ummm… running is hard

I’ve been silent on this here site for the last week.  There were a number of reasons and now I’m ready to jump back into the writing deal.  I do enjoy it so.

Last week, I ran on Monday.  I really believed it would be a good run.  It wasn’t.  It dampened my spirits a bit as I had high hopes.  Then I took a minor hiatus until Saturday where I walk/ran (mostly walked) 7.5 miles.  It was hot.  It was hard.  The walk/run combo was for the first mile and after that I just decided to put in the mileage in the form of walking.  This was because the running part so completely sucked that I couldn’t stand it.  Yep, the whole 4 day off deal didn’t help, nor did the hanging out on my buns prior to getting outside but still, I thought it would be easier.The walk was challenging as I made sure to hit some really steep hills to make up for the lack of running.  Sunday, I was fairly certain, was going to be easier.  After all, I got the “first day back” lazy legs out of the way so I was set.  Hmm – not so much.  At this point, I admitted to myself that running is just hard.

I’ve spent some time romanticizing my past running abilities.  In my brain, I envision a gazelle-like state; regularly running around without a care in the world because it was easy.  Clearly, my imagination is vivid and totally inaccurate!  When I turn off the filter, I can remember how hard those runs were – it just doesn’t feel like it now when I have to walk up yet another hill.  I also find there are times when I’m bored but I think this is related to the constant thought in my brain, “this is hard, this is hard, this is hard”.

Anyway, Sunday was a 5 miler and again not pretty.  But since the above conversation was going on in my head, I started saying, “tomorrow will be easier”.  Monday, I hit the pavement again.  Not exactly easier.  My legs felt lead-like.  I walk/ran 3.5 miles and I dare say, I ran more than I walked.  Hooray.  Using my keen over-analyzing abilities, I recognize dehydration is playing a role in these disappointing runs.  My handheld pulls on my (sort of still) dislocated thumb so I leave it home thinking I’ve been drinking enough during the day to get me through.  I love denial!

I decided to give the RW Run Streak a shot.  My runs will only get better and legs stronger if I add a heaping helping of consistency into the mix.  I have no idea if I will follow through on it – I’ve tried before.  But it’s an interesting challenge and even if I don’t make it everyday, it will still help.  Tonight I will only run a mile and then do a strength video.  I’m going to get swoll.

stop trying to make fetch happen

I find it interesting that Mean Girls has become a cult obsession.  For a little while, some of my student staff would ONLY quote this movie and yes, it drove me a little bonkers.  That being said, this is the perfect quote for me:

Why?  Because I need to stop trying to make Hokas happen.  Just like my student staff, I’m a bit obsessed with making these shoes work for me.  I really have no idea why.  They aren’t the cutest shoes on the planet and they are expensive.  My last pair gave me blisters.  Wouldn’t these all be a clear indication that maybe they aren’t right for me?

Maybe to a normal person yes, but not me.  I went ahead and bought another pair in a different style.  Originally, I emailed Hokas and asked them if they made their shoes in a wide width.  Their answer was a negatory but did say the Bondi 3 has a wider toe box and might work better for me.  You can bet your bottom dollar that I hopped on Amazon to check them out.  They were sitting on my wish list for ages.  Then on there was a mega sale so I hit the BUY button.

still trying to make it happen

This is the end to my happy story though.  I put them on and ran maybe a half mile on the treadmill.  Nope.  Hokas are not meant for my feet.  My right foot started hurting almost immediately – a dull ache that didn’t quit.  I was disappointed.  I definitely get caught up in what a “real runner” looks like and wears and Hokas are a symptom of this.

Hokas are a great shoe.  I’m really glad I gave them a go and am sure others are finding quite a bit of enjoyment from them.  Heck, I bet they are some runners’ nirvana shoes!  Just not mine…

Other than this bit of enlightenment, my life has been heavily intertwined with work.  Seriously, that is about it.  I don’t see or talk to family or friends during the month of August and I certainly haven’t been running very much.  Oct 20th a.k.a. Detroit Marathon day, is looming and I’m going to have to kick training into high gear.  I’ve looked into my future: My A goal is to still finish under 5 hours.  My more realistic B goal is to finish under 6 hours.  And ultimately, my C goal is to finish.

maybe my future will surprise me?

It will be an exercise in determination but what else is new?!  Happy Saturday folks!

lots o’ running

This is an all running post, FYI.  As I mentioned, Thursday was a sweaty run.  I also mentioned that my hot water was out all last week.  I got back about 9:45 pm and REALLY didn’t feel like walking to the other apt to take a shower.  Since I was so hot I thought I could take a quick lukewarm shower and be good.  Oh no, that water was ICE COLD!  What is a lazy, disgusting runner to do?

Yep, you guessed it, a “baby” wipe shower.  Now, I did use these when I did Ragnar last year but during those switch ups it was fast and I didn’t have much time.  So as much as other runners and bloggers rave about them, I wasn’t completely convinced.  I was pleasantly surprised!  I washed my face like a normal person and then took to the baby wipes.  Btw – why do people buy different wipes?  Are baby wipes okay?

Sure I felt gross in the morning but I was able to fall asleep.  It was good enough!

Friday night it was another non-runner friendly eve in the weather dept.  I ran 2 miles (faster than I did the night before, which surprised me) and then ended up walking the other 2 miles.  I mixed the run walking for all of them but the last 1.5 where I walked it completely.  This tactic really did help me keep running in the heat.  Those experts really know their stuff.

I know a play-by-play of my weekend o’ running are fantastically interesting.  For the record, I ran Saturday night and Sunday night.  Thankfully, we had a cold front move in and the weather was much more pleasurable.  Not to mention, I could start earlier than 8:45 and not have to worry as much about scary people trying to get me.  I do want to transition a bit here.  Last week I read The Oatmeal cartoon titled “The Terrible and Wonderful Reasons Why I Run Long Distances”


I would say this and my pep talk from Meagan helped to remind me why I run.  Every so often I write these posts about being reminded because honestly I need them.  I get very caught up in wanting to be my best runner self and often get derailed because I am so impatient.  So I run, get frustrated and don’t run.  Then two or three days later I complete this lame cycle again.

The last page of the cartoon was like a “oh yeah!” moment.  Most likely because I too, am a very self-aware person (read over-analyzer to the extreme) and running DOES help this – when I give it a chance.  Yesterday, I spent all morning going over the same thing in my head.  From that point, I deduced I was doomed to spend the rest of my life alone.  Yep, not over dramatic at all.

no, this isn’t a hint to tell me I won’t – it just expressed my point quite well!

Then I went running.  I know all of the scientific information about endorphins and know this was part of why I felt better when I got home.  But it was more than that – I felt lighter and a bit better on the forever-alone issue.  No, running didn’t solve all of my problems but I felt more powerful than I did before I left.  Not to mention, even when I do try and “solve” all of my issues, most of the time running is a break from thinking (this is also mentioned in the cartoon but I also realized it today).  I try to concentrate on what’s vexing me and then I am focused on running and/or my mantra.  For me, a break from thinking is like what summer vacation is to a youngster!

Those are some of my thoughts on running as of late!  Oh and one last thing – can all runners unite against hecklers who honk at you as they are driving past?  I HATE THIS!  Why do people think it’s so funny?!  I know I’ve mentioned this before but someone did this to me on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.  I know they were laughing because their window was open I could hear them as they drove by.  Maybe I need a tazer…

this is exactly how far I jumped

cuties are delish and hey, it’s really cold outside!

After getting back from WA, I had to make a trip to the grocery store.  Ugh – it’s such a pain to go to the store after you get back from vacation.  I know, totally a wimpy thing to complain about but I used to have to grocery shop for my job and I was typically there 2 or 3 times a week.  Now, I boycott the grocery store until the VERY.LAST.MINUTE.

While I was in WA, I stocked up on yogurt and tangerines.  Yum.  If you are on the west coast and have access to Lucerne products, you should check out their yogurt – it was delish!  I came back here and put both of those things on my “need now” list.  Unfortunately, these two things happened:

check out that date!  I bought these on the 1st of Jan.  I did eat this one but I also purchased one from dec. 23rd!  whaaa??
check out that date! I bought these on the 1st of Jan. I did eat this one but I also purchased one from dec. 23rd! whaaa??

I was disappointed and will take back the 23rd one.  Then I was super excited for my oranges – I am a HUGE fan of “Cuties“.  I am here to declare there is a difference!  Not just any ol’ clementine will do!  So, I broke out my oranges after eating an out of date yogurt

photo evidence of a a poor piece of fruit!
photo evidence of poor piece of fruit!

Boo.  I must admit, lunch wasn’t so great that day!  Well, then I looked at the box and I didn’t buy “Cuties” I bought “Clem ‘n Tina’s”.  Whaaaa?!  The boxes look so freakin’ similar!  Tricky Clem ‘n Tina, tricky.

In other news, coming back to snow and ice has been interesting in the running realm.  I went out on Jan. 1 to a lovely 25* day.  Yesterday I put in 6.02 miles and while the temp said 30* with the windchill it was 18* – brrrr!  Man, did I feel that wind!  I always wonder what other people wear when they run so here was my get-up:

under armour running hoodie
under armour running hoodie
jacket my dad got me from costco and a merril hat my sis got me for christmas
jacket my dad got me from costco and a merrell hat my sis got me for christmas

Then I had some winter tights on as well along with a pair of SmartWool socks.  Under the hoodie, I was wearing a short sleeve tech shirt as well.  So the Under Armour hoodie I got for Christmas two years ago.  It’s great.  It’s very light-weight but warm.  There is a fleece-y lining and the hood is very handy, mostly to help keep my neck warm.

My dad just bought me this Costco jacket this Christmas.  I put it on in the store was liked it right away.  If you have a Costco near you I would SPRINT to pick one up!  It has THREE pockets!  I know, crazy business right there!  I love the color I got and they had a royal bluish/purple, a hot pink and black.  I’ve worn it both days of running outside and while I did need to add the layers underneath, both my dad and I were impressed with how warm it was.  The sleeves are long enough (and I have monkey arms), the thumb holes aren’t too tight and you can also fold over part of the sleeve for a whole mitten effect.  Oh!  It’s longer than many jackets so it covers the hiney quite well and it’s stretchy.  The price?  $24.99.  See what I mean?  Get there quick.  I bought a medium.

This is also the first winter I went with SmartWool.  I never really thought they were necessary but I was incorrect!  My feet always get cold when I run and in the past I have doubled up on socks.  With my Mizuno Inspires, my feet get even colder since they are fairly mesh-y.  I’ve been quite pleased with this purchase, even though it was kind of expensive.  My local running store was having a deal luckily so that helped.

I think that’s about it from this home front… I do have a marathon next weekend.  I can’t believe it.  Haha, I am definitely not ready but thrilled for the experience.  I am fairly confident I will finish (where does this ego come from?!) and it would icing on the cake if I get a PR!  Haha, I would laugh but it would still be pretty rockin’!  I’m sure I’ll talk more about this later…

i survived

Tonight was my first Fundamentals Crossfit session!  I’m definitely sore and tired but I made it!  Actually, when the trainer said, “It’s 7:05 and we are done” I was surprised.  I didn’t realize we had been there for a whole hour.  Don’t get me wrong, I was beat and SUPER grateful we were finished.  I was also proud I made it!

So what did we do?  Our warm-up consisted of a 50 meter run, 20 lunges, repeat the run, 10 inch worms, repeat the run, 20 jumping jacks, repeat the run and then either 10 or 20 mountain climbers.  I know.  It was tough.  I am not sure how long this was for but I’m guessing around 10 or 15 mins?  Since we are a fundamentals class we then moved into technique.  I have already gone through this type of session back home but I knew I would go through it again.  I welcome more tips/training.  Especially considering I seem to depend on my quads rather than my  glutes during squats.  Must depend more on glutes!

The WOD was made up of running 200 meters and wall balls.  The nice thing about this was it combined something I’m good at (running) with something that makes me feel like the weakest person on the planet (wall balls)!

In other news, I went and saw the new Batman movie last night – I enjoyed it!  There was a movie poster for the upcoming last Twilight movie and someone had written this next to it

you know the writer of this is going to see the movie, too!

Yes, I am a fan but this still made me laugh!

Also, looking for some compression socks on the cheap?  Check out the Schwaggle deal for PRO compression socks!  Put in the deal “SOCKS” and you get them half off AND free shipping!  Pretty sweet, eh?

Oh my gosh – how I have missed buying these?!

you know you want them too!*


Short post today… I am exhausted from my fun-filled weekend, need to finish 3 or 4 work projects and had a busy day doing tasks for my new gig :)

*sorry!  my good friend sent me this and I don’t have the link!