels like 4) we quickly changed and headed out to meet up with L at our new Baskin Robbins!  Yay!  Really quick, the run felt good.  I could feel it working out some racing kinks but yesterday my legs felt fairly fatigued.  My knee tweak was also annoying me.  Saturday night my feet hurt too and I am not sure if this was from the run or the mall-shopping extravaganza.

Coffee in hand we hit the mall.  Here’s the deal, it’s not exactly like I haven’t been spending some cash lately.  I’ve been wanting to build my reserves back up from the holidays and my vacation so I wasn’t planning on purchasing much.

I’m going to start calling my savings account the “banana stand”

HA!  I laid out some cash.  The economy should send me a thank you card.  Part of the catalyst for my change of heart/mind was Thursday I noticed my favorite pants are starting to get a hole in them.  Granted, I’ve had these pants for 6 or 7 years but I only have a couple of pairs that I feel look decent, i.e. aren’t summer capris, don’t make me look like a street walker because they are so tight, or gigantic from my much heavier days.  Yes, I’ve kept some of these clothes but this is a subject for a post on another day.

While I’ve been kicking up the fashion a bit lately by getting creative with my closet, having two pairs of pants in the middle of an arctic winter is difficult.  Considering what I just mentioned above about the state of my other pants, there is something to be said about feeling confident in what I am wearing.  Stuffing myself into a pair of pants so I have to stand in a certain way or suck in my tummy all day makes me feel really down on myself.  I don’t think about how I just ran 48.6 miles in four days.  I think about how I’m a failure and should be losing weight.  Boo.

body image quote 2So spending some money is worth it.  I’ve had this realization before but it took some talks with my friends to realize it again.  I’m worth it!  My body is worth it!  And feeling good about myself begets healthier habits – whether it’s to maintain weight and fitness or to improve it.  Dealing with depression has brought on approximately 15 lbs and I need to stop feeling ashamed of this and instead embrace the fact that I’ve made it to the other side of the depression.

Oh yeah and the SALES!  This definitely made it easier!  For instance?  I got two pairs of cords from Ann Taylor Loft for $40.  I bought four bras that were each $16.00 – and this was from Victoria.  Probably TMI but I think nice underlovlies equals higher self-worth (for me).  Why?  Because I’m even spending money on something the world doesn’t see!  Just my own theory/view.

this was the first time I’ve enjoyed shopping for regular clothes in at least a year!

All in all, it was a great day!

What do you do if you are having a low self-esteem day?

Do you love or loathe shopping?

I’m snobby about my oranges

Want to hear something ridiculous?  I am crazy about Cutie oranges!  But they MUST be Cuties – none of the other brands will do.  I’m certain others feel this way because other brands use the exact same colors as Cuties despite their bogus camouflage.  Sorry Clemin-Tinas and *Lil’ Darlin’s – just because you have blue and orange packaging doesn’t make you a Cutie.

If you want to read something really creepy, read this:  14 Creepiest things kids have said about an imaginary friend.  I’m not kidding…

Monday I had a dentist appointment and surprise!  It was time to get a filling!  As ungrateful as I sound, it was very nice of them to do it on the spot.  This way it goes on 2013’s deductible.  I will say, I wasn’t quite prepared for major numb face (all the way up to my eyes!) and my meeting that immediately followed was entertaining.

This past weekend I got to meet my dear friend’s little bundle of joy!  She is absolutely adorable and is so tiny.  She has just reached 6 lbs status so I gave her a high five for gaining some weight.  I wanted to snuggle her for hours.  And yes, I completely hogged her and only gave her to another friend to hold when I had to go to the bathroom!

Kara also brought some white chicken chili and it was delicious.  I made a white chicken chili two years ago and something went wrong along the way.  Or I had a dud recipe and the boyfriend at the time told me it was only ‘eh’ so I didn’t bookmark that one.  I was pleasantly surprised and I’ll post the link when I make it.

Running was a no-go on Monday considering I was hopped up on numbing business and a pain killer <— I was being a wimp.  Unfortunately, a massive headache followed suit yesterday since I had the gall to let a dentist touch my head.  I’m not kidding, I am a mega wuss when it comes to brain but it’s so easily aggitated!  However, I finally got off of my bum this morning!  Yay!  I was extremely proud of myself for getting out of bed.  It’s just in time too because Monday was the official “one month away!” from the Dopey Challenge!  Oops, I nervous vomited a bit!

hopefully you all saw this gif coming

It’s weird because I’ve been talking about it forever and now it’s almost here.  My training has taken a dip these last couple of weeks.  I need to kick my own arse because I was doing so well there and then I essentially jumped the shark.  I was all zen about it before and now it’s time to hit the all-freak-out-systems-go button and lock this s*%t down.

Naturally, it’s easier to say than do but I keep thinking about how I started crying during last year’s race.  I am no longer ashamed of those tears – I’ve gotten over that part.  Nevertheless, I don’t want to start crying until at least mile 17 of the marathon!  I do have to contend with snazzy snow storms currently but these are details right?  It’s time to engage the booster pack of my training!

see all of those snowflakes?  why yes, this is the 10 day forecast
see all of those snowflakes? why yes, this is the 10 day forecast

*I’m really hoping the other brand of oranges is actually called Lil’ Darlin’s.  Otherwise I am getting it mixed up with a local strip club… I wish I were kidding.

treasures untold

I’m currently typing this on my new mini ipad keyboard.  I love it!  It is seriously the cutest little thing ever!  It looks like a laptop for dolls and I can’t get over it.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I know there are many who disagree with shopping on Thanksgiving and honestly, I also have mixed feelings about it.  However, as my two friends and I discussed yesterday, it really is a nice thing for us single folks.  If I hadn’t gone shopping I would have been by myself.

see? it’s okay that I went shopping

Anyway, I had a great time!  My two friends are a riot and they kept me laughing even as I was freezing my tokus off in the very chilly evening.  I also picked up some wonderful treasures:

New iPod – my poor past ipods… I just hope electronics don’t talk to each other or my new one already knows it’s doomed!  In order not to jinx it even further, my friends suggested getting a different color than my past ones so purple it is!

Next up was Target and it was much more of a cluster than Best Buy.  Seriously, Best Buy knows what they are doing in regards to the organization aspect of hoards of shoppers.  Target did pass out snacks (very sweet and needed!) but the people were rowdier.  We figured it was the after dinner crowd and they were eager to spend some cash.  One of my shopping buddies was out for the iPad.  You got a $100 gift card so it was cheaper than at any other store.  Me?  I wanted the Little Green Clean Machine.  I’ve wanted this bad boy for about ten years.

so you think Simon would care if I used this on him?

Shopping buddy essentially had to battle his way through the crowds to get his iPad but was successful.  Unfortunately, Target placed two of their meeker workers back there and other patrons took advantage.  He came back with a couple of stories of the not so friendly side of holiday shopping.  I did get my lovely carpet cleaning machine and can’t wait to use it.

yeah, pretty much

We hit Wal-Mart next as shopping buddy #2 wanted a Blu-ray.  I picked up Simon’s toy and a totally spontaneous purchase – the Genie Bra!  Haha, while it isn’t as fabulous as the commercial claims, it is nice for something after work.  We went to Kohl’s and Dick’s Sporting Goods but lines were out of control here and nothing really jumped out at us.  We were getting thoroughly exhausted at this point and I wanted one more stop – Yankee Candle

I have no business buying any more candles since my sister and I went through all of the leftover ones my mom had stockpiled.  Nevertheless, there is one scent that reminds me of my mom and I had gone through all of mine and wanted to take advantage of the sale.  Last but not least, Macy’s where I WALKED PAST THE BOOTS (this took a lot of self-control) and bought some sheets.  Get this, the sheets were originally marked at $140.00.  WHAT?!  I mean, I get it, it’s Macy’s but seriously?  I got them for $30 and they are a deep red – love!

isn’t this recount of my evening thrilling?!

The fact is, while finding treasures can be a good time, hanging out with my friends is what really made this experience.  I’ve gone shopping every year.  There is always a sense of satisfaction with finding a good deal  but this time around I had fun.

behold… kinda failed as an adult yesterday

A special thanks to all of the veterans and their families for their sacrifice and eternal love for our country.  No words can truly express my gratitude!

For some reason, I was a huge flake yesterday.  I’m not sure if I simply forgot to turn my brain on or if spending to time on my own Friday and Saturday made it so I forgot how to interact with actual people.  Whatever it was – it was lame.  On the small end of the scale, I told one of my friends how much I loved marshmallows!  I was holding a mushroom.

Because  I love a good list (as I am sure you can tell) I will detail some of the my lack of adult success… hopefully it will either make you laugh!

1.  I spilled coffee on my new rug.  The weird thing was, I was holding the cup and kept tilting it and spilling!  It was this surreal, slow motion moment where I was practically watching myself spill it.  What was wrong with me?  I have no idea – thank goodness my carpet is blue.

2.  I completely underestimated the amount of time it would take to make some cornbread muffins for the baby shower.  It wasn’t so much that I didn’t think about it but I only contemplated the actual COOK time.  I forgot about the whole prep thing.

3.  I was late for said baby shower.  And I was helping to host it.  I felt like a heel for this aspect of my adulthood fail.

4.  One of my more fantastic mishaps?!  Oh, I dropped my iPhone in water – BOO!  Here is the thing… this is the first REALLY nice cell phone I have ever purchased.  When I got it they asked if I wanted AppleCare and I said I didn’t.  I wasn’t going to do anything with this phone except treat it with love and kindness.  Hmm… does dropping it in water count as love and kindness?  I did buy the AppleCare, however it won’t help with my own stupidity (I think this might be a racket, btw).  It is currently chilling in a container of rice.  My phone wasn’t completely submerged but half of it was.  Of course, I didn’t read how I shouldn’t use it until after I used it!  It also wouldn’t turn off all the way so I don’t get that either.  OH!  And the phone kept facetiming people or calling them.  SKYNET!

in case some are missing this reference, skynet was the name of the company who created the terminator – it’s fun to say

4.5.  Here’s the thing – I have been death to electronics this year!  I’ve been through TWO iPods.  Luckily, I got the second one from the Apple store for half off but still, that is a chunk of change.  The second one was being a bit shifty but then I got busy and forgot about it.  I was cleaning out my car when I found this iPod in a bag from a race… with a nasty banana all mushed into it.  Nice job, adult.  I didn’t have any rice so I put it in quinoa.  Sort of smart?  No, not at all – the quinoa is so small that there are little bits of it in all of its cracks and crevices.  I’ve also managed to kill a computer at work, a printer, my internet connection in my apt, my garmin went kaput and now my phone.  And my car… that was unfortunate.

5.  Then I got lost on the way to the baby shower and didn’t have my phone to call anyone.  I didn’t make it out for a run after the shower either since we had pulled pork sandwiches and running with that in my tummy sounded scary.  (<–lame excuse!)

I DID however, take a super quick shower!  I know this seems minor but I was kind of impressed with myself.  I also went for a run on Saturday evening.  It was the best run I’ve had in weeks.  I’m not wearing my garmin so I still don’t know my pace (although I did charge it up just in case)!  I mapped it out though and I hit a smidgen over 4 miles.  Today I am going to try for 4.5?  Dopey training starts on June 9th and the first “long run” is 5 miles so no need to push past 5.

In order to make this post a little less whiny, I had a cool idea the other night.  A couple of my co-workers and I were chatting and they want to do a half marathon.  There is the Grand Rapids 1/2 in October that I told them about and they are on board.  I’ve crafted a very clever and entertaining e-mail to my department to invite anyone and everyone to train for it!  There is also a 10k and 5k on the books (well, my two favorite races of these distances) in case that sounds more appealing.  I have used a few training plans and think it would be fun to help others reach their goals.  Weekly long runs, maybe a mid-week run together and working toward a common goal will definitely be motivating for me as well.  I’m not sure how many people will take me up on my offer.  I’m not a coach but I think it would be fun to pretend!

So there you go!  I know – many of these things are not terrible but I was feeling sorry for myself this weekend so when it all piled up I was a mopey gal.  Spending time with my friends, running and of course looking at these New Girl gifs made me feel better!

*Edited to add: I was perusing pinterest last night and there was this pin you were supposed to concentrate on to find what was obscure/odd about the picture.  Then a really scary guy jumps out at you on the screen.  I screamed.  A lot.  And tried to cover the screen so I couldn’t see it anymore.  I KNEW better than to look at this damn picture!  Then I was up until about 5 am because I was so freaked out.  Good job adult.

a bit of birthday fun

You say it’s your birthday – it’s my birthday too!

I can’t tell you how often I quote “16 Candles”… maybe a daily basis?!


Today is my birthday!  I definitely have thoughts on this and want to share them with you but it will have to be tomorrow.  For now, here are some entertaining tidbits:

*Had so much fun with friends last evening for a low-key night out


*Woke up to texts from friends, a birthday call from my dad, birthday call from my bro and his girlfriend and my sister sent funny texts last night too!

*Then I got this today on my facebook – I laughed out loud!  Especially the beer-pong part!

birthday card

*Speaking of facebook – such lovely messages!

*Oh and a wee bit of recovery today!

I woke up starving... at 6 am... wendy's always comes through for me
I woke up starving… at 6 am… wendy’s always comes through for me

*Tonight  a few friends are throwing me a party – ok, it’s for the Super Bowl but we all know it’s really for ME!  Guess what?  One of my friends made me chocolate cake with rainbow chip frosting.  This would be my all time favorite.  I know, a bit simple but I love it!

It’s been a great day and I feel so lucky to be surrounded by the love of friends and family.  I’ve simply sat back and soaked it all up – kind of like that feeling when you are laying in the sun and the vitamin D is sinking into your skin and you feel warm all over.  Actually, it’s exactly like that!  Thanks for being a part of my special day!