odds and ends

Did you know stink bugs can swim?  I’m not kidding, those suckers are like Michael Phelps in the toilet… where they find their final resting spots once they have entered my apt.  Not sure what a stink bug looks like?

I hate these

Now you do.  My apt has had quite the visitation as of late and I’m finding one or two in my apt daily.  They freak.me.out.  I hate them.  They do this weird, creepy, slow crawl thing and I hate their shells.  Apparently, if you squish them, they emit a foul smell (hence their name!) so I don’t go that route.  Naturally, I hit up pinterest to find a natural cure and came across one that said they hate mint.  Spiders hate mint, too so it will be a double win and hopefully keep them outdoors.  Just to put it out there, they like to come in during the winter so they don’t freeze their little exoskeletons off.  I should post a note on my door letting them know they won’t find a home in here.

Today was a DOOZY.  For both office mate and me.  We talked about how getting out of our beds this morning was a horrible idea.  Speaking of staying in bed, I have been tracking my sleep and I’ve been getting an average of 3:48 mins of restful sleep a night.  I know – how crazy is that?!  It was the final straw for me – I can’t fix some of my anxiety/stress issues on my own.  So, I scheduled  my first acupuncture appointment.  Interestingly enough, the place also offers hypnotherapy as well.  I called two different places and the one I first scheduled with has a consultation fee and an acupuncture fee.  The next place doesn’t have a consultation fee so I could do hypnotherapy AND acupuncture for only $40 more – seems like a better deal to me.

Oh and I ran/walked two miles yesterday!  My tummy basically cooperated!  Going to keep building on this – not for training but for the health aspect.  I’m keeping my goals and expectations a little lower at the moment.

I love running penguins

I hope you had a good Monday!  Off to enjoy some couch time.