de-hoarding… it’s quite the process

I had a post written for yesterday but then I completely forgot to post it.  Oh well – I’ll use it tomorrow.

Today I want to talk about de-hoarding.  Phew!  On Friday I was SUPPOSED to get my treadmill fixed.  Yep, you read that correctly.  The fix-it guy called and I was taking out the trash and didn’t hear my phone ring.  I called him back – 4 times but he never showed or returned my call.  And I left some desperate messages, yo.  Now I have ANOTHER appointment for Tuesday.  I’m working on “woo-sah-ing” this frustration away.

Over the course of the last year the crap has piled up in the spare room where the treadmill is located.  When I first moved the treadmill in there, I cleared just enough space for it.  Then when it didn’t work, I ended up piling the crap back in there and on top of the treadmill.  Excellent work Amy.

I knew I had to do some damage if the fix-it guy was going to be able to get in there.  At the same time, I was using this as a catalyst to actually make some progress.  Not going to lie, this was harder than I anticipated.

As I was going through I realized I moved some very impractical things over to my small apartment.  Why did I move all of my scrapbooking supplies over when I haven’t scrapped in a couple of years?  Why did I move empty mason jars over for craft projects I may have done?!  (I blame pinterest on this one – apparently, the whole world can be fancied up with mason jars!  Honestly, I’ve just quit pinning these projects because they are only encouraging my hoarding!).  I also realized I keep many of the same things my mom used to keep.  A prime one?  Magazines.  Oh goodness, did I throw out some magazines.  And I had already done this once when I first moved!  I kept the ones that were/are recipe based and put them in my cookbook shelf but the other ones (that mostly encouraged how to get organized!) in the trash.  I didn’t even pause to look through them.

let goMaybe some of these seem like no brainers to others but for me, it is not uncommon to have plans for these items that I don’t follow through with.  But maybe someday I will.  Haha, I know – have you heard this phrase on the A&E show?!  One episode I watched a while back the therapist was defining hoarding to the hoarder – “if the collection of stuff interferes with the actual purpose of the room than this is hoarding”.  This definition drove fear into my heart!  And it fueled my give stuff away! throw stuff away! attitude!

Again, it wasn’t easy.  I had big plans for these boxes of candy canes – that I had purchased at Christmas time and still hadn’t completed the project.  I threw them away.  Then later in the evening I started having throwing out remorse.  I think I wanted those candy canes back!  I want to do those projects!  Plus other ones!  I know – this is just plain nuts but it’s the trouble letting go part of me screaming in my head!

one of my favorite “Far Side” cartoons

I texted Meagan – I needed some validation.  I did the right thing right?  I didn’t need those candy canes?!  (Clearly these red stripped candies became a bit symbolic) Meagan came through and gave me some mental and emotional fuel to keep going today.  I had this little chest/drawer thing that I don’t have space for.  I moved it to the dumpster for someone else to either save or throw away.  Friday I was hemming and hawing about whether or not I should keep it.  Today – it went out!  Shoe boxes, clothes, just plain weird stuff either got thrown out or put in a pile to be donated.

textUltimately, when I look in on all of the progress I made (in a lot shorter amount of time than I anticipated) I am quite pleased with the decrease in clutter.  I know I will need to continue to rid myself of the STUFF.  I will also need to continue to fight some of my natural inclinations toward saving or seeing potential in something when it’s completely unnecessary.  Also, with my ADD attributes I impulse buy all too often, another piece I am working on slowing down.  Oh and I don’t need to buy another candle for about 5 years.  Nor do I need to save the jars to be used on another project/storage after I have melted down the leftovers to make a new candle.  Because of course this is a logical next step.

Anyone else deal with hoarding issues or saving too much crap?  How do you battle this?

addicted to work out gear

***Guess what?!  Last night I had a pretty amazing run.  I didn’t take any walk breaks (although I really wanted to at one point) and only stopped for a 30 second breather once.  In all seriousness, I got chills after I crested the final hill and launched my fist in the air Judd Nelson/Breakfast Club style when I finished.  Remember when I said to celebrate?  Yep, and I texted Meagan as soon as I got home – YAY!

Whenever I get stressed I tend to go on some buying sprees.  They aren’t truckloads of money binges but certainly unnecessary items end up in my shopping bag.  The last few weeks this has definitely been the case!  Luckily, I have begun reigning this in as well as taking a few things back that ultimately don’t match up with my expectations.  I think it’s just that initial, “hmm, I think I need this”!  Then sanity comes back when I get home.  What can I say?  I’m a work in progress.

Do you ever do this?  Come home from the store and look at your items and think WTH was I thinking?!  This has been the case with my Old Navy purchases.  I swear – they have magic mirrors in their dressing rooms!

Nevertheless, I have found some great deals along with finds that are very flattering and even practical.  With my new meds came an increase in sun sensitivity.  Considering I am already from vampire country, this doesn’t help and now being outside for even 5-7 mins leaves me with noticeable redness – eek!

I know, I find this troubling too edward

Did you know that May was national skin cancer awareness month?  The month/blog posts made an impact on me and I’ve stocked up on sunscreen.  Clearly I need more coverage than this so I also bought a “surf shirt” from Old Navy in lew of a bathing suit top.  It fits snug where it should and loose where I prefer it!  What I am not sure of though is do you where a bikini top underneath it?

As mentioned the running tanks are very comfy.  I’ve picked up a two dresses, a fun pair of “boyfriend” style pants (they have little anchors on them!), a nicer pair of khakis and a cute coral flowy shirt.  Everything was majorly on sale so all in all they were good additions to my summer wardrobe.

Target – oh dear Target how you tempt me!  Here I found an adorable stripped maxi-skirt, a chambrey shirt (previously posted about) and a pair of running shorts with little compression shorts attached.  The running shorts are iffy and I will be returning them.

oh dear… this looks a bit familiar

This leads me to my work out gear obsession!  Do you have one too?  After bringing home the shorts yesterday, I realized I need to take stock of what I currently have and what I no longer ever wear.  Some I will sell and some just give away – I have a few pieces that I’ve rarely worn.  Haha, I also have a few pieces that have been worn into the ground and these will just be thrown out – yep a big step for me!  I will say, I tend to think I need more because I have to pay for my laundry and attempt to wait as long as possible in between doing loads.  I really do enjoy doing laundry but not so much in a w/d that I have to share with numerous other individuals (and their germs!).  HOWEVER, my project for this weekend has included doing a bit of un-hoarding.

So, this doesn’t really show the height of the gear… maybe this is better?!

here are a good chunk of my running clothes, although missing some winter gear
here are a good chunk of my running clothes, although missing some winter gear

Here is the pile I am going to sell

more than it looks, I swear!
more than it looks, I swear!

There is a small pile to giveaway.  This is my first go through of the clothes and I know there are a few winter articles I can sell as well.  But seriously, this was tough.  There is a red Marmot jacket that I LOVE in the sell pile.  It just doesn’t fit as well anymore so it needs to find a new home.  I’m working on it!

Here’s to a physically active and industrious Sunday!

hoarding comes in handy – I always knew it would!

So, I’m hoping after this weekend, I will be a bit more normal.  I’ve felt considerably whiny these last two weeks.  My move date was up in the air, the aforementioned guy-issues, work stress and then of course, the heat.  All of these things combined have made me feel completely bonkers.

Yesterday, I think it’s fair to say, I had a mini-meltdown.  I worked all day and it was very hot.  As in, I-only-want-to-sit-in-AC-hot.  I decided I should move some items in the evening on my own.  This was not a good plan.  I was beat, headachy and my apt still looked like this even after the moving

yes, this was overwhelming… for both me and the cat!

It doesn’t even look like I did anything!  A friend told me, “it’s going to worse before it gets better, Amy”.  Oh. Fantastic.

Today my friend Larissa came by and helped me pack more and we loaded up her car a few times.  Not going to lie, my hoarding came in handy at this point.  I’ve got a TON of shopping bags from all over.  We have used these as packing material and then today I decided we needed to start loading everything in bags.  This way, we could actually lift them!

oh yes! we loaded the car up with some heavy sacks! brilliant :)

I also paid a student who is SUPER strong to came over and load up all of the big boxes.  Now, let me just say, I am a TERRIBLE packer!  I am sooo sorry student!  First of all, we loaded the boxes up to near bursting.  Second, we didn’t tape the bottom (yikes – there was a horrible crunch in the hallway at one point!).  Third, well, we put all of the cookbooks in one box.  Yeah, that wasn’t one of our brighter moves!  But he was a great sport and got those hefty boxes moved in about an hour and 45 mins.  Thankfully, Larissa is strong too!

Earlier today I was headed for mega-meltdown status!  I’m feeling better tonight but who knows what this weekend will bring!  However, this is the last time I will moan and groan HERE about moving.  I think the hardest part is, I’ve lived here for almost 8 1/2 years!  Crazy, eh?  Lots of stuff collected during this time!  But no more whining.  I’ll definitely provide some updates and get those promised pictures up of the new place though because that is just fun!

As for some of the other stress in my life, I’ve decided there isn’t much I can do about it now.  I need to breathe, run and again, concentrate on what I can control.  I’m leaving to visit my family in TWO WEEKS!  There is a bunch of business to get done before then so I will have my hands filled up until I leave.  Oh, and I’ll try to protect you from the meltdown ;)