The posts are comin’ in hot!

Alright, not really.  All week I’ve been writing posts in my brain, just haven’t been able to put them to “paper”.  My brain is a bit mushy this week.

Anyway, the title – “#cloneAmy”.  I referenced this version of me before but here is a bit of a refresher:  #cloneAmy is my clone (fairly obvious) who accomplishes things that I would normally put off.  Essentially, “she” is the non-ADHD/more organized version of me.  So, #cloneAmy had some shiny moments already this week.  Working out on Monday – which I already mentioned.  Important to celebrate since it was a) Monday b) there was some actual foresight involved c) no procrastinating.  Well done #cloneAmy.

Tuesday (also St. Pat’s), #cloneAmy had a couple of other highlights.  I had some low points, which I will refrain from boring you with, so when #cloneAmy stepped up to the plate it was welcomed.  First off, reduced my carbon footprint by picking up some needed trip items while already out at my chiro appt.  Second, made a righteous to-do list.  Lately, I’ve faltered with keeping my to-do lists up to date.  This wreaks havoc on my productivity considering my aforementioned ADHD so I have to remember to pull it together when I start getting all cocky.  Anyway, to-do list made and items crossed off.  Third, I caved when I came home and was resting on the couch…

nooooooo – don’t sleep on the couch – GET UP!

You guessed it – #cloneAmy came through and did some laundry!

Once again, this foresight was necessary as two realizations hit: 1) I have to work late on Thursday night – until approximately 8 pm.  2) my flight LEAVES at 5:55 am on Friday morning, from an airport about one hour away.  3) We need to leave here right around 3:30 – 3:45 am so a wake up call of 2:15 am.

Seriously, regular Amy would not have put these two things together until much later in the game.  Monday, I pulled up my itinerary (another complete anomaly – I once started driving to the wrong airport because I hadn’t checked it.  Then last summer, I mixed up my departure time by a 1/2 hour – oopsie!) because I was foggy on the whole airplane take off time and my heart skipped a beat.  I started all of the calculating and my heart skipped a few more beats.  So, while I wanted to come home and do nothing Tuesday night, #cloneAmy was smart and two loads of laundry are now finished.

Last night I completed my packing list and started an epic fashion show – party of me.  I tried on everything I planned on wearing down there.  Very wise #cloneAmy.  I found a bunch of things in the packing pile that were not vacation friendly (gotta leave room for some bloat) not to mention I vaguely remembered it was going to be warm.  I checked and it’s going to be quite a bit warmer than anticipated – more items in the do not take pile!

Don’t you worry – I just finished solidifying Simon’s care taking plans so #cloneAmy isn’t going to go all Skynet on everyone.  I’m fairly proud of #cloneAmy – me, at this point and just need to pull this all together.  A trip to the store for last minute items, gassing up the ol’ VW, picking up meds and putting the packables in the suitcase.  Oh and sleep.  Hmmm… seems like a lot more now that I type it out… insert some panic…

the race that wasn’t meant to be

Yesterday, my friend and I set out at 6:22 am to drive to Frankenmuth, MI for the Winterlaufe 8k.  With a 10 am start and a 2 1/2 hour drive there we decided to make a day of it and enjoy this random Bavarian town’s highlights once we froze our buns off for 5 miles.

lederhosen is common around them parts – kidding, I’m not

I mentioned I was nervous about racing again on Friday.  That evening I (over)packed a bag and got my running clothes ready.  This required an all-out hunt for my running pants and many changes to see what running jacket I would wear.  Also, a 3 mile run/walk on the tready to try to loosen my legs up a bit.  I packed way to much stuff and was ready to wear enough running clothing for 15* or below, weather.  Honestly, the drawback to having the treadmill is I haven’t had enough practice of being outside to see what is too much or not enough.  Oh well.

I was also very concerned about how chilly I would be after the race since baby wipes were going to be the extent of a “shower”.  No hot water available to soak heat back into my bones.  Naturally, I figured this meant I should pack a short sleeve t, a long sleeve t and then a hoodie along with my fleece to war afterward.

the temp was going to be in the high 20’s for the race and mid 30’s afterward – way to much fretting

Alas, 1/2 way there we had some car troubles.  Friend made some serious efforts to save the day – I’m not kidding, it was like traveling with MacGyver but these weren’t quite enough.  We ended up at a very random/small car repair shop.  There we got to watch what turned into some kind of auto repair shop soap opera.  It was highly entertaining.  A trip to Tim Horton’s on the way out of town and back to Kalamazoo we went.

While I was disappointed about the race/our day plans, hanging out with my friend is a good time no matter what the situation.  Hanging out with me is always an adventure – I probably should have reminded my friend of this fact.  I think I should start doing/planning the opposite of what I want the outcome to be and then it would turn out how I secretly wanted it to happen in the first place – reverse psychology on the universe?  Maybe?

very true

Oh yeah, and I ate a big fat gluten filled boston cream donut.  I couldn’t resist, it was taunting me from the case.  And a milk-filled coffee drink.  I was going to ask for some kind of special concoction but the cashier seemed only competent to fulfill the menu items and not any variations.  I’m not trying to be mean, I just didn’t want to be a pain in the ass for a drink that wouldn’t turn out anyway.  Stomach be damned.

I’m sure you are thinking I came home and ran on the tready to fulfill my planned miles.  Wrong!  I watched a mini-marathon of Supernatural and relaxed.  It seemed to be the universe’s plan all along.  Whenever things like this happen, and they happen a lot, I rationalize it that maybe something bad was going to happen had we made it to our intended destination.  You just never know, right?

see what could’ve happened?!

the big birthday

thanks beautiful man

Here we are… my birthday.

For me, my birthday is essentially a version of Jan. 1.  I make all kinds of resolutions/plans since I’m rehashing the past year anyway.  Resolutions isn’t exactly a fair word since I’ve given these up a few years ago.  But still, it makes me think about what I want for my year.  And this helps define my purpose for the next 365 days.

Yesterday (my actual birthday) was a really busy day at work.  We gave tours to perspective students and I worked a table from noon-4 pm.  The highlight of this was the caf offers these oh so delicious cookies.  Seriously, they are my absolute favorite.  They are filled to the brim with gluten and sugar but I decided to throw that aside for my birthday treat.  I’m sure I’ll pay for it but LOOK


The frosting is perfect – the fondant W?  Nope – that hits the wayside.  For dinner, I was off to Red Robin.  I’ve been craving a burger and fries and they have the best fries ever!  I also really like their gluten-free hamburger buns.  I got silly full with french fries, campfire sauce and a birthday beverage.  I’m not kidding – I brought home 3/4 of my burger and more fries.  AND 3 containers of campfire sauce <–totally addicted.

I also came home to a lovely snuggle buddy
I also came home to a lovely snuggle buddy

Work out update, I ran/walked 3 miles on Monday.  I didn’t get right up and get on the tready, I lazed around for the day, watched some Parks and Rec, Super Natural and ate an undercooked waffle.  Seriously, snow days are MEANT to be enjoyed no matter that was a partial work day.  I still got them miles done (along with some cleaning) because I have this dandy renewed sense of motivation.  The miles were a struggle, I’m guessing it was from the 4th day in a row on the treadmill.  Most likely not a lot for many but since I’m still in the “getting back into it” phase, I was feeling a bit shin splinty.

Anyway, it was a better birthday than I anticipated.  Not because I thought it would be a bad day per say, my friends and family are/were wonderful.  But I thought I would have the birthday blues.  However, I realized I DIDN’T feel as down in the dumps about being a year older (mostly – I mean, c’mon, it still freaks me out somewhat) rather I have a good feeling about the year…

to me! I mean if this doesn’t inspire a good year, what would?!

road trippin’ – guess where I went?

Friday I took a friend to the airport.  It was an early flight so it was only 9:30 am when I dropped him off.  I had a couple of choices:

1. Bum around airport town looking for something to do.

2. Drive home and hang out on the couch – did I mention I took the day off?

3. Drive to IKEA and Trader Joe’s.

my excitement was reaching this level

I chose #3.  I should mention from where I was at, it was a 3 hour drive. I  am still not quite sure why I picked number three but it was definitely a good choice.

I had a nice day!  It was fun to be on my own small adventure.  Since I’m not the most confident driver on the road, driving on the freeway freaks me out a bit.  And for good reason – I got run off of the road once this trip.  I didn’t realize there was only one lane for an exit (you could either go left for the exit I wanted or right for the one I didn’t).  I hate merging on the left!  Well, I saw to close to the actual exit that I needed to get in the other lane and no one would let me in.  So, I had to stop in the (sort of) lane that divides both of exits and then wait for a pause in traffic and gun it.

this was happening on the inside

For the record, VW bugs have a very different definition of “gunning it” than other cars but thankfully I was able to pull in front of a semi with some time to spare. I legitimately thought I would be sitting there for ages rather than minutes and panic was setting in. But all was well and I only had to deal with a few other jackass drivers.

IKEA was a success! I kind of knew what I wanted going into it as I recently checked out the website.  Of course, going through all of the rooms, I found some really cool spacing saving ideas and my list grew somewhat by the time it came to the self pick up area.  At this point, I was *fairly* confident I could fit what I wanted in my car.  I had moderately cleaned it out for my friend’s trip to the airport.  This meant, taking out some crap but leaving most of it so in reality, I was a wee bit concerned.  I headed to pick up this shelf first:

this was only $64.99... definitely a possible future purchase
this was only $64.99… definitely a possible future purchase

Haha, I couldn’t lift it off of the shelf.  T-rex arms!  It worked in my favor though because it would NEVER have fit in my car.  Kismet.

Next, I picked up this bad boy:

kallax shelfI plan on using it for a combo nightstand and additional shelving in my bedroom.  I found this wire rack, a total steal at $24.99.  I have kitchen appliances I don’t want to get rid of but they need a new home – my kitchen floor just isn’t conducive!  These are fairly expensive at Target or other ones were too flimsy for what I need it to hold so I was pleased with this find.

omar wire shelfI found quite a few other shelving options I really liked. There was one bathroom set up with a great shelf that had hooks.  It would be perfect for my bedroom but they were out of stock.  When I got home, I realized it might not have been the best purchase right now so again, kismet.

On pinterest I saw how someone had hung a shoe rack on the back of their door so I picked up one of those as well.  Again, very handy and it even came with hooks.  A couple of other little odds and ends jumped into my cart but for the most part, I did a fantastic job of asking myself, “do you NEED this?” whenever I was tempted.  Get this: I only spent $111.00.  Win.

mine has three smaller holes for hooks - this is great
mine has three smaller holes for hooks – this is great

Next up was Trader Joe’s.  There is something about this grocery store that calms me.  I have no idea why. I think I feel like I’ve found “my people” when I shop there.  It sounds silly and I can’t explain it any other way.  Thankfully, they weren’t out of stock on these bad boys like last time, and I hooked myself up with three bags.

peanut butter treatsI am decent at adhering to portion sizes with out and only eating a serving size at a time.  It’s a hefty calorie count and I have to run 2.5 miles to burn it off however, it is so.freakin’.worth.it.

The two hour drive home was exhausting.  The two pieces of furniture are still in my car as they are heavy sonsofbeehives.  Oh and I’m lazy. My quest to organize and decrease my hoard is an ongoing process. One step closer this weekend though!


uncle sam hearts tax day!

True to form, I did my taxes Monday…  I’ve nailed the art of procrastination of so many levels.

If yesterday is still sheds a shadow over your Wednesday or you just need a pick me up on a Wednesday, here is  some humor.  These are a few funnies that has made me laugh recently and wanted to share them.  Hope they do the same for you!  P.S. Uncles Sam says “thanks for filing!”  (Hmm… is it egotistical to speak for uncle sam?!)

pop up book of phobias
the horrors…
man, I love these!
man, I love these!
jurassic park
simon and I love Jurassic Park and this is very clever!
umm... this may have happened this weekend x2
umm… this may have happened this weekend x2
I tried explaining this to my co-worker and why I thought it was so funny.  lost in translation - I sounded like a crazy person
I tried explaining this to my co-worker and why I thought it was so funny. lost in translation – I sounded like a crazy person

bird and math

cracks me up!
cracks me up!

And what would this list be without a cat meme?!

haha, poor cat!
haha, poor cat!

Enjoy your Wednesday!


I had a dope time, yo

While I guarantee I will be referring to my weekend again in future posts I think this will be the last in the Dopey series (1, 2, 3, 4).  I’m sure you want to thank me for moving onto a different subject matter.


I’m really happy I took on this challenge.  It was a huge confidence boost and brought back many of those “I love running” feelings that can sometimes get lost in a majorly long training cycle.  Yes, I started rebuilding my foundation back in May or June and then started training around July.  Those are some long months!

all the medals!
all the medals!

Here are some of the highlights:

1.  Met Amanda from Too Tall Fritz!  Well, ambushed her actually but those are just semantics

a celebrity siting!
a celebrity siting!

2.  Went over to Animal Kingdom lodge where I had my tasty mouse head waffle and checked out the animals.  It’s great – you can see some of the animals you would see on the safari tour without having to go to the Animal Kingdom park.

giraffes are the best
giraffes are the best

3.  Discovered the Mickey head ice cream sandwich.  Also very good and cute to boot.

this was very good regardless of the shape!
this was tasty regardless of the shape!

4.  Disney kind of slacked on the Dopey merchandise and early expo attendees wiped them out of the stock they did have (I mean in about 4 hours).  They had tech shirts left but I wasn’t interested since I already had one.  I finally found a light sweatshirt from Raw Threads, which I love.  Also in Downtown Disney Hanes has a design your own shirt so I created a long sleeve Dopey one.  It was super speedy and they have a ton of different characters.  Disney did come through afterward though and I found a (cotton) shirt online and yes, I already ordered it.

the sweatshirt is from raw threads
the sweatshirt is from raw threads
this is the shirt I made!
this is the shirt I made!

5.  I took advantage of the fun atmosphere.  Disney races are geared toward all-level athletes and it is a good time with no pressure – well, aside from the pressure you place on yourself!

my namesake restaurant in downtown disney!
my namesake restaurant in downtown disney!

6.  The race snacks weren’t anything extravagant but they did have these rice chips and little things of cheese.  This became the absolute yummiest thing in the entire world.

dopey snacks7.  Running in costume is so fun!  People are so freakin’ creative and I loved seeing what everyone came up with.  Mine was fairly simple but thanks to Sparkle Athletic, Running Skirts, Pro Compression, Aspaeris and some RockTape, I was running in style.

cleaning my costume in my room - much better than being all smelly
cleaning my costume in my room – much better than being all smelly

8.  It was warm.

beautiful view and no snow!
beautiful view and no snow!

9.  I’m obsessed with all things Dopey.  Luckily, I didn’t let this overtake my pocket-book but it was close!

dopey is just so cute!
dopey is just so cute!

10.  Iced mochas are tough to come by outside of the parks.  There aren’t coffee shops in the resorts, which really surprised me.  So future race attendees not visiting parks, you can score a good (naturally expensive) espresso drink right outside of the ticket areas of Epcot.  You do have to go through bag check but then it’s fairly close.  For me, it was totally worth the cash!

my view from the coffee hut
my view from the coffee hut

11.  I’m not quite sure on how much money I spent but doing a Disney race certainly isn’t the cheapest option when it comes to racing.  As I was walking to Epcot after the marathon, a security guard asked me if I would be returning next year.  I told him, to ask me after my body had recovered!  Honestly, I won’t be back next year.  There are a lot of other races I want to do and Disney kind of saps my race budget.  Nevertheless, I am so happy I could take advantage of this opportunity and was actually able to save for it!

I so wanted to keep this space blanket... but I didn't
I so wanted to keep this space blanket… but I didn’t

10.  Simon has decided I can’t go anywhere for a good long while.

dopey simonI am so grateful for this experience!  I’m grateful for all of the support, encouragement and confidence from all of you and my other friends and family.  There were times when those “you got this” were what kept me going!  Thank you!

treasures untold

I’m currently typing this on my new mini ipad keyboard.  I love it!  It is seriously the cutest little thing ever!  It looks like a laptop for dolls and I can’t get over it.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I know there are many who disagree with shopping on Thanksgiving and honestly, I also have mixed feelings about it.  However, as my two friends and I discussed yesterday, it really is a nice thing for us single folks.  If I hadn’t gone shopping I would have been by myself.

see? it’s okay that I went shopping

Anyway, I had a great time!  My two friends are a riot and they kept me laughing even as I was freezing my tokus off in the very chilly evening.  I also picked up some wonderful treasures:

New iPod – my poor past ipods… I just hope electronics don’t talk to each other or my new one already knows it’s doomed!  In order not to jinx it even further, my friends suggested getting a different color than my past ones so purple it is!

Next up was Target and it was much more of a cluster than Best Buy.  Seriously, Best Buy knows what they are doing in regards to the organization aspect of hoards of shoppers.  Target did pass out snacks (very sweet and needed!) but the people were rowdier.  We figured it was the after dinner crowd and they were eager to spend some cash.  One of my shopping buddies was out for the iPad.  You got a $100 gift card so it was cheaper than at any other store.  Me?  I wanted the Little Green Clean Machine.  I’ve wanted this bad boy for about ten years.

so you think Simon would care if I used this on him?

Shopping buddy essentially had to battle his way through the crowds to get his iPad but was successful.  Unfortunately, Target placed two of their meeker workers back there and other patrons took advantage.  He came back with a couple of stories of the not so friendly side of holiday shopping.  I did get my lovely carpet cleaning machine and can’t wait to use it.

yeah, pretty much

We hit Wal-Mart next as shopping buddy #2 wanted a Blu-ray.  I picked up Simon’s toy and a totally spontaneous purchase – the Genie Bra!  Haha, while it isn’t as fabulous as the commercial claims, it is nice for something after work.  We went to Kohl’s and Dick’s Sporting Goods but lines were out of control here and nothing really jumped out at us.  We were getting thoroughly exhausted at this point and I wanted one more stop – Yankee Candle

I have no business buying any more candles since my sister and I went through all of the leftover ones my mom had stockpiled.  Nevertheless, there is one scent that reminds me of my mom and I had gone through all of mine and wanted to take advantage of the sale.  Last but not least, Macy’s where I WALKED PAST THE BOOTS (this took a lot of self-control) and bought some sheets.  Get this, the sheets were originally marked at $140.00.  WHAT?!  I mean, I get it, it’s Macy’s but seriously?  I got them for $30 and they are a deep red – love!

isn’t this recount of my evening thrilling?!

The fact is, while finding treasures can be a good time, hanging out with my friends is what really made this experience.  I’ve gone shopping every year.  There is always a sense of satisfaction with finding a good deal  but this time around I had fun.

yay halloweenie!

Happy Halloweenie!  Did you eat any candy yet?  Here is my favorite:

take 5 loves me back
take 5 loves me back

And here was the trick part of my holiday

yes, this was stuck to my window by a co-worker!
yes, this was stuck to my window by a co-worker!

Of course I laughed a lot – especially at the reaction of some woman who walked past me in the parking lot.

All in all, Halloweenie was a huge holiday in the fam.  My mom adored it.  With my job, Halloweenie isn’t quite so fun anymore.  It’s usually a night filled with mischief and debauchery.  I’m also proud to say, I”ve gotten over the desire to tramp it up!  I’m sort of an adult!  If I were to dress up, this is what I would choose

witchHead’s up – if you have a Chipoltle near you, wear a costume and get a $3 burrito.  I’m going to.

Yesterday I planned on running 8 miles.  I started running and felt pretty good.  My ankle and arch started acting up around mile 4 and I had a thought.  Maybe tightening my shoe laces will help?  I gave it a shot and couldn’t believe the difference.  It felt so much better that I did it to the other foot too.  I’ve never liked tying my shoes tightly so this was a big and new deal for me.

Anyway, at mile 5 I was almost home and thought to myself, “5 is good for today”.  Then I thought about the next day and knew I wouldn’t be able to get a longish run in and I told myself I was already mostly done.  So, I hiked up another big hill (it was my third for the evening) and finished up all 8!  I was happy with myself!

I hit some negative splits with the first and 6th one indicative of the hilly terrain:  11:30, 11:17, 11:07, 11:05, 11:07, 11:51 (I was hating my life right here), 11:17 and finally 11:05.  It was a good run and I iced both knees and my ankle when I got home.  I love it when I am a smart runner!

I can't help it - I adore this!
I can’t help it – I adore this!

Have a fun Halloweenie!

back in the game

Whenever I take a break from blogging, it feels harder to get back into it… It’s like my brain has forgotten how to function in this creative medium.  This is my attempt to jump-start my brain!

Yay! for vacations!  My original plan was to blog while I was home visiting fam but there simply wasn’t time.  I spent every waking moment chatting, laughing, sometimes crying, drinking coffee, laughing some more, eating, being out and about and LIVING.  It was wonderful.

vacation is tough
vacation is tough

Here are a few highlights and things about my family that I love!

1.  I really do come from one of the most beautiful places on earth.  I forget until I am home for a visit (or I actually think about it) how magnificent the PNW is.  Here are a couple of views from the day we went to Hurricane Ridge (local), which is part of the Olympic Mountains.  Yes, this IS my back yard.

hurricane ridge2.  Sometimes I forget how awesome it is that my family is  touchy-feely.  Please don’t read this wrong – it isn’t anything weird.  Rather, when one of my family members walks by they might rub your back or give you a hug or just touch your arm.  It’s not every time but it is very comforting.  They say personal touch and cuddling has healing powers and I firmly believe this.  Babies who aren’t touched from birth have developmental and emotional issues.  So seriously, go out and give someone a little squeeze today!

starfish - ridge3.  We are a FUNNY family!

naturally strawberry mojitos belong in GIANT mason jars
naturally strawberry mojitos belong in GIANT mason jars

4.  A “German moment”  can be anything that reminds us of our childhood.  Sometimes it’s running late and sometimes it’s making really bad puns.  This goes along with #3

5.  I got to get to know my brother’s girlfriend so much better on this trip!  We talked a lot about men, work and what I am going to do when I go visit them in Paris.  Yes, this will include eating a lot of bread and riding a bike.  With a basket.  And being all sophisticated… or something!

I'm not sure France will let me in... btw, this is my "elder wand" yo!
I’m not sure France will let me in… btw, this is my “elder wand” yo!

6.  My niece and nephew are now adult-ish.  It’s so weird!  My niece is 19 and my nephew is 17.  I spent some major quality time with both of them.  They still call me “Auntie Amy” (which I will always insist on!) and they are simply amazing people.  Oh yeah, and my nephew gave me a big hug – even in front of his other 17 year old buddies!  I must be cool.

I taught my niece how to make smores over the stove!
I taught my niece how to make smores over the stove!

7.  I discovered a new place!  It’s a local beach where the rocks are ROUND!  Wait, scratch that – SPHERES!  I dubbed them “alien rocks”.  Pictures to come!

during our search for the alien rocks
during our search for the alien rocks

8.  Even though we were running around doing things and hanging out, I had the opportunity to have conversations with my family on an individual basis.  I am so grateful for this.

paige and me

9.  When I am home, I am Maggie’s favorite

yes, maggie is the dog
yes, maggie is the dog

10.  A run – with no humidity?!  With a cool breeze?!  Constant hills?!  Okay, except for the last one, it was perfect!  As I’ve mentioned, my dad maps out the HILLIEST routes!

11.  My grandma made me kidney bean salad – sooo yummy!

12.  My dad found a bunch of old pics and we went through them the last day I was there.  They were great!  We also told stories about my mom the entire trip.  Sometimes this was sad and other times hysterical.  Both help though, you know?

my bro called this "hard-boiled siblings" and yes, we are wearing matching shoes!
my bro called this “hard-boiled siblings” and yes, we are wearing matching shoes!

Of course, it all passed by too quickly.  There are times when I regret moving half way across the country because I feel my heart is split in two.  I have friends and family in both areas and when it comes time to leave either it just sucks.  We need to invent teleporting NOW!

Simon gave me a lovely homecoming with kitty-hugs and snuggling.  My friend’s baby was supposed to arrive while I was gone but he waited for me!  After almost missing my last flight to Grand Rapids, MI because I was asleep at the gate, I made it back in one piece and hit the deck running for work.  Phew!

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

a crazy cat lady I is

Some years ago, when I first adopted Simon, I REFUSED to call myself a cat lady.  In fact, I would be kind of insulted when others would joke about it.  I kept thinking this title would turn potential suitors away.  Well, maybe it does/did but I have dated since I got Simon so I am guessing the joke is on them because I AM a cat lady!


Anyway, in the spirit of keeping my posts lighthearted this week (for all of our sake’s) I wanted to take a few minutes and explain how you know when you have crossed to the dark side and officially become a “Crazy Cat Lady”

1.  You create a photo-collage of your cat and post it on the internet – yep, did this.  I didn’t really think much about it until I started composing this post and I realized, “whoa, Aim – deep end of crazy cat lady!”

simon collage

2.  You tell your friends you can’t go out that night because you need to spend time with your cat – yes, this happens.  Simon gets lonely and really likes hanging out with me.  He likes attention and doesn’t like spending mad amounts of time on his own.  The hermit in me happy obliges!

3.  You talk baby-talk to your cat and then start to use this same voice/words to your friends and family – ummm… yeah… this started happening this summer.  I don’t know why!  I am trying REALLY hard to stop doing this as I definitely think this could ward off the mens!

simon didn't influence this post at all
simon didn’t influence this post at all

4.  You openly admit you “spoon” with your cat – Simon is an expert level spooner!  Seriously, I have said this for some time and I am not sure if a dude could do much better.  He doesn’t even mind being the big spoon.

5.  You say something like the following:  “My relationship with my cat is the longest relationship I’ve had with a male.”  Probably shouldn’t be too proud of this one but it’s the truth

we are snuggling here!
we are snuggling here!

6.  You sign your cat’s name on your Christmas cards – I don’t do this on all of them but if the recipients have pets then I put Simon’s name on them too.  I think he appreciates being acknowledged.

7.  When you think about the individuals who know you best, you include your cat – Yes.  He does.

8.  While deep down your know your cat isn’t your son/daughter, you feel an affinity that is very similar to what you think you will feel for your child – Since I am currently child-less, I am not sure how I will feel towards my off-spring (I’m guessing fairly loving) but as of now, Simon gets all this love.  Lucky duck!

9.  You hang a stocking for your cat

stockings for me and my cat...
stockings for me and my cat…

10.  You get offended when someone says something disparaging about your cat – I recognize many people claim to “not be a cat person”.  While I do find it odd to cut a whole species out of your life, to each their own.  But my cat is my buddy.  He has stuck by me through some rough times (yes, I do realize he didn’t have much of a choice but STILL, he was there) and doesn’t care if I have showered, if I have been crying or if I am super sweaty from a run.  He doesn’t care when I am ranting and raving about something stupid and always forgives me when I accidentally step on his tail.  He loves me.  So please don’t say mean things about him in front of me.  Most of the time people are teasing me, which is totally cool but sometimes the spirit of said teasing is a bit rough.

11.  When your cat has a meltdown, you have an equal degree of freaking out – When Simon and I moved this summer, he was not pleased.  He had a mega meltdown and I followed suit.  The first night we got there, I stayed up with him until 4 am.

12.. You post things like this on pinterest


and you have a cat shirt to wear on Halloween… that you have worn in public

I was a cat lady for Halloween - creative, eh?
I was a cat lady for Halloween – creative, eh?

13.  You allow your cat to make all of your decisions for you – I tried this for a few weeks one summer.  I asked Simon if he wanted me to move, I told him to roll over for “yes” or stay put for “no”.  He stayed.  And so did I.  The decision-making thing last for a couple of weeks!

That all being said, here are the areas I draw the line:  *I don’t introduce my cat on my voicemail.  *I don’t let my cat lick the water from my feet after I step out of the shower.  *I’m not a real big fan of Simon licking me in general – especially my face.  Not for me.  *Simon is not allowed under the covers on my bed.  *I do in fact, know Simon is an animal (but he is FREAKIN’ ADORABLE!).  *I don’t force Simon on anyone – you certainly don’t have to entertain him or pet him when you are over.  *I really do try to alleviate the cat hair from the surfaces of my home.

So there you have it – this is not an exhaustive list as to what makes someone a crazy cat lady by any means.  Men can be crazy cat ladies too (well, you know what I mean).  This is not a gender-specific description.  I do think it’s odd how many people who own dogs do all of the above and don’t endure any kind of moniker that questions their mental state.  Nevertheless, I have embraced my crazy cat lady-ness.  I adore my little friend and have become a better person because I have cared for him.  So, if that is the result of being a crazy cat lady then so be it!

first order IN!
first order IN!