tiny house anyone?

I thought I would be able to re-enter the blog world and regular life last weekend… but that turned out not to be the case.  I thought maybe some time this past week – nope.  Finally, today I took the day off and this is how I feel

I may look a bit rough around the edges but see? There is hope on the horizon!

Jumping back into regular life isn’t easy.  Every September I go through it and I forget how much I crave a routine.  Whether it’s a regular running schedule, a clean apartment, actual clean clothes (and not just febreezed) and a normal amount of caffeine consumption (as opposed to the gallons I’ve been drinking), it all sounds fantastic!  And today is the first day I can make it all start.

During all of this chaotic time, I’ve become fascinated with the tiny house movement.  If you aren’t familiar, many a folk are choosing to downsize into very small abodes.  I’m talking 250 sq feet – heck, one person lives in 95 sq foot house!  Crazy!  This small is not something I would choose but there is something about this that appeals to me.  There is a great documentary on the as well.

I also like the idea of a yurt

For those of you who’ve been around here for a while, you may remember me griping about how small my current apartment is.  480 sq feet.  So how does this align with my current interest in tiny houses?  I like the idea of there being a place for everything.  Tiny houses by design and necessity have to be organized or they wouldn’t be livable.  I love the ingenious behind them – especially the romantic-esque lofts.  And yes, overall idea of it all.

see how cool and functional this is?

I’m starting to realize I could get my current digs a bit more likeable and functional.  I get extremely frustrated with the lack of organization here (my fault with all of my stuff) but also the lack of a place to put some of it.  There is a severe lack of shelving and closets here.  I recognize I can/need to dehoard but there is still a simple need for SOME shelving.  And counter space.  And perhaps some cupboards?

I would like a slightly bigger living space when I move next.  I’ve done enough pinterest-ing to also get some ideas about how to live large in a small space with creative decorating and organizing.  I also have a co-worker who loves to organize and would like to be professional organizer in the future.  She is going to help me!  And take before and after shots for her portfolio – I love it.  I get a free service and maybe I can help further her career.  I’ll post the pre and post pics here when it’s all done!

Maybe you can help?  Any tips for organizing small spaces? 


adult adhd/add – making it work for me

*I absolutely am not trying to make light of this condition, however, my coping mechanism is humor!

As I mentioned before, I am finally able to see a light at the end of the tunnel.  While I still haven’t talked to my doctor about an official diagnosis (appt next month) after doing a lot of research there is no way I DON’T have ADHD/ADD.  Even talking with my brother, we have both discussed how we have most of the symptoms ADD.  And I am beyond convinced my mom did too.  It has been shown to be highly genetic so this makes a lot of sense.

The good news?  I finally don’t feel like such a failure in life!  I am surrounded by colleagues and friends who don’t seem to have the same struggles I do (but truly, what do I know about the inner workings of someone’s life and brain?) but I often compare myself to them.  How are they NOT procrastinating this task?  How do they stay so organized?  How to do they GET organized in the first place?  Why can’t I remember someone’s name?  Why can’t I be a functional adult?!  So understanding that it’s not just laziness but actually how my brain is wired is a relief.

Like I mentioned, after reading and doing research A) I know I am not alone and B) I am beginning to learn tactics to help reign in some of these aspects of my brain/personality.  The other day, I utilized pinterest to read about organization tips.  The problem?  They were all titled, “Easy ways of getting organized!”  “Be organized this weekend!”  “Organize your whole life in 10 days!”  Okay, so this is a bit of an exaggeration but honestly, these articles make no sense to me.  I have read hundreds of these but they never seem to be feasible for me.  Seriously, how do I even get started?!

hmmm… this looks all too familiar

Of course while doing this research I had a pile of laundry the size of Mount Everest just waiting for me.

it would be too embarrassing to actually take a picture of my own laundry mountain!

I found this article on the blog, ADD Consults, Helping Women Get Unstuck and on Track.    After reading a few articles, this website is going to be a huge help to me.  Connecting with others who are dealing with the same issues I am while getting advice on how to cope and strategies to function better are going to be very helpful.

Maybe I will never have an official diagnosis.  Maybe my doctor will think, “is there anything this woman DOESN’T diagnose herself with?!” (and maybe you are thinking this too) then I can still utilize these tips since so many of them match up with my difficulties.  On the flip side, so many of them coincide with my STRENGTHS.  I am able to use my resources well.  I think outside of the box more often than inside.  And I can always find a solution to issues that stump others.  I am creative, artsy, and can see the big picture.

this is important too, you know!

Anyone else dealing with adult ADHD/ADD?  (I’ve read conflicting articles that say ADD as a diagnosis no longer exists and that it is all referred to as ADHD so I am still trying to figure out this one.)  I would love to hear how others work to control some of the procrastination and organizing woes!

noticing the little things

I’m slowly starting to get out of my funk :)  I’ve been paying attention to the little things that make the days just a little brighter.  Yesterday, I woke up ON TIME!  Yay!  Do you know how rare this is for a Monday morning?!  Then today, I was wearing an outfit that made me feel particularly sassy.  I wore a red peasant top with a blue and white chevron stripped skirt.  As I was walking from the grocery store early this morning a woman yelled out, “Excuse me miss, where did you get your skirt?”  I told her and she said, “It’s really cute!”  Double yay!  Seriously, folks, I was smiling for a solid 7 mins… OH!  And she called me “miss” – not ma’am!

The days are only getting crazier and crazier.  Today I filled in the person who is taking my former position.  If you ever want an ego boost or to realize simply how much knowledge is packed in your head – teach someone your old position!  I was a bit impressed with myself.  Tomorrow I have a presentation and it should go pretty well.  Oh and here is the long-awaited pic of my office!

just a wee bit sad…

Also, when I was cleaning my office this weekend, I found the signs my staff had made me for my first half marathon.  They were so great!  Training is supposed to be hard!  It’s supposed to get tiring and feel like it’s never-ending!  Seeing these signs reminded me that 1/2 marathons used to be SUPER scary to me but I still did it.  The marathon is the same!  (Please also notice the Sweat Pink laces!)

I know – pretty neato, eh?!

Oh and don’t forget to keep your floppy disks – FOREVER!

no, I can’t throw them away – is there any way to get this info off?

Tonight my friend, Emily came over and I opened one of my bottles of champagne I bought at Trader Joe’s.  I undid the foil and took the wire thingy off and got a towel to get the plastic cork off.  I turned away and POP!  The cork popped off by itself and flew into the air!  It freaked me out and I screamed just a wee bit :)  It was peach flavored – I strongly recommend it!

Last, I want to say thanks so much for all of your support in my funk!  I know some of you are going through a funk as well for a variety of reasons and I am cheering for you all!  We can get through it!  Noticing the small things, remembering not to take ourselves too seriously, and like my good friend Kara told me, “there IS a light at the end of the tunnel”.  When I told her I didn’t see it, she reminded me it’s there.  Tonight I rearranged my living room a bit and organized some more.  The cuteness factor went way up!  Another positive!  And remember the dude-drama?  It’s eased a bit… friends for now…  I commented on a post by Kindergarten Crush (check out her blog!  She is such an inspiration!).  She was talking about the men she dated after her husband passed and I responded something about my last relationship going belly up.  She was kind enough to reply the following:

LOL ugh, I feel for you! It’s rough but I truly believe that when you live your own life and make your goals a priority, love will fall into place. Happened for me that way the first time as well as the second :) Hang in there girl!

Isn’t this fantastic advice?!  I’ve been thinking about it a lot and it’s picked me up a bit and reminded me to focus!  Again, thanks for all of your comments – I really do think about the advice!