I want to run fast again

***I’m typing this while on my migraine meds… you’ve been warned…

Once upon a time, I ran my fastest 10k in 52 mins.  At the time, I didn’t realize these were some quick miles for my short little legs.  I also hit 2:04 in my first 1/2 marathon.  Again, I didn’t recognize this was a decent time.

Right now, I’m lucky to hit somewhere in the 11 min mile range.  This doesn’t account for my walk breaks, which then throws me into the 12 min pace.  I would NEVER discourage anyone else for these times – I would say WAY TO GO!  And I am working on the self-talk to be encouraging, so instead of “why can’t I run faster??” I keep reminding myself, “hey!  you’re out there!”.  But still… I want to be faster.

This requires some effort on my part.  You know, like some speedwork?  Maybe something to increase my endurance?  Frankly, just putting in the miles.  It’s how I did it the first time and it’s how I will do it again.  But I’m impatient and I want those paces back NOW!

truth sister

Speaking of hitting goals, I fell short of my 37.5 miles by 8.  Improvement from the week before, so I will take it.  Yesterday I could have hit a few more – in fact, I was dressed and OUTSIDE.  I walked 1/2 a mile and knew I was done.  All day yesterday I was feeling nauseated and I thought fresh air and movement could help.  It didn’t.  I had a work event later and the moment I sat down for it, the pain hit right above my right eye.  Migraine-ville.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get my special meds into me until 2 hours later so I missed heading it off before it got worse.  I don’t know about other migraine-suffers, but for me, it’s hurts when I shut my eyes.  This morning I woke up and thought I was in the clear but not so much.  I took some regular headache meds, but by noon, it was time for another dose of my special meds with a naproxen booster (recommended by the doc).  Currently, I’m a bit woozy (meds) but at least my eye balls aren’t falling out, I’m not throwing up and the top of my head isn’t caving in.

Okay, done whining.  Yes, I get sick a lot.  I really believe stress is a major factor in all of this.  Thankfully, this is the first migraine I’ve had in months.  I attribute this to giving up the gluten.  My sister has had similar benefits.  I also know the more running I do, the more my health will continue to improve.

Back to running – my runs included a 4.5 miler, a 4 miler and a 6 mile walk.  The other miles were walking as well.  Looking at this, I can see why I’m not getting faster and am lacking endurance!  It’s always weird to type it out and realize where there is room for improvement.  No running today… I’ve still got my eye on that 37.5 mile weekly goal though.  I refuse to give up since I know it will feel oh so fabulous when I hit it!

Are you good at positive self-talk?

Do you get migraines?  Any magical remedies?

a style change up

As I may have mentioned, last week was stressful.  Maybe I said something?  Once or twice!  Anyway, in my typical body’s fashion, yesterday I reached peak frenzy-stress and then started the deep decline.  The first pain of the migraine actually came on Sunday night above my right eye.  I managed to hold it off until about 3 pm yesterday and then it was a quick countdown to full-blown headache city.


Luckily, I got to my apt, ate some nuts (I was really hungry at this point), took out my contacts and tried a few deep breathing exercises.  At 5 pm on the nose, I dosed myself up with some prescription headache meds.  It wasn’t quite soon enough to avoid the headache completely but I did manage not to curl up the fetal position crying.  I would call that a win.

I want to partake in what these women call a "win"!
I want to partake in what these women call a “win”!

Onto other (possibly) interesting topics… my running has been crap lately.  You would think with the handy addition of my treadmill, my running would have improved.  This WOULD/SHOULD be true but alas I’m getting an “error” message every time I go to turn it on after my initial run.  I know… not quite pleased with this whole turn of events!

I should have left it in pieces
I should have left it in pieces

Oh yeah, I said interesting… my ‘mill faces my closet in my spare room.  While I was running (that ONE time!) I was looking through my clothes.  I think I am going through a style renovation.  This is not a first for me, however, this is the first time where I feel the style reno is more fitting to my personality and not dressing according to what I think my work place wants or what males will find attractive.  Does this make sense?  I have three style inspirations:

1.  My sister – she has always had style.  Even when we were youngsters and mind you, this was the 80’s so this is sayin’ something!  Heid can put together a look or an outfit like no other and she always looks great.  She is also the queen of layering, a style that I appreciate and have noticed adds depth to one’s clothing options.  That’s a big “W” in my book!

one of my fave pics of me and my sis taken a couple of years ago
one of my fave pics of me and my sis taken a couple of years ago

2.  Kelle Hampton from the blog, Enjoying the Small things.  If you haven’t ever read her blog, you are missing out.  Her writing and photography are beautiful and her attitude on life is like a cool drink of water.  Cheesy maybe but completely true!  She has a very bohemian style where everything goes together while not being all matchy-matchy.  Seriously, I would let her dress me on a daily basis.

3.  New  Girl – Zooey’s character has that same sort of free spirit as Kelle Hampton and it’s reflected in her wardrobe, however, there is also a vintage flair.  Mucho love for this look.

So, with all of these forces combined and my own creativity, my overall look is changing a bit.  For instance, today I am wearing a jewel-tone stripped shirt over a white tank top.  Then a faded-wash jean skirt over black cable-knit leggings and tall brown boots.

blogger fail – no pic

I have never been a big supporter of the whole “no black and brown together ever!” and all of these pieces were already in my wardrobe.  Essentially, I am shopping within my own closet and learning to put together different options.  It’s been pretty fun!  I highly suggest trying it!  I know I get so used to wearing this sweater with these pants that breaking this up adds visual interest as well as makes that outfit feel “new”.  This goes very well with my budget goal as well as adding some enjoyment in my clothing.  I’m also appreciating expressing myself more authentically through my style.

Do you ever change up your style?

eww – migraine and some thankful thursday business

Last night as I finished my post, I started to see spots.  At first I figured it was because many of my lights were off in my apt and the screen was bright.  However, it got worse and I couldn’t really see.  I started to freak out a bit.  I took out my contacts but this didn’t help.  Finally it dawned on me:  MIGRAINE!  I quickly took some vicodin.  45 mins later, I still wanted to cry.  I remembered some headache samples I had been given but could I take those on top of vicodin?!  I called my dad and he gave me the a-okay.  Thank goodness… it was a bad one.  Now 24 hours later, I’m still battling it.  I get waves of feeling better and then I move around to get things done and it’s downhill again.  Boo!

So, how does this play into my Thankful Thursday post?  Read on dear readers!

1.  My dad!  I was super grateful I could call on him!  Between my dad, sister and I, we have tried almost every over the counter headache med there is (and probably most of the prescribed ones too).  Headaches/migraines run in the fam and we all have an appreciation for the pain.  By the time I called I was almost in tears and dad talked me down (even though he may not have known it) to a more manageable pain level.  “Take the pills, Aim… drink some Gatorade… turn off all of the lights… don’t try to watch tv… call me in the morning…” awesome advice and what I needed to hear.  In my fam, we also take the pain seriously so I felt validated too.

the headache trio

2.  Feeling better!  Well, okay, I’m not feeling great but at least it doesn’t feel like my head is falling off.  I still have what I call, “residue” from the headache.  The leftover pain that kind of shoots through your head and the dull ache from the carnage it waged the night before but nothing like how it was.  But I can see!  I seriously do not know what people did before there were meds to help ease these.  I am soooo thankful for meds that can at least allow the pain to subside!

3.  A coach – yesterday I eeeeeked out 100 push-ups.  Okay, by push-up standards the last 50 were marginal at best but I would have quit long before if my crossfit coach hadn’t been there telling us to “keep it up!” (I may have sworn at him in my head… A LOT).  Sometimes my confidence in my fitness waivers.  I am still surprised when I can complete a WOD.  Everyday, I think to myself, “maybe I’m in better shape than I thought!”

I saw this guy after a marathon in the spring… it’s how I looked yesterday

4.  My Keurig – oh man, this sucker is AWESOME!  I bought the “K-cup” so now I can use my own beans, which makes it even cheaper.  I use it every morning, in the afternoon for my tea and then sometimes in the evenings for some hot chocolate.  The fact I got for half off makes me feel like I stole it!  I highly recommend it!  It is pricey but so worth the investment.

this is how I enjoy my coffee in the morn too ;)

5.  My brother-in-law!  He and I have moved beyond the “annoying little sister” relationship (although I still love to annoy him!) to a friendship.  It took us some time but I think we both have an appreciation for each other.  Crossfit has deepened this bond and I really don’t think I would still be going without him.  One night when I wanted to quit a few weeks ago, he let me know lots of people go through the same thing.  This morning he sent me a text about running.  He is a great cheerleader!  Love ya, Seany Flay!  Thanks for all of the support!

I totally photobombed this pic – guess the annoying little sister thing is alive and well after all!