juice me

I briefly mentioned in my race recap that I’ve started a juice cleanse.  It’s been 10 days and the plan is 28 days long.  I’m working on not thinking that far ahead because even though I’ve reached double digit days, it’s still daunting.

it’s just my mind that isn’t!

The back story:  About a month ago, office mate told me he watched a documentary on this guy, Jason Vale and his program Super Juice Me, who took 8(ish) people to his retreat center and many of their ailments and/or weight issues improved.  Office mate said he thought of me with regards to some of my health concerns and that maybe juicing could help.  Then he told me he started the juice cleanse.  I was skeptical – it wasn’t that I doubted office mate but it seemed kind of far-fetched.  I often question juice cleanses and detoxes of various kinds because I feel like they are sold/touted as this amazing solution when in reality it’s short term.  Once it’s over, the weight or regular habits that brought on the toxins or whatever, resumes.

After 10 days I could start to see physical changes in office mate.  I asked him if he had weighed himself and he said he wasn’t planning on it until the end – killjoy.  Another few days later and others started to chime in on the physical changes.  Office mate explained he felt really good, had a lot of energy and it wasn’t as tough as he thought it would be.  I peppered him with questions the first week and then I ordered a juicer.  A week later I started my own juice cleanse.

The tough piece:

*I do miss food.  But in some ways, I miss the idea of food along with the convenience of a sandwich or yogurt.

I kind of miss chewing

*I get tired of juice.  A better way to explain it is, by the end of the day I feel like I’ve had a lot of liquids.  Because I have.

*I’m fairly lazy when it comes to cooking hence the appeal of the sandwich or yogurt ease.  Juicing isn’t hard by any means but there is prep.  Washing the fruits and veggies, cutting some of it and then washing the juicer pieces and blender.  If you have a dishwasher than your life is much easier.  Heck if I just had a garbage disposal life would be MUCH easier.

*The first week I had a lot of headaches and I was EXHAUSTED.  I’m pretty sure this was simply first week changes/detoxing but I didn’t watch the first week video so this is just a guess —> see?  I’m lazy.

*Ginger is part of many recipes and after trying to choke down a drink with it in it, I confirmed my hatred for the root.  Aside for a glass of Canada Dry every once in a while, there is no room for ginger in my beverages.

*I’ve run into a few road blocks – either I missed a couple of ingredients, or felt time crunched and didn’t make a blend.  Then I would skip those, which isn’t advisable.  This week I’m going to really focus on drinking all of them… after I go to the grocery store one more time.

*There is an element of feeling left out.  I’ve been lucky because office mate can offer some advice or whatnot and now there are a couple of others in the office who are thinking about it.  But the I did end up missing a dear friend’s birthday party because my system was still getting used to being bombarded by goodness and I was quitting food cold turkey.  My body missed my processed carbs!

Okay, this is getting long so I’m done for now.  I want to emphasize there ARE good pieces to this and I will highlight these tomorrow!  If there weren’t I absolutely wouldn’t still be doing it as I certainly like food a lot.  Not to mention, aside from running, I don’t voluntarily endure things I don’t like.  So, I would have junked this plan if I didn’t recognize and feel the positive changes.  More to come!

I promise there is a silver lining!


get out!

I didn’t want to get out of the car.

I’m not kidding.  I sat there and thought to myself, “I could drive home right now”.  Then I thought about how I drove hours to get there and paid for a hotel, paid for registration and there was this part of me that wanted to see what the medal would look like.  The previous ones were neato and this one promised to be as well.

it really is beautiful
it really is beautiful

So I got out.

The Charlevoix marathon is a quality race.  I’m really happy I did get out of the car because I would have missed out on it.  There is a lot to offer; a full and a 1/2 marathon for walkers, a full and 1/2 marathon, a 10k and a 5k.  It isn’t a large race, although they are working to become bigger.  There were 700 marathons and 1000 1/2 runners.  I missed packet pick up the night before as the drive up took 4 hours (I was told it was “more or less” 3 hours… umm…) so I grabbed it in the morning at 5:30 am.  It was quick and easy.  I was able to park about 10 minutes away so I hung out in the car until 15 mins before the 7 am start, which was nice since I was chilly.

here is a shot of the "ugly" place I raced
here is a shot of the “ugly” place I raced

The start line was a bit of a hill so I hung out at the top until runners of my pace walked past and then I jumped in.  Thankfully, it was ideal weather for running – breezy, 59* and overcast.  The course is, indeed beautiful.  Those promises were kept.  The aid stations were stocked with gatorade (and not just lemon lime!), water, GU and candy.  The volunteers seemed happy to be there and were helpful – especially when I got out of the porta potty with my skirt tucked in my compression shorts.  Thanks volunteer!


Despite it getting sunny, the breeze kept up and it fairly cool with low humidity.  Such an incredible change from the Sunburst 1/2 a couple of weeks before.  I rocked my hydration with some Nuun in my water bottle – I drank two of these! – and got water and gatorade at each stop.  I got a GU at mile 4 and took another one at mile 8.

it didn't leak out of the top but at the lid - ugh
it didn’t leak out of the top but at the lid – ugh – my handheld was drenched

I resorted to my “old man” shuffle form early on as I KNEW this would be the only way I could finish.  I’ve barely been training and when I lift my knees, I go faster and I don’t have the endurance to support this right now.  I lost it at mile 7 – mentally and somewhat physically.  In my brain I kept thinking about how I knew I couldn’t do this even before I started.  Not to mention, I only got 2 hours and 15 minutes of broken sleep the night before due to a noisy hotel room.  But I hunkered down and kept up the shuffling.  When I saw mile 8, I knew I could finish.  It’s always mile 8 that’s my saving grace.

I got a bit of a GU tummy towards the end and mixed with all of the liquids sloshing in there, vomiting was certainly a possibility.  Mile 12 seemed to go on forever and I kept screaming (in my brain) where is the 13 mile marker?!  Instead the finish line came into view!  Yay!  I made it!

love this mdal
love this medal

All of the volunteers were unbelievably friendly.  They helped me swap out my too big zip up long sleeve tech jacket by just giving me a smaller size.  They were welcoming at the food table and just kept saying, “there’s more!  Take all you want!”  The food line had bananas, potato chips that are made in MI, hordes of chocolate milk and pizza.  Oh and Advil, haha.  The marina was offering showers for $2 and when I got there they just let me use it for free.

I had a decent race albeit painful!  About an hour before the start, I drank a juice, (I’m juice cleansing, more on this later) and had a chocolate Honey Stinger waffle so I felt pretty stable in the nutrition department.  The juice was the perp responsible for the port potty stop right after the first mile though.  This cost me at least 5 minutes, which sucked.  I’ll need to figure out something for future races in this regard.  Did I mention I finished?!  Oh and the medal?  It really is worth it.

one more shot of the medal and this is long sleeve tech jacket