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Saturday was friend get-together day!  Instead of swapping gifts, we meet up and do some kind of activity together.  It’s great since two of them live an hour and 15 mins away (in opposite directions of course!) and my other friend lives in town but our schedules don’t seem to match up all the time.  So a day devoted to our friendship and fun is fabulous!

well, this almost happened

M and I started the day with a run.  It was my first run since Dopey and M had a baby 8 weeks ago and it was her third or fourth run back.  Let me just say, she is a champ!  Check out her blog here for adorable baby pics and her post-baby fitness routine.  I really appreciate how M finds pockets of time to be active with snowpocalypse and a wee babe!

in case you forgot what we looked like
in case you forgot what we looked like – old pic but totally works, just add more snow

After 3.5 fridgid (seriously, it was 17* and with a feels like 4) we quickly changed and headed out to meet up with L at our new Baskin Robbins!  Yay!  Really quick, the run felt good.  I could feel it working out some racing kinks but yesterday my legs felt fairly fatigued.  My knee tweak was also annoying me.  Saturday night my feet hurt too and I am not sure if this was from the run or the mall-shopping extravaganza.

Coffee in hand we hit the mall.  Here’s the deal, it’s not exactly like I haven’t been spending some cash lately.  I’ve been wanting to build my reserves back up from the holidays and my vacation so I wasn’t planning on purchasing much.

I’m going to start calling my savings account the “banana stand”

HA!  I laid out some cash.  The economy should send me a thank you card.  Part of the catalyst for my change of heart/mind was Thursday I noticed my favorite pants are starting to get a hole in them.  Granted, I’ve had these pants for 6 or 7 years but I only have a couple of pairs that I feel look decent, i.e. aren’t summer capris, don’t make me look like a street walker because they are so tight, or gigantic from my much heavier days.  Yes, I’ve kept some of these clothes but this is a subject for a post on another day.

While I’ve been kicking up the fashion a bit lately by getting creative with my closet, having two pairs of pants in the middle of an arctic winter is difficult.  Considering what I just mentioned above about the state of my other pants, there is something to be said about feeling confident in what I am wearing.  Stuffing myself into a pair of pants so I have to stand in a certain way or suck in my tummy all day makes me feel really down on myself.  I don’t think about how I just ran 48.6 miles in four days.  I think about how I’m a failure and should be losing weight.  Boo.

body image quote 2So spending some money is worth it.  I’ve had this realization before but it took some talks with my friends to realize it again.  I’m worth it!  My body is worth it!  And feeling good about myself begets healthier habits – whether it’s to maintain weight and fitness or to improve it.  Dealing with depression has brought on approximately 15 lbs and I need to stop feeling ashamed of this and instead embrace the fact that I’ve made it to the other side of the depression.

Oh yeah and the SALES!  This definitely made it easier!  For instance?  I got two pairs of cords from Ann Taylor Loft for $40.  I bought four bras that were each $16.00 – and this was from Victoria.  Probably TMI but I think nice underlovlies equals higher self-worth (for me).  Why?  Because I’m even spending money on something the world doesn’t see!  Just my own theory/view.

this was the first time I’ve enjoyed shopping for regular clothes in at least a year!

All in all, it was a great day!

What do you do if you are having a low self-esteem day?

Do you love or loathe shopping?

take me out to the ball game!

I’m back!

On Monday, I was swept away for a work conference.  It was a whirlwind to get out of the door but I was really excited for this work opportunity.  We weren’t going far – Detroit, MI but it was still about 3 hours away.

While I won’t bore you with the details of the conference (I doubt it would be entertaining for others!) I will say, the absolute BEST part was they took us to a Tiger’s game!  Wahoo!

ROAR! welcome amy!

I have never been to a Tiger’s game!  I know, I know, I have lived here for 8ish years and have never made it.  Lame.  Now that I have been, it’s even more lame because it was SO.MUCH.FUN!  No, this wasn’t my first major league baseball game, I went to a Mariner game when I was about 10 or 12.  But this experience was way different.

before the game started – cool sky, eh?

First, the conference group gathered us together for a yummy catered dinner.  The two important things about this were a) they had free beer and b) my co-worker and I met this guy who was a vendor rep.  My friend said he was checking out my hands to see if I was wearing I ring and I said she was on crack.  (this would be foreshadowing)

Next, we headed over to the game where I bought my first Tiger’s hat.  I love a good baseball hat and I felt it was important to kind of look like I belonged!

this is my seat!

We hit up our seats, which were great!  We sat right below the giant screen.  I had made sure to save room for a ballpark hot dog at dinner since I had never had one at a baseball game before.  I felt this was important in my life list of “things to do”.  No, I am not kidding.

part of my new “infamous hot dogs” picture series!

Truth be told, I don’t know much about sports.  I mean, I know it’s called a home run and all that jazz but some of the rules/reasons behind things are completely over my head.  I sat next to a co-worker who could talk equal amounts girl talk and baseball talk.  Perfect combo.  I also got up to grab one of these gems

okay, crappy pic but you get the idea – very tasty

and saw the guy we met earlier.  Well, my friend was right.  He told me he would buy me my next vodka slushy (because of course, everyone NEEDS two of these!) and wanted to come see me later.  It was sweet but I dismissed it as the free beer from dinner talking and went back to my seat.

i’ve never been to a day game (obviously) but love night games! :)

The game was great and I completely think my “newbie” status helped to bring the Tiger’s glory and a WIN!  I had my tasty hot dog, my “friend” ended up buying me a beer, and then I had a couple of peanuts from conference attendees behind me, some popcorn from my co-worker next to me and some caramel corn.  Yeah… to say I was full is an understatement.  To say I had a fantastic time is also an understatement.  NEEDLESS to say, I will be going back!

free beer!

stop back tomorrow as I have a very important  question for both my male and female readers!


wine, running & goals, oh my!

Happy Sunday!  How is the weekend almost over already?!  I have spent my morning recovering from a fantastic night of girl talk and drinking this

Oh and see that bottle opener there?  I had to dig through several boxes in order to find it… crisis averted.

As I mentioned, the other day I did a 10k in 1:07.  Last night, I laced up again and chose a route with a mega hill considering this is waiting for me

I know, ugly, right?  But what isn’t so ugly is I finished in 1:04 – yay!  A 3 min cut in as many days.  This is a 10:19 per mile pace!  Umm… excited?  Very much so!  A couple of things I did differently from my 6.2 miler on Wednesday:  1) I carried my water bottle with a mix of water and some Gatorade.  I was pretty surprised how much I drank.  I typically don’t drink a lot of water when I am running but I drank all 16 oz before the run was even over.  I felt good throughout the run and know this helped.  2) I wore my Tough Chik visor.  Of course wearing something that says “tough chik” makes you feel tough.  But it also served as blinders of sorts and kept me focused.  It allowed me to get in the running zone!  3) Cooler temps!  Clearly, I have no control over this but man, it was amazing.  I LOVE FALL!

60’s and running are very good buddies

I did end up with a decent size blister when I got home on my foot.  I could feel it forming the second half of the run but I wasn’t going to stop!  I’ve heard people say they rub Body Glide on their feet so I’ll probably do this until my feet get more used to my shoes.  And my ipod was all messed up the entire time.  It drove me bonkers!  Shouldn’t this sucker last longer than a year and a half?!

A couple of days ago, I FINALLY started to notice a difference in my body from my increase in activity.  In my delusional state, I thought crossfit would help me shed pounds/inches IMMEDIATELY!  Apparently, when you are going to crossfit (maybe) twice a week and then running one other day then eating out several times a week inches/pounds are not lost.  With the change in my diet (I’m cooking for myself, eating more fruits and veggies) and working out more, I’ve lost 2 pounds and some inches.  I know it isn’t noticeable to anyone else but this is exactly the boost I needed to keep going.  I can feel a difference.  Is it water weight loss?  Probably.  Do I care?  Absolutely NOT!  I tried on my favorite white pants today and they fit!  I won’t wear them for another week or so considering it might be a bit indecent to wear them in public still (can you say, massively bootylicious?!) but I’m thrilled to have made this progress.

Finally, I’ve decided my goal for the marathon is sub 5 hours.  In order to do this, I need to maintain a 10:40ish min mile pace, which right now seems doable… let me emphasis the phrase, “right now“!  When I’m actually running 26.2 this goal could completely change to just finishing the damn thing.  No matter what, my nerves are playing with this complete excitement and giddiness of completing my first marathon.  When I watched Spirit of the Marathon, there was this one woman who talked about how now that she has finished one, she feels she can do anything.  While I try not to put limits on my own achievements, all too often I allow fear of failure to dissuade me from giving it a shot.  Can’t wait!


Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

p.s. someone is cooking bacon in my apt complex.  I want bacon.  NOW