I always feel guilty after writing a post that doesn’t have some sort of happiness infused.  At least I’m sticking with my Catholic roots!

Here are a few updates:

1. I had my first PT appt yesterday for my knee.  Basically, I messed it up good and plenty!  He said some medical words to describe the problem and I swore I was going to remember them but I don’t.  I’m pretty sure it was part of my knee is rubbing on my tibia.  In my head this explanation feels off since it doesn’t seem possible although I never took an anatomy class.  I might be remembering incorrectly.  Whatever, it isn’t great.  Upside – actual orders to be a lazy bones!  I do have some exercises to do.  I asked him if these were strengthening exercises but apparently I’m not there yet and these are merely exercises to remind my muscles how to work.  Great scott – even my muscles can’t remember to remember.

I have another PT appt this week and then three next week.  I am very committed to recovery and it is quite clear that my big muscles (quads? the ones on the top of my thighs) are weak as hell.  When I mentioned this he readily agreed.  I need to put the brace back on, do the memorization exercises and no activity <– the lazy part.  I have a feeling the sit on your ass orders will go by the way side sooner rather than later so I’m going to give up feeling guilty about doing just that.

2. Sunday I moaned and groaned about my stomach.  I’m still at that stage.  I am also grateful I can afford to eat what my body can handle.  For instance, there aren’t a lot of fruits and veggies (or many other things) my stomach can tolerate.  Blueberries are a major winner.  They are currently $10 per 18oz at Costco – yowza!  I bought two.  Also, the gluten-free bread is $8.00 per loaf (Costco), the ham is $8.00 per pound and a half or so (Costco) and then the “granola” bars I can eat are $5.00 a box.  I am wildly lucky I can give my stomach the royal treatment, even if it is acting like an ungrateful punk.

I only almost vomited once yesterday! Improvement!

3. The weather is wacky.  Last week, one of my big programs consisted of cooking a variety of sausage (including my FAVORITE hot dogs ever!) on grills (outside) and serving them to students over 200 of them.  It was really cold, rainy and it snowed earlier in the day.  This week?  Close to 70* the entire week.  I want Nov. to feel like Nov.  Not to mention, this kind of weather freaks me out!  Oh and I strongly recommend getting hot dogs from a real life butcher shop.  It makes such a major difference in taste!

4. I went to do laundry on Sunday – I was fiercely determined and even walked down to the w/d room.  Alas, someone was already using both machines.  I set a timer to make myself get up an hour later to check said laundry machines to see if they were empty but by the time the alarm went off, my motivation was gone.  Tonight is the night friends – I can feel it.  Laundry will be accomplished.

5. I finally pulled my popcorn popper out from under the sink.  It’s one of those ‘stir crazy’ poppers and I remember having to have it.  Considering I’ve been downing Skinny Pop like mad, I figured I should save a few bucks and make it myself.  And put the popper to good use.  I bought some sunflower oil like Skinny Pop uses and hit it.  Yum!

ok, so I do miss the ease and taste of some skinny pop

6. Get this: I was RIGHT!  Word of advice, make friends with a doctor, a nurse or a pharmacist.  No, this isn’t license to stalk someone but I’m pretty darn lucky to know a couple of pharmacists.  How does this relate to my being right?  Because my pharmacist friend, we were fellow “Panty Raiders” on a Ragnar Relay and a blogger (I really dig her and her blog!), read my post the other day and my ice eating IS a sign of anemia!  Look at me all sleuthing and stuff!  She also made a recommendation of a brand of iron to get.  So today, I’ll be starting to combat this low iron business.

This is riveting stuff, isn’t it?  Happy Tuesday!

apartment living

I have a bit of a rant on my mind…

Apartment living.  I’ve never NOT lived in some sort of apartment.  There are definite perks to this but I’m not going to focus on those today.  Seriously, what is a rant with all positive points?

1.  Remembering you have neighbors in very close proximity.  I admit, I’ve become an old man in terms of noise.  My patience is thin but I also don’t think my standards are THAT high.  I just don’t want to listen to blaring music at 3:30 am.  Or people yelling about how drunk they are – again, at 3:30 am.  To be perfectly honest, I would just appreciate the loud tunes ending at 10 pm.  Yep, I’m old.

this includes my hearing space

2.  Laundry.  Oh my gosh – this one drives me bonkers.  I’m already cranky about having to go to the  complex washer and dryer.  We have established this in previous posts.  Sunday I went to do laundry and put in two loads.  Both dryers were full but they only had 10 minutes left.  In 29 minutes (the time of the washing cycle) I headed back to get my clothes.  The dryers were still full.

Boo!  I lugged my giant bag of damp clothes, which seriously, weighed 10 tons, back to my apartment.  I also put in two more loads.  I went back 29 minutes later and the guy was just coming to get his clothes out of the dryer.

Guy:  “Are these yours” (pointing to the washers)

Me:  “Yes.”

Guy:  “Well I guess I can take my clothes out”.  Cue very passive aggressive sighing as he removed his clothes to a table so he could fold them.  Rude!  Now, I could see some aspects of his point if the clothes were still hot and he wanted them wrinkle free.  Even then though, when someone is waiting, take them quick-like to your apartment and fold them.  This guy?  They had been dry for over an hour!

3.  Children.  Let me first say I know kids cry and play loudly and romp about.  I have no problem with this and in fact completely expect it.  HOWEVER, when you never allow your kiddies to go outside the ruckus is 10 fold because the kids are going kind of nuts.  I wish I was joking.  Our apartments are 480 sq feet.  I can’t imagine living with 3 other people, much less being a kid who wants to move about.  Also, one of the kiddies who lives above me is the spawn of hades, completely exaggerated by the fact she is trapped in a small place.  I definitely feel sorry for these tykes.  P.S. this doesn’t apply to babies, they can’t exactly burn off steam – at least to my current knowledge.

4.  Fighting with your significant other.  Again, I get it – people fight.  I don’t have any expectation that everyone will live in bliss – especially when quarters are tight.  But screaming and yelling freaks me out when it’s continuous, hour after hour, night after night.  I don’t have any idea where couples should go to fight so I don’t have a solution for this.  I’m very aware of domestic violence and I’ve had to call the police before.  Scary.

These are the “crimes” against fellow apartment dwellers I can think of at the moment.  Trust me, I am not the perfect tenant but I try to mindful that I live in a community.  Breathe Amy…

blog post stew

There are a few stories/situations rattling around in my brain that don’t really warrant a whole post so time to serve up some blog post stew.

1.  This goose was getting its Karate Kid moves ready for me.  I took an alternate route because geese are freakin’ mean and I have no desire to play a game of chicken with a goose.

the karate kid move worked - I was scared
the karate kid move worked – I was scared

2.  My feet are a bit worse for the wear recently with the lack of arch support in my uber fun summer shoes.  I’ve found some Sketchers that promise to help with this issue and meet my standard of cuteness so hopefully these will work a little better.

3.  I played furniture tetrus on last week in my living room.  My living room is 10×10 so fairly small.  It takes a lot of minor movements to situate it.  I *think* I like it but the  verdict is still out.  I’m playing again with my bedroom in the upcoming days.  Moving a queen size bed in a tiny room is essentially trying to find a place for this little bitch when the time has started speeding up:

yes, I’m talking to you!

Funny thing, I’ve moved my furniture around more in the last year than I did in the 9 years I lived in my previous apt.

it’s also kind of like this

4.  I reached laundry rock bottom the other morning… I’m 36 years old and had to perform the “smell test” to make sure I could wear an unlaundered item.  This isn’t the first time either but it was when it finally dawned on me how pathetic this was!  In my old apt I had my own washer/dryer and I certainly didn’t take it for granted.  Not a day goes by where I don’t mourn my w/d…

5.  Last Tuesday I had to use all of my faculties to keep my ADD brain under control and focused as there was a big project to finish.  I was successful and productive!  This takes so much energy and in the evening I was a bit of a zombie.  When I have days like this, the next day I feel as though I’ve tapped my productivity reservoir completely dry.  Oh sure, there is some residue at the bottom but it’s tough to move it to the areas where I need it.

oh brain, how you both vex and amaze me

6.  I’ve been using my passion planner!  Now this DOES deserve its own post and I will get to it either at the end of this week or the next.  I wanted to give it a go some.

7.  I broke my non-running streak.  I was trying to decide if this mini hiatus was a good thing or a bad thing.  Then I decided not to put a value judgement on it and recognized it was a needed thing.  Just a bit of a running breather…

8.  Allergies?  What the heck nature – why are you out to get me?  I had ONE day out of last week where I didn’t feel like staying in bed.  Massive headaches and stuffy nose/sneezy horribleness.  This is most certainly a notch above any other forms of allergies I’ve had in the past.  I’m not happy about it.  And I don’t have a clue how to deal with it – suggestions PLEASE!


9.  Umm… that’s it.

10.  Oh wait!  I like olives again!  Phew – that certainly was important!

firstworld woes

beware – whining ahead…

haha, I quote this movie all of the time!

Yesterday was a draining day.  It started out with the lovely sounds of vomit.  Simon was throwing up – on my bed.  I swear, I channeled my inner ninja and jumped out of the bed with lightning speed!  While I didn’t totally avoid a barfy comforter, I was able to manage the damage.  Oh Simon… I love ya… and then his pitiful “meww” made my heart/frustration melt.  This was at 5 am and it was an omen.  DON’T GET OUT OF THE BED FOR THE WHOLE DAY if this happens to you.  For reals.

poor little dude did not feel well.
poor little dude did not feel well.

Once I fell back to sleep (this took a while, which is very uncommon for me), I had the lovely experience of waking up incredibly late.  I ended up needing to take annual leave since I wasn’t able to get to work until 10:30 am.  *Sigh*

Okay, so these aren’t terrible problems and normally I would just laugh them off and be fine with it.  However, I ran out of one of my meds on Friday night and these are my calming meds for the anxiety beast in me.  So, little problems suddenly become LARGE problems.  Anxiety and irritability were coursing through my veins and within 10 mins of being at work, I started crying a little.  I forgot the pharmacy closed early on Saturday and Sunday so I missed the pick up.  It’s completely my fault and I definitely regretted my malfunctioning memory.  I should have worn a sign around my neck yesterday reading, “do not approach – you’ve been warned”.  Why isn’t this allowed anyway??  My poor office mate was nice enough to bear with me for a couple of hours but he didn’t return in the afternoon – I’m not surprised!  Having anxiety is the pits.

Again, the following isn’t a big deal but… I was also wearing uncomfortable undies.  Can you see a trend here?  I have this odd thing with underwear, which is a story for later.  But it’s been with me since childhood.  Why the troublesome undies?  Because my laundry mountain rivals that of Everest.  It’s embarrassing and kind of pathetic.  I need to buck up and get it done or at least wash two loads.  I think this will allow me to feel a bit more in control of my life!  I have no idea why this would be a contributing factor to my semblance of control but there you go – another look into my psyche.

oh my gosh – I’ve always thought the snuggle bear was creepy and now I will have nightmares

After work, all I wanted to do was drink run okay, who am I kidding?  I wanted a nap.  My calves were still  sore from my weekend o’ running and I’m certain it’s from training outside on hills rather than my treadmill.  I was sporting some compression socks yesterday under my work pants and this helped tremendously.  Despite my silly despair yesterday, I am proud of myself with the running.  9 miles on Saturday and 5 on Sunday – I felt accomplished considering it was chilly and my apartment was toasty warm!

I could not figure out how to refill this.  My troubles are hard, friends.

seriously, I still couldn't figure it out by the end of the work day.  It just sat there, mocking me
seriously, I still couldn’t figure it out by the end of the work day. It just sat there, mocking me

Well, this is essentially a list of woes that are miniscule when compared to real problems.  I do understand this.  One of the downfalls of having anxiety is a serious lack of perspective at times!  The logical part of my brain understands this but the rest of my brain completely panics rather than simply acknowledging it’s a lame day.  I used to be ashamed of my anxiety and depression; I thought it meant I was weak and I just needed to push through it.  Noooot quite the case.  Meds, diet, exercise and sleep all play a big role in managing it (and friends and family!).  Some days one of them (anxiety or depression) might win – like yesterday.  Good thing I have today to start over, yeah?

And to end with a silver lining!  The following came in the mail AND a coworker brought this back from WI!  Cheese and beer (well, this kind of beer) can bring one so much happiness.

my dopey shirt finally came! they didn't have any at the expo
my dopey shirt finally came! they didn’t have any at the expo


this is a great beer - and I'm not much of a beer drinker
this is a great beer – and I’m not much of a beer drinker

little miss whines a lot

First of all, I wish the title of this post was, “little miss wines a lot”.  Maybe this weekend…

Back when I was a small tyke, the “little miss and mr. men” books were very popular.  We bought one called “Little Miss Bossy”.  I am fairly certain I liked the fact she was a blue (my favorite color) character and she looked cute.  Maybe it was because she wore boots – these are all possibilities.  Never did I imagine what a mistake this was…

this isn’t little miss bossy boot’s best side – I doubt I was ever this bad!

My family always said I was bossy and when we read the book about “miss bossy boots” they latched onto the (almost) literation and it became my nickname.  Whoa.Is.Me.  I am still called “bossy boots” to this day.  I perfer to say these were leadership qualities displayed at an early age but no one buys it.

Why the long intro?  Because I’ve been feeling like “little’ miss whines a lot” all week.  No, this isn’t an actual character but it should be.  Frankly, I want to punch everyone in the face and I am simply irritated.  IRRITATED!  There is no one specific reason why.  Honestly, most were a bunch of #firstworldproblems.  I was going to whine to you all but  you’ve been saved – sort of.  I spent the last part of my day listening to someone whine incesisently so I didn’t want to put you through that torture.

this is me… all week long

So I revamped this post a bit!  Ordinarily I would go for a run to sweat this mood out but I’m feeling kind of crummy.  I recognize I say I don’t feel well quite often and there are a variety of reasons for this.  I’ll jump back into things this weekend for sure.

A run is also sort of out of the question considering I don’t have a sports bra clean.  My laundry mountain is out of control.  I don’t even remember the last time I did laundry but I think it was Jan. 2nd.  Maybe.  I’m getting low on clean clothes!  As in, it’s almost time for bikini bottoms as skivvies!  I am both lazy and bratty: I don’t want to walk outside in the freakin’ arctic blast!  I did finally come up with a decent brilliant idea of getting the laundry to the laundry room without breaking a hip on the ice.  I’m going to use one of my big older suitcases on wheels and roll it back and forth.  I am good at using my resources well and considering the amount of laundry this will save my back.

nope, no idea

Other than these silly annoynaces I just feel out of sorts.  I need to pull my head out of my bum.  I got to catch up with a dear friend last night and haven’t woken up late once this week!  I’ve had bacon for dinner three times this week.  I have a wonderful bottle of wine for the weekend.  I picked out races to sign up for and will be registering very soon.  I also don’t have to pay for my own heat which is huge during the aforementioned artic blast.

perhaps I’m a bit too excited for the wine – if this is possible

AND I paid for my running coach!  I still can’t believe I went through with it!  I’ve thought about it for a while and thought I would never be able to afford it.  Or that it was only for runners who were really good.  Or it would be something where I talk about it but am too nervous and allow it to get in the way of my goals.  It was kind of like registering for Dopey – I just did it, refusing to consider there was a possibility of failure.

I will never tire of this picture
I will never tire of this picture

Most of the time, in the midst of all my whining I do remember the positives!  Not to mention, I still have ice cream left!

the laundry fairy doesn’t exist

To say my dirty laundry was out of control would be an understatement.  I was getting low on all kinds of necessities – undergarments of the running variety, running skirts/capris, running socks… oh and some work clothes :)  Part of this has made me wear clothes I haven’t worn in some time.  I get caught up in a cycle of clothing so this has made me push past this.  Good news.  I came home tonight all motivated to get this at least partially under control.  I did two loads (big ones).  I went upstairs to change them to the dryer and one washer had completely spilled everywhere and my clothes were still sopping wet.  Boo!  Of course, the part I didn’t mention was the washer was unplugged when I got up there and thanks to a few acrobatics I was able to plug it back in, simply thinking it had come unplugged accidentally.  Nope.  I rewashed that load (another $1.50).  I miss my own washer/dryer!  I LOVE doing laundry!  Haha, can you tell?  Me and the W and the D had moments of silence before I left my last place.

doing laundry makes me happy

Alright, you probably didn’t click here to read about my laundry woes.  Let’s talk a bit of crossfit!  Last night was my first night of endurance crossfit.  Wow.  It was tough but it was really good.  We did more running than the other crossfit sessions I’ve attended, which I enjoyed and I worked HARD.  So hard, I got a decent headache for a little while and came pretty close to vomiting – yay!  Burpees will be the end of me, that’s all I have to say.  Oh and I got my first burpee blister.  Now I’m official!  Outside of endurance sessions, we have runs given to us.  This week we have to do some time trials – a 5k, a 40 min time trial and then a 10k.  These are supposed to be all out, run hard, come home a sweaty disaster kinds of runs.  I’m still trying to figure out my schedule and hopefully next week I’ll be able to hit an actual routine.  Tonight I had to work late and missed a WOD session but it wasn’t mandatory.  My goal is to make them 4 days a week and then hit the runs the other 3.

I still love this

When I got home last night, I was BEAT!  My whole body was kind of vibrating!  I was definitely proud and somehow I am not horribly sore today.  I was really surprised.

The other day I was thinking about goals I had set back a few months ago.  One of the stress relievers I talked to my students about last week was to sell yourself TO YOURSELF!  Don’t forget to congratulate yourself for a job well done!  In light of this, here were a few of my goals and the status of each:

Run the RiverBank 25k – DONE!

Run Ragnar – DONE!

Budget – spend less on things and more on experiences – I was doing much better on this before the summer hit.  Once I moved I suddenly felt like I had to decorate my apt completely.  Then I went on a shoe binge.  There were some other necessary items in there too but still, I’ve realized I need to pull back a bit!  I’ve got some amazing experiences up ahead and I don’t want to stress about money because I spent too much at Target.

Cross Train – oh man, this was a huge failure for a while.  With the addition of crossfit, I’m getting better.  Progress is being made.

Train for a marathon – in progress!

I made this my screen saver on my phone – gotta stay motivated!

Get a new job – DONE!

Eat healthier – hmm, this has been off and on – definitely time to refocus!

Lose 10 lbs – again, off and on and need to refine my healthful routines!

Stress less – in one of my last work evaluations, it was written I needed to learn to manage my stress better.  Nothing like having that front and center!  I tried yoga for a little while, running of course, sleeping more, sleeping less – all kinds of things!  Attitude is a major part of this so I’m working on reframing my thinking so I see the positives rather than the negatives.  I also started drinking tea :)  I don’t know, I think this will always be a learning curve for me.  I am naturally an anxious person but I’m mindful of this and working on it!

my new mantra

I think there were other goals but these are ones I can think of and that have been on my mind lately.  While there are areas I need to refine, I’m proud of myself for the goals I’ve met!  I’m excited what I’ve accomplished and it does make me feel more encouraged.  If you are having a rough day, try thinking of what goals YOU have accomplished and then give yourself a MAJOR pat on the back!

way to go YOU!

i need more peanut butter – stat!

Yay!  Here is Marley!

isn’t she sweet?! of course she is much bigger now but still a lil’ sweetheart  Good grief.  I am so happy it’s practically over.  We started training at 8:30 am and the day didn’t start out the best.  Not to get terribly personal, but I was (sort of?  more on this later) diagnosed with PCOS.  This is polycystic ovary syndrome.  I get horrible, terrible, no good, very bad cramps.  They wake me up at night right when it’s time to take more meds, I pump Motrin 800’s into my body like candy and it still doesn’t knock out the pain.  I also massively bloat, am usually dragging and who can forget the ever popular emotional roller coaster?  So much fun!  Today, I cried before 10:30 am, then again in the afternoon and then again on the way home from crossfit.  The next couple of days will only be marginally better :/

One reason I was upset this morning?  Because I was out of this

my favorite peanut butter! this wasn’t the only reason but it certainly didn’t help!

After an all day training session, I was working on a presentation when my internet went down.  Boo.  I worked up until it was time for crossfit and then hightailed it across town.  For some reason today was sucky.  I was REALLY sore, felt like a chubby bunny and while I joke around about being built like a t-rex, it’s kind of depressing to realize it’s true.  It’s also embarrassing.  Usually I don’t mind being the one who is weaker or slower but my ego was all sensitive tonight.

Crossfit got over and I needed a boost.  Even though it’s not recommended to work out within 3 hours of a session (before or after) I thought I needed to go for a run.  Haha, that turned into a run/walk because they were right – you are tired!  Finally, I finished my presentation and am able to reunite with my couch.  Oh and I was able to bring in my basket of laundry :)  Speaking of which, I tried these the other day

I liked them!


I did the math and they are fairly comparable to liquid detergent. Especially considering they have detergent, a stain fighter and some kind of color booster all in one.  I like that I don’t have to haul around a bunch of different bottles too.  My new place doesn’t have a washer/dryer (yeah, it was like finding out Santa didn’t exist all over again) so these are helpful.  Since I typically don’t use a stain fighter on a regular basis or a color booster, the price may not be as cheap vs. just soap but I’ll figure that out once I have my own w/d (someday!).


I’m not exaggerating – I won’t be able to use my arms tomorrow.  This morning I struggled with turning off my alarm clock!  And we hit the push-ups HARD tonight!  Seriously, I will pay you $5 million dollars if you come over and help me get ready for work in the morning! ;)

p.s. special thanks to my commentors yesterday for the compliments!  They were such a bright spot!




things that make me happy & a training plan

River Bank 25k – 78 days

Ragnar Relay – 105 days

I want to make sure I remember things that make me happy since I know there are so many but for some reason I get bogged down in the things that make me mad, or sad or frustrated.  Why is this?  Maybe this will become a weekly post (I do like the alliteration of “things that make me happy thursday, although, there isn’t A LOT of alliteration there!) but we’ll see.  Ali on the Run does something like this on Thursdays and I have always liked it.  Not to mention, my friend and I have talked about starting a “grateful journal” or at least writing down what we are grateful for on a daily basis.  Let’s face it, we forget to see the positive things… so here is my list for this Thursday.

1  this

how amazing is this?!

When I was younger, PBS was on channel 9.  So we called Bob Ross “Channel 9 Guy”.  We were so creative.  Usually we only watched him if we couldn’t find anything else on tv but “happy trees” are still pretty incredible.

2.  Large iced nonfat caramel mochas from McDonald’s

so good and fairly cheap

I know I have detailed my love for coffee before and this drink in particular.  But I had to include it since they really do make me happy :)

3.  Harry Potter

I watched an obscene amount of Harry Potter this past weekend and it was awesome.  It really is a sad story and I have read all of the books several times.  For some reason I love the stories; at first I refused to buy into the hype and wouldn’t read them.  Then I caved and maybe I like the theme of “love conquers all” or how friends are defined as family.  Whatever it is, I love Harry Potter marathons on ABC Family on weekends!

4.  Doing laundry

love the color of this room!

I really do love to do laundry – maybe it’s because you can see your results from your efforts.  Or because it makes my apt smell so fresh.  Whatever it is, I am also fascinated by how men fold their laundry, haha.  Yes, I know I’m weird but I’m just interested.

5.  Reading this post about what to pack for the Ragnar Relay has gotten me even more excited about this race.  I can’t believe I have signed up for this!  Why?  Because it’s something I would have talked about but then chickened out before signing up.  It also seems like only a “real runner” would do a race like this.  Sometimes I forget that am a “real runner”!  I also love that I have opened myself up to a whole new community of people/runners and 11 other women who have responded in kind.  I’m looking forward to pushing myself, taking part in a totally different type of race and just having an absolute blast.  I put in for my time off last week and below is the beginning of the training schedule I’m going to use for the both the 25k and then transition to training for the Ragnar.  They suggest toward the end of training start running twice a day so your legs can get used to running multiple times in a day.  Yay!  I’m excited!

Training Plan

So, me being the math genius that I am (I counted the weeks on the calendar), figured out today that I have 12 weeks until the River Bank Run.  ***GULP***  When I tried to plug-in a training plan online (I was searching for some free ones) I put in the beginning and end date and another screen popped up that said there is not enough time for training.  HA!  I laugh in the face of you wacky online training plans!  Buuut, as I mentioned last night, it’s time to get moving.  Here is what my plan is going to look like for right now:

Monday – Yoga  (I’m always tired on Mondays and getting out to run is tough.  Yoga fits in really well here)

Tuesday – 4 miles

Wednesday – cross training

Thursday – 1 mile easy 2 miles tempo 1 mile easy

Friday – 1 mile easy and hills – equal to 4 miles, core work

Saturday – rest

Sunday – long run 6 and then I will up it each week

I know I will need to up my mileage during the week to match/prepare for the long runs.  During my training for my first half marathon I didn’t do a very good job of training during the weeks or doing much cross training.  I want to correct that mistake during this training season.  I will revise this training in the next couple of weeks and keep you all posted!