stop trying to make fetch happen

I find it interesting that Mean Girls has become a cult obsession.  For a little while, some of my student staff would ONLY quote this movie and yes, it drove me a little bonkers.  That being said, this is the perfect quote for me:

Why?  Because I need to stop trying to make Hokas happen.  Just like my student staff, I’m a bit obsessed with making these shoes work for me.  I really have no idea why.  They aren’t the cutest shoes on the planet and they are expensive.  My last pair gave me blisters.  Wouldn’t these all be a clear indication that maybe they aren’t right for me?

Maybe to a normal person yes, but not me.  I went ahead and bought another pair in a different style.  Originally, I emailed Hokas and asked them if they made their shoes in a wide width.  Their answer was a negatory but did say the Bondi 3 has a wider toe box and might work better for me.  You can bet your bottom dollar that I hopped on Amazon to check them out.  They were sitting on my wish list for ages.  Then on there was a mega sale so I hit the BUY button.

still trying to make it happen

This is the end to my happy story though.  I put them on and ran maybe a half mile on the treadmill.  Nope.  Hokas are not meant for my feet.  My right foot started hurting almost immediately – a dull ache that didn’t quit.  I was disappointed.  I definitely get caught up in what a “real runner” looks like and wears and Hokas are a symptom of this.

Hokas are a great shoe.  I’m really glad I gave them a go and am sure others are finding quite a bit of enjoyment from them.  Heck, I bet they are some runners’ nirvana shoes!  Just not mine…

Other than this bit of enlightenment, my life has been heavily intertwined with work.  Seriously, that is about it.  I don’t see or talk to family or friends during the month of August and I certainly haven’t been running very much.  Oct 20th a.k.a. Detroit Marathon day, is looming and I’m going to have to kick training into high gear.  I’ve looked into my future: My A goal is to still finish under 5 hours.  My more realistic B goal is to finish under 6 hours.  And ultimately, my C goal is to finish.

maybe my future will surprise me?

It will be an exercise in determination but what else is new?!  Happy Saturday folks!

how is it possible NOT to appreciate a snow day?!

Alright, I don’t have wee small children so I am guessing having the whole day to myself is probably a little different from attempting to entertain the kiddies.  Especially when going outside freezes their face “that way”.

I, on the other hand, embraced a snow day with open arms!  Yes, I still needed to work a bit but it was from home, on my couch, snuggled in a blanket.  It was wonderful.

this is how it felt  as I was working

Yesterday, I worked, cuddled with Simon while taking a nap and then did some running!  Wahoo!  The couch’s siren call is much greater than my treadmill’s but I got it done.  I did 6.2 miles and there were a few surprises:

1.  It was the longest I’ve run since Dopey.

2.  When I first started running, I almost felt like I had forgotten how!  I ran last week so this was a weird new calf learning how to walk thing.

or a dog in socks

3.  I did some running in my Hokas.  At first it was very strange.  I mean they are comfortable and not heavy at all, just different.

4.  After running in them for about a mile and half it started to feel more normal.  Usually, I’m a bit stop and go on the treadmill but I fell into a decent rhythm.  I’m going to credit the shoes.

5.  I did four miles in the Hokas, after doing the first two in my Brooks.  I don’t think I will run much more than that at a time until they are broken in a bit more so my feet and legs get accustomed.

used this to ice my ank
used this to ice my wonky ankle

6.  I can’t quite tell if the shoes are too big or not.  I tried them on at the Disney expo and the woman who fit me said “these feel about right”.  Is this a definitive answer?  Am I over thinking this?  They feel big but let’s face it, these shoes don’t look the most streamlined so I can’t tell.  I ordered a pair of 8’s so I can do a comparison to the 8.5.  At first, I felt my heel slipping out but once I tightened the laces it was better.  Enter some neurosis about wanting the PERFECT shoe.  Seriously, it’s an illness.

7.  I got to look at my beautiful organizational handiwork!

ooo - so pretty!
ooo – so pretty!

I know folks talk about how they lose fitness and whatnot if they aren’t running much.  Yesterday’s run felt great and the lack of pressure was welcomed with open arms.  I didn’t realize how much I fixated on the challenge with every run.  Many thoughts that consisted of, “if you can’t run x distance today how are you going to run 48.6?” or “if you don’t do this run you are never going to make it through the whole weekend!”  You know, lots of self-support going on there!

But things have changed.  As previously mentioned, Mile 14 changed my running world a bit and gave me the boost of ego that I needed!  Oh look, this picture just happened to fall into this post!

I might actually frame this
I might actually frame this

Happy winter y’all!

hello hokas and a running coach

I mentioned before heading down to FL I wanted to check out a pair of Hokas.  I’ve been wildly curious about them and considering I’ve falling in love with cushion I like the idea of MORE!  Maybe they would help with some of my aches and pains?

this kid and I probably feel the same way

Anyway, it just so happened there was a Hoka booth at the WDW expo.  A very nice sales woman answered my questions, namely “are these just for ultra runners?”.  I do tend to jump on running trends and I wanted to make sure I wasn’t too overzealous.  The saleswoman took me through three different variations and I really liked the Kailua Tarmac shoe, which doesn’t have as much cushion as the trail or other road shoe.  Two immediate things I loved?  I loved how it cupped my heel and still had a decent size toe box.  A happy mawwiage since I love the toe box of my Brooks and the heel cuppage of my Mizunos.

Per Sweat Once a Day, I found a great deal at RunningWarehouse so I placed an order.  We’ll see – I’m hopeful and excited.  I mean, c’mon, NEW RUNNING SHOES!

hello lovlies
hello lovlies

Also prior to my trek down to sunshine and heat, I was ruminating on getting a running coach.  My friend, Ragnar running buddy and fellow blogger Jamie at Running Diva Mom recently started coaching full time.  Jamie is so inspirational and so encouraging; when we ran Ragnar she squelched my worries about being a “good enough” runner for the group.  She started numerous couch to 5k programs in WI and has inspired so many new runners!

I stole this from Running Diva Mom's fb page.  Jamie really is this pumped about running!
I stole this from Running Diva Mom’s fb page. Jamie really is this pumped about running!

Why a coach?  I want to shave some time off of my 1/2 marathon time.  Recently, I ran a 2:24 and my PR is 2:04.  I would LOVE to run a sub-2 hour!  While I understand speed work and other things are necessary to get there, I am not quite sure what those “other things” are exactly! Or how/when/why to do them.  Jamie is a certified coach and she will become my running guru!  As a swimmer in high school, I did really well with a coach and I feel this extra motivation will help.  I’m filling out my information and am looking forward to this different approach to running.  I’m nervous, although I can’t necessarily describe why!

These upcoming changes make running feel exciting again!  I was all hopped up on these fist in the air feelings and jumped on the treadmill.  I ran 3 miles and they seemed to last forever, haha.  At least I did a few intervals!  It didn’t dampen my spirit though and I’m filling out all of my pre-coaching paper work!

how I feel after a treadmill work out… yet I go back for more!