introducing challenge mondays!

Wahoo!  Guess what I did this weekend?!  I went to a Wilson Phillips concert!  Umm – yes, they ARE still touring, thank you very much!

I swear those are real singers up there!

Okay, before I venture into a post that helps to relive some of my middle school days (or maybe I was younger?) I want to talk about my newest idea.  Here’s the deal:  I love all of the challenges out there and as I have mentioned I was partaking in my share.  The Runner’s World Summer challenge where you run everyday for the summer?  Yep, said I was going to do it and failed.  Two weight loss challenges from the summer – both started and failed those too.  CrossFit for the entire endurance program?  Heck, I even paid for this one and I STILL didn’t finish it!

what a champ

That’s a lot of failure for one person.

My problem (well, one of them) is I get bored.  And lazy.  These challenges become difficult for me because they seem endless so as any good procrastinator would do, I try to wait until the last possible second and then it never comes to fruition.  I’ve been trying to think of something to do that keeps me engaged but also keeps me motivated… and feeling LESS like a failure.

My solution?  A new challenge every week!  I tried to think of some clever alliteration (and if you can provide a better title, please let me know!) but every Monday will be “Challenge Monday”.  I will be introducing a new challenge each week.  This fights all of the above in several ways.

1.  It’s only a week-long.  I have been able to do all of the above challenges for at least a week

2.  Fights boredom.  Having a new challenge per week gives me something different each week

3.  If I hate it and it sucks, at least I only have to do it for a week ;)

4.  If I don’t meet the challenge at least I will have a chance to start fresh on Monday with a new focus for the week

Sounds kinda nifty eh?  Well, I would LOVE for you to join me!  We can chat about it on Facebook, Twitter, here – wherever!  I simply think it would be fun to have people tag along.  The challenges won’t usurp your current workouts rather add something too them.  For example, this week’s challenge is to complete

1000 push ups!

I found this on pinterest – I guarantee you I won’t look this happy… I’ll also be doing these on my knees. baby steps

Haha, I have NO idea if I am going to meet this challenge but it sure will be entertaining to try!  I have a feeling I’m not going to be able to keep my arms up to shampoo my hair by the end of the week!

So!  Are you going to join me?  Please keep in mind – I’m not an expert or a doctor and if I have never met you then I don’t know your level of fitness.  If you can do 5,000 push ups – ROCK ON!  If you get to 100 – way to go!  This is meant to be “challenge by choice”!  Please make sure you aren’t hurting yourself!

Yay!  Good luck and keep me posted!