running down a dream

I came home Tuesday and practically fell onto my couch.  I was done.  I was on call last week for work and got plenty of calls in the wee hours of the night.  While my on call status was over as of Monday morning, the last few days were hectic enough.  I’m just beat and it’s only the second week of Sept – boo.  Also I’m whiney.

Anyway, I finally got my act together.  Last week I stopped by the registrar’s office to figure out how to start taking classes.  A very helpful woman explained the process to me including a short application with a copy of my diploma or a copy of my transcripts.  I also had until Monday to get this all handed in to the Admissions office.  I went in last Wednesday.

Cue the procrastination

Sunday night I decided I should probably look for my diploma – yep, nowhere to be found.  To be fair, I remember where it was in my old apt, just not where I moved it to in my new(ish) place.  Monday at lunch I called the Gonzaga registrar’s office and ANOTHER very helpful woman led me through the website to print off a set of unofficials (transcripts).  I raced over to the Admissions office between meetings and a half hour later


And now I want to panic!  Haha, okay, so I’m being slightly overdramatic but this morning I pulled up my class info and suddenly realized, I.had.homework.  This class is an online class and due to closed courses that fit into my schedule, I am only taking this one.  I’ll be speed rushing my books here and getting online starting tonight.  It’s crazy weird.

my impending future (wait – present!)

So there you go – I can talk a good game but my follow through can take a bit of an upgrade.  I started trying to take classes at the beginning of the summer.  I’m thrilled I finally made it.  I think it’s scary to start going after a dream.  I’ve been swimming around this idea of holistic health for years now.  Not necessarily as a field but the whole concept and how to apply it to my work life (as well as the lives of my co-workers).  Ever since my mom died, I wanted to start looking into it more and more.  Finally I’m doing it.

And Tuesday was the last day of rest/recovery!  I’ve rested my splinty shins for four days.  I was going to hit up some miles Tuesday but considering I was almost crawling through the door I wasn’t able to motivate my feet to move.  94* heat didn’t help either (which was probably why everyone I interacted with that day was crabby!).

my legs are ready to move! pleaseohplease

I have a 10k/5k this weekend that I refuse to miss and then that ol’ pesky half in a few weeks.  I know I will be able to run the distance and I know pace doesn’t matter but seriously.  Who are we kidding – I want that clock to be kind of on my side!  Last night’s run was a bit ugly but at least shins didn’t hurt too much.  I did 3.5 and will do 4 or 5 tonight and tomorrow and then a little over 9 on Saturday.  We’ll see!