happy v-d

In high school, I had a group of friends who started saying, “happy v-d” and I remember thinking it was hysterical.  Clearly, my humor hasn’t changed much since then!


Happy Valentine’s!  I hope you all are having a wonderful day.  Mine hasn’t been too shabby – ate a delish heart-shaped sugar cookie and wore my heart knee-highs.  Yup, celebrating in style, that’s me!

pinterest pic... not sure it's origin
pinterest pic… not sure it’s origin

I thought on this day of love, I could update you on my match.com shenanigans.  Online dating is really quite odd.  When I look at the website, it’s simply this buffet of men.  It’s kind of surreal, actually!  The attention is nice, and I’m talking to a couple of guys at the moment so I guess we’ll see.  The first week I was checking all the time and now other life happenings have taken precedence.

Now, I will say, my demographic appears to be with the older generation… this should have been a clue to how this was going to go:

yep, I was a huge hit
yep, I was a huge hit

Then I also got an e-mail from one guy on match and all it said was:

“Hey, I know where that picture was taken”

Yes… that’s it.  It was in reference to one of my profile pics.  Ummm… I did feel badly for him because clearly he didn’t know this kind of message is from the wrong side of the creepy tracks.  But no, I didn’t respond.  Oh the dating scene – some day I will be extremely glad when that is in my rear view window.


Beyond my misadventures with match, I did participate in a Valentine exchange through the blog, Because I Can.  If you have never checked out her blog, you should!  Lisa cracks me up and she is a speedy gal.  Not to mention, super sweet and has a paleo recipe for almond fudge – I know… it sounds mouth-watering!  Anyway, Lisa picked names and the awesome Maggie from See Maggie got me!  On Monday, I opened this up


Isn’t it adorable?!  Maggie read my blog and knows of my pink Brooks and that I had run a marathon.  I love it!  Such a perfect Valentine present!

Other than that, I’ve been singing the theme song to “Love Boat” all day (nope, no idea why) and spreading some valentine cheer.  My outfit was another throw back today.  Aside from my leggings, everything I had on was more than a year old.  In fact, my sweater is from 2002 and my dress is probably 5 years old.  Here is what I put together

yes... the back drop is my spare room... it still needs a bit of work!
yes… the back drop is my spare room… it still needs a bit of work!

Very comfy and warm considering I had a long sleeve t-shirt on under the dress.  Oh and no snooze button this morning!  Wahoo – 2 days in a row!

Happy Love Day friends!

noticing the little things

I’m slowly starting to get out of my funk :)  I’ve been paying attention to the little things that make the days just a little brighter.  Yesterday, I woke up ON TIME!  Yay!  Do you know how rare this is for a Monday morning?!  Then today, I was wearing an outfit that made me feel particularly sassy.  I wore a red peasant top with a blue and white chevron stripped skirt.  As I was walking from the grocery store early this morning a woman yelled out, “Excuse me miss, where did you get your skirt?”  I told her and she said, “It’s really cute!”  Double yay!  Seriously, folks, I was smiling for a solid 7 mins… OH!  And she called me “miss” – not ma’am!

The days are only getting crazier and crazier.  Today I filled in the person who is taking my former position.  If you ever want an ego boost or to realize simply how much knowledge is packed in your head – teach someone your old position!  I was a bit impressed with myself.  Tomorrow I have a presentation and it should go pretty well.  Oh and here is the long-awaited pic of my office!

just a wee bit sad…

Also, when I was cleaning my office this weekend, I found the signs my staff had made me for my first half marathon.  They were so great!  Training is supposed to be hard!  It’s supposed to get tiring and feel like it’s never-ending!  Seeing these signs reminded me that 1/2 marathons used to be SUPER scary to me but I still did it.  The marathon is the same!  (Please also notice the Sweat Pink laces!)

I know – pretty neato, eh?!

Oh and don’t forget to keep your floppy disks – FOREVER!

no, I can’t throw them away – is there any way to get this info off?

Tonight my friend, Emily came over and I opened one of my bottles of champagne I bought at Trader Joe’s.  I undid the foil and took the wire thingy off and got a towel to get the plastic cork off.  I turned away and POP!  The cork popped off by itself and flew into the air!  It freaked me out and I screamed just a wee bit :)  It was peach flavored – I strongly recommend it!

Last, I want to say thanks so much for all of your support in my funk!  I know some of you are going through a funk as well for a variety of reasons and I am cheering for you all!  We can get through it!  Noticing the small things, remembering not to take ourselves too seriously, and like my good friend Kara told me, “there IS a light at the end of the tunnel”.  When I told her I didn’t see it, she reminded me it’s there.  Tonight I rearranged my living room a bit and organized some more.  The cuteness factor went way up!  Another positive!  And remember the dude-drama?  It’s eased a bit… friends for now…  I commented on a post by Kindergarten Crush (check out her blog!  She is such an inspiration!).  She was talking about the men she dated after her husband passed and I responded something about my last relationship going belly up.  She was kind enough to reply the following:

LOL ugh, I feel for you! It’s rough but I truly believe that when you live your own life and make your goals a priority, love will fall into place. Happened for me that way the first time as well as the second :) Hang in there girl!

Isn’t this fantastic advice?!  I’ve been thinking about it a lot and it’s picked me up a bit and reminded me to focus!  Again, thanks for all of your comments – I really do think about the advice!

it’s mother’s day

Happy Mother’s Day!

To be honest, I haven’t been excited about Mother’s Day – at all.  I really felt I would be wallowing and wasn’t looking forward to all of the facebook posts talking about moms and how great they are.  But that hasn’t been the case.  Yesterday was the 25k and I did it in honor of my mom.

for the race

I was pretty nervous about this but it turned out to be just the thing I needed.  15.6 miles is some really good thinking time and it was nice to dedicate those miles to my mom.  It was also nice to call on her near the end when I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to finish.  I’ll write more about the race tomorrow.  In the meantime, here are a few pics…

one of my favorite pics
mom LOVED halloween
LOVE this pic of my mom and brother!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there.  Hope you know how much you are loved!

valentine’s day…

Ugh… woke up today still feeling grumpy but also feeling totally under the weather :(  Actually, I woke up at 4 am feeling terrible but hoped a couple more hours of sleep would make me feel better.  No such luck.  Same thing with the crabbiness.  I know, I am a real joy to be around.

So, I hung out with my cat – he was very happy to have a snuggle buddy all day.  Although, he has since left my side and I am guessing it’s because I still haven’t showered today.  Apparently, Simon has fairly high standards!  I also spent a good chunk of time on pinterest.  It’s addicting – like peanut butter and chocolate addicting.  I.just.want.to.pin.all.day.long!  I’m hoping that I actually make some of the projects that I have pinned someday – to me that would be real achievement!

I want to make these

And this

Then I would really, really like to make this, this and this!

Being on pinterest for large amounts of time also means seeing A LOT of Valentine’s Day projects.  Here’s the deal: I love Valentine’s Day!  I really do!  It was always a big deal when I was younger and I still think it’s a neato holiday.  Of course, as I have gotten older, the concept of Valentine’s Day has changed for me.  Where I used to think it was a sweet holiday now it has become THE holiday that seems to drive home my single-ness.  In fact, a couple of weeks ago I couldn’t figure out why the obnoxious jewelry commercials were back and then it dawned on me

I think these things taste terrible!


I’ve had some shoddy Valentine’s Days in the last few years.  A few years back my boyfriend at the time told me I looked like a hooker after griping the whole night about how he hated the night, didn’t want to be out, blah, blah.  I was wearing my favorite red dress and I was bummed/hurt about all of it.  Another time, my big crush (also a friend) and I got in a huge fight – it wasn’t pretty.  Then other Valentine’s, I have just spent on my own, which can feel very depressing when you put as much weight on the holiday as I did.

I really started thinking this year would be the same.  I would get all mopey because I was on my own and I would start making really bad and bitter jokes about Valentine’s Day and how much it sucked.  But I’ve been doing some thinking… I want to embrace Valentine’s for the true meaning it has for me.  Yay LOVE!  All kinds of love – the love I have for my family, my friends, my staff.  I know I sound like an after school special but bitter doesn’t look very good on me and I like hearts – A LOT! :)

I also like x's and o's :)

Yep, I’m going to make some Valentine’s treats.  I’ll probably even buy Valentine’s and send those out too, haha!  I want to make some Valentine’s decorations as well.  But most of all, I am going to enjoy the holiday and celebrate the love that is IN my life not lament the love that isn’t.

Sound like a good plan?  I thought so!  I’ll be sure to post some pics along the way!


friday night wine musings

I think the best way to power up for a good run on Saturday morning is to have a healthy and well-balanced dinner the night before.  But let me back up a bit…

Today I woke up completely exhausted.  But I got out of bed and was hoping some caffeine would do the trick but no such luck.  I took some time off of work and ended up taking a 2 and half hour nap

yep, this is pretty much what I looked like

Unfortunately, I couldn’t take the rest of the day off and hang out in jammie pants despite the fact I was still tired when I got up.  We had a project for work today/tonight (and last night) from 4 – 9:30 pm.  Ugh.  I decided to pack dinner to try to save money (or save it to spend on coffee) and this is what I came up with

A bagel as big as my head with peanut butter

Why isn’t peanut butter one word?!  This drives me BONKERS!

fruit cup as big as my head

and to round out this “healthy” dinner

A glass of wine as big as my head

Yes, I like to use my head as a measurement tool.  Like my very balanced dinner?  And don’t you think it will prepare me well for my run tomorrow?!  To be honest, the wine is/was more of a post dinner treat since I couldn’t very well lug the bottle into the work function with me.  But it was chilling nicely in my car (MI winters are good for some things after all!) and calling to me to hurry up and be DONE!  Oh and the best part?  It was on sale AND it was the last bottle!  I think the wine gods knew karma has been a mega bitch to me so they decided to smile on me a bit.

Now, I am attempting to do yoga with a glass of wine and cook dinner for tomorrow night.  Yoga and wine don’t mix very well although I am getting EXTREMELY relaxed… so maybe they mix well after all.  Hell, all the yoga studios should add a wine bar.  This is actually a brilliant idea!  Here is the base for a super yummy recipe for tomorrow

oh boy do I have a recipe for you all!

Tomorrow I am cooking up Cream Cheese Chicken and Veggie soup from the blog Mel’s Kitchen Cafe.  The pics look super dreamy and I first saw it on pinterest and have been thinking about it ever since.  Yum.  I hooked you up with the link but tomorrow I will post the recipe along with pics of the finished product.  The cool thing about this recipe was I had everything except the onion on my shelves/fridge.  Win.

Two weeks ago (or something like that) when I was in Detroit after flying home from NY, my friend Jamie and I were talking about love.  Yes, there was some wine fueling this deep conversation but I still think what we had to say had merit!  So, I am going to share it with you!

what are your thoughts on love?

Jamie has a theory that back in the earlier days marriage was a necessity.  Women were not allowed to do much without a man so they had to be married in order to survive/function in society.  But because times have changed, women no longer have to be married – they can be independent and can take care of themselves.  Jamie theorized that we have evolved and now marriage is a thing of the past, which is why the divorce rate is as high as it is.  And she wanted my thoughts.

do you think this is true?

Here’s the deal: I’m a romantic – I always have been.  I sincerely wish I wasn’t and at this point, I would admit I am a bit jaded but a romantic I stand.  So, I thought about it for a few minutes and the truth is I don’t think marriage is an antiquated idea but I do think we have forgotten how to communicate.  At the base of our being, we need connections.  But when we make these connections all too often we put expectations on the other person that are impossible to live up too.  We can’t expect a person NOT to change throughout the course of a marriage yet how often do you hear people say, “he/she isn’t the same person I married”?  Well, no kidding.  I’m not saying all marriages are meant to be or that we should accept all changes with open arms.  But there are some areas where we could/should be a bit more forgiving.  Jamie proposed that people could live on their own and don’t need to have another person.  I disagreed again.  Going back to us needing connections – I don’t think humans are meant to live solitary lives.  Beyond friendships, there is a bond between significant others that goes deeper and I am not simply referencing the physical aspect, although this is important too.  The funny thing is, Jamie is a (jaded) romantic as well – her and I have just been unlucky in love.  It happens I guess.  We started to delve into the concept of “soul mates” but decided that would be for another night.  Although if you watch “Crazy, Stupid, Love” you are absolutely going to WANT to believe in soul mates!

So what are your thoughts on love and marriage?  Do you think we have evolved to a point where we don’t no longer need the institution of marriage?

Is this what it feels like to have a baby?

So, I have been wanting to start this blog for about 8 months now.  But I was nervous.  What if it sucked?  What if I am ONLY ever writing to myself?  What if I never end up signing a book deal (yes, I like to dream big and I have no contact with reality!) or I can’t keep up with posting?  As the months went by I realized these things were not important.  Rather, I wanted – wait, NEEDED to write.  And here I am!  I have given birth to a bouncing baby blog!

What finally pushed me off the cliff?  I was dumped.  Yep, pretty unceremoniously I might add.  It was over text messaging.  Now, considering a majority of our important convo’s happened over text I wasn’t really surprised.  But I was surprised by the actual act of being dumped.  Boo.  I didn’t see it coming and I haven’t heard from him since.  In order to feel better I have done the following:

1. Spent a lot of time on the couch

2. Spent a lot of time watching TV

3. Did NOT spend time cleaning my apartment.  It has gone through the, “whoa, you are depressed” messy phase

4. Signing up for every possible race I could find

5. I may or may not have tried to purchase my feelings away.  Oh and I ate my feelings too – I mean, why not?

And here we are!  While my heart still hurts, I am working on putting my life back together.  When I really want something my typical MO is to shy away from going to get it.  If I don’t try then guess what – I don’t have to worry about failing!  But when I have tried, as in REALLY put my mind to something I have been able to achieve it.  I want to write.  I feel this blog is a great start to my ultimate goal.  Not to mention, I have things to say!  I have theories!  I have advice!  I have a pretty messed up life that seems to provide hours of entertainment for others!

I promise to include pics, recipes for tasty treats as well as things I do in order to counteract my obsession with tasty treats!  By the way – my neurologist told me today that while I’m not old I am not getting any younger.  And that my metabolism is slowing down.  I think she said something else but I was stuck on the being old part!  But I have started my blog!  Yay!