moving to 500 square feet

As I mentioned on Saturday, big things are happening in my life right now.  It’s a lot to take in but it also feels great to be moving in a direction I am happy with.  When I think back to life 5 months ago (right after my mom died) I could not crawl out of the dark hole that seemed to consume me.  Everyone kept saying, “things will get better!”  “Give it time!”  “Your luck has to turn around at some point!”  This last one was my favorite; I don’t think anyone wanted to actually admit life could get worse for me since it had already gotten harder than what any of us could have imagined!

Now, I have a new job on the horizon, moving to a different apt (which I am determined to decorate in a beachy-cottage feel), my love for running has returned and I feel I am making solid decisions in my life.  Yay!  Up first?  The move!  I’m a little nervous.  My current apt is pretty big and I am moving to 500 square feet.  You know what I’ve discovered though?  I’ve clearly been wasting space all these years so maybe this will help me use it more wisely

yikes! yep – here is the “porn and cheese” closet. the name is a long story that doesn’t have anything to do with me… or porn… or cheese but all the stuff in it is MINE

Yeah… this is what I am working with.  All the websites I look at about living in smaller spaces say you have to get rid of the clutter.  Hmmm… I am the QUEEN of clutter!  Haha, I don’t necessarily mind this about myself but I am going to have to reign it in if I want to have a livable space.


Here are the start of my donations piles and I have another pile of stuff to be sold.  Then I have been taking out garbage as well.  Thanks to my job, I have been conditioned to save every possible receipt.  I also have been saving shoe boxes – WHY?!  Who knows… it’s the hoarder in me.  But I am using this picture as inspiration for what I want my place to look like so I need to keep going through everything


I will probably add more color and I don’t have any real control over what color my furniture will be (apt comes furnished) but this comfy, breezy style is what I want.  I’m still trying to decide if I want to do the ladder style shelves (maybe in the kitchen?) but I REALLY like them so we’ll see!

I also made some delish cheesecake today!  It really is the easiest recipe EVER that I got from my Ragnar teammate, Rachel.  Are you ready?  2/3 cup of sugar, a block of cream cheese and a tub of cool whip and bam! cheesecake!  Mix the sugar and cream cheese then stir in the cool whip.  Let it cool in the fridge for a few hours after you have put it in a crust.  I decided to use light cream cheese and light cool whip and make mini’s

little puffy clouds of goodness!

I used the ready-made mini crusts and got 12 out of this.  Here is what they look like all dolled up

yes, you should make these…

It’s definitely a lightened up treat!  Oh!  Can I complain for just a second about how fast strawberries go bad?  Boo!

This is how Simon woke me up the other morning

he’s laying on my back – thankfully it was perfect timing!

Alright, I’ve been fighting some wicked headaches lately – anyone else?  It has been super hot so maybe I’m dehydrated?  But drinking mad amounts of water hasn’t seemed to really help either.  Ugh…