sunburst 1/2 (kicked my booty, btw)

The Sunburst 1/2 was… difficult.

I could probably end the recap there but I wouldn’t be a very good blogger if I did so I shall spin my tale for y’all.

We had a bright and early wake up call at 4:15 am.  I was thrilled to be slumber party-ing it up with Meagan and her fam.  I adore her sweat pea of a little one and her hubby is entertaining.  Top off the good company with a yumo pizza dinner, some fro-yo and Meagan’s very cute puppy, I was set.  Oh, the puppy?  Her name is Sadie and she has the iconic patch over one eye.  She is cuddly and jumped up and was my spooning buddy in the middle of the night.  I’m not kidding, her head was resting next to mine on my pillow.  My heart melted a bit.

It took about an hour to get to the start and thankfully we found a spot in the (free) parking garage.  The race started RIGHT on time.  Starting out the weather was perfect and Meagan commented, “you know it could be a rough one when at 7:30 am it’s the perfect temperature.”  Foreshadowing at it’s finest.

I really wish I could tell you how despite odds being against us – neither one of us was exactly trained for 13.1, the weather was promising to be quite warm and some hesitant mental games, that we blew through the course.  Nope.  I was confident up until the 5th mile.  I pre-juiced with some Vega Sport pre-energizer at the start, which was why I made it that far!

I started losing it at what I thought was mile 6.  I told Meagan, “I don’t think I am going to make it.”  Meagan: “We are almost at mile 8, you WILL make it.”  I was grateful to hear we were almost to 8 but I was still doubting my mad running skillz.  Meagan said right as I was losing hope, she was feeling confident – this was perfect.  Meagan emotionally carried me for the rest of the race.

just another perk of running!

It was warm.  I’ve never done this race before and it was rerouted from previous years since we couldn’t end in the Notre Dame stadium.  The nice part was there was a lot of shade and the course was really pretty.  There were some rolling hills with a few steeper ones that we walked.  We did start to do some walk/running bouts.  Meagan would call out our stops and starts – essentially I didn’t have to think, just run.

The water stops were about every mile and half or so, with awesome volunteers, water and gatorade.  There was also GU at one of them – strawberry/banana (umm… no) and I grabbed it at mile 5.  Salted caramel came to the rescue at mile 10.  Mile 11 or so, I started feeling heat-strokey.  I started getting chills and wasn’t feeling well.  I let Meagan know.  This kept up for about a mile.  During this time, some of the neighborhoods had sprinklers out and I took full advantage.  This definitely helped but I knew I needed the med-tent when we crossed the finish line.

I'm smiling so hard because we are done
I’m smiling so hard because we are done

Yep, we made it.  Son of a triscuit, it was hard.  I wanted to quit oh so badly and was proud that I didn’t.  Meagan’s recap is here and while she says that she was hurting, she certainly didn’t let on, which is probably why we finished!  Right after the volunteers passed out the medals, there were folks passing out cold, wet towels – I started feeling better almost immediately.  We got our knees wrapped in ice, hit the after-race snacks, FRUIT CUPS!  This is the first time I’ve ever had this and there wasn’t even honey-dew filler!  I grabbed a popsicle (yeah!), guzzled a chocolate milk, and picked up a bagel and banana for the road.

it's blurry because my hands were shaking a bit!
it’s blurry because my hands were shaking a bit! still so pretty

I told you it was going to be a tale… A couple of things I took away from this race: 1) the gut check 2) running with someone is so much fun!  The last time I ran with anyone was a year ago – with Meagan in fact!  Yet another reason I decided run camp was a good idea.  Oh yeah, and 3) the nutty things I will do for a t-shirt and a medal.

***No picture of said medal and t-shirt because I was too tired lazy to get up off of the couch and take one… maybe another day.***

spam isn’t just a meat-like product anymore

First and foremost, when I was younger we actually used to eat Spam.  And I do remember liking it.  I found it odd when suddenly Spam was a joke and not simply a food.  Not to mention, it used (and maybe still is) wildly popular in Hawaii.

Once I did learn it was a joke however, I went for it and bought this shirt.

I was so hip

Now in the computer world spam is a bad thing.  I usually read through my spam with my blog to see if something went there that shouldn’t have.  This morning I read one and the spam was actually criticizing my writing.  WTH – if you aren’t  a real person then you can critique me.  Back off Skynet!

I know – isn’t this an original idea to place here?!

Yesterday I ventured out on another lunch run.  I am enjoying these more and more and I was pleased with some negative split action.  The last mile I felt as though I was really struggling yet when I looked at the mile split it was at a 10:37.  Yippee!  I love it when I run faster than I think I am.

I received another issue of Cat Fancy.  Again, this was sent to a “Darcy” with my address.  It finally dawned on me that this is Simon’s alter ego and somehow he has become quite computer savvy.  Simon, you silly minx.

I made his eyes look kind of scary
I made his eyes look kind of scary

I won some salted caramel GU from Too Tall Fritz!  Wahoo!  Thanks Too Tall Fritz!  By the way, she is also doing the Dopey and I can’t wait to try to meet up with other bloggers down there.  It’s kind of like meeting celebrities for me.  Anyway, I got the package this week full of some additional goodness and I can’t wait to try it this weekend.  My Saturday run is a 15 miler.  For the record, when I was marathon training last year, the longest run I did in training was 15 miles.  Yes, I do realize this wasn’t quite enough so at least I am getting smarter.

I had to explain to some of my co-workers yesterday this was a YETI not a sasquatch
I had to explain to some of my co-workers yesterday this was a YETI not a Sasquatch – major regional difference

I got a coupon for our local running store since I ran the Park to Park.  I’ve worn my body glide down to the nub so this is perfect timing.  I’m also going to lay in the middle of the store and throw a tantrum about how I can’t find proper running footwear.  I think this will go over well.  At least I am spending money there.


Well, that’s all I have for today.  I know – incredibly interesting, eh?  Clearly I concentrated on my pics much more than actual content.  Oh well, not everyday can be winners.  I’ll leave you with this little nugget of pin I found yesterday that I fell in love with.  Have a nice Wednesday!

idiots aren't worth it
idiots aren’t worth it

my race doubleheader

Saturday morning my alarm went off at 6:26 am and for a moment I wanted to roll over and go back to sleep.  Truth be told, I even considered it.  Had this been even a few months ago, I probably would have done it (and did).  But I was running with my friend so I figured ditching her would be kind of rude.  I also had set everything I was going to wear out the night before like a good runner should.  In the morning I decided I didn’t want to wear any of it and completely overhauled my whole outfit.  I’m my own kind of “good runner”!

As I mentioned the other day, the Peacock Strut is my favorite 10k.  When I signed up, I saw it was the same price to sign up for both the 10k and the 5k.  I knew I was going to need to get more miles in anyway so I decided to go for it.

this was my friend's first 10k!
this was my friend’s first 10k!

It didn’t dawn on me until a few days later that I was going to RACE two events.  I knew taking it easy would be difficult for me because the competitive spirit is so addicting!  Saturday, it was a very cool morning, in the low 50’s, which is great.  You have to walk up this long-ish hill to get to the start of the race and I was chilly.  But these are great conditions to be sweating my bum off so I sucked it up and waited for the air horn.  Right before the start, my iPod battery died so I was hoping this wasn’t a terrible omen for the race ahead!

The 10k went well!  I got stuck behind this group of women around the 3.5 mile and this part of the course is the out and back and I didn’t want to step into the other “lane of traffic”.  I was also concerned that if I did pass them, I wouldn’t be able to keep the pace.  This was dumb and I think ended up biting me in the hiney.  Finally, I did get past them and I picked it up.  I knew I was going to still have to run the 5k but I wanted to run the mile I was in NOW.

I finished the 10k in 1:08 and a few seconds.  I think this is the slowest 10k I have ever done so I was kind of bummed.  I also didn’t think I had much hope for a successful 5k.  I shoved some Honey Stinger chews in my mouth and hiked back UP that stinkin’ hill!  The start was a bit closer but not by a whole lot.  I actually had never had Honey Stinger chews but they were awesome!  So YUMMY!

I’ve never had good luck with 5k’s.  My PR is 28 mins, which isn’t very fast considering how much I used to run; especially considering my 10k PR is 52 mins.  I’ve also never warmed up before running a 5k and I am beginning to think this might help!  Instead of the 10k being a hinderance, it definitely helped being warm and ready to run.  My 5k time was 33 mins.  My last 5k time was 33 mins and I certainly hadn’t run 6 miles prior!  I was very pleased with this outcome.

stronger than you thinkThe finish line ends on a hill.  It’s short but a bit steep and at the end of the 5k I felt like I was climbing Mt Everest!  Haha, I’m sure I looked like an idiot as I was almost falling over!  OH!  And as I was nearing the finish line for the 10k, I almost fell into the pond  when I turned the corner.  Yep, I’m a disaster.

All in all, this was a very good plan!  I decided to include the portion I walked to get up the hill for the start of the 5k and this rounded out a happy 10 miles.  It was certainly the boost I needed for this upcoming half on the 28th.  I also realized sometimes I am ridiculous.  Why wouldn’t have I been able to accomplish this?  I’ve achieved many things as a runner.  I’ve run two marathons.  I’ve run a handful of halfs, a 25k, 10ks and 5ks.  An overnight relay and a regular relay!  Oh and a mudrun, which I don’t think I will ever do again!  The other night I was whining about a bad run and how I “pretend to run” to a friend.  His response, “whatever, you ARE a runner”.  This stuck with me and helped fuel me through today when I wanted to walk!  All the times as of late when I felt I couldn’t keep going were my mind playing tricks on me.  Clearly, I can run nine miles without walking.

I feel like I have these running epiphanies every few months!  Since my mental game has been lacking (especially as of late) this was the perfect time for this epiphany.  So there you go, your body is always more capable than you realize.  Trust me – I’ve tested this!

yes, I’m talking about food again… and running. please give me guidance!

Yesterday, a friend who will be running the Disney World marathon posted that there is only 10 weeks until the event.  What in samhill?  But yep, it’s true!  Somehow, January is coming right around the corner and with it my second marathon.  With Nike two solid weeks behind me and my first run in the books, I am actually looking on the bright side of running and it being FUN!  (Thanks for the words of wisdom Tasha!  People – check out Healthy Diva, she is an awesome runner!)

well, now I feel a little less accomplished!

But before I get too far ahead of myself (I’ll show you the outfit I want to make for the marathon in just a second!) I was wondering about your fuel habits when you run a 26.2.  I was absolutely shocked about how completely STARVING I was while I ran.  Some of this may be rehashed but here is a breakdown of what I ate before and after the marathon:

1.  In the morning around 5 am-ish?: A sandwich “thin” with peanut butter and a handful of chocolate covered espresso beans

2.  I had three shot bloks at mile 5.5

3.  The most delicious orange wedge I’ve ever eaten at mile 7

4.  A full GU at mile 11 (ish)

5.  A mini Luna bar roughly around mile 16 or 17

6.  I think three more shot bloks but now I can’t remember – those later miles are a bit foggy

I also drank a water bottle full of Nuun and then water at a couple of the earlier stations and then water and Nuun at every aid station for the last 10 miles or so.

When I got done with the race, I needed food – pronto.  I grabbed a banana half and a half of a bagel.  I was almost walking out of the food area and I went back for another bagel half.  I inhaled all of this.  Then I found the Safeway guy handing out chocolate milk (okay, I hunted him down) and got a 16 oz bottle and downed this as well.  I was finally feeling better.

Is this a lot?  Not enough?  I am not sure what I would have done without the Luna bar – I almost grabbed two.  I am also not sure I want to load up on more GU.  During the 25k, I think I got a bit of “GU sickness” or I was massively dehydrated.  Or both.

How do you fuel during a marathon and/or longer run?  I didn’t think this would happen – I expected to either feel nauseated from all of the running or simply like my stomach wasn’t really there.  Instead I wanted to pull over for a burger and fries… with a side of steak and baked potato… with a milkshake to wash it all down.

or I could just eat a GIANT bread alligator – that might have helped

Okay – spill (please)!  I need ideas so I can start practicing with different food ideas now

OH!  Fun costume plan for Disney World!!

I love red and white polka dot and minnie mouse is fun!