another bandwagon – the whole30

Although I’ve stood on the rooftops & proclaimed my love for all things grain & coffee, I decided to take some serious measures to get to the bottom of my stomach issues.  Not feeling well for over 6 months really encourages exhausting as many options as possible.

I’m on day 6 of the Whole30.

I absolutely never expected to partake in this form of punishment eating yet here I am.  I’m still processing my thoughts so this may seem a little jumbled but here is what I have so far:

1.  I miss my creamy, yes, sugary coffee.  I miss it a lot.  I’ve managed to find some substitutions but so far they absolutely do not measure up-at all.

2. My emotional connection to food is alive & thriving.  My co-whole30 friend (Emily-bless her heart) asked me if I felt empowered for not giving in to temptation.  A bit of me does but a part of me doesn’t because I still feel sad about not having my lovely coffee drink.  I got out of bed for that business!  It brightened my morning!  But perhaps this isn’t the healthiest relationship…

say it ain’t so!

3.  Some of the Whole30 propaganda is a kind of off-putting.  There is an elitist attitude that comes across in their website along with post-ers to the question forum.  I don’t care for it.  And I have no intention of becoming this type of food/health snob.  It’s also one of the reasons I was hesitant to try it in the first place.

4.  However, the sugar cravings are real.  I can’t tell you how many times in the last 5 days I’ve wanted to reach for a “treat” when feeling stressed.  Sugar “calms” me (albeit a temporary salve) so to have to deny myself is tough.  I knew it but didn’t KNOW it.

5.  I can feel a difference in my waistline already.  I don’t feel as “puffy” & the bloat has left me.  This has resulted in somewhat looser pants-win.

yes, this expresses my joy quite well

6.  Grocery shopping takes me to a whole new level of despair.  I hate it already & now that I need to scrutinize every label it’s even more time-consuming.  Whine.

7.  I went to my first meat butcher shop yesterday!  It was pretty cool.  The pork & meat were all locally grown & grass fed & the prices are better or on par with the grocery store.  I will be going back-even when I’m done with these 30 days.

8.  I drink a truckload of water.

9.  I do like some kind of snack after dinner.  Last night the munchies hit me over the head with a sledgehammer.  I ended up overindulging in pistachios.  So much so that today my tongue feels kind of raw from all of the salt.  Not one of my finer moments!

oh yeah, I miss cheese, too

10.  I do hope it helps change some of my current habits.  I realized how much I count on foods of convenience – peanut butter sandwiches, yogurt, whatever else is quick & I don’t have to put a lot of thought into.  I kind of quit cooking after my mom died & now it’s become a habit.  This has forced me to cook meals and plan them in advance.  Right now it’s really annoying.  I’m hoping that will change.  Or at least I will get better at prepping meals for the week.

This is the start of my thoughts.  I’m not sure if the pros are more prevalent or the cons.  I do know the other day I met a friend & we ended going to a coffee shop for the meeting.  I had to watch these beautiful coffee drinks pass in front of me.  That was simply too much pressure for me!  I won’t be going through that again for a little while-it tested me!  I passed but not gracefully!

I just liked this one!

More to come in the upcoming weeks.  Happy Halloweenie!

brain dump

1.  I wrote yesterday’s post completely on my phone.  I’m not sure I will make it a regular thing but for the lazy girl inside it was nice not to have to break out my computer.  I did have to give it quite the edit once I opened it on my laptop though.

2.  Speaking of which, my friends teach college students.  They have students who typed an entire paper from their phone in the body of the email  (who does this?!).  I’m not even sure how they did it.  Don’t worry – they had to rewrite it.

3.  Surprisingly, I came home yesterday and wasn’t utterly exhausted.  This is a major change from how I usually feel.  I even woke up every two hours the night before!  I used whatever reservoir I had tapped into and went for a run.  Well, after I sat on the couch for a bit.

4.  I can’t stop eating blueberry bagels.  And peanut butter.  It’s one of the few things that actually sounds good right now.  Oh and yogurt but that’s essentially a given.

I know… my apologies

5.  With fall hitting and winter right around the corner, Simon is extra cuddly.  I love it.  He insists on sitting on my lap all the time.

cuddly simon
yes, he lays like this – strange bird, he is

6.  In the next two weeks I will have access to free PT injury assessments.  One is the 15th, which just happens to be before my marathon.  The next one is the 30th, just after.  Perfect timing!  Thankfully they are at different clinics so the 2nd one won’t know how dumb I was to run 26.2 on an injured ankle.  My dad isn’t quite sure about my thought process regarding marathoning injured.  I’m determined to run/finish it.  The money is a factor, so is the medal and then there is something else driving me that I can’t quite identify.

7.  I found an interesting mini diet plan on pinterest.  Please feel free to roll your eyes, especially after yesterday’s post.  I know it’s silly and I want to not want to do it.  But I’m going to.  Right after the marathon.  Trust me, there is actual food on this plan albeit a low calorie count.  I am finished with training after the 19th though, which completely justifies my absurdity.

unfortunately, bacon is not included.

8.  I saw this buzzfeed about anxiety this morning.  If you were ever wondering what it feels like, then take a gander.

9.  Speaking of which, I started having a panic attack on Tuesday.  I decided to try to ride it out.  About an hour later I was doing a bit better.  I am going to keep trying to push through them if possible before jumping to my “extra strength in the moment” anxiety meds.

10.  More t-rex humor… I’m obsessed

trex humorI guess my brain hasn’t been very active as of late.  To be honest, I’m getting focused/antsy about the impending marathon.  I can’t believe it’s here.  I’m both freaked out and happy it will be done soon.  Hey – good luck to anyone racing this weekend and to all of you Chicago runners!!  Wahoo!

juicing – all done!

My last post was a bit depressing – considering it was about depression, I’d say I nailed it?  There is more on this topic I want to discuss but a lot has happened between then and now so I will jump back into it soon.

I finished the 28 day juice cleanse the Saturday before I left for vacation/WA.  My original plan was to finish a week before I left but it took a few days to get it up and running so I was nervous about being done on Saturday and taking off on Monday.

so yes, this thought did cross my mind… it’s VACATION after all…

Let’s get right to it… the 28 day juice cleanse was a very interesting experience.  It’s a roller coaster of a time which I simply didn’t expect.  I will say, I will never do a 28 day cleanse again.  Definitely a shorter one – as I know it did my body good, but 28 days was simply too long for my body.  Office mate really thrived on this and in fact has started another 28 day rotation.  It’s important to recognize what works for your body.

I lost 11lbs.  I think I would have lost more but I didn’t have a whole lot of energy to work out.  I should’ve just gone for walks but in my brain it seemed that either I would run or I would sit on my couch.  I don’t always see the middle ground.  Speaking of running, I do not recommend doing a juice cleanse during marathon training.  This was a poor timing decision on my part.  I really did not have the energy to do any distance and I didn’t see that it was related to lack of foods rather lack of fitness on my part so I felt discouraged.

I know all of the fruits and veggies were a mega boost to my system.  I noticed benefits to fueling my body with said nutrients.  In fact, now that I’m two weeks out and haven’t been juicing at all, I can feel my NEED to merge aspects of the juice lifestyle with a food lifestyle.  Does this make sense?  It’s hard to explain but I just don’t eat enough fruits and veggies as part of my regular diet.  It’s a major hole and I’m never quite sure how to fix this.

So, I’m bringing some juicing back!  I’ve picked my favorite and will have one of these a day for the next few days to see if I can feel a difference.  I know part of my lethargic feeling is the whole vacation eating – I mean seriously, how am I supposed to deny yummy burgers at a family BBQ?  Or your dad’s wedding cake? Your grandma’s lemon cake?!  Nope, not going to happen.  I had a mini freak out the Saturday of the wedding as I could feel the bloat and my niece talked me down with encouraging words.  She is a gem.

I’ll have the juice for lunch.  I recently read an article on with regards to dieting and running.  It recommended NOT dieting when training for a race and I couldn’t agree more.  However, it also talked about eating less processed foods and keeping it balanced.  This is my focus.

Ron captures my feelings on the juice cleanse!

Overall, I’m glad I finished the cleanse.  I didn’t believe I could stick with it and I proved to myself I could accomplish hard things that were out of my element.  The last two days of the cleanse were a bit dicey since I had to eat one or two meals for work-related events but such is life.  I didn’t expect feeling so emotional during this process!  It was also kind of isolating.  So much of our lives revolves around food!  And the silly part I hated was going to the grocery store so much.  For me personally, I had a lot of headaches – I mean, one practically everyday.  This is the primary reason I won’t do this length of a cleanse again.  BUT I readjusted my portion sizes!  I readjusted my sugar cravings and sugar intake!  Can you see how back and forth I feel about this experience?!

I’ll refer to this again in future posts I’m sure and I would be happy to answer any questions.  I’m really proud of myself!

juice me – the perks

Here are the perks!

*Some of the juice recipes are really good!  There is an app for the program so it’s fairly easy.  It costs $15.00 and it’s essentially a recipe book of juice drinks.  Even when this is over, I will utilize it.  Also, there are coaching videos and explanations of why I’m doing what I’m doing.

*I was certain this whole thing was going to cost me a chunk of change.  There were some start-up costs, a masticating juicer ($150), some hemp protein powder ($13) and fruits and veggies.  I purchased a few other items at the grocery store when I bought the fruits and veggies so in my mind it felt like this was spendy.  WAIT!  I went out to buy the fruits and veggies for the next 5 days or so and it was $30.  Whaaat?  Yeah, so it’s not as expensive as I anticipated.

*I like to think I’m practically main lining vitamins.  Scary enough, I’m getting more veggies and fruits in a single day than I got in a week prior to beginning this program.  By a long shot.

*I’ve figured out a much better system of making drinks by making my breakfast blend the night before.  The lunch and snack blends are the same so I can make these at the same time as well.  I’m seriously considering making both the breakfast and dinner blends at the same time the night before since these are typically the same as well.  I made two to take with me this past weekend and drank one on Saturday and one on Sunday – they both lasted.

*I lost 6 lbs last week.  I’m not supposed to weigh myself but let’s face it, I needed the motivation.  Yes, I know it’s water weight but it’s keeping me going.

*I’m compromising the plan to fit my needs a little bit.  I’m finding ways to incorporate coffee into my mornings.  I went without it the first day and the next day it felt like my skull was separating from my brain.  I’ll let you know if any of my “recipes” turn out decent.  So far it’s been trial and error and I’ve resorted to McDonald’s more than I’d like to admit.

*There are a few food extras you can take advantage of, although you aren’t supposed to make it a regular thing.  Well, as you can probably guess, I have.  I’ve kept in a Kind bar and sometimes replaced a mid-afternoon blend with this.  I think I’m missing the point a bit…

*Now, you may think I’m exaggerating or maybe you might think it’s a placebo effect BUT I’ve felt a small decrease in my anxiety and tummy troubles.  I didn’t go into this thinking it would help the anxiety piece and it didn’t dawn on me until Friday while I was driving up to my race.  I looked back at my week at work and realized it had been a good week.  Sure, there were times when I got anxious about a big project happening this week but overall I didn’t feel that strong pull of agitation that gets me all worked up.  I’m REALLY hoping this IS a reality as maybe it will help with some of my social angst too.

Truth be told, it IS harder than I anticipated.  I’ve come to the conclusion that office mate’s version of “not too bad” is on a different spectrum than mine.  It’s probably better I didn’t realize this before I started as I would have chickened out for sure.  As it was, my mind flip-flopped dozens of times.

I asked office mate what happens when the 28 days are over – what is the transition?  He told me he hasn’t watched that video yet as it doesn’t show up until the week 4 coaching video.  He is a determined and disciplined bloke so he is following the “rules”.  The Jason Vale program, Super Juice Me! has a 7 day detox along with a 14 day one.  Then the heavyweight champ, the 28 day cleanse.

I will continue to write about this off and on – I searched for blogs about juicing but didn’t find many.  Maybe I need to try find different key words.  I’m certainly open to questions or any experiences others have had!  I’m really happy I decided to give this a shot.  It’s been worth it!


juice me

I briefly mentioned in my race recap that I’ve started a juice cleanse.  It’s been 10 days and the plan is 28 days long.  I’m working on not thinking that far ahead because even though I’ve reached double digit days, it’s still daunting.

it’s just my mind that isn’t!

The back story:  About a month ago, office mate told me he watched a documentary on this guy, Jason Vale and his program Super Juice Me, who took 8(ish) people to his retreat center and many of their ailments and/or weight issues improved.  Office mate said he thought of me with regards to some of my health concerns and that maybe juicing could help.  Then he told me he started the juice cleanse.  I was skeptical – it wasn’t that I doubted office mate but it seemed kind of far-fetched.  I often question juice cleanses and detoxes of various kinds because I feel like they are sold/touted as this amazing solution when in reality it’s short term.  Once it’s over, the weight or regular habits that brought on the toxins or whatever, resumes.

After 10 days I could start to see physical changes in office mate.  I asked him if he had weighed himself and he said he wasn’t planning on it until the end – killjoy.  Another few days later and others started to chime in on the physical changes.  Office mate explained he felt really good, had a lot of energy and it wasn’t as tough as he thought it would be.  I peppered him with questions the first week and then I ordered a juicer.  A week later I started my own juice cleanse.

The tough piece:

*I do miss food.  But in some ways, I miss the idea of food along with the convenience of a sandwich or yogurt.

I kind of miss chewing

*I get tired of juice.  A better way to explain it is, by the end of the day I feel like I’ve had a lot of liquids.  Because I have.

*I’m fairly lazy when it comes to cooking hence the appeal of the sandwich or yogurt ease.  Juicing isn’t hard by any means but there is prep.  Washing the fruits and veggies, cutting some of it and then washing the juicer pieces and blender.  If you have a dishwasher than your life is much easier.  Heck if I just had a garbage disposal life would be MUCH easier.

*The first week I had a lot of headaches and I was EXHAUSTED.  I’m pretty sure this was simply first week changes/detoxing but I didn’t watch the first week video so this is just a guess —> see?  I’m lazy.

*Ginger is part of many recipes and after trying to choke down a drink with it in it, I confirmed my hatred for the root.  Aside for a glass of Canada Dry every once in a while, there is no room for ginger in my beverages.

*I’ve run into a few road blocks – either I missed a couple of ingredients, or felt time crunched and didn’t make a blend.  Then I would skip those, which isn’t advisable.  This week I’m going to really focus on drinking all of them… after I go to the grocery store one more time.

*There is an element of feeling left out.  I’ve been lucky because office mate can offer some advice or whatnot and now there are a couple of others in the office who are thinking about it.  But the I did end up missing a dear friend’s birthday party because my system was still getting used to being bombarded by goodness and I was quitting food cold turkey.  My body missed my processed carbs!

Okay, this is getting long so I’m done for now.  I want to emphasize there ARE good pieces to this and I will highlight these tomorrow!  If there weren’t I absolutely wouldn’t still be doing it as I certainly like food a lot.  Not to mention, aside from running, I don’t voluntarily endure things I don’t like.  So, I would have junked this plan if I didn’t recognize and feel the positive changes.  More to come!

I promise there is a silver lining!


so you want to run, eh? ha! nope

My body mocked me last week with regards to my intentions to run.  I’m fairly certain I could hear its “I’ll show you” day after day.  Needless to say, I didn’t prove it wrong.

Do others get all jacked up with the time change?  I think I am finally starting to feel more alert today and that’s probably because I already took a nap.  I will say, my exhaustion last week was a perfect storm of time change, health, a crazy busy week at work (worked through lunches and late almost every night) and a total lack of determination on my part made running a far off concept.

at least I kept trying, yeah?

I think during these times, it’s important to just go easy on myself (or yourself).  Absolutely, there were times when I said some harsh words in my head about my dedication and abilities but then I realized this wasn’t helping either.  I need to chalk it up to a tough week and move into this week with a fresh attitude.  So this is what I am going to do.

I also made a pot of chili today using the same Wendy’s recipe I used before.  It’s really good and an easy meal for weeknights.  Last week, I had a peanut butter sandwich almost every night so it will be a nice change!  I keep reading more and more about meal planning.  I haven’t quite found a system that will work for me but I’m not giving up.  One of my friends has a family of five (one kiddie is 4 months old) and she feeds her family on $350 A MONTH! Whaaa?  And, she just bumped this up from $300.  Wow!  I saw her in the grocery store the other day and I asked her how she does it.  Meal planning.

my attempts at meal planning look a bit like this

Meal planning vexes me!  I also find it so impressive!  The good thing is, I can eat leftovers for days.  I have no problem eating the same thing (sometimes for both lunch and dinner).  It comes down to it being easy.  Hmm… I just realized this – the whole “whatever is easy” part.  This is a good foundation…  I think…

Alright, I’ve wasted your time enough today.  I want to go running today, really, I do.  I’ll see – my couch is like quicksand… a really comfy quicksand…

9:30 pm is a great bedtime

I am a night owl.  I have been my whole life.  Mornings are the pits.  Nevertheless, since starting school way back in the day, I’ve had to adhere to the standards of society and start the day before 10 am.  Ideally, I would sleep until 9:15 am and then hang out for a bit in my sweats with coffee.  Maybe in my next life?

Work has been exhausting this week!  Monday was hectic and I started training a new supervisee.  Tuesday I hosted a candidate, which meant being “on” all day/evening.  At one point, I thought to myself, “what am I even talking about?!”  I still have no idea – poor candidate.  Then yesterday, I was helping with an event involving over a 100 people all day, who had a ton of questions.  Oh and work into the evening as well.  Since getting older, I’ve gone from pure extrovert to borderline introvert.  That being said, it was tough having to be “on” for all of this time.

shoot… my hair isn’t long enough…

Hence my 9:30 pm bedtime on Tuesday.  Why haven’t I ever done this before?  I recognize there are benefits to going to bed early and even attempted to stick with a 11 pm bedtime in the recent months.  But it hasn’t exactly stuck.  I didn’t realize that even earlier could be better!  Who knows if I will keep this up but it’s worth a shot.

Unfortunately, due to my hectic schedule, I haven’ t run at all this week.  I’m hoping by the time I hit “publish” a run will have occurred – so can we all cross our fingers?  There hasn’t even been an opprotunity to run at lunch since a traditional lunch break either wasn’t available or I was entertaining guests.  This isn’t a normal week so I should stop whining… but I’m cold… and tired… and whiney…

OH!  Some healthy stuff!  I made my first smoothie this past weekend!  I love the idea of making a smoothie every morning for breakfast but so far this hasn’t happened in my lifetime.  Sunday I rounded up all of the ingredients and made a smoothie with strawberries, some oats, yogurt, almond milk, a banana and honey.  It was tasty!  Next time, I will blend the oats even more to make it less chunky but it was a yummy first attempt.

first smoothieI also found this blender cup, Fitlosophy Blender Bottle, (I got the 16 oz) at Target the other day.  I remembered on a whim I wanted to look for one and sure enough I found one on clearance.  It has one of those round whisk balls in it and today I gave it a shot with the Click powder.  Wowzers!  It worked so much better than I could ever have imagined!  It mixes it so well!  No slimy chunks at the bottom or that come up through the straw!  I also like that it’s now a one cup deal – any time I  can do less dishes is a happy time for me.  Over the last few days, I’ve found I only use a scoop and half of the powder and then a splash of chocolate/caramel creamer.  This was a good choice.

Despite the 7 inches of snow that fell in about 4 hours yesterday morning, I’m staying positive!  The weekend will be here soon, I will get a chance to run and on my walk to work yesterday morning I saw this!  A frozen little “heart”!  It brightened my morning.

frozen heart

dean winchester and I talk about the dopey challenge

*Caution:  I just discovered Supernatural gifs… my life is a little more complete and I am not ashamed to admit this.  Just be prepared, okay?  I’ll start to wean myself off in the near future!

Is it just me, or has there been a huge increase in seat belt commercials?  Who isn’t wearing their seat belt these  days?  I don’t get it.  It’s like that joke about why do we need toilet paper commercials – who doesn’t use this?!

The last few days the Dopey Challenge has been on my mind a lot.  The images range from crossing the finish line of the marathon/last race triumphantly, to recovering in some Pro Compression socks by the pool to an all out melt down around mile 8 of the marathon while cursing the day I signed up for this ridiculous feat.

Hmmm… it’s still months away.  I’m already nervous.  I’m completely screwed.  I realized last night as I was laying in bed I will probably have a freak out each month leading up until the middle of December when it will be happening more often.  I’ve read over a few things about Dopey and some people think it will be tougher than running a 50 mile race because it’s stretched over four days.  So my legs will tighten up and then be expected to move again the next day.  Interesting.

BUT, all of this warped anxiety has had the whole, “MUST TRAIN” effect.  This is a positive.  This was also how I felt about tackling my first half marathon.  I still don’t understand it but I was more nervous for my half marathon than I was for the full.  Maybe because it was my first real long distance race.  Who knows.  I did stick with a training plan for that and ran a nice 2:04, which remains my half PR to this day.  Without even meaning to, I did speed training (with my running mates), long runs and tempo runs.  My training plan for Dopey includes all of this along with some cross training.

I do feel building this foundation is a good set up for training.  Get this, said training plan starts in the middle of June.  This feels absolutely crazy to me but I am also anxious to start.  I want to be on the road with this puppy.  I am thinking this will help calm my nerves when I am actually working on it.  Or I’ll simply be more neurotic than normal!

And some new running gear came in the mail today!  Wahoo!  I ordered a new sports bra (I bought one from a cheaper place and low and behold I bought the wrong one.  Once again, I didn’t follow my own advice!)  I also got a pair of long Rogas from Oiselle.  I found them on sale last week and I am super excited to try them out.  In fact, BOTH packages arrived today and I was so pumped I broke out some robot dance moves.  And then did this:

I could watch this all day

Moving on to a different topic without any type of functional transition… I really enjoy the Hungry Runner Girl’s blog.  I appreciate her upbeat attitude and the times when I have sent her an e-mail her responses were very genuine and kind.  I was reading the other day and realized that at every meal she has some kind of fruit or veggie.  I am all for fruits and veggies but I forget to add them to my meals.

I die… I also need to get some watermelon

I’ve been working on doing this as well.  Breakfast is easy because I am a banana consuming freak.  Lunch I seem to struggle a bit with and might need to start hitting up the cafeteria more so I can utilize their salad bar.  For dinner, I’ve started to work on eating a smaller portion of the main course (or just one serving – I know, the HORROR) and then having some fruit with it too.  It also seems to be easier during the summer and hopefully I can make it a habit.  Exciting stuff people!

i’m melting. seriously.

I wasn’t going to post tonight.  I’m feeling BEAT!  Just walking around in 103* heat is exhausting and today I finished moving.  To be fair/truthful, the last few things in my apt ended up taking me about two hours to pack and clean up but it’s empty!  Yay!

umm… this heat is ridiculous

Now for some pics of my empty old apt!

aww – kind of a sad face! this is how it looked when I moved in. I was so nervous that first day, I almost needed my brother to pull over so I could vomit!
my mom and dad redid my kitchen for my 30th birthday – sad to leave this!

But get this – I still have one more storage to go through AND to clean up/clear out my office!  Haha, oh my – I am such a hoarder!  No, I don’t belong on TLC or A & E but I did realize I’ve kept things for years for no apparent reason.  Shoe boxes?  TONS of grocery sacks?  Receipts?  Even though it has taken me a week to get moved, I’ve gone through a bunch of this and thrown it out.  I’m proud of myself!  I’ve given away a few trunk loads to Good Will(ie) and thrown out simply a crazy amount of junk.  I know it will be tough to change my habits but I am committed to shift these!

I brought Simon over on Tuesday and this was a nightmare.  Seriously, Simon had a mega-meltdown (with me having one soon after!).  It was a disaster.  I felt so badly for him since he was so confused.  Yesterday, I stuck around home so both of us could decompress.  I also found some treats that are like generic kitty prozac

he’s feeling better :)

Even though I missed the festivities yesterday, it was worth hanging out with Simon to help him adjust.  Not to mention, I was up with him until 4 am the night before so I wasn’t feeling very social.  We are both doing better today!

Oh!  I cooked my first meal here yesterday!  My stove was boxed in and I didn’t want to cook.  But I’ve been grabbing cereal or eating out the last few days and I didn’t want to do that again to my body/pocket book.  I sucked it up and organized enough to pull this off

super tasty!

Oh my gosh – so delish!  I had Trader Joe’s chicken sausage that was cured with sun-dried tomatoes, ravioli stuffed with goat cheese and sun-dried toms (also Trader Joe’s) and sauce.  Wow – I could probably eat this at least once a week!  The calorie impact wasn’t too harsh either and I have leftovers for tonight and tomorrow night.  It was also my first time using my gas stove.  It went pretty well – I forgot about the whole “fire” thing though and reached over the flame.  I singed a decent amount of arm hair off but hey, I didn’t blow my kitchen up – yay!

Well, that’s about it from me… I’m joining a gym tomorrow.  I’ve been talking about it for a while but since it’s hotter than the surface of the sun (or at least hotter than this WA native can handle), I’m going to do it.  Because I’ve got this 1/2 coming up in about a week and a half and I haven’t run recently – UH-OH!  Yeah, it’s going to be painful but I know I’ll finish it.  It’s also supposed to get hotter – 106* tomorrow?! – and it doesn’t seem to be going away.  Thankfully, I haven’t been sitting on my bum during this down time.  Moving seems to agree with me and I’ve lost a pound or two and possibly built a wee bit of muscle!  I’ll keep you posted on the official work out tomorrow – fingers crossed I don’t fly off the treadmill!

healthier eating

I am completely procrastinating at the moment.  I wasn’t feeling well on Friday so I called in sick.  Of course, I had two very large projects that MUST be finished before Monday which means some time in the office… TODAY… and I’m having trouble getting my bum in there!  Yay for writing a blog post instead! :)

Last Sunday I had one of the worst cases of “long run hunger” I could remember.  I ate everything.  I recognize this is fairly normal but this was kind of extreme.  At 10:30 pm I was craving chocolate and cake and I caved.  I made “mug chocolate cake“.  There are a number of recipes online and it actually works!

yep, this is a pretty big piece of cake… I added frosting too of course…

The next day I woke up bloated and feeling like I had gained 15 lbs.  It was unpleasant.  I got on the scale.  I didn’t gain 15 lbs but the numbers weren’t very happy either.  I decided I needed to get back on track with my eating.  The fact is, my healthy eating habits have been a bit dodgy for a little while now and I am done with it.  I downloaded the app “Myfitnesspal” (this is the website but I just use the phone app) and put in the numbers*.

Let me first say, I am in no way planning on trying to starve myself.  If I have had a really hard run and I am still hungry then I am going to eat something.  I am listening to my body.  I also refuse to deny myself going out with friends or celebrating a special occasion because it doesn’t fit into my calorie counting ways.  That being said, I certainly don’t need to indulge as often as I have been.

Alright, disclaimer out of the way… first things first I went to the store and loaded up on fruits and veggies

hello watermelon – I have missed you!
I love me some good melon!
yay! corn on the cobb season!!

The first week hasn’t been easy.  But again, part of my (not so hot) eating habits include enjoying being full and night snacking.  Tracking my calories doesn’t allow for either of these, especially at my height.  In order to lose a little weight (which I am just looking for a slightly leaner self) I am allotted a certain number of calories per day.  It isn’t a lot by any means!  Working out “earns” more calories so this is also a great incentive to get off the couch and do something everyday.  What I appreciate about this method is it helps create lifestyle changes (read new and better habits!), not dramatic weight loss.  Sure, it would be nice to lose the 10 lbs super fast but I know this isn’t healthy or lasting.  Thankfully, I haven’t been hungry-hungry but I have missed snacking on something or the obligatory piece pieces of chocolate when I am stressed.

Wednesday was a anxiety-ridden day at work and all I wanted was SUGAR!  I have noticed I turn to sugar when I am fretting so Wednesday I had a “fun-sized” Snickers but that was all.  It helped.  What I found though was it also helped I didn’t eat 8 of these!  How is this possible?  Over-indulging doesn’t make you feel better in the end?! ;)

just a wee bit of emotional stability!

I have also been pretty lazy when it comes to cooking for myself over the last 6 months or so.  This isn’t very conducive to healthy eating – when I don’t actually make a meal, I end up nickel and dime-ing my calories away and eating way more than I had ever intended simply because I convince myself just a little bit here and there really doesn’t add up.  Umm… it DOES!  On my grocery store excursion, I also picked up some staples for actual meals – healthy ones at that.

Like I said, the first week hasn’t been easy.  All of a sudden I have cravings for foods I typically wouldn’t really be thinking about

haha, alright so I have been thinking about this! I will also be getting one more of these tasty treats before the month ends – priorities people!!

Even though it hasn’t been easy, I have realized I was eating much larger portions than necessary, a lot of sugar and just empty calories because I was either bored, thirsty or stressed.  I’m happy I am putting effort into changing this.  I am happy I’ve lost some water weight and don’t feel so puffy.  But most of all, I am happy I am re-embracing some healthier eating because I do, in fact, feel so much better.

My Sweat Pink Ambassador sisters also gave me some GREAT advice about how to curb long run hunger so I will be writing a post about this as well.  I don’t know anyone who likes “train gain” so hopefully their advice will help us all!

*one more disclaimer – counting calories works for me and I have used this method in the past to lose weight responsibly.  My doctors are also aware!  I am in no way a professional when it comes to nutrition so please seek out medical advice before jumping into a weight loss program!