welcome to funkville

My run tonight sucked.  Pure and simple.  I ran 2.5 miles and then stopped.  I didn’t want to run anymore.  Or maybe I did but didn’t have the energy.  Or the right attitude.  Who knows… I did walk the rest of the way – ended with 5.16 miles so I give myself a small high-five considering I could have turned the corner back to my apt earlier but it was certainly weak “marathon training”.


My endorphins forgot to show to the party.  Yeah, I’m in a funk.  Part of it is I’m trying to get back into a routine after vacation.  Part of it is I’m having some man issues – dudes, what is wrong with you?! ;) and the other part of it change is hard!  I’ve gotten better with dealing with change but it still takes me some time to get through it


I guess I’ll get over it…  Today and yesterday I spent several hours cleaning out my old office and moving all of my office-y business to my new office.  It’s not unpacked but I am glad it’s almost finished.  I’m ready for this neverendingmoveofthecentury to be over.  Seriously, I’ve spent more days packing/unpacking/moving this month than I haven’t!  The picture of my empty office will have to wait until tomorrow because I had a blogger fail and forgot!

Yesterday, as I was cleaning I knocked off a picture frame from a shelf and I tried to catch it but it hit my wrist instead.

:( it’s one of those scraps that bleeds and bruises

Yeppers, it HURT!  It kind of made me shocky too – not sure if it’s because it’s near my arteries or if it hit just right but even today it’s sore.  Not to mention, I have to head off the curious looks I get with the band-aid over my wrist.  Yes, I’ve had a challenging 6 months but in no way shape or form would that be an answer for me so it’s kind of awkward!

Tomorrow is a new week!  I’m working on confronting my man-issues, starting CrossFit tomorrow and new work duties await me bright and early in the morning.  Let’s hope this fake bravado get’s me through! ;)


p.s. don’t worry – I also have my friends wine and chocolate to get me through!