uncle sam hearts tax day!

True to form, I did my taxes Monday…  I’ve nailed the art of procrastination of so many levels.

If yesterday is still sheds a shadow over your Wednesday or you just need a pick me up on a Wednesday, here is  some humor.  These are a few funnies that has made me laugh recently and wanted to share them.  Hope they do the same for you!  P.S. Uncles Sam says “thanks for filing!”  (Hmm… is it egotistical to speak for uncle sam?!)

pop up book of phobias
the horrors…
man, I love these!
man, I love these!
jurassic park
simon and I love Jurassic Park and this is very clever!
umm... this may have happened this weekend x2
umm… this may have happened this weekend x2
I tried explaining this to my co-worker and why I thought it was so funny.  lost in translation - I sounded like a crazy person
I tried explaining this to my co-worker and why I thought it was so funny. lost in translation – I sounded like a crazy person

bird and math

cracks me up!
cracks me up!

And what would this list be without a cat meme?!

haha, poor cat!
haha, poor cat!

Enjoy your Wednesday!


the gif at the end makes it worth reading

It’s a Harry Potter weekend on ABC Family!  I can’t even begin to tell you how happy this makes me – especially with it being a long weekend and all.  The thing is, there are scenes in the tv version that are NOT in the theatrical version.  I thought I was a nutter at first but finally googled it and it’s true.  I wish this was the version that I had on DVD!

Getting off of the couch for a run yesterday was tough.  There wasn’t any good reason just being a bit lazy.  I had a coupon for $10 off at my local running store so finally this, along with a kick ass new playlist (that I spent at least an hour on Friday night) motivated me into setting out into the slightly chilly afternoon.  At the store I picked up some fuel – GU Brew, peach tea flavor and some Honey Stinger goodness.  I also finally grabbed a handheld.  I’ve been MacGyvering my fuel belt and a water bottle since that horrendous day back in Sept.  Although I’m proud of my trickster ways, it was getting annoying on long runs.

this is so gross

I couldn’t decide between the above cartoon or the next one – so you got both!

Here are a few other things that really made me laugh this weekend:

I can't even stop laughing at this one
I can’t even stop laughing at this one

I was at the store the other day and this was abandoned on the belt next to me

dino down!  it just looked really funny
dino down! it just looked really funny

Then in the candy aisle I saw these

I just love the part that says, "not a low calorie food"
I just love the part that says, “not a low calorie food”

I’ve got some items to check off from my to-do list today.  The laundry piles need to be tamed, a long run, and clean my bathroom.  I know it doesn’t sound like much but the laundry is going to take me some time!

simon really should be helping – he is a messy little bugger

random & a break from anything serious

Here are a few of my recent favorite “funnies”.  I appreciate them because they hit up my sometimes jaded side.  I can’t always find exactly what I am looking for to express myself, or the words for that matter and these fit perfectly.

Unfortunately this strikes close to home.  Fortunately, I think it’s ridiculously funny and think it’s important for those of us it applies to simply embrace it!  And laugh at ourselves!

funny boyfriendThen there is my communication style.  Somewhere along the line, I started paying less and less attention to my filter.  This is both dangerous and humorous!

sarcasm funnyI recently had a conversation with on of my guy friends about chocolate.  It was around 3 pm and I needed some BADLY.  I asked him, “doesn’t this happen to you as well?!”.  He responded, “umm… NO”.  Weird!

chocolate funnyI’m fairly certain the reason for this is the following:

man emotions funnyHaha, when I saw this it cracked me up!  I love teasing my man friends about how they DO have emotions and they should embrace them.  Then analyze them – over and over again.  With my help of course.

And last but not least, I’ve finally decided to admit that I am, indeed an emotional person.  It’s not my favorite quality about myself or at least it hasn’t been.  I took Strengths Quest about a month ago and one of mine had the emotional piece incorporated.  Emotional being a strength?  I never thought of it this way!  Now I want to!

emotional funnyI’m going to take over the world with my cute emotional self.

arrrrggg mateys!

Yesterday I talked about my slump.  Today my spirits were lifted from the truly lovely comments I got yesterday.  However, I was all crabby when I got done with work today.

How do you recover from a less than stellar day at work?  Here are my suggestions:

1.  Look at this

And this

LOVE… and laughed and laughed

Seriously, last night, I laughed so hard I cried.  I looked at them again today and laughed again.  Oh man, I love that, “Kill it!  Kill it with FIRE!”  I can’t help it!  I will be laughing at that for a while!

2.  Get over your marathon training slump.  I got home from work and felt like this

man, I wanted to sleep.all.afternoon.

After I finished my run, I felt like this!

10 miles homies!

As I mentioned yesterday I was feeling pretty unsure of myself.  Then tonight I unexpectedly knocked out 10 miles.  This wasn’t my intention.  In fact, when I started I wasn’t even sure I could muster 8 and the first few miles were slow.  My legs felt like they were covered in cobwebs, my one contact was funky and my ipod is still on the fritz.  But then I found I could keep going.  And going.  I’m not going to lie, it felt FANTASTIC!  My body felt darn good as well.  So, I guess crossfit is working!  I am no longer doubting my training.  I’ll be ready.  But I was feeling so slumpy that I didn’t go to crossfit all week.  Awesome decision-making, Aim!  I have another 10 miler on the agenda and an 8 miler.  I’m looking forward to them.

3.  Wear your pirate shirt on Talk like a Pirate Day!

panty raider for life! :) arrrrg mateys

4.  Enjoy ice cream and then some peanut butter mid-afternoon.  Trust me, it was yummo!

two of my favorites

5.  Last but not least, remember some wise words from your mom.  My mom gave me this wall hanging and it says, “Never underestimate this girl”.  People underestimate me a lot.  But I underestimate myself even more.  As I was hitting up mile 7 I knew I would reach 10.  I know I will reach 26.2.  I need to stop underestimating myself because if I don’t believe in myself how can others?  So, don’t underestimate yourself either!!  Those are my wise words for the day :)

If any of these suggestions fail remember tomorrow is a new day!