odds and ends to be thankful for

I know I’m odd… its BEAUTIFUL weather here yesterday and today but it freaks me out.  77 degrees at the end of October?  Polar bears are crying… I can feel it.  Nevertheless, it’s Thursday and a day to chat about what I am grateful for in life.  This is important.  So, without further ado, what am I thankful for this week?

1.  I finished a marathon.  Yep, I know I mentioned this (a few 100 times) but I’m kind of still getting used to the idea.  It doesn’t really feel like it happened.  People are still asking me how it went and the answer I keep telling them is, “it was HARD!”.  Because I inhale blog posts from a number of bloggers, I had kind of lost the whole concept of, “marathons are tough and not everyone runs them”.  In my cyber-world, EVERYONE runs marathons, so it ain’t that special.  Hello?!  Earth to Amy!  You rocked 26.2 miles!  Way to go!

2.  I laughed out loud at this:

this caught me off guard and I laughed so hard I scared the cat!

3.  I’m carving my pumpkin this weekend!  Yippeee!

4.  I recently saw a quote on pinterest or facebook and it said something about the days being darkest before the dawn.  Or maybe it was something about a storm passing and a rainbow.  I’m not putting these memes/sayings down – I’ve found comfort in them many times.  What I realized though, was for the first time in a year, I WASN’T in need of this type of boost.  I’m not trying to brag here.  I feel like the foggy blah of depression/where is my life is going doesn’t feel so overwhelming.  This has been nice.

5.  Thanks so much for the awesome feedback on my whole carb-y “problem”.  Haha, I feel like there should be some kind of support group for us carb-folks.  Although I have a feeling it would turn into one heck of a carb recipe-swap! ;)

6.  I have a bib for Tyranena!!  Oh my gosh!  Thanks to Kim from Life in the Twin Lane , I will be running alongside my Panty Raider teammates in WI.  I can’t wait to see them!  These women rock my socks off and totally crack me up.  It’s going to be a fantastic weekend full of laughs, running, beer and hopefully cheese – I mean, it’s WI after all.  Next weekend… Yay!

7.  The Tiger’s are in the World Series!  I’m not a super fan but I love how excited fans get around here.  People are absolutely GIDDY – I love that energy!

my first Tiger’s game ever was this season! Yes, I take partial responsibility for them being in the World Series… I mean, where would they be if I hadn’t been there?!

8.  Tuesdays nights – these are spent hanging out with friends watching scary stuff on tv.  It’s just for the month of October but it has been a blast.

9.  My blog-aversary is coming up soon!  Okay, in about a month but STILL!  The fact I am still writing is a major feat for me.  I guess it’s like running – it has become one of my passions.  I have some ideas of how I am going to celebrate and I’ll keep you updated!

10. I’m getting some of my running/working out mojo back.  I know tons of people talk about how they can’t wait to get back to running after their marathon but I’ve enjoyed the lazy time.  However, I am starting to feel the “crazy” seep in (running is cheaper than therapy) and I’m not sleeping as well.  All point toward the need to lace my running shoes back up.  It’s weird though, the last time I had them on I was trucking through the hills of San Fran.  It seems like a life time ago!

good thing nike took some pics… I have some of me actually running – I just need to buy them

thankful it’s thursday!

What am I thankful for this week?  Umm, I’m kind of thankful my marathon is NOT this weekend!  Haha but seriously, here is my list for this week!

1.  I had a great run last night.  Earlier this week I was feeling pretty Eeyore-ish.  After being sick all weekend and into the first part of the week I hadn’t run in a few days.  Yesterday it was rainy and yucky but I laced up my Brooks PureCadence, put on a hat and headed outside.  I had a quality 6 miler that did wonders for my mood.  I have no idea why I forget how much better running makes me feel.  I pushed the tempo as well and for the first time in a long time I didn’t slow down for fear I wouldn’t be able to finish.  That was freedom in itself!

2.  This

Yes, I know I put all of these up yesterday but this one I couldn’t find.  It brings me happiness that I can’t even behind to describe!

3.  Skyped my family this week!  It was wonderful to see them!

4.  My niece gave me some quality advice about men.  She is 18.  I’m crazy about that kid

5.  This weekend is the Campus Classic!  I love this 5k!  It was the first race I ever ran and I’ve done it every year since.  It always reminds me how far I’ve come physically, mentally and emotionally.  There is a MONSTER hill at the end that either a) brings ppl to their knees (literally), b) makes ppl vomit – last year I had to give it an “uumph” just to not get hit by the woman behind me or c) makes ppl simply give up.  Me?  It makes me push harder and get rid of the barriers in my mind!  And helps me dodge vomit! ;)  I NEVER dreamed I could be a runner.  The race pretty much changed my life.  Crazy, eh?

campus classic from last year – can’t wait to pick up my bib tomorrow!

6.  A great talk with my fabulous friend Kara :)

7.  My dear friend Meagan has her first marathon this weekend!  Good ol’ Chicago!  I am SO incredibly proud of her.  Last year, we did a half together – her first and she really put the pedal to the metal in her training.  She has cut 2 mins off of her time and knocks out mileage like nobodies business.  I absolutely can’t wait for her to cross that finish line!  Of course I’m going to pick her brain a bit!

M is the bride – and now she will be a marathoner! btw – LOVE these girls!

8.  One of my besties got me this!

it’s pink… it’s a magnet… it’s PERFECT! thanks em!

9.  I am so happy to be feeling better!  It was a brutal start to the week

I also got some fantastic mail this weekend – a lovely hoodie from WHOOHA Gear!  I’ll be doing a review very soon!

love me some racin’!

I woke up pretty grumpy today.  Seriously, it happens to my dad too, and I can’t explain it.  I hate the feeling because literally EVERYTHING drives me bonkers.  I didn’t sleep well last night but more than anything I knew I had to deal with a few things today and I just didn’t want to.  I got through it but there is still grumpy residue

I couldn't have said it better myself

Thankfully, I have a very supportive assistant and today I was singing a slightly annoying song from my childhood and he sent it to me.  It definitely made me smile

Warning!  It might get stuck in your head!

Have you ever seen this?

Yes, there is something wrong with me…

Okay, onto some races!  Here is the list of races that I am either in the process of signing up for or that I have already signed on the dotted line for:

Kal-Haven Trail Run – this is a local race on a trail that runs from Kalamazoo to South Haven.  The trail is 33.5 miles long and it’s set up as a relay.  I’m not organizing the team but I know there are least 3 other individuals and we can have up to 6 members.  It’s March 24, 2012

5/3 River Bank Run – This is a 25k and is the largest 25k in the country.  One of my friends asked me if I wanted to do it with him and I said “Sure!”.  I am one of those ppl who, if you ask me to race with you, it’s almost a guaranteed YES!  I have never done this distance but I am definitely excited!  It’s May 12 and relatively cheap considering the size.

Color Run 5k – Chicago – I’m SUPER excited for this run because it looks like so much fun!  Colors are thrown on you as you run the course.  Runners start out in white t’s – mandatory and then by the end you look like a box of Crayola’s – awesome :)  This run is June 6, 2012

yep, this is necessary

Ragnar Relay – Madison to Chicago – I signed up for this race back in November when another blogger, Kim, put out a call for another teammate on her blog.  I e-mailed her immediately before I had the chance to chicken out!  I’m so happy I did – my teammates are incredible and even though I have never met any of them in person, I can’t wait to spend 24+ hours with them either running or in a van!  The Relay is June 8-9, 2012

At this point, I have some options and some decisions to make.  My friend, Danielle and I really want to do the Nike Woman’s Marathon in San Fran in October.  It will be my first full and I would LOVE to get a bit o’ jewelry from a hot fireman along with some chocolate!  The only problem is I will have to get in via the lottery.  Hmm… I have no idea if I stand a chance or not.

If I don’t get into the NWM then I am considering the Grand Rapids Marathon (I loved the half last year) and have even been talking with my dad about going back to WA and road trippin’ it some place to do a race there.  We’ll see… there are a few other 5k’s or maybe 10k’s around Kalamazoo that I like to do and will continue to sign up for those puppies as well.  My friend Meagan asked me to do the Sunburst half with her in South Ben, IN and then I have wanted to do The Flying Pig Marathon (or half) ever since I heard the name and saw the totally radical medals.  But some of these might be too close for comfort considering the races I have already signed up for.  We’ll see – again, I hate turning down races simply because they are so much fun! 

I’ll keep you posted – meanwhile, check out some of these links!  There are some really fun races around here!

funny business

ummm... poor dog

People often make fun of me because I cuddle with Simon.  In fact, I joke around that he is one of the best “spooners” I know!  I’m sure it’s a bit creepy but I found some funny pics that make me look normal :)

Simon is a total snuggle bug

So, like I said, compared to these others, I think I am normal.  I first saw the below picture on Running off the Reeses.  If you haven’t read Cely’s blog you are really missing out.  She is hysterical.  After all, she found this little gem!

I have no words... I can't look away!

I know there is a monkey joke in here somewhere but I am just not sure where to start…

I am not sure if I am more disturbed by the monkey's outfit or her's

the poor kitty


I don't get this pic at all

I hope you all are having a fun and relaxing Saturday!