no resolutions here – 2014 is doomed!

I spent all day traveling yesterday to get back to incredibly chilly and snowy MI.  During this time, I napped, listened to some tunes and did some thinking.  Being on a plane for over four hours with delayed flights, driving for over 2 and half hours and taking the train and a boat to get home gives you time to think.

oh yeah and I walked up 3 GIANT hills in Seattle to get to the train pulling two suitcases – brutal!

There were all kinds of ideas floating around in my head about what I wanted my resolutions to include.  Weight loss, running PRs, saving all the monies, cranking up my domestic and decorating skills, being a better daughter, sister, friend… the list went on and it was kind of overwhelming.

Today, I started watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy and came to a very important conclusion.  I’m not making any resolutions this year.

Each January I make lofty goals about how I am going to change my life in the upcoming year.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t see anything wrong with this practice.  In fact, I even accomplish a few of them.  But yesterday as I was sitting in the airport reading over all of the fb posts about how fabulous years were, all I could think about was how my year WASN’T fabulous.  This was the approximate time when I started feeling sorry for myself.

It took me another lay over to see I could think of this past year with a positive spin or a negative one.  Since I’ve been working to slow the negative thoughts down, I opted for the positive spin and it lifted my cloud of negativity.  Nevertheless, I am not sure I want to establish a check list for this year.  I think I want this year to unfold based on what is happening in my life and the direction it is going.  There is a scene in the last Harry Potter movie where Hermione says they need to create a plan.  Harry responds with, “when have any of our plans actually worked?  We plan, we get there, all hell breaks loose” – this is my life!

tru dat Harry

So, I’m going to make goals as I go along.  All of those things I mentioned above will be themes in the following days and being happy will be my main focus.  The rest will be gravy.

the gif at the end makes it worth reading

It’s a Harry Potter weekend on ABC Family!  I can’t even begin to tell you how happy this makes me – especially with it being a long weekend and all.  The thing is, there are scenes in the tv version that are NOT in the theatrical version.  I thought I was a nutter at first but finally googled it and it’s true.  I wish this was the version that I had on DVD!

Getting off of the couch for a run yesterday was tough.  There wasn’t any good reason just being a bit lazy.  I had a coupon for $10 off at my local running store so finally this, along with a kick ass new playlist (that I spent at least an hour on Friday night) motivated me into setting out into the slightly chilly afternoon.  At the store I picked up some fuel – GU Brew, peach tea flavor and some Honey Stinger goodness.  I also finally grabbed a handheld.  I’ve been MacGyvering my fuel belt and a water bottle since that horrendous day back in Sept.  Although I’m proud of my trickster ways, it was getting annoying on long runs.

this is so gross

I couldn’t decide between the above cartoon or the next one – so you got both!

Here are a few other things that really made me laugh this weekend:

I can't even stop laughing at this one
I can’t even stop laughing at this one

I was at the store the other day and this was abandoned on the belt next to me

dino down!  it just looked really funny
dino down! it just looked really funny

Then in the candy aisle I saw these

I just love the part that says, "not a low calorie food"
I just love the part that says, “not a low calorie food”

I’ve got some items to check off from my to-do list today.  The laundry piles need to be tamed, a long run, and clean my bathroom.  I know it doesn’t sound like much but the laundry is going to take me some time!

simon really should be helping – he is a messy little bugger